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Factor Review 2023: Our Expert Take on Menu, Cost and More

Written by: Felicity Kay on May 21st, 2023


I’ve tried more than my share of meal delivery services, and many of them have upped their game in the last couple of years. And, with its modern packaging, sleek website, and millennial-focused branding, Factor is among the best-looking of them all.

But does this company live up to its promise of fresh, prepared meals that actually taste good? Or is this a case of style over substance? I thought it was time to put my experience to work and find out if Factor is worth it.

And, guess what? I think it does live up to the hype. In fact, the only drawback is its rather hefty price tag. But if you can afford it – and healthy, prepared dinners are your goal – then Factor is up there with some of the best. 


  • Optional access to a team of dietitians

  • All meals are free of gluten, antibiotics, and hormones 

  • Dishes hold up well compared to most microwavable meals

  • Current deal Up to $276 off with code: DR276!


  • The $9.99 shipping fee gets expensive over time 

  • The $9.99 upcharge for Gourmet Plus meals is too steep 

  • Not enough plant-based options for me 

What’s on the Factor Menu

Factor (formally Factor75) is a meal delivery service geared towards busy individuals who still want to maintain a healthy lifestyle. As such, every meal is focused on lean protein, complex carbs, and fresh vegetables – think Pesto Salmon with Haricot Verts, or Red-Pepper Queso Chicken with Brown Rice and Rajas. 

There are more than 29 meals on the menu each week, which the company promises to be of "restaurant quality". You might choose the Chef’s Choice plan, which encompasses everything on the menu, or you can narrow it down to include just keto, calorie-smart, or vegan and veggie meals.

Screenshot of Factor's diet plans

Choose the perfect plan based on your dietary needs.

Every dish is GMO-free and made with mostly organic produce. All poultry and eggs are cage- and antibiotic-free, all meats pasture-raised or grass-fed, and the salmon is sustainably sourced. They say you get what you pay for – and this is certainly the case with Factor. 

While the main menu is strictly entrees designed for lunch or dinner, you can add breakfast, smoothies, snacks, sides, and extra proteins for an additional cost.

Screenshot of various add-ons from Factor's website.

Smoothies and breakfast items are just some of Factor's many additional offerings.

I certainly found Factor’s menu to be clear and easy to navigate. The color-coded tags make it a snap to identify which dishes are keto, low-calorie, vegetarian, vegan, or a combination of all four. 

Screenshot of Factor's menu highlighting tags like Keto and Calorie Smart.

Whether you are sticking to a particular diet or like to try a bit of everything, Factor makes it easy to see what you're ordering.


If you’ve read any of my reviews before, you’ll know that I’m a huge stickler for eco-friendly practices. In this regard, Factor is actually pretty good, with just a couple of materials (like the cotton insulation and gel packs) that aren’t recyclable, but are reusable.

Screenshot of Factor's recycling information from its FAQs.

I give Factor a 7.5/10 for its recyclability (based on my completely subjective judgment).

If you care about subscribing to a meal delivery service that’s doing its best to minimize its carbon footprint, you should note that those offering prepared meals – like Factor – are generally better for the environment than meal kits like HelloFresh or Blue Apron.

That’s because meal kits often use plastic bags or other disposable containers to package the individual ingredients that come with each recipe. Since services like Factor do the cooking for you, all there is to package is a recyclable plastic container, often with a cardboard sleeve. 

Photo of Factor's recyclable plastic packaging.

This plastic container is easily recyclable, like most (but not all) of Factor's packaging.

As for the meals themselves, they arrive fresh and perfectly chilled with the help of insulated packaging and cold gel packs. Just make sure you put your meals into the fridge as soon as you get your package (or freeze them for longer-term storage.)

Cooking with Factor

I guess "Cooking with Factor" is a bit of a misnomer, considering the meals are already cooked when you receive them! This is why Factor is so great for busy lifestyles: all the meals take just three minutes or less to heat through.

Your concern with this format is probably the same as mine: can food reheated in the microwave ever taste good? Well, I’m happy to report that Factor has cracked this code. The meat stays tender and the veggies stay fresh – not mushy! 

If you don’t have a microwave, there is the option to use a conventional oven to heat up your Factor meal. Simply remove the card sleeve and film, and place on an oven-proof sheet pan. 

Shortlist of My Favorite Meals

Factor has a varied menu with enough keto and low-calorie meals to satisfy a range of dieters. The selection of vegan and vegetarian meals isn’t as expansive, however, with just two or three of either each week. Fortunately for me, I eat a little bit of everything.

I love spicy food, so the "spicy" chili-pepper icon immediately drew me to the Jamaican Jerk Ground Turkey dish. I’ve had my share of jerk chicken, so I was curious how this healthier version would stack up.

Factor's Jamaican Jerk ground turkey and sweet potatoes dish.

Coconut rice, red beans, and mango salsa round off the zesty, fresh flavors of this Caribbean-inspired meal.

I don’t think it would be fair to compare this lower-calorie dish to authentic jerk chicken, but it’s anything but bland! Between the savory sweet potatoes, spicy turkey, sweet coconut rice, and tangy mango salsa, there’s a whole lot to love here.

I must say, I find it unusual that Factor only offers a handful of vegan and vegetarian dishes each week. The service allows you to order up to 18 meals per week, but there aren’t always enough plant-based options to reach even the minimum order of four meals.

It’s clear that Factor is less for plant-based dieters and more for people like me: an omnivore who likes to have a few plant-based meals once in a while. Of course, I was curious if Factor’s plant-based meals were even worth trying, which led me to my next dish… 

Factor's Spicy Sweet Potatoes & Peanut Sauce.

You don't have to be vegan to indulge in this complex dish, which is bursting with unique flavor combinations.

I’m a huge fan of Indonesian cuisine, so of the plant-based options available, I knew I would enjoy this Spicy Sweet Potato and Peanut Sauce dish. The peanut butter, ginger, garlic, and spicy sambal come together beautifully.

Last but not least, I was keen to try one of the Gourmet Plus dishes. There are a couple of these on the menu each week, all featuring premium ingredients like filet mignon and mahi mahi. This means they come with an upcharge but, curiously, it wasn’t easy to figure out exactly what that would be.

A quick chat with customer service confirmed that the upcharge for one of these dishes is a hefty $9.99 on top of what you’re already paying. For context, that means a steak dinner could set you back between $21 to $25, depending on your subscription size.

Factor's Wild Mushroom Filet Mignon.

If you can afford the splurge, Factor packs a lot of premium flavors into its Gourmet Plus dishes.

Considering the premium ingredients at play here – wild mushrooms, pearl onions, creamy leeks, and more – the upcharge is somewhat understandable. But I’ll leave it up to you whether you want to drop $25 on a microwaveable steak…

Shipping & Delivery

Factor delivers to all contiguous US states (sorry, Alaska and Hawaii!). 

Because it uses a variety of carriers depending on your location, your shipment can arrive anywhere from 8 am to 8 pm, though Factor suggests it’s most likely you’ll find your meals waiting for you when you return home from work. 

(Of course, this is a moot point if you work from home, like I do).

For my delivery address in New York, Factor only offered Wednesday as my available delivery day. You may find that you have more or different options, but it’s clear that Factor doesn’t give you a lot of control over this.

In comparison, Freshly – a similar service to Factor – gave me the choice of five different delivery days, including Sunday. Having this flexibility can be a sticking point for some people, so it’s odd that Factor doesn’t allow for this.


Factor has a straightforward subscription model, allowing you to order anywhere between four and 18 meals per week. The website makes it easy to browse the current menu so you can make an informed choice about whether or not it’s right for you before signing up. 

Just like every other service, however, you eventually have to put in a bunch of information like your address, email, phone number, and more. Here’s a breakdown of the process:

How to Sign Up

  1. Click Get Started and set your preferences. You’ll be able to change your order size in the future, so don’t stress about it too much at this point.

Screenshot of Factor's plan selection page.

This is also where you can see your prices, including any discounts you may have.

  1. Enter your email address to create an account. You can also register with a Facebook or Google account.

Screenshot of Factor's email entry page.

Naturally, this signs you up to receive emails from Factor, even if you don't end up subscribing.

  1. Add in your delivery information.This is where you’ll learn your delivery day and view any discounts you may have unlocked.

Screenshot of Factor's address entry page.

Discounts can save you tons of money on your first shipment!

  1. Input your payment information and pick out your first meals. You can pay via PayPal or with a credit card.

Screenshot of Factor's menu selection screen.

A credit card or PayPal login is all that separates you from these delicious dinners!

Managing Your Subscription

When you’ve reviewed as many meal delivery services as I have, you start to see the same patterns when it comes to canceling your subscription. If you decide to end your Factor subscription, there are just a few small hoops to jump through.

Like most services, you have a cutoff time before you get charged for your next shipment. No matter what day you receive your meals, you have until midnight CT on the Wednesday prior to cancel or make changes.

Factor obviously doesn’t want you to cancel, so you’ll have to call customer service or send an email in order to close your account. Depending on where you live, you may also be able to cancel through the website, but this doesn’t appear to be universal.

Screenshot of the Deactivation Procedure on the Factor website

Always read the small print, guys!

For more detailed instructions – and some good alternative recommendations – I walk you through the cancellation process in this short blog post.

Customer Service

Factor does have an FAQ page, although it's not the most comprehensive I've come across. If your question remains unanswered, you can reach customer support via phone (during business hours) or the 24/7 chat. 

The company also has an active social media presence on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

I had limited – but very positive – interactions with Factor’s customer service team. When I reached out via chat, I quickly connected with an agent named Katy. Katy got me the information I needed quickly and efficiently.

Screenshot of an interaction with Factor's customer service via chat.

Katy provided a quick and simple answer to my quick and simple question.

I only had to wait a couple minutes to connect with them, and just another minute or so for their response. All in all, I have no complaints about this painless interaction!


Starting from

Minimum Order

Shipping Fee

$6.19 per portion

4 meals/week: $69.99 including shipping 


Factor is pretty pricey, especially when it comes to smaller shipments. The minimum order of four meals per week comes in at $15 per serving, which works out to almost $70 after shipping. The largest order size (18 meals) lowers the price to $6.19 per serving.

Screenshot from Factor's website displaying its pricing model.

$15 per meal is pretty steep, but Factor can be reasonable if you're willing to place larger orders.

Despite having similar business models, Factor is also significantly more expensive than its biggest competitor, Freshly

Freshly’s meals range from $8.99 to $11.79 per serving, compared to Factor’s $11 to $15. In other words, the lowest possible price you can pay with Factor is still more expensive than almost all of Freshly’s offerings.

Whether Factor is enough of an upgrade over Freshly to warrant the higher price point is another review for another day – but it’s an important comparison to keep in mind if you’re working to a budget! 

I should also point out, though, that Factor offers some perks that Freshly doesn’t. Unlike any other service I’ve reviewed, in fact, Factor offers a free 20-minute consultation with an expert dietitian to help you create a personalized nutrition plan. 

Screenshot of Factor's free dietitian consultation offer.

Few, if any, of Factor's competitors offer this level of service.

If you’re pleased with the consultation, you’ll have the option to enroll on Factor’s nutrition coaching program. 

This service is separate from the meal subscription, and starts at $99.99 per month for a three-month commitment. So while it’s not cheap, I do appreciate Factor’s effort to provide this level of guidance.

The Bottom Line: Is Factor Worth It?

I have very few complaints about Factor. All aspects of this service are pretty well-polished and, most importantly, the food is of high quality and really tasty – quite the feat for a prepared meal delivery service.

Combine this with the fact that Factor has a team of nutritionists at your disposal, and it’s easy to see how Factor has earned its lofty reputation. But all this comes with a caveat: it’s easily one of the most expensive meal delivery services out there.

Ultimately, I think Factor is worth its hefty price tag, particularly if you’re a busy individual who still wants to enjoy healthy, balanced meals, or if you’re a keen keto dieter. If your lifestyle complements the health-forward menu, and your wallet can stomach the cost, then you won’t be disappointed. 

That said, if you’re looking for a cheaper alternative, Freshly’s FreshlyFit plan offers a similar menu of prepared, health-focused meals at a much lower price point. Consider that route if Factor feels too expensive.


Did Factor75 change its name?

Yes, Factor75 changed its name to Factor in 2019. The company’s CEO said that this change reflected "a new emphasis on simplicity and humanity."

Is Factor the same as HelloFresh?

Meal delivery giant HelloFresh acquired Factor in 2020, but the company operates independently from its owner. Factor’s diet-focused mission and dedication to high-quality ingredients don’t appear to have been compromised since the deal. 

Are Factor meals healthy?

Factor puts a huge emphasis on holistic health. Whether you’re plant-based, are on a keto diet, or you’re just trying to track your calorie intake, you can trust that only the best, high-quality ingredients will be found in these meals. 

Beyond the food itself, Factor gives you access to a team of expert dietitians (it’s an extra fee, but you can get a free consultation). This is a great resource for anyone who wants help creating a personalized diet plan.

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