Freshology Review 2021 - Does This Diet Plan Really Work?
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  • Written by: Jessica Bain on Sep 17th, 2020

    Freshology Bottom Line

    Prepared healthy meal delivery for weight loss, Keto and diabetes, from the people behind best-selling Diet To Go.

    What I Liked

    • Over 500 meal options across 4 plans

    • First two weeks’ orders free

    • No prep or cooking

    What I Didn’t Like 

    • $9.99 delivery fee weekly

    • 5 or 7 day plans available only 

    Freshology Delivery 

    Most meal kit delivery services offer home delivery based on your location, and these delivery days can massively vary. 

    Freshology offered me two delivery days - Tuesdays and Fridays - to my home, although it also offers local pickup if you live in certain areas (Baltimore, New Jersey, greater LA and Washington DC metro area). Even better - these local pickups allow you to sample the different meal options!

    Another thing - Freshology offers contact-free deliveries. That’s incredibly important to anyone self-isolating (like me!) or in quarantine, or any germaphobe during non-pandemic times. 

    Another coronavirus pandemic-friendly option: the delivery date I was given was only three days from the time I placed the order. When supermarkets and other deliveries services are either freezing their services, or offering delivery slots up to 6 weeks away, the quick delivery was a refreshing (and life-saving) option, to say the least! 

    Freshology Pricing

    As you’re receiving a professional dietician-designed, chef-prepared and cooked meal, delivered to your door (with some very specific dietary plans), you should expect to pay a little higher than you would for other meal kit delivery services.

    But are you really paying higher? The minimum order you can make is for 5 days a week, with 2 meals a day, and the lowest amount you can expect to pay is $8.57 per meal, or $179.99 per week (for 7 days a week, 3 meals a day). That’s actually some of the cheapest prices per portion on the market, giving even Dinnerly

     and Every Plate a run for their money. 

    Freshology’s prices per portion change according to the number of days a week you choose, number of meals per day and plan you select. For some plans, like the Balance plan, if you're male, you can expect to pay a little more per meal ($13 per portion) than women ($12.20), as the portion size is bigger (to accommodate for their higher calorie limit). 

    If you have a specific dietary requirement - Keto or diabetic - you’ll be paying around the same amount as with the Balance plan, which is a nice touch. Some other specialist meal kit services like Sun Basket or Green Chef charge around $12 per portion for specialist or dietary-specific meals, so I really appreciated the pricing at Freshology. 

    I'd say this is pretty reasonable from Freshology, given that other no-cook meal kit services - such as Freshly - charge a much higher delivery fee for the more meals you order (and also charge more for delivery the higher the portion number). At Freshology, delivery costs $9.99 per week, regardless of the number of meals you order, and you can get your first two weeks of delivery for free. 

    Freshology Meal Variety


    From $8.57 per portion 

    Foods served

    Meat, vegetarian, fish

    Shipping costs

    $9.99 per week

    Freshology’s meals are designed by dieticians and prepared and cooked by professional chefs. It approaches its menu choices and plans a little differently to standard meal kit services on the market. 

    For one thing, there are 4 plans to choose from, which can be customized (see ‘How it works’ section below for more details on this) - 

    • The Balance plan, which is the option you're looking for if you're using a meal delivery service for weight loss

    • The Balance-Diabetes plan, if you're diabetic/looking to control your blood sugar 

    • The Keto-Carb30 plan, for an Atkins-style approach to losing weight 

    • The Vegetarian plan, helping you lose weight if you're a vegetarian

    There are around 500 meal choices, over 4 plans and 5-week meal rotations. Each week, you'll receive a suggested set of meals (depending on which plan and number of meals you've requested), and you can customize certain ingredients you don't want to see included, as well as pick a few options per menu. 

    Some of the items I saw on the Balance plan looked absolutely delicious -


    And even better - you don't have to cook anything yourself (which is one of the biggest complications of most meal kit delivery services, and where I personally have issues). 

    This is such a different way of doing things, that it's hard to compare other meal kit services on the market - the closest would be Freshly, but even then, Freshly requires you to microwave your food. Plus, although it has a calorie-restricted plan, it's nothing as varied or as exciting looking as this! I’d say Factor75 could be pretty similar to Freshology, although its portions are more expensive, even if it offers free delivery.

    The Verdict

    I'd say that Freshology is probably the easiest meal kit delivery service I’ve used, as I literally didn't do any cooking or food prep! 

    As far as its claim that it's ‘healthy eating made easy’, I have to agree. I’ve always struggled with knowing exactly what to eat when I’m trying to lose weight, as well as giving in to temptation and sweet things. 

    With Freshology, I felt that not only were the stumbling blocks removed, but that I was actually looking forward to my meals, and I felt full after eating them. 

    While I only tried it for a week, sticking only to the meals I was sent, and not snacking, I noticed that I'd lost a few pounds without even doing any extra exercise. 


    How It Works 

    Freshology gave me two days as options for delivery, and a pretty quick delivery date too (3 days time from the time I signed up).

    Before actually choosing your delivery day, you're taken to choose your plan. 

    While at other meal kit delivery services, the Freshology meal plans are very straightforward (such as Home Chef, who labels plans as ‘Meat, Veggie, Both’) here, they're a little confusing; I had to hover over each box to see what it meant: 

    And then something amazing happened: I chose the ‘Balance’ plan, and was asked for some further customization: 

    I think this is the first time of any meal kit delivery service I’ve reviewed that I’ve been asked about my gender. Since I usually choose healthy eating for weight loss meal plans, this is a pretty important distinction to make from the get go, when it comes to calorie limitations! 

    After that, I was asked to put in my email address and was taken to the payment screen. I noticed that Freshology only accepts credit cards, while other meal kit services accept PayPal. That slightly annoyed me. 

    Once you’ve added your payment details, it's time to start choosing your meals! Freshology will provide you with a range of suggested meals from your selected plan, and you can swap any that you don't like: one thing, you can't substitute specific ingredients, but you can substitute meals.

    What’s in Freshology’s Box 

    With most meal kit services, you can see that the companies have made an effort to try and be environmentally friendly and make some, if not all of their delivery packaging recyclable. 

    Unfortunately, I always found a few too many plastic bags for my liking, so I was very happy with what I found at Freshology: since everything is pre-prepared and cooked, there are no loose ingredients to package up. 

    This means that everything is recyclable, as the only things I found in the delivery were plastic containers (some of which I could wash and reuse) and a cardboard delivery box. 

    Nice one, Freshology! 


    Customer Support

    Freshology has two support channels available - phone and email via online submission form. 

    Due to the current pandemic, Freshology is offering extended email hours, although I have no idea what that actually means in practice. 

    Its phone support is available Monday-Friday, 8AM-5PM EST, and Saturday 9AM-12PM. I tried calling out of hours, and was asked to leave a voicemail message, so I did. 

    I received a call back within 12 hours, when the customer support was available. This was the first time I'd been asked to leave a message outside of support hours so I was pretty impressed.

    Canceling Your Plan

    Canceling your Freshology plan is really easy and straightforward. In fact, it's even easier at Freshology to cancel your plan than at most meal delivery services. 

    You either need to call customer support, or email them and ask to cancel. If you've ordered a local pick up service, you have a deadline of Monday 12 EST to cancel your next order to avoid being charged; if you are a home delivery customer, your deadline is Friday at 12PM EST. 

    It’s very straightforward and has a more lenient cancellation period - which not all meal delivery services do - so it was a touch I really appreciated. 

    Expert Bottom Line on Freshology 

    Freshology is a winner in my view, for two main reasons - it's super easy, without even needing to cook anything and it also helps you on your path towards weight loss and healthy eating.. It's the dream, for me at least! 

    The menu was appetizing, and I found myself looking forward to my next meal time. Also, with a 5-week rotating meal plan, I knew I wouldn't get bored with the meal options. 

    It's a little pricier than some of the meal delivery options on the market, but that’s only really because you need to order either 5 or 7 days a week. Actually, if you look at the per meal prices, you'll find they’re a lot cheaper than others. 

    That and, if you want the benefits of sustainable weight loss, you need a 5 or 7 day controlled diet to do it - choosing just a few meals a few times a week won't really cut it. 

    I'd say try out Freshology: for one thing, that two-week free delivery option is pretty enticing, while the weight you'll lose effortlessly will definitely keep you coming back for more! 

    About The Author

    Jessica Bain

    Staff Writer & Meal Kit Expert, Delivery Rank

    Jessica is an avid foodie and literature junkie. Having written hundreds - if not thousands - of blog posts, she’s been focusing on writing in the food industry for years now. It’s thanks to her work that Jessica has sampled the top meal and food delivery services in the country. In her spare time, Jessica can be found doing yoga or cozying up to her pug, Timmy. Check out Delivery Rank’s other blogs and reviews to see more of Jessica’s work!

    Jessica is an avid foodie and literature junkie. Having written hundreds - if not thousands - of blog posts, she’s been focusing on writing in the food industry for years now. It’s thanks to her work that Jessica has sampled the top meal and food delivery services in the country. In her spare time, Jessica can be found doing yoga or cozying up to her pug, Timmy. Check out Delivery Rank’s other blogs and reviews to see more of Jessica’s work!

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