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Diet-To-Go Review 2022: Great for Weight Loss – But That’s All

Written by: Kat Torgersen on Nov 22nd, 2022


Diet-to-Go is a diet-friendly alternative to the popular meal kit delivery services on the market. I’ve tried many of them and wanted to see how Diet-to-Go compares.

Diet-to-Go is actually older than most of its competitors. With over three decades of experience, it’s one of the most time-tested meal delivery services out there. The fact that it’s still around suggests it must be doing something right.

I have mixed feelings about Diet-to-Go. I found the meals lacking in flavor, but effective for weight loss. The whole menu is nutritionally balanced and convenient, making Diet-to-Go a great choice if you’re looking for a strict diet regimen.

A disclaimer before we go further: I’m not qualified to provide any medical advice so I encourage you to speak with your doctor before switching to a new diet.


  • Single-serving portions

  • Easy to prepare

  • Solid diet plans like keto or vegetarian

  • Breakfast options

  • Current dealSave 50% Off


  • Meals are pretty bland

  • Nonresponsive customer service

  • Not great for those with serious allergies

What’s on the Diet-to-Go Menu

Unlike most meal delivery services, Diet-to-Go provides enough food to replace most or all of your weekly meals. You may choose to receive three meals per day or just two (skipping breakfast), and either five or seven days per week.

This comprehensive plan is optimized for singles, so don’t expect to feed your family with this service. Instead, Diet-to-Go is best if you live alone or if you’re the only person in your household on a diet. Each meal comes as a single-serving, heat-and-eat dish.

Diet-to-Go has five plan options. Each is meant to support an intensive weight loss regimen, but you won’t be able to mix and match meals once you pick a plan. The plans include the meals but no extras like snacks or sides.

  • Balance – Largest selection of low-calorie, nutritionally balanced dishes

  • Balance Diabetes – Low-glycemic menu for people with diabetes

  • Keto-Carb30 – Low-carb, Atkins-style menu

  • Vegetarian – No meat, with protein from dairy, eggs, beans, and soy

  • Mediterranean – Emphasis on whole foods

Each menu is on a five-week cycle. You may start to get bored of receiving many of the same recipes every five weeks, especially if you keep to the plan for a while. If you’re a picky eater or a creature of habit, though, you might prefer the consistency.

Screenshot of a sample Diet-to-Go menu

Diet-to-Go offers a healthy variety of premade recipes.

This might sound a bit limited, but remember this isn’t meant to be a source of new and exciting meals. Diet-to-Go is a weight loss service – not a gourmet meal delivery service – with a menu designed to help you meet your dieting goals.

While there are no customization options for individual recipes, you can easily substitute any meal for another. If you aren’t a fan of a dish, you can exclude it from your weekly order. Diet-to-Go lets you swap in a recipe you prefer as many times as you want for no extra cost.

You may also want to swap out dishes based on any food allergies you have. Unfortunately, Diet-to-Go is not great about providing support for people with serious allergies. There are no filters or special menus, so your only option is to manually read the ingredients for each recipe to check for allergens.

Screenshot of Diet-to-Go's meal substitution page

It's easy to replace dishes you don't with ones that look tastier.

As I browsed through the menu, I didn’t find the images particularly appealing. In fact, I had a sneaking suspicion that some of them are photoshopped, which made me a little suspicious about the meals themselves.

It’s a stark difference from companies like HelloFresh or Home Chef, which have professional images and a clear brand image. Though let’s remember that Diet-to-Go is also a very different product. The focus here isn’t gourmet – it’s about convenience and weight loss.

The menu is almost entirely basic American fare, like Chicken Pot Pie or Blackened Salmon. There are some internationally-inspired dishes like the “Mexican Style” Turkey Burrito, but they don’t exactly taste authentic.

When browsing through the menu, you have the option to rate the meal, plus see the nutritional info and ingredients.

I opted for a five-day plan that included breakfast, lunch, and dinner each day. This was what I ate over the five days (it includes four substitutions):


  • Salmon and Leek Frittata

  • Tomato Mushroom Omelet

  • Three Cheese Quiche

  • Scrambled Eggs Benedict

  • Spicy Ham and Egg Sofrito


  • Tuna Salad*

  • Lemon Herb Chicken

  • Pascale Creole Shrimp

  • Chimichurri Salmon

  • Parmesan Chicken Wings


  • Lemon Pepper Chicken over Zoodles

  • Cumin Salmon*

  • Blackened Salmon*

  • Indian Turkey Tenderloin*

  • Chicken Parmesan over Ratatouille

*indicates substitution


When I first ordered from Diet-to-Go, everything was packed in styrofoam for added insulation. I’m glad to report that the company has since switched to a more eco-friendly foil-based insulation.

Unfortunately, not everything has improved. Diet-to-Go’s meal packaging is as plastic-heavy as it ever was. While most of it’s recyclable, you’re left to figure out the steps for yourself. Sadly, this likely means a lot of Diet-to-Go packaging isn’t recycled properly.

Photo of the author's Diet-to-Go shipment

Clearer labeling would have made this packaging more convenient.

There wasn’t much of a sense of organization to my shipment. All the dishes were just kind of dropped into the box. But then again, browsing through all my menu options was part of the fun. Each label contains the ingredient list, nutritional information, and prep instructions.

My meals came frozen, but you may receive fresh meals if you live closer to a distribution center (more on that in the Shipping & Delivery section). Either way, you can store them in the fridge for up to a week. According to the website, you may also store meals in the freezer for up to 30 days.

Cooking (and Eating) with Diet-to-Go

There’s not much to say on the “cooking” side of things, as everything comes already cooked! All it takes is 2-3 minutes in the microwave to heat up most Diet-to-Go meals (or longer if you’re heating them from frozen).

I thoroughly appreciated the convenience of being able to heat up a quick lunch or dinner rather than spend money on takeout or waste time cooking. I guess that’s one of the perks of Diet-to-Go as a diet service – when you’re hungry, you can get a meal on the table fast without being tempted to snack or order in. 

I don’t have a microwave, so I prepared all my meals in the oven. Per Diet-to-Go’s instructions, I thawed and heated each meal for 20-30 minutes. You can find instructions for different cooking methods, including toaster ovens, on Diet-to-Go’s website.

Shortlist of My Favorite Meals

Here’s the thing… I wasn’t over the moon about any of the meals I tried. 

Since I’m not looking for a weight loss solution, I’ll admit I’m not the target audience, so you may want to take these thoughts with a grain of salt. 

Diet-to-Go’s menu is well-crafted for people who are trying to lose weight as their number one priority. Even though I didn’t love Diet-to-Go’s meals, its dishes fitted the bill of being low-calorie, yet nutritionally sound. You have to make some compromises when you’re on a strict diet and in my opinion, the compromise here is on flavor.

Photo of Diet-to-Go's Tomato Mushroom Omelet

I wish I could say this tasted better than it looks.

On the whole, I think Diet-to-Go meals taste like airplane food. There’s a peculiar processed taste to everything, and the dishes aren’t really flavorful.

I found almost all the meals I tried to be bland. Even the Blackened Salmon couldn’t be saved by the cursory dash of Cajun seasoning. This is likely another consequence of having low-sodium and low-fat recipes.

Photo of Diet-to-Go's Blackened Salmon

Diet-to-Go's Blackened Salmon doesn't do justice to the New Orleans flavors it's trying to emulate.

Most of the vegetables tasted watery – and, honestly, if it were a blind taste test I probably wouldn’t have been able to guess what they were. I was also disappointed that the proteins (I typically chose either chicken or salmon) tended to be on the dry side.

I’m guessing this all has something to do with the meals being pre-cooked. I’m no chef – which is why I use meal delivery services – but it seems like it would be a challenging way to lock in flavor.

Photo of some Diet-to-Go vegetables

Unappetizing food can really wear on your morale.

If your goal is calorie control or portion control with as little effort as possible, you’re likely prepared for compromises on flavor. Diet-to-Go is such an easy way to diet. I could easily see myself subscribing for a month or so before beach season, even knowing what I know about the flavors!

Shipping & Delivery

Diet-to-Go delivers across the contiguous United States (sorry Alaska and Hawaii!). Your delivery options may vary depending on your location. If you need to reschedule or make other changes to your order, make sure to do it by 12 pm ET the Friday before your shipment.

My order came via FedEx, but I never received a confirmation email or tracking info. This seems ludicrous in this day and age. I can only assume it was some sort of spam filter error. Regardless, I wasn’t sure if my order actually went through until FedEx contacted me.

Screenshot of FedEx text updates

I'm going to give Diet-to-Go the benefit of the doubt and assume my tracking info got lost in my spam folder.

My meals were delivered just after 11 am. They’ll leave the box at your door whether you’re there or not. I happened to be home when my shipment came, but the insulation and ice packs would’ve kept it cold for hours.

You’re not able to choose your delivery day, which may be a result of Diet-to-Go’s strict five-week menu cycle. Your delivery window depends entirely on your location and proximity to Diet-to-Go’s distribution centers.

Speaking of which, Diet-to-Go offers a unique pickup option. If you live near Washington DC, Baltimore, New Jersey, or Los Angeles, you may opt to pick your meals up in person rather than have them delivered.


Signing up for Diet-to-Go is simple and painless. Menus are predetermined and you don’t get to pick your delivery day. As a result, there are very few steps to subscribe!

How to Sign Up

  1. Click Order Now and start by putting in your zip code. This will determine your eligibility, delivery day, and shipping cost.

Screenshot of Diet-to-Go's zip code entry page

Your zip code determines your delivery eligibility and shipping options.

  1. Choose your plan. Each plan includes a few additional checkboxes to determine your price. You can’t mix and match meals between plans.

Screenshot of Diet-to-Go's various plan offerings

Your exact preferences will affect your overall costs.

  1. Input your address and check out.After submitting payment, you may make changes (called substitutions) to your upcoming shipment.

Screenshot of Diet-to-Go's address entry page

This is your last chance to confirm your plan before submitting payment and picking your meals.

I used a discount code to save on my first order (the latest active code I found is Save 50% Off

Managing Your Subscription

Frustratingly, Diet-to-Go makes you get in touch with a real person to make significant changes to your subscription. For example, there’s no easy button to click or box to uncheck in order to cancel your account.

Screenshot of a Diet-to-Go notice informing that you have to call to cancel your plan

It's not that calling the number is difficult, but I should be able to cancel at the click of a button.

If you want to end your subscription, you have to get in touch with a representative via phone or email by 12 pm EST the Friday before your next shipment. I had trouble getting in touch via email (more on that next), so I recommend calling to make sure you meet the deadline.

For a more detailed walkthrough, check out this step-by-step guide on how to cancel Diet-to-Go.

Customer Service

This was another weak area for Diet-to-Go. And unlike the bland meals (which were at least diet-friendly), I don’t see a good excuse for how poor the customer service was.

I submitted two questions to the customer support team via the contact submission form. While I received an automatic “thanks for contacting us” email, I never heard back from anyone either time.

This was pretty frustrating, especially because it says on the company contact page that it is “offering extended email hours.” Apparently not for me!

Screenshot of Diet-to-Go's contact page

My emails never got answered, so I recommend contacting Diet-to-Go via phone.

The first time I asked whether I could heat up the meals in the oven. I was eventually able to find this information on the website, so it wasn’t that big of a deal.

The second time I sent a message, it was because it wasn’t clear whether my “hold request” on the next box had been successfully submitted. (It must have been successful as the next shipment wasn’t sent – although it would’ve been nice to have that confirmed ahead of time.)

The third and final time that I tried to get in touch with Diet-to-Go was to cancel my plan. Since I hadn’t had any luck with the online support, I gave the 1-800 number a try.

I hit option one for Support, confirmed my address with a woman named Joan, and within two minutes my plan was canceled. I guess the lesson here is to just use the phone if you ever need to contact Diet-to-Go.

It feels pretty outdated for a phone number to be the only reliable contact method. It also seems like a missed opportunity for the company not to ask why I wanted to cancel and to get some feedback on its product. You would think more effort would be put into this area.


Starting from

Minimum Order

Shipping Fee

$4.60 per portion

10 meals/week: $138.99

$9.99 to $19.98

When you change your plan, the system automatically calculates the price per week and price per meal based on your selections, which is pretty helpful.

Your price will vary depending on your plan, how many meals you want each week, and other factors. You can generally expect to pay $10 to $14 per meal for lunches and dinners.  Including breakfast adds around $5 to the daily price.

For reference, here are some different subscription options and their price points when ordering three meals per day for seven days:

  • Balance menu (1,600 calories), 7 days per week, 3 meals per day: $225.99/week

  • Balance-Diabetes menu, 7 days per week, 3 meals per day: $203.99/week

  • Keto-Carb30 menu, 7 days per week, 3 meals per day: $225.99/week

  • Vegetarian menu, 7 days per week, 3 meals per day: $203.99/week

  • Mediterranean menu, 7 days per week, 3 meals per day: $203.99/week

On the lower end, you may pay around $138.99 to $151.99 per week for two meals per day, five days per week. On the higher end, three meals per day and seven days per week can cost up to $225.99 per week. Of course, our discount lets you try Diet-to-Go for much cheaper: Save 50% Off

Shipping starts at $9.99 but may be more depending on your location. You can skip this fee if you’re able to take advantage of the local pick-up option!

The Bottom Line: Is Diet-to-Go Worth It?

This is a difficult question for me to answer. Diet-to-Go isn’t going to become my go-to diet. However, I’m not really the target demographic for this service as I’m not trying to restrict my calories or lose weight.

If you’re looking for the best weight loss meal delivery service, Diet-to-Go is a strong contender. Having all your meals accounted for is a huge advantage. I can imagine this service would particularly appeal to busy people who are looking to lose weight in the short term, like for a holiday or a wedding.

Diet-to-Go is also convenient if you have certain dietary needs. For example, there aren’t many diabetes-friendly meal plans out there. Diet-to-Go makes it extremely simple to stick to a low-glycemic diet.

The best way to try it out is with a new customer discount like I did (this is the latest live one I found – Save 50% Off) as they tend to bring the price down significantly. Then you can sample the dishes for yourself, and see if you think the results are worth it.

Are the meal kits that you get from more mainstream services tastier? Yes, they are. But they also take time and effort that sometimes you just don’t have, and they’re not geared toward weight loss. Diet-to-Go is a low-calorie, convenient alternative that might work for you.


Are Diet-to-Go meals healthy?

Diet-to-Go meals are designed to help you lose weight across five different eating plans. While the focus is on weight loss rather than holistic health, each plan is nutritionally balanced and supports a healthy lifestyle.

There’s a general Balance plan, a Balance-Diabetes option to keep blood sugar levels under control, the Keto-Carb30 plan for anyone who wants to keep carbs to a minimum, and a Vegetarian option for anyone who prefers not to eat meat. There’s also a Mediterranean plan.

How much does Diet-to-Go cost?

Diet-to-Go starts at $4.60 per portion, and prices vary depending on how many meals you order and the menu plan you choose. There’s an option for either five- or seven-day plans, and you can order up to three meals a day. Don’t forget to factor in shipping, which is another $9.99-$19.98 a week.

How do I cancel my Diet-to-Go?

I found calling the Diet-to-Go customer support team the easiest way to cancel your subscription. As long as you do it before Friday 12 pm EST (or Monday 12 pm EST if you pick up your meals locally), you won’t be hit with any extra charges. For a more detailed walkthrough, see our dedicated How to Cancel Diet-to-Go blog post.

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