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Splash Wines Review 2024: A Win for Wine Lovers?

Author Mike Pawlik
Mike Pawlik Writer
Updated on Apr 30th, 2024
Fact checked by Emma Vince


Splash Wines offers curated or hand-picked boxes of wine, but is it worth it for you? In this Splash Wines review, I’ll cover everything you need to know about the company. There are instances where it makes sense for some but not for others. Learn more now.

I’ve looked at everything, including menu variety, unboxing, pricing, shipping, and more. I’ve even looked at customer service and how the company works. I also wanted to find out how the memberships work and how much they cost.

Overall, I’m impressed. The selection is vast, with offerings from all over the world, and you get access to some unique benefits and perks, along with rare types of wine that are sometimes hard to find. Dive in now to get a comprehensive understanding of Splash Wines.



Great prices

No shipping to some states

Lots of membership tiers

Can’t choose delivery days

Excellent perks

No single-bottle purchases available

What’s on the Splash Wines Wine List

a screenshot of the curated cases at splash wines

You’ll notice a diverse selection from across the globe. The company has an expansive range that includes reds, whites, rosés, and even sparkling varieties. The selection does not end there – it extends to unique offerings such as CBD-infused sparkling water and premixed cocktail options.

For lovers of red wine, options are abundant. The range spans classic varietals like Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, and Merlot to less commonly encountered wines such as Carménère. White wines are equally represented with everything from the crispness of a Sauvignon Blanc to the richness of a Chardonnay.

I like that the sparklings provide that required bubbly for celebrations or a casual toast with friends. And for those looking for something innovative, the CBD-infused water presents a contemporary twist on beverage choices.

I also want to mention the Captain's List, which is a curated selection of premium wine. Splash Wine’s selection contains wines from various renowned regions, including Italy, Spain, and Australia, ensuring an international palate is catered to.

Splash Wines stands out for its pricing, which aims to offer customers value. Find out more about that in my Prices section. Customers have the flexibility to subscribe to curated cases, navigate through a selection of their own, or opt for recurring deliveries. 

These can be scheduled every 1 to 3 months, in white, red, or mixed sets, further breaking down into Standard, Vineyard, or Cellar quality tiers to suit a range of preferences and occasions.

You can also find a good selection of wine-related merchandise. Examples include decanters, corkscrews, gift bags, wine savers, glass chars, toques, socks, coasters, hoodies, masks, wine bottle sweaters, and much more. It’s truly a one-stop shop for all things wine.


Splash Wines seems to have honed a thoughtful and comprehensive unboxing experience. It seems to balance practical concerns with customer education and engagement.

When you receive your shipment, the first thing you’ll notice is the standard, branded box that houses the wine bottles. Each bottle is protected during transit, and Splash Wines takes great care to package each case securely. This means that customers can expect their wine to arrive in perfect condition, ready to be enjoyed.

Upon opening the box, additional documentation is typically present. This includes brand information that gives insight into Splash Wines' history and values, as well as any current promotions or coupons being offered. Such inserts are not only a marketing tool but also enhance the unboxing experience for the customer, providing value beyond just the wine itself.

Furthermore, detailed information accompanies each bottle. These descriptions often cover the origins of the wine, tasting notes, and suggested pairings, allowing customers to educate themselves about the wine's character and how it might best be enjoyed.

Additionally, customers may find that Splash Wines includes partner promotions in its shipments. These promotions can offer extra incentives and opportunities for customers to explore other products and services, often related to wine or gourmet experiences.

Shortlist of My Favorite Wines

Splash Wines has options to suit a variety of preferences. Here are 3 standout wines that I personally love.

2022 Sishaye Chardonnay from South Africa

a screenshot of the Sishaye Chardonnay from south Africa from Splash Wines

The 2022 Sishaye Chardonnay reflects the terroir of South Africa, offering a crisp taste with subtle hints of oak and vibrant citrus aromas.

2020 Sogno Italiano Bianco from Italy

a screenshot of 2020 signo italiano bianco from splash wines

Italy's 2020 Sogno Italiano Bianco brings to your palate a delightful blend of local grapes, showcasing floral notes and a refreshing acidity.

A Fala Espumoso Brut Charmat from Spain

a screenshot of the A Fala Espumoso Brut Charmat from Splash Wines

The Spanish A Fala Espumoso Brut Charmat presents a sparkling texture with balanced acidity, providing a taste experience with notes of green apple and pear.


Starting From

Shipping Fee

$7 per bottle for a curated case of 15 bottles

$4.95 per case for Basic members or free for Wino or Founder members

$6.99 per bottle for a build-your-own-case of 15 bottles

$4.95 per case for Basic members or free for Wino or Founder members

$9.83 per bottle for a Standard subscription of 6 bottles


$11.50 per bottle for a Vineyard subscription of 6 bottles


$16.33 per bottle for a Cellar subscription of 6 bottles 


$10+ for merchandise


Splash Wines offers a range of pricing options to suit various preferences and budgets. You can either get one-time orders or sign up for a subscription/membership. Here’s how that works.

For those who love wine and enjoy discovering new varieties, a subscription service is available with significant savings. New members get a $20 discount on their first shipment by using a promotional code.

There are 3 membership tiers:

  • Basic

  • Wino

  • Founder

The basic tier is free, and shipping costs $4.95 per case. You also get 1% cashback on every order. The Wino membership costs $30 per year and gets you always-free shipping along with 2% cash back. The Founder gets you free shipping, 5% cash back, and only costs $150 once for a lifetime membership.

Founder memberships are also limited in quantity, so it’s always advisable to act quickly if you want that. At the time of this article’s publication, there are currently 167 spots available. Founder members also get $25 to spend annually, an exclusive offer, and 2x Splash Cash events.

Alternatively, you can get one-off curated sets or sets you choose yourself. The minimum order is 15 bottles for sets, which does come with free shipping – but this option is only available for Wino members. a screenshot of various splash wines memberships

The subscription model is straightforward as well. You can get a recurring delivery of 6 bottles priced at $59, and one containing 15 bottles at $89, both inclusive of shipping costs. Members who opt into regular deliveries can select a monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly schedule for their wine case arrivals.

Wine enthusiasts keen on quality can opt to upgrade their selections. The Vineyard collection, presenting premium wines from reputed vineyards globally, is available for an additional $10. 

For the connoisseur, the Cellar selection proposes a curated assortment of red wines, which can be added to the 6-bottle pack for an extra $39 or the 15-bottle pack for $70, with these choices designed to meet the palate of both casual drinkers and wine aficionados.

I do like that there’s a satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not completely satisfied with your purchase, the company offers a refund in the form of Splash Cash. This in-house credit can then be applied to future purchases.

Shipping & Delivery

Splash Wines delivers to most states, with some exceptions. Due to varying state laws, Splash Wines can’t ship to Mississippi, Arkansas, Alaska, Hawaii, West Virginia, Michigan, or Utah. 

When it comes to transit times, shipments are dispatched from the facility closest to you, unless inventory limitations necessitate otherwise. West Coast destinations generally receive their orders more rapidly, while East Coast shipments may experience longer transit times. 

Tracking information is provided once orders are shipped, enabling you to monitor the arrival of your package. This is a great way to keep track of your wine and to know exactly when it’ll arrive. a screenshot of shipping states and transit times at splash wines

Local pickup options are also available, although the specific locations vary depending on the state. Unfortunately, you won’t have the option to select your own shipping days. It’s always advised to consult with Splash Wines’ customer service team for details regarding delivery and pickup arrangements.

Shipping happens from either the CA or NY facility. It’s fastest to the geographical location closest to you. If your order is coming from New York and you live in Ohio, for instance, shipping will be faster for you.

How Splash Wines Works

Simply buy a curated box, build your own box, or sign up for a subscription. Keep in mind that the process could vary depending on how you decide to buy. For example, this guide will show you how to sign up for a one-off purchase without signing up. Here’s how that works:

How to Sign Up

  1. Hover over Shop in the top-left. Then, click on your favorite option. In this example, I’ve clicked on Curated Cases.

a screenshot of splash wine's menu

  1. Choose the option you want. In this example, I’ve chosen the Red Wine Lover’s Paradise curated box. Find your option, then click Add To Cart. Skip the upsell products or add any you like now.

a screenshot of splash wines' curated case called red wine lover's paradise

  1. Continue shopping, or click on Cart in the top-right

 a screenshot of the cart icon at splashwines.com

  1. Create an account or choose guest checkout. Guests don’t save – but members can earn 1% cash back for regular, free memberships. More on membership levels in my Prices section.

a screenshot of splash wine's pre-checkout screen

  1. Again, add or skip extras. After you add any extra upsells (or not), enter your personal data, choose your shipping method, and complete the checkout process. Make sure to click the No Thanks button!

a screenshot of splash wines' checkout screen

Managing Your Subscription

To manage your account, simply log into your account dashboard. From there, you can track your boxes, pause or cancel your subscription, update your order and personal details, and much more. Of course, if you need help with any of this, feel free to contact customer service.

Customer Support

Customer service can be reached in 2 ways: email or phone. Email the team at [email protected] or call the team at 1 (844) 444-9311. Hours of operation for phone lines are Monday to Friday from 9 am to 7 pm EST.

You can also find a fairly anemic FAQ section. Splash Wines could have done a much better job fleshing this out a bit more, but it still answers many questions you may have. My general go-to advice is to always contact customer service before placing an order if you have any specific questions.

a screenshot of email support from splash wines

I contacted the team via email with a question about shipping. I wanted to find out how quickly they would reply and whether my question would actually be answered. An agent got back to my email within 24 hours, which was nice to see. Their answer was useful and professional, so no complaints here.

How Splash Wines Compares to Other Wine Delivery Services

Splash Wines vs. Firstleaf: Splash Wines offers an extensive global selection, including unique options like CBD-infused drinks, catering to diverse tastes. Firstleaf, on the other hand, focuses on personalized wine selections through a taste quiz, tailoring options to individual preferences. Splash Wines provides flexibility with subscription or one-time purchase options, while Firstleaf emphasizes a personalized wine club experience, making it ideal for those seeking a customized wine journey.

Splash Wines vs. Naked Wines: Splash Wines and Naked Wines both offer a curated wine experience, but the models differ significantly. Splash Wines presents a broad selection with flexible subscription terms and tiered quality options. Naked Wines operates on a unique Angel investment model, where customers fund independent winemakers in exchange for exclusive member prices. While Splash focuses on variety and flexibility, Naked Wines emphasizes support for independent winemakers and exclusive deals. Learn more in my colleague’s Naked Wines review.

Splash Wines vs. Vinesse: Splash Wines stands out for its expansive selection that includes both classic and unique beverage options, along with flexible purchasing options. Vinesse, however, specializes in small-batch, boutique wines, offering a more niche selection aimed at wine enthusiasts looking for rare finds. Splash Wines caters to a broad audience with its variety, whereas Vinesse targets a more discerning clientele seeking exclusive and hard-to-find wines. Find out more about Vinesse in my colleague’s comprehensive review.

The Bottom Line: Is Splash Wines Worth It?

Yes, it’s well worth it for those who want to get larger boxes of wine. I found the prices to be super competitive. Options include red, white, sparkling, rosé, CBD-infused water, and even cocktails from all around the world. I find this to be quite impressive.

Also, if you sign up for recurring deliveries, you also never have to worry about running out. I like that members can save money, depending on the tier you choose. There’s a free tier (Basic), a Wino, and a Founder tier, each with its own pricing structure.

The company makes most sense for those who drink wine regularly. If you’re looking for more one-off purchases of single bottles, consider Firstleaf instead. But the choice is ultimately yours.


How does Splash Wines subscription work?

There are 3 tiers: A free tier, Wino, or Founder tier. The free tier offers 1% cash back on every purchase along with a $4.95 shipping free. Wino and Founder offer always-free shipping along with more significant cash-back rewards. Find out more about this in my Splash Wines prices section above.

Can you cancel a Splash Wines subscription?

Yes, anytime. You’re not locked into any subscription commitment unless you want to be. You can cancel by logging into your account dashboard or simply contacting support. Support is available via phone or email – find out how to contact someone from support.

How long does it take for Splash Wines to ship?

It depends. If you’re close to a facility in either NY or CA, shipping can take as few as just one day. However, shipping can often take up to 4 to 5 days. There are too many variables to tell you exactly how long shipping will take to your location. You’re welcome to check out my more comprehensive overview of Splash Wines’ shipping policies if you like.

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