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Blue Apron Review 2024: Best Meal Delivery?

Our Top Choice For 2024
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Author Jessica White
Jessica White Writer
Updated on Jul 16th, 2024
Fact checked by Emma Vince


Blue Apron is a popular meal delivery service that continues to expand its offerings. For those with busy schedules or limited cooking skills, Blue Apron’s easy meal kits and prepared meals can be a game-changer. It recently expanded its menu and added fresh, prepared meals to its offering. I think these changes have made Blue Apron one of the best services out there. 

I recently tried this service for myself so I could take a closer look at ingredient quality and see if Blue Apron meals are as easy to make as they say. I’ve also looked at how well it stacks up to its competitors (I’ve tried most of them as well), so you can understand if Blue Apron might be the best choice for you.

Overall, Blue Apron is great value if you’re looking for an exciting and varied menu to choose from each week. It doesn’t cater to many diets beyond veggie and low-calorie/carb, but you’ll have access to tons of add-ons, including sides, snacks, desserts, and more. For most omnivores, Blue Apron is a great choice.



Great range of global recipesPrices can be high for smaller orders
Wellness plan for healthier optionsDoesn’t cater to niche diets
Convenient prepared meals availableNo option to exclude allergens

Blue Apron’s Menu: Excellent Variety 

Blue Apron offers 16+ Meal Kits each week and around 26 Prepared & Ready meals. Alongside its popular meal kits, there are many extras, too. You’ll find tasty brunches, desserts, and salads, plus a selection of a la carte proteins like chicken breast pieces, tail-on shrimp, and smoked bacon. There are even some Prepared & Ready meals in the Add-ons meaning you can give these a try alongside a Meal Kit order Photo of Blue Apron's prepared meals and meal kit ingredients set out in front of the delivery box on a table

There’s a great range of items to choose from each week – but the menu isn’t overwhelming. The website is easy to navigate, and you can view the menu 3 weeks in advance. I like that you can select 1 of the categories at the top of the menu to quickly view the most suitable choices. These include: 

  • Meal Kits (2 servings) – meals portioned for 2 people to enjoy  

  • Meal Kits (4 servings) – dishes that are suitable for families 

  • Prepared & Ready – single serving fresh prepared meals

  • Add-Ons – appetizers, sides, desserts, and more 

Another cool feature is Blue Apron’s Market. Here you can purchase seasonal celebratory boxes, Meal Kit boxes (with 2 or 3 recipes for 2 or 4 people), and Prepared & Ready bundles. 

The great thing about the Market is that you can purchase items without setting up a subscription. This can be a great way to try out some of Blue Apron’s meals before signing up for regular deliveries with a subscription.

Meal Options: 5 Meal Kit & 4 Prepared & Ready Categories   Screenshots of the Meal Kit preferences on the left and Prepared & Ready preferences on the right

When you browse Blue Apron’s plans under the Pricing section, you’re presented with some different categories than the ones on the primary menu. On the Meal Kit plan these are:

  • Chef Favorites – the test kitchen’s ‘top picks’ and popular dishes

  • Wellness – nutritionist-approved meals

  • Family Friendly – suitable for children and picky eaters

  • Fast & Easy – convenient options and prepared meals

  • Veggies – meat-free dishes Screenshot of Blue Apron's Prepared & Ready meals

On the Prepared & Ready plan these are:

  • Keto Friendly – high in dietary fats and limited carbs

  • 600 Calories or Less – low-calorie options

  • 30 g of Protein – high-protein meals

  • Carb Conscious – meals with less than 30 g of net carbs

These categories are just for the sake of organization and to help Blue Apron recommend the right dishes to you. You can state your preferences, but your subscription will give you access to the whole menu.

Each week, you’ll be able to choose from 5 to 7 different cuisines, including ingredients you might not have tried before. With such variety, Blue Apron’s meal kits are a great way to get dinner inspiration and introduce new cooking techniques. 

If you’re looking for prepared meals, there are over 20 fresh Prepared & Ready meals on the menu. It’s interesting to see that these are mostly internationally inspired, with options such as Sichuan-Style Beef with Yakisoba Noodles and Vegetables, or Indian-Style Vegetable Curry. If you need more heat-and-eat options, try Factor’s menu of fully prepared meals. Photo of the Cheesy Tomato Gnocchi recipe card and ingredients in the oven tray next to a photo of the cooked dish in the oven-bake tray

I tried the Cheesy Tomato Gnocchi dish which is tagged as Ready to Cook. It was a breeze to prepare and would be a good option for busy evenings. This makes Blue Apron a good choice for couples and families who want to put more exciting meals on the table each week. It’s also great for those who want to learn new kitchen skills and get to grips with new ingredients.

There Are Vegetarian Dishes, but Not a Lot of Options for Other Special Diets 

Blue Apron isn’t the best for specialized diets. 

You’ll only find around 4 to 5 vegetarian meals each week, but the recipes get rotated frequently enough, so you’ll rarely find yourself eating the same things week after week. In typical Blue Apron fashion, all the veggie dishes sound really appealing, with a mix of exciting flavor combinations and colorful, seasonal ingredients.  Blue Apron's Black Bean & Veggie Stuffed Peppers dish

If you are trying to stick to a specialized diet such as keto or paleo, however, there are no options – with limited choice for vegans, too. Those diets are much better catered to with a premium service like Green Chef.  

Customization: Blue Apron Let's You Make Changes to Your Recipes

Blue Apron offers swaps and customizations on several recipes each week. With Blue Apron Customized, you can replace, add, or upgrade the ingredients in your box on both the 2 serving and 4 serving Meal Kit plans. For example, I could opt to add pancetta, prosciutto, or keep my Mushroom Farroto vegetarian. Photo of the Cheesy Tomato Gnocchi recipe card and ingredients in the oven tray next to a photo of the cooked dish in the oven-bake tray

These customizations allow you to swap ingredients to suit dietary preferences, bulk up a recipe with more protein, remove the meat to make the dish vegetarian, or even “upgrade” the protein you receive. Prices for upgrades range from $1.99 up to $9.99 for NY strip steak for example. This expands the options somewhat, but you don’t get as many swaps as you would with Home Chef’s customizable menu.

Other than these customizations, however, Blue Apron isn’t allergy-friendly. You’ll find that most of the meals contain gluten, dairy, and other common allergens, and all the meals are prepared in the same facility, so cross-contamination is always a possibility. However, you can easily check the full ingredients list and nutritional information on every recipe online.

Blue Apron’s Menu at a Glance 


Is Blue Apron Good For This Diet?


No, there are no options


There are some Keto Friendly prepared meals


No, there are no options


Yes, there are some options available


Yes, you’ll find 4-5 options each week


No, there are few-to-no options 


No, all meals are made in the same facility

My Unboxing Experience with Blue Apron: Pretty Good Overall!

When you open your Blue Apron box, you’ll find your recipe cards and a layer of cardboard with additional guidance. Under this you’ll find the shiny insulated foil bag that contains all the ingredients you need. photo of an open Blue Apron delivery box on a table next to a Tips and QR codes cardboard information sheet that is on the top of the foil insulation material in the Blue Apron box.

Everything was clear and well organized. None of the packaging was leaking and even the eggs arrived intact as they were very well protected. All the produce items looked fresh, and most were packed in plastic. In my experience, leafy greens are most likely to go bad, but the spinach and bok choy arrived in excellent shape. Photo of produce items in clear packaging next to a photo of chilled items in an insulated bag

All of the smaller items for each recipe were placed in separate “Knick Knacks” bags. While this seemed like a useful idea, I still had to sort through all of the other ingredients to find the fresh produce and proteins I needed for each dish as they weren’t separated by recipe. This made me feel that more plastic was used in the packaging than absolutely necessary. Photo of 5 plastic "Knick Knacks" containing ingredients next to a Blue Apron delivery box

Blue Apron claims that more than 85% of its packaging is recyclable and has detailed information about how to dispose of these items on its website. However – and this is an important point here – although its packaging is technically recyclable, not all of it is curbside recyclable. It makes me wonder how likely it is that all Blue Apron customers will take a trek to their local recycling center. Photo of Blue Apron's eco-friendly & drain-safe ice packs

Other services I’ve reviewed, like HelloFresh, use paper instead of plastic to package most ingredients and eco-friendly, biodegradable insulation. However, I was very impressed with Blue Apron’s ice packs. I loved that I could safely drain away the contents down my sink making them much more convenient to recycle.

Cooking (and Eating) with Blue Apron: Tasty Dishes for All Skill Levels 

Blue Apron has meals to suit every skill level. Keep in mind that the difficulty of the recipes isn’t stated. You will have to use your own judgment to decide if they match or exceed your cooking skills. To give you an idea, the Premium recipes give you the opportunity to flex your culinary muscles with more complex dishes, and the Ready to Cook recipes are the easiest to create as most of the ingredients are added to the foil cooking tray.  Screenshot of the Paneer & Chickpea Curry that features a reusable foil baking tray

Most of Blue Apron’s meal kits take around 25 to 35 minutes to make, which is pretty standard, but I’ve found that most meals can take longer – especially for beginners. Some of the recipes I cooked took up to 60 minutes, and I’d consider myself an experienced home cook. Beginner chefs should factor in extra time to cook each meal kit and they may prefer Blue Apron’s prepared meals for busy nights.

One of the dishes I cooked – the Mushroom Ramen – took me a little by surprise when 1 of the eggs exploded. Apparently, if you are boiling eggs, they should be at room temperature before you drop them into boiling water to prevent this from happening. It would’ve been nice to see a tip included on the recipe card to warn unsuspecting chefs.  Photo of an exploded egg held in a hand

I didn’t try any of the Prepared & Ready meals as they are on a separate plan. Still, as these arrive fresh, they would only need a couple of minutes in the microwave.

The Ready to Cook recipes feature ingredients that have been chopped, washed, and portioned for you. These recipes even include a recyclable oven-proof dish, so all you have to do is assemble and bake. The Cheesy Tomato Gnocchi I ordered had clear and easy steps to follow and it turned out really well.

Shortlist of My Favorite Meals

Let’s take a look at the 3 top tastiest meals I chose for this Blue Apron review. 

Mushroom Farrotto Photo of the Mushroom Farrotto dish served in a bowl

Definitely my favorite recipe of the week by far. This dish was a Wellness recipe, which means it’s nutritionist-approved. It is basically a healthier version of a risotto using the ancient grain farro instead of rice. It’s high in protein and fiber and has an almost chewy texture. If you’re a fan of farro, you will definitely love this dish.

In terms of taste, it was packed with umami-rich flavors from the mushrooms and the parmesan cheese. The recipe included verjus blanc which I haven’t used before in cooking. It was nice to discover a unique ingredient that offered similar properties to white wine.  Photo of a pan of simmering farrotto next to a tray of roasted veg

Although it did take longer than the estimated 45 minutes, it was definitely worth it. Making risotto (or farrotto in this case) is an involved process. You need to stir the pot regularly to keep the farro from burning as you cook off all the added liquid. 

Make sure you have all the ingredients and equipment needed to hand. I recommend reading through all the steps before you start the cooking process – especially if you haven’t had much experience with making risotto-based dishes before. Overall, this was a delicious dish and something I’d be happy to make again.

Pork Chorizo, Potato & Fig Bake  Photo of a tray containing the cooked Pork Chorizo, Potato & Fig Bake dish

The Pork Chorizo, Potato & Fig Bake was a really unique dish. It introduced me to a whole new world of flavors using ingredients I wouldn’t have naturally put together myself. It was pretty straightforward to prepare too, so it’s an impressive dish that’s suitable for beginner chefs.

Again, I’d suggest reading through all the steps before you start. I noticed that although the steps are ordered, you can start work on the next part when waiting for something else to cook. For example, when the potatoes are happily roasting in the oven, you can start work on chopping your pepper and figs. Photo of chopped pepper, chopped fig, a sealed packet of chorizo, and a knife on a chopping board

Although this was a unique dish, I couldn’t imagine serving it as a main meal. In fact, I served it as an appetizer for friends at a dinner party. It went down well and the flavors were great. I loved how the soft sweetness of the figs contrasted with the crunch of the almonds. Plus, the saffron-infused mayo really took it to the next level.

Seared Scallops & Garlic-Herb Risotto Photo of the of Seared Scallops & Garlic-Herb Risotto served in 2 bowls

Another risotto-based dish I tried was the Seared Scallops & Garlic-Herb Risotto. This is a premium dish on Blue Apron’s menu, so I was expecting big things for this recipe. Although I am a fan of scallops, the toppings of capers, artichokes, and pistachios didn’t quite hit it for me.

In terms of cooking, I’d say this dish isn’t a beginner-friendly recipe. Although Blue Apron lists just 5 steps, the fact is that each step contains lots of instructions. For example, the first step involves not only washing the 7 different fresh produce items, but chopping, peeling, dicing it too.  Photo of 2 dishes cooking on the stove (risotto and scallops), chopped veg on a chopping board in the background, and a glass of red wine and other ingredients in the foreground

If you haven’t prepared scallops before, the recipe does explain how to remove the tougher parts before cooking. But I’d prefer it if Blue Apron’s recipes were a bit more detailed to help newer cooks understand each of the techniques. However, you’ll learn new skills one way or another. While cooking this dish, I learned that the browned parts of the cooked scallop are called “fond.”

Recipes Summary

Difficulty Level

Estimated Cook Time

Actual Cook Time

Calories Per Serving

Best For

Mushroom Farrotto


45 minutes

60 minutes

620 calories

Vegetarians, wellness

Pork Chorizo, Potato & Fig Bake


30-40 minutes

45 minutes

750 calories

Easier prep, Something different

Seared Scallops


40-50 minutes

60 minutes

720 calories

Special occasions

Prices: Blue Apron Is Affordable & Good Value

Starting From

Order Size and Price (Before Shipping)

Shipping Fee

$7.99 per portion

5 Meal Kits for 4 people per week: $159.80


$8.99 per portion

4 Meal Kits for 4 people per week: $143.84


$9.49 per portion

3 Meal Kits for 4 people per week: $113.88


$9.99 per portion

2 Meal Kits for 4 people per week: $79.92


$9.49 per portion

5 Meal Kits for 2 people per week: $94.90


$9.99 per portion

4 Meal Kits for 2 people per week: $79.92


$10.99 per portion

3 Meal Kits for 2 people per week: $65.94


$12.49 per portion

2 Meal Kits for 2 people per week: $49.96


$10.99 per portion

4 Prepared & Ready meals per week: $43.96


$10.99 per portion

6 Prepared & Ready meals per week: $65.94


$9.99 per portion

8 Prepared & Ready meals per week: $79.92


$9.99 per portion

10 Prepared & Ready meals per week: $99.90


Blue Apron’s pricing structure keeps it on par with major competitors, and I think this service offers a lot of bang for your buck. Its diverse menu and quality ingredients are comparable to much more expensive services.

Blue Apron’s starting price of $5.59 per serving is based on the largest order of meal kits and any current discounts. But the price-per-serving on smaller 2-person plans still comes in at a pretty reasonable $9.49 to $12.49. You can adjust the size of your order each week and the price will update to reflect any changes. Screenshot of the Meal Kits for 2 menu in Blue Apron's account page with premium dish costs highlighted

As well as the shipping fee, there are a few things that might bump up your total cost. Firstly, the recipe customizations aren’t free. These swaps cost anywhere from $0.95 to $5.95 per serving. The Premium and Craft recipes also come with a higher price tag – from $13.99 to $19.99 per serving.

Prepared meals start from $9.99 per portion. This is pretty standard in my experience, as you’re paying for the convenience. Meal Kits and prepared meals can be ordered within the same week. You can set up 2 full orders, or you can order Meal Kits and then use the Add-ons menu to add some Prepared & Ready meals to your box. There’s also no limit to how many meals you can add each week, which is rare for meal delivery services.

Shipping & Delivery: Streamlined & Straightforward (As Expected)

Blue Apron delivers to all 48 contiguous states throughout the US (sorry, Alaska and Hawaii!), which comes as no surprise considering it’s 1 of the largest meal delivery services available. Map of Blue Apron's delivery area

Depending on your location, you’ll have a few different delivery date options. Many locations (particularly larger metropolitan areas) can receive deliveries 7 days a week – but you’ll need to enter your zip code when you sign up to find out just what your options are. When I signed up, I could choose any day but Sunday.

You can change which day you want to get your shipment from week to week. You’ll receive an email with tracking information when your Blue Apron box ships, and you can also track your shipment through the app. You can also opt to get a push notification in the app when your delivery arrives. 

How Blue Apron Works: Step by Step Guide

Blue Apron’s subscription model is straightforward and easy to use. It’s particularly easy to start the process, too – you’ll see links to Sign Up peppered all over the website. 

How to Sign Up (Just 5 Simple Steps)

  1. Click Plans via the menu or Sign Up in the top right-hand corner of the homepage. You’ll then see all your dietary and plan options. Image of Blue Apron's homepage

  1. Choose your meal type, preferences, and order size: The price you pay will vary depending on your choices – the base prices and shipping fee will appear below.  Screenshot of Blue Apron's plan and preferences page

  1. Select your desired signup method: You can choose whether to sign up using your email, Apple ID, or Facebook account. Make your selection, choose a password, and move on to the next steps.  Screenshot of Blue Apron's Get Started page

  1. Enter your personal information: Once you enter all the usual stuff like your address and payment info, you can choose your first delivery date.   Screenshot of the Checkout page with delivery details

  1. Choose your meals: Now you can choose your meals for your first order.  Screenshot of the ordered by preferences menu page after signup

The menu screen after you’ve signed up will now be ordered according to your preferences. This means you’ll see the most suitable meals at the top of the page.

Managing Your Subscription

Blue Apron makes it easy to skip a week or make changes to your deliveries. Not only can you skip deliveries up to 5 weeks in advance, but you can also pause your deliveries for up to 10 weeks. You can make all these changes from your device on the Blue Apron app too. Screenshot of the Account Settings page on Blue Apron

I’m really impressed with how clear and logical it is to manage my Blue Apron account. Your Plan Settings will show you the cutoff date for making changes to your upcoming delivery. You’ll also get email updates for any changes so it’s easy to keep track of your account.

Customer Service: I Was Happy with Blue Appron’s Support 

There are several ways you can get in touch with Blue Apron. You can reach the company by phone at (646) 891-4349 or on the live chat, from Monday through Friday, 10am to 9pm ET, as well as on weekends from 11am to 6pm ET. I was really happy when I tried the live chat feature to find out about customizations. The person I chatted with gave me a more detailed answer than I thought they would. Screenshot of Blue Apron's ;live chat with a customer agent asking about customization

Blue Apron also boasts an excellent FAQ section if you need immediate answers. The page is very comprehensive, providing solutions to almost any query you might have about the service. I’m also impressed by the detailed page it has about recycling which demonstrates its commitment to sustainability.

How Blue Apron Compares to Other Meal Delivery Services

  • Blue Apron vs. HelloFresh: Much like Blue Apron, HelloFresh offers a menu of crowd-pleasing meal kits that are great for couples and families. Its menu features more veggie, vegan, and low-calorie options to choose from than Blue Apron. The price point and ingredient quality of these 2 services are also very similar, so which 1 is right for you may ultimately come down to the meal choices and your personal taste.
  • Blue Apron vs. Factor: Unlike Blue Apron which offers meal kits and prepared meals, Factor’s menu only includes prepared meals. These are focused on specific diets such as keto, plant-based, and more. You’ll also find low-carb and low-calorie options on the menu. The meals are made with high-quality ingredients – some of which are organic – and are free of preservatives and artificial sweeteners. Factor could be a great option if you find Blue Apron’s dietary options too limited.
  • Blue Apron vs. Home Chef: Home Chef offers more meal kits each week (around 30+) along with a selection of extras like salads, soups, sides, and protein bundles, but the menu perhaps isn’t as internationally inspired as Blue Apron’s. Customization is where Home Chef really shines, with the option to swap, double-up, or upgrade the protein in almost every dish. You’ll also find a wider range of speedy meal types, including oven-ready options and Express meal kits.
  • Blue Apron vs. Green Chef: Green Chef is renowned for its commitment to providing organic, eco-friendly meal kits tailored to specific dietary preferences, including keto, plant-based, and gluten-free. In comparison to Blue Apron, which offers a wide array of meals suitable for a general audience, Green Chef zones in on health-conscious consumers. Both services ensure high-quality ingredients, but Green Chef places more emphasis on sourcing certified organic components.
  • Blue Apron vs. Fresh and Easy: Fresh and Easy, the simpler and faster meal line from Home Chef, is designed for individuals and families on the go. While Blue Apron offers either traditional meal kits or prepared meals, Fresh and Easy aims to provide meals that require minimal effort and time. Most dishes from Fresh and Easy can be prepared in under 30 minutes, and many come with pre-prepped ingredients, reducing the overall kitchen time compared to the average Blue Apron meal.
  • Blue Apron vs. BistroMD: While Blue Apron offers an array of meal kit options designed for home cooks looking to explore different cuisines and cooking techniques, BistroMD is tailored toward individuals seeking weight management and healthy living. Blue Apron's meal kits require a hands-on cooking experience, allowing subscribers to engage with each step of the meal-making process. Although you can order Blue Apron’s prepared meals, BistroMD’s prepared meals are designed to support weight loss. This makes it a convenient choice if you don’t have the time to cook but still want to maintain a healthy eating pattern.

The Bottom Line: Is Blue Apron Worth It?

I’m personally a big fan of Blue Apron, and here’s why: its service is streamlined like a well-oiled machine, the prices are good value for the quality of the ingredients you receive each week, and the menu offers excellent variety. I’d say it’s among the best meal kits on the market right now. Plus, you can get yourself an even better deal with our offer: Enjoy meals starting as low as $5.59.

I had a great experience when I tried Blue Apron at home. I enjoyed the variety of global cuisines, which introduce new flavors while helping you cultivate culinary skills and get out of your cooking comfort zone. Beginners may find that some of the recipes take longer than advertised, but if you don’t mind that, it’s a great way to pick up new kitchen skills.

If you don’t fancy cooking one evening, you can heat one of the prepared meals instead. With its range of meal types and plans, Blue Apron suits a lot of households. It’s a great choice if you value quality, variety, and the joy of cooking. 

However, if Blue Apron doesn't align with your needs, there's a world of other meal delivery services to explore. Check out our list of the best meal delivery services in 2024 to see what we’ve ranked higher than Blue Apron. 


Are Blue Apron recipes good?

Blue Apron’s recipes are designed to suit a range of dietary needs. They cover a range of cuisines and give home chefs a chance to learn new skills in the kitchen as well as try out new and interesting dishes. Check out my shortlist of favorite meals for more details.

How much does Blue Apron actually cost?

Blue Apron’s prices start at $5.59 per serving, and shipping is an extra $10.99 per week. However, note that some things – like customizations and certain meal categories – can bump up the price since they cost extra.

How do Blue Apron meals work?

Blue Apron is better known for its meal kits, where ingredients and recipes are delivered to your door each week. You can also order extras like prepared meals, desserts, and sides. Once you sign up, it’s easy to pick and choose what you’d like to receive.  

How do you cancel a Blue Apron subscription?

To cancel your account, you’ll need to visit the Plan Settings in your account. You can either skip weeks, pause your account, or cancel your account. Our additional guide on how to cancel Blue Apron walks you through the process in 3 quick steps.

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