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Nom Nom Review 2022: Pet Food Backed by Science

Written by: Matthew Ryan on Apr 6th, 2022


Looking for some pet food backed by science? Nom Nom might be your answer. I’ve researched and analyzed the company to see if its service measures up. I carefully weighed what Nom Nom has to offer according to six different metrics.

These metrics run the gamut from meals (how they’re prepared and what they contain) to customer service to prices, and even more. From my research, I learned a particularly astounding tidbit of information.

Nom Nom has not one, but two, Board Certified Veterinary Nutritionists on its team. At the time of writing, there are only around 100 such people in the country. I mean, wow! When it comes to scientific expertise, you can rest assured Nom Nom has that covered.

Overall, I found the company to be pretty darn good. Not perfect, but still impressive. Now, let’s dig into the details and see what all the ruckus is about!

What I Liked

  • Offers meals for both dogs and cats

  • Employs two board-certified veterinary nutritionists on staff

  • Has supplements to support pet health

  • Special discount: Get 50% Off Your First Order

What I Didn’t Like

  • Limited number of options

  • No app

  • Can only cancel via email/phone

Nom Nom Is Best For

  • Owners of both dogs and cats

  • Pets who want frozen, fresh food

  • Pets who want whole ingredients

Nom Nom May Not Be Great For

  • Cats that want more variety

  • People who rely on FAQ/help sections (they’re a little confusing)

  • Animals that don’t like previously frozen food

Nom Nom Meals

Plans and Recipes

Nom Nom offers four types of recipes for dogs (Beef Mash, Chicken Cuisine, Pork Potluck, and Turkey Fare) and one for cats (Chicken Cuisine). And although it doesn’t have plans per se for allergies and other sensitivities, you might get a recommendation for a particular recipe over others if you’re pet has dietary needs.

To test the system out, I checked off food allergies or sensitive stomach for my dog Cicero when I submitted his details, and Nom Nom recommended the Pork Potluck meal. Failing that, I also had the option of purchasing up to two different kinds of supplements (plus one for cats), and/or a gut health kit.

My only issue is the small number of different recipes available. Four just doesn’t seem like a lot of options to me (and only one for cats). Still, as noted above, you can customize which recipes to use with a little help from Nom Nom and the filter it uses.

The brains behind the recipes are the two Board Certified Veterinary Nutritionists Dr. Justin Shmalberg and Dr. Caitlyn Getty as well as seven other scientists. Dr. Shmalberg helps guide recipe formulation. He also advises on pet nutrition. Dr. Getty focuses on pet illness and nutrition optimization.


Nom Nom calls itself a vertically integrated company, so it oversees every step of the process in the creation of its pet food. The ingredients are sourced from U.S. growers and suppliers using sustainably-sourced food as often as possible.

It uses the highest quality proteins and vegetables. Meals are formulated to meet the nutritional levels of the AAFCO nutrient profiles for cats and dogs. Let’s look closer at one of the dog foods Nom Nom provides.

Here’s the ingredient list (from for Beef Mash:

If you take a closer look at two of the above-listed ingredients, eggs and vitamin B1 (thiamine), you can break them down a little. This should give you a better idea of the nutritional value of the Beef Mash recipe as a whole.

Eggs are third on the list of ingredients. They’re high in protein and serve as a good source of amino acids and fatty acids. They also provide a good number of vitamins. Vitamin B1 (thiamine – or, in this case, thiamine mononitrate): is good for metabolizing carbohydrates, maintaining growth, and nerve health, among other things.


Dog food in the states isn’t released to the public without providing a guaranteed nutrition analysis. Here’s the Guaranteed Analysis for the Beef Mash recipe (again, from

Guaranteed Analysis for Beef Mash

Crude Protein  8% min

Crude Fat  4% min

Crude Fiber  1% max

Moisture 77% max

As you can see, the Beef Mash is low in fiber (although it’s still a respectable level) and higher in protein. It’s also a little on the low side in regards to fat. If you look through the other recipes, you’ll realize each one has its own strengths and weaknesses.

The pet food is gently-cooked. There are no high-temperature vats involved nor is there any extrusion. Once cooked, each ingredient is carefully and precisely mixed in small batches by a specially-made, one-of-a-kind machine.

The food is then frozen. This keeps the critical nutrients sealed within and the food highly digestible. Overall, the preparation process keeps the meals well-balanced and nutritious.


All Nom Nom’s boxes contain the appropriate meal packs for your pet, dry ice to cool the container, and insulators to keep it cool. The meals should arrive cool to the touch and may sometimes even arrive frozen.

According to the instructions Nom Nom provides, you’re supposed to keep the food frozen and just thaw as you go along. Thawed meals should keep in the refrigerator for up to seven days. Frozen meals will keep in the freezer for up to six months.

All you need to do in terms of meal prep is just thaw the food and serve. The meals are perfectly pre-portioned by a specially designed machine (it’s a machine Nom Nom designed itself, so it’s one-of-a-kind!). One meal. One serving. One happy dog (or cat)!

All of the boxes, insulators, and meal pack material are either recyclable or made from recycled material. The contents of a shipped box are kept cool with dry ice (do NOT touch the dry ice) which sublimates over time and is believed to be more environmentally-friendly than the gel packs other companies use.

Shipping & Delivery

Now let’s look at the shipping and delivery process. The food from your first delivery should last about two weeks. That should be enough for you to figure out whether you want to stay with Nom Nom or not.

After those first two weeks, your delivery schedule resets to a customized time period depending upon the characteristics of your pet. Four weeks. Six weeks. Whatever is needed.

Currently, Nom Nom delivers to the 48 contiguous states – which I find pretty impressive. The meals are shipped Monday through Thursday. Due to distance and such, the actual date the food arrives will vary depending upon your location. However, there are no deliveries on Mondays.

Rescheduling your order is a fairly easy process that’s clearly explained in the Help section under Delivery Assistance. It consists of four steps (from

  1. Select Reschedule or cancel delivery under the Account Actions section of your Nom Nom Account's home page.

  2. Click the dropdown menu next to your current delivery to view all available delivery dates.

  3. Select your new delivery date.

  4. Click Save delivery date.

Nom Nom doesn’t have an app, but there’s a lot of information on the website. What I didn’t like was how that information was organized. It’s split between a FAQ and a Help section instead of just being listed all in one place which can make it difficult to find the answers you’re looking for.

Ordering from Nom Nom

I found the ordering process at Nom Nom easy to understand and straightforward. There are a couple of different steps involved, depending on what you’re trying to do, but they’re all fairly basic.

How to Sign Up

Signing up, for example, is really easy. All you have to do is answer a few questions about your dog and provide your necessary info and you’re good to go. The information is gathered through a questionnaire.

In the first step of the questionnaire, you provide your dog’s name, gender, and breed.

Once you answer that question, you’re clear to continue through the rest of the questionnaire. It only takes a minute or two to answer all nine. Here’s a brief list of all the questions.

  1. Pet name, gender, and breed

  2. Pet weight and age

  3. Pet body condition (underweight, ideal, or overweight)

  4. Pet’s allergies, sensitivities, and conditions, if any

  5. Select meals

  6. Add GI-Targeted Probiotic or not

  7. Owner’s name and email

  8. Shipping Address

  9. Payment details

Once you’ve signed up, the next task is managing your subscription.

Managing Your Subscription

Although managing your subscription is easy at Nom Nom, there are drawbacks. First off, there are really two FAQ pages. One is called the FAQs and the other is labeled as the Help section. It’s a minor issue, but I found being forced to look in two different locations for answers a little annoying. 

Also, even though you can reschedule orders and manage deliveries in your account with relative ease, there are certain tasks that require you to contact Customer Support manually by email or by telephone.

For example, if you want to remove a pet or cancel a subscription entirely, there’s no easy way to do so without going through the Customer Support office. Instructions for easier tasks, like changing your delivery date, can be found under an appropriate subtitle in either the FAQ or Help section.

In the case of changing the delivery date, for example, a step-by-step process is given in the Help section under Delivery Assistance.

Customer Service

It is, generally, very easy to contact Customer Service at Nom Nom. There are email forms, a chatbot that has the option to go live, and a phone number. My personal favorite is the chatbot. I can look stuff up myself, and if the AI can’t handle it, it’s easy to go straight to Support.

I also like the chatbot (or phone) because it’s probably the quickest. I tested the live chat out and found the human support agent to be quick, professional, and friendly. No problems, whatsoever.

Nom Nom doesn't tailor individual meals according to the particulars of your dog’s allergens or other sensitivities. Instead, one particular meal (Pork Potluck) is tailored with allergens and sensitivities in mind.

Although food cannot be returned, the money from your first order can be refunded if the dog isn’t seeing any benefits and you contact the company within 30 days.

Although I wouldn’t categorize it as “difficult,” cancellation, as discussed above, can be a nuisance. It requires person-to-person contact. It can’t be done by simply accessing your account.

Nom Nom Recalls

Tyson Foods, a supplier of Nom Nom, announced a massive recall of some of its chicken products that may have been contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes. As a result, Nom Nom issued a voluntary recall for its Chicken Cuisine on July 8, 2021.


Starting from

Minimum Order

Shipping Fee

$5 per day per portion

14 meals/week: $60.26 (tax included)


When purchased by weight, prices range from $49 for 6 lbs to $98 for 12 lbs. Naturally, a smaller dog or a more active one will eat less than a larger, less active animal. Where a 6 lb bag will likely be suitable for a small dog and last several weeks, a larger animal might need more. How much depends on the particular characteristics of the dog (size, calorie intake needs, etc…).

Nom Nom offers treats at $13 for a 2 oz bag and $20 for a 4 oz. Of course, some dogs need

supplements to round out their diet. Nom Nom has two different kinds of probiotics: Full Spectrum and GI Targeted. Each 30 day supply costs: $40 ($30 on discount).

Although the taxes Nom Nom charges may differ from state to state, the shipping is always free.

Although Nom Nom doesn’t offer partial plans for any of its meals, it does offer a variety pack with a sample of each recipe. Currently, the variety pack is only available for dog food. Cats only have one flavor of food to choose from – so there wouldn’t be much variety. The dog packs come in up to four varieties and each pack costs $15.

Nom Nom has a special discount Get 50% Off Your First Order available which you can take advantage of to help reduce the overall price of your order.

If your dog isn’t happy with the food or he/she isn’t seeing the benefits you hoped, Nom Nom will refund the money from your first order. The only stipulation is that you must contact Nom Nom within 30 days of the order being delivered. The food itself can’t be returned as it’s perishable.

The Bottom Line: Is Nom Nom Worth It?

Nom Nom is definitely worth it. To start with, Nom Nom’s science-backed food is a huge plus. Its drawbacks are largely limited to the organization of the help material on the website and how you go about performing certain specific tasks like canceling. All of those are easy fixes.

The one recall Nom Nom had wasn’t its fault at all. And, regardless, it followed the necessary procedures to take care of it as quickly as possible. So, I think anyone looking for a healthy science-based diet for their pet should give Nom Nom a serious look.


Is Nom Nom good dog food?

Yes, Nom Nom is good dog food. The recipes Nom Nom uses have the backing of two board-certified veterinary nutritionists. They’re involved in the development of the recipes the company uses in every step of the process.

Is Nom Nom dog food raw?

Although Nom Nom uses fresh ingredients, the ingredients are cooked, not raw. The food is gently cooked in small batches instead of vats and is never extruded. Meals are shipped frozen to seal in nutrients.

Is Nom Nom dog food grain free?

Three of the four dog meals do not list any grains as an ingredient. The fourth meal, Turkey Fare, lists brown rice. So, you have several grain-free options as well as one option with grain. So, in this case, you can have it both ways.

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Matt enjoys all sorts of cuisine from fast food to fine dining. He’s been writing professionally for about 10 years, starting in fantasy fiction and moving into on-line content writing in 2021. He lives in the Northeastern U.S. with his dog, Cicero (also a big fan of dining).
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