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Written by: Mirela Niculae on Nov 21st, 2021

Trifecta vs. Freshly 2021: Two Different Ways to Eat Healthy

Both Trifecta and Freshly value organic food to support a healthy lifestyle. But when I took a closer look, I discovered their food philosophies are completely different.

From my research, I found that Freshly is all about eating right while Trifecta is focused on losing weight and getting fit.

When I compared taste, costs, and menu variety, Freshly emerged as the clear winner in my book. Read on to learn more about these two vendors and discover which one is right for you.

At a Glance: Trifecta vs. Freshly



Dietary preferences

Clean eating, paleo, keto, vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, nut-free, pescatarian

Gluten-free, carb-conscious, calorie-conscious, soy-free, dairy-free, high-protein, vegan

Menu variety

Order up to 28 meals on a Chef’s Choice rotating menu (Plus 12 set meals on the Classic Plan)

40+ meals across five categories

Starting price

$6 per serving on the A La Carte menu. $9.97 per serving with the Classic Plan

$8.99 per serving

Shipping cost



Prep time 

2-3 minutes

2-3 minutes

Special discount


Save $100, Promo Code: CYBER25AFF

Dietary Preferences

Both vendors do a great job at providing their customers with varied menus, but when it comes to dietary requirements, each has its own approach.

All Trifecta meals are gluten-free and peanut-free and you have the option to select two allergens or ingredients you don’t like with each menu. Plus, its Vegan and Vegetarian plans are soy-free and dairy-free.

Freshly tries to offer something for everyone. This means that not all meals are gluten-free (although most are) and there are options whether you’re vegan, vegetarian, or watching your calorie intake.

Plus, the menu is more flexible and easy to search thanks to a system of simple filters (including gluten-free, carb-conscious, plant-based, and dairy-free).

If you follow a specific weight-loss regimen, Trifecta may work best for you, but I think Freshly is best for regular busy folks who just want a delicious and healthy meal.

Winner: Freshly

Menu Variety

Trifecta is laser-focused on menus that promote weight loss and support your fitness efforts. That’s why you can choose between five meal plans focused on a specific type of health diet – Keto, Paleo, Vegan, Vegetarian, or Clean Eating.

When you choose one of these plans, you don’t get to choose the meals. You can only select two ingredients you don’t like/want, the type of meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner, or third entree), and the type of week (5-day or 7-day). Once you place the order, one of Trifecta’s chefs will create a menu based on your selection.

Regardless of your preferences, most meals are American cuisine, with various options built around steak, chicken, or salmon (for the plans that include meat). If you like the protein+carbs+veggies combination, you’ll be happy with a dish like Flat Iron Steak, Sweet Potato, and Mixed Vegetables.

As a plus, Trifecta does have a Snacks menu, but it’s quite limited and at the time of writing this review, the only choice was almonds.

Freshly’s menu is a bit more varied, with several options of Asian and Italian cuisine that spice up the mostly American dishes. I love the Harvest Time Chicken Risotto and the fact that you can easily customize your weekly menu. In Freshly's case, you can mix and match to create the ideal menu.

Winner: Freshly

Starting Prices

Trifecta has five preset meal plans where the chef selects the food for you. For the seven-day menu, you’ll pay:

  • $108.43/week for the Clean Meal, Paleo, and Keto plans 

  • $90.93/week for the Vegan and Vegetarian plans

For these prices, you’ll get one meal per day (seven meals in total). That means for a meat-based plan you’ll pay $15.49 per serving, and if you want a plant-based meal, you’ll pay $12.99 per serving.

If you choose to go with the full course menu (breakfast, lunch, dinner, and third entree for seven days), you’ll pay $13.79 per serving for the meat plans and $10.29 per serving for the plant-based plans. You can also choose the five-day plan but the costs per serving stay the same.

You can also build your own menu or by adding individual food items. This way, you know exactly how much each item in your box costs (they’re priced individually). Plus, shipping is free on every order.

Freshly also has five preset plans, but the main difference is in the number of meals per plan (four, six, eight, 10, or 12 meals). Freshly charges a shipping fee on all orders that varies depending on how many meals you order and your location.

If you live in New York and order Freshly’s 10 Meals plan, you’ll pay $9.29 per serving plus $10.99 shipping fee. This amounts to $103.89 per week. Compared to Trifecta, where you pay $149.90 per week for 10 meals, Freshly is the more affordable vendor even with the additional shipping fee.

Winner: Freshly

Delivery and Packaging

Both vendors deliver across the US but Freshly doesn’t reach Hawaii or Alaska. It lets you choose the delivery date most convenient for you (and even delivers on Sundays!). Trifecta delivers to all 50 states but only delivers on Fridays or Saturdays between 8 am-8 pm. 

Trifecta’s meals reach your door fresh (not frozen) in vacuum-sealed packages that ensure everything inside is ready to eat. In this state, the food will last 6-10 days in the fridge and up to three months in the freezer.

Freshly has a similar system, except its freshly made foods aren’t vacuum-sealed. Still, this doesn’t mean the food will spoil while in transit. Freshly uses a packaging method called modified atmospheric packaging, which improves the shelf life of fresh food by 200% or more.

Both Freshly and Trifecta feature environmentally friendly packaging. Trifecta even set a goal to make its packaging 100% biodegradable by the end of 2021. Until then, only the cardboard boxes, plastic trays, sleeves, and ice packaging are all recyclable and/or biodegradable.

The meals are well-organized in individual containers, easy to store in the fridge or freezer, and can be heated up in the microwave. Since both vendors deliver ready-to-eat meals, each box is packed with ice packs to make sure the food reaches your door fresh.

Winner: It’s a tie.

Meal Prep

There isn’t much meal prep necessary with either vendor. Meals can be heated in the microwave for about two to three minutes, but Trifecta also suggests the oven, pan, or air fryer for proteins so the meat won’t dry out.

Regardless of the heating method, all you have to do in both cases is peel off the protective film, heat up, and enjoy!

Winner: It’s a tie

The Bottom Line

Both vendors feature healthy foods in the right quantities but Freshly is better suited for the long-term. You get more control and its menu includes foods with less sugar and fewer processed ingredients without sacrificing the taste. On the other hand, Trifecta’s foods can be bland because the focus is on losing weight while eating nutritious dishes.

Freshly’s menu also has more variety and caters to a more general audience. Don’t just take my word for it, though – it also made our list of the best meal delivery services!

Of course, if weight loss is your main concern, Trifecta is a great choice. Just be prepared to pay a bit more for a less varied menu.

Overall winner: Freshly

About The Author

Mirela Niculae

Contributing Writer, Delivery Rank

Mirela is passionate about eating healthy and well-balanced meals that promote weight loss and a good life. She's been writing online content for about 6 years with a focus on technology and personal development. She lives in Romania and loves exploring new cultures through food and conversation.

Mirela is passionate about eating healthy and well-balanced meals that promote weight loss and a good life. She's been writing online content for about 6 years with a focus on technology and personal development. She lives in Romania and loves exploring new cultures through food and conversation.
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