Diet To Go Review 2020 - Is the $20 Discount Really Worth It?
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  • Written by: Felicity Kay on May 7th, 2020

    Diet To Go Bottom Line

    Specialized weight loss, Keto and diabetic plans, prepared, precooked and delivered to your door. 

    What I Liked

    • 500+ meal options across 4 plans

    • Contact-free delivery

    • Absolutely no preparation or cooking involved

    What I Didn’t Like 

    • $9.99 delivery fee weekly

    • Only options are either 5 or 7 day plans 

    Diet To Go Delivery 

    Diet To Go offers both a ‘to go’ home delivery service and a local pick-up service (depending on where you live). 

    It offers home delivery to almost all areas of the continental United States (you can check the days it offers delivery to your area on the site), and also offers local pick up (with food sampling available too!) in the Washington DC Metro area, Baltimore, New Jersey and greater Los Angeles area. 

    Otherwise, if you prefer home delivery, you're looking at a $9.99 delivery fee per week (but you’ll receive free delivery with your first two boxes). I found my first delivery was available in three days’ time, and I had the option for Tuesday and Friday deliveries. 

    Unlike other meal delivery services, I didn’t get to choose my delivery days. However, I guess when you don't even need to prepare the food or cook it yourself, this isn't a big deal. 

    Another thing I really liked is that Diet To Go offers contact-free deliveries, which is always good to know (and not just in times of a pandemic). 

    I like just how quickly I could receive a delivery after signing up. After all, nowadays I find myself waiting around 6 weeks for a grocery delivery, so Diet To Go has presented me with a much better option, in so many ways! 

    Diet To Go Pricing

    As you could expect from a professional chef preparing your food, you’re likely to pay a little more each week for Diet To Go than you would for another meal kit or delivery service. 

    Or would you? I found that the cheapest portion offering at Diet To Go was just $8.57, which, for a Keto or diabetic diet, or even a specialized weight loss plan, was actually cheaper than other meal delivery services on the market - such asGreen Chef or Sun Basket, who also offer specialized dietary plan meal kits - and they’re not even prepared or cooked. 

    Where Diet To Go really stands out is that it offers 5 or 7 day plans, and this is where you're likely to see higher pricing. You can choose to receive either 2 or 3 meals a day, with the cheapest plan coming in at $179.99 per week (for 3 meals a day for 7 days). 

    There are 4 plans available which I'll go into below, and you can expect to pay slightly different amounts per portion depending on your plan’s options. For example, on the Balance plan, I found that men will pay $13 per portion, while women pay $12.20 per portion, as this is a calorie controlled plan and the male portions are larger and have a higher calorie count, hence the slight price difference. 

    I really liked that the Keto and Diabetic plans were similarly priced to the Balance plan, which was a nice touch. Other providers (such as Sun Basket) usually have dietary-specific plans set at a higher price due to the specialty of ingredients and preparation involved. 

    Still, Diet To Go is very reasonably priced, no matter which way you look at it - both Freshly and Factor75, other non-cook options, both charge a little more per portion, and I actually preferred Diet To Go’s meals to Freshly's. 

    Actually, while Freshly's delivery charge increased as the number of portions a week ordered increases (Factor75 has free delivery), Diet To Go’s delivery fee did at least stick at $9.99 per week - and you can get two weeks of free delivery, which is a nice touch (other providers like Home Chef or Blue Apron want you to order a certain amount before providing free shipping). 

    Diet To Go Meal Variety


    From $8.57 per portion 

    Foods served

    Meat, vegetarian, fish

    Shipping costs

    $9.99 per week

    What’s amazing about Diet To Go, is that each meal is designed by dieticians and cooked by professional chefs. You’ll have 4 plans to choose from, each tailored to weight loss and healthy eating in a different way: 

    • The Balance plan, which is all about creating healthy, exciting and tasty meals designed for weight loss

    • The Balance-Diabetes plan, for diabetics looking to get their blood sugar under control

    • The Keto-Carb30 plan, for a Keto-specific approach to weight loss, with carb control

    • The Vegetarian plan, for vegetarians looking to lose weight 

    There are over 500 different meals on offer over these 4 plans, with a 5-week meal rotation so you'll never get bored with your food. 

    You can also customize the ingredients, although for vegans, the vegetarian plan may not be suitable, as you can't customize your ingredients to the point of veganism. If you look closely though you can find some plant based options in there. The same goes for gluten-free customers - sorry, guys! 

    I checked out the Balance plan first of all, and some of the meals offered had my stomach rumbling… I couldn't believe that these were healthy choices for weight loss


    I think the best thing about Diet To Go, however, has to be that you don't even need to cook these meals yourself. One of the only bad things about meal kit delivery services is that they have to be cooked, which can still prove challenging for someone like me. This is a much easier approach - with the added benefit of weight loss too! 

    The Verdict

    Diet To Go is definitely the easiest meal delivery service I’ve reviewed. While even Freshly didn't require that I cook, I found the food at Diet To Go to be tastier, more exciting, and it helped me lose weight too! 

    I found myself really looking forward to my next meal, and was also really surprised at some of the choices that are beneficial for weight loss and healthy eating (chocolate zucchini bread doesn’t sound fantastic, but it was one of my favorites). 

    In fact, I noticed that - without any changes to my exercise regime - I lost a few pounds in a  week, just by switching to Diet To Go. Not bad, not bad at all! 

    How It Works 

    Once you sign up, Diet To Go will give you your delivery options for your local area (or they will alert you that you're eligible for local delivery!). 

    As I mentioned above, I was super impressed that I could get my first delivery in just 3 days time:

    Next up, you'll need to choose your plan. While other meal delivery services have very straightforward plans (Home Chef, for example, has ‘Meat’, ‘Both’ and ‘Veggie’), you’ll need to look a little deeper at the plans on offer here to understand what you're getting: 

    (I’ve gone into each of the plans and what they consist of above, in the Meal Variety section of this review)

    After choosing a plan, you'll be taken through some further customization options, something I’d never seen before: 

    I’ve never been asked about my gender before, but actually, it really makes sense when you're looking to set up a calorie deficit for weight loss! And it’s not something I’ve seen regularly with other meal delivery services with weight loss plans, which really made me think about how effective these could truly be. 

    You'll then be taken to a payment screen - Diet To Go only accepts credit card payments, not PayPal, which wasn’t ideal - and then it's time to start choosing your meals! 

    You’ll be given a suggested range of meals to choose from, and can switch out any you don't like the look of. 

    While you can't substitute specific ingredients, you can substitute meals:

    What’s in Diet To Go’s Box 

    A constant bugbear of mine, when reviewing meal delivery services, is just how many plastic bags I find in their delivery boxes. 

    I can always see that the companies have made some effort to be environmentally-friendly, but at the same time, can't be completely eco-conscious if a customer’s city doesn't recycle plastic bags (like mine doesn't). 

    I was therefore very pleased with Diet To Go’s delivery box, which was entirely recyclable - from the cardboard box holding all the meals, to the plastic boxes for each individual meal - I could either recycle or reuse everything! I was very impressed! 

    Customer Support

    Diet To Go’s customer support is offered via phone and email submission form

    Diet To Go says it's offering an ‘extended email service’ - likely due to the pandemic. Otherwise its phone support is available Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm EST, and Saturday 9am-12pm. I happened to call out of hours, and was asked to leave a voicemail, which was a very nice touch.

    Once the customer support team was available, I received a call back - around 12 hours after I had left my voicemail - which I was also impressed by. The customer support agent I spoke to was very helpful and professional, and sorted out my issue within 1 minute

    Canceling Your Plan

    All it takes to cancel your Diet To Go Plan is either a quick call or an email: get in touch in your preferred way and let the Diet To Go team know you want to cancel your plan. 

    You’ll have until Monday 12PM EST to cancel your next order if you've opted for local pickup, or Friday at 12PM EST for home delivery. 

    I found this pretty lenient, as some meal delivery services require a full two weeks to cancel your plan, or you'll be charged for an order you didn’t want.  

    Expert Bottom Line on Diet To Go 

    I really enjoyed testing Diet To Go, for several reasons: I didn't have to cook, the food was super tasty and I had the added benefit of weight loss as a side effect! Isn't that the trifecta? 

    I also liked how there was free shipping for my first two weeks, although I would have liked to have seen free shipping applied at other times, or once I'd hit a certain delivery amount (like Blue Apron

     and Home Chef


    I also thought that the meals were very reasonably priced, even if overall, it was a little more expensive compared to other meal delivery services because I had to order meals for either 5 or 7 days. However, when it comes to weight loss, you need to have a regular, weekly and controlled diet so this is definitely helpful for maintaining a routine.

    All in all, I'd highly recommend Diet To Go for anyone looking to lose weight or to start eating more healthily. I certainly took my weight loss up a notch, without even trying or making an effort! 

    About The Author

    Felicity Kay


    Felicity loves and lives for food, and new culinary experiences in general.
    When she's not out walking her dogs, she's trying out the coolest new restaurants and take out in the local area - one day she might even learn to cook!

    Felicity loves and lives for food, and new culinary experiences in general.
    When she's not out walking her dogs, she's trying out the coolest new restaurants and take out in the local area - one day she might even learn to cook!

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