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Author Jessica White
Jessica White
Updated on Nov 16th, 2023
Fact checked by Deborah Leigh

Best Dog Food For Skin Allergies in 2023: Top Picks

The abundance of dog food delivery services can be overwhelming. Choosing a brand that offers the right balance of convenience, meets the needs of dogs with skin allergies, and ensures specific ingredient quality is crucial. 

I’ve reviewed and compared dozens of dog food delivery services. Among the features I considered were ingredient quality, customization options, delivery consistency, and more. After extensive research, I shortlisted the 10 best dog food delivery services for dogs with skin allergies. 

The Farmer’s Dog stands out as my top recommendation. The service offers a personalization questionnaire to tailor recipes for your dog. By the end of my list, you'll pinpoint a dog food delivery service that aligns with your dog's specific needs.

Short on Time? Here Are the Best Dog Foods For Skin Allergies

    1. The Farmer’s Dog – Best overall allergy-friendly recipes
    2. Ollie – Best nutrient-packed fresh and baked meals
    3. We Feed Raw – Best raw food for skin allergies
    4. Nom Nom – Best limited ingredient recipes
    5. Spot & Tango – Best fresh ingredient blends

    See 5 more dog food delivery services for skin allergies

    The Best Dog Food For Skin Allergies Reviewed

    1. The Farmer’s Dog – Best Overall Allergy-Friendly Recipes

    Image of a bowl of The Farmer's Dog fresh food surrounded by healthy ingredients including potato, green beans, and cauliflower
    The Farmer's Dog recipes are packed with beneficial ingredients to support healthy skin

    Key Features

    The Farmer’s Dog offers fresh, human-grade recipes. These meals are developed by veterinarians and adhere to AAFCO standards. This ensures that while they're designed for dogs with skin allergies, they don't compromise on nutritional value. Knowing that these meals are crafted under such stringent guidelines provides peace of mind.

    All recipes include meat and veggies prepared in USDA kitchens. This is a testament to the quality and safety standards it maintains. When it comes to your dog's health, especially if they're grappling with skin allergies, it's imperative to ensure they're ingesting only the best. Our reviewer was impressed that recipes are crafted by board certified veterinary nutritionists.

    There's a comprehensive personalization quiz for pinpointing allergies. The quiz considers food allergies, environmental sensitivities, itchiness, skin and coat concerns, and behaviors like paw chewing. This level of detail ensures the selected recipe addresses your dog's unique challenges and provides them with the best possible support.

    Three out of its 4 meal options cater to dogs with multiple issues. This flexibility means that even if your furry friend has a myriad of symptoms, there's a high chance they'll find a suitable meal option. It's a relief to know that despite the complexities of your dog's allergies, solutions are readily available.

    Meals are preservative-free, requiring refrigeration or freezing. Freshness is a hallmark of its offerings. Without the inclusion of preservatives, you can be confident that your dog is getting wholesome meals without the potential irritants commonly found in mass-produced dog foods.

    Each meal comes pre-portioned, streamlining the feeding process. If your dog enjoys their food a bit warmer, simply add a touch of hot water. This removes the guesswork from feeding, ensuring your dog gets the right amount every time while also catering to their taste preferences.

    Most of its packaging is eco-friendly, and serving packs are BPA-free. For environmentally conscious dog owners, this attention to sustainable packaging resonates. Not only are you choosing what's best for your dog's health, but you're also making choices that have a reduced environmental impact.

    Prices begin at $2/day, with online account management for plan adjustments. This ensures that you have the flexibility to make changes as your dog's needs evolve. Whether it's adjusting meal quantities or addressing a new allergy, you can easily make the necessary modifications to your subscription.

    2. Ollie – Best Nutrient-Packed Fresh and Baked Meals

    Image of a bowl of Ollie's fresh Lamb with Cranberries recipe
    Ollie's Lamb with Cranberries contains omega 6 which is great for skin health

    Key Features

    Ollie offers nutrient-packed recipes to fit every pup's preference. With a selection of 5 fresh and 2 baked recipes, you're spoilt for choice. It ensures that no matter your dog's dietary restrictions or flavor leanings due to skin allergies, there's something that will satiate their palate.

    It provides a customized quiz tailored for your dog. This ensures that the meal plan designed matches your dog's specific needs, especially when it comes to addressing skin allergies. I appreciate that it goes beyond generic recommendations and truly individualizes the approach for your furry companion.

    You can blend fresh and baked food to give your pup varied textures. Personally, I find it fantastic that if you're working within a budget, there's the half fresh plan option. By mixing textures, not only do you cater to your dog's taste preferences, but you can also ensure they receive comprehensive nutrition.

    Each recipe focuses on a single protein source. This makes it easier to eliminate potential irritants that could exacerbate your pup's skin allergies. Moreover, the commitment to excluding common allergens like corn, wheat, and soy further emphasizes its dedication to your dog's health.

    While all recipes are grain-free, keep in mind that the Chicken recipe isn’t. It contains rice and grain, which, depending on your dog's sensitivities, could be a suitable or unsuitable option. But knowing this distinction can help you make an informed choice based on your dog's allergies and digestive health.

    Reaching out to Ollie is straightforward with several contact options. Whether you choose live chat, email, phone, or text, you'll find that it's receptive and keen to address any concerns you might have, especially regarding skin allergies. In fact, our reviewer thought the Canine Care team were really helpful.

    Ollie introduces a unique digestion scan feature. By uploading photos of your dog's poop, experts can evaluate it, ensuring that your dog's digestive health aligns with the dietary choices you've made. It's an innovative way to stay proactive about your dog's overall health while tackling skin allergies.

    Prices for Ollie meals start at $4-$8 per day, with the initial delivery comprising a 2-week starter box. This approach lets you and your dog ease into the meal plan without any pressure. You can witness firsthand how the meals impact your dog's skin allergies before committing fully.

    3. We Feed Raw – Best Raw Food for Skin Allergies

    Image of a bowl of We feed Raw's single protein recipe
    If you are happy to handle raw meat, a single protein diet can help reduce allergies

    Key Features

    Raw diets typically have fewer allergenic ingredients. This means by choosing a raw food diet for your pup, you're likely minimizing the chance of exposing them to potential irritants. For dogs with skin allergies, this can be a game-changer, as the more natural and unprocessed the food, the fewer the ingredients to cause reactions.

    Its Turkey, Beef, and Chicken recipes stick to single protein sources. If you're keen on knowing precisely what goes into your dog's meal, this is an essential feature. It ensures that your dog isn't unknowingly consuming a protein that might exacerbate their skin condition.

    Every recipe it offers meets nutritional requirements for all life stages. However, should you feel the need to bolster your dog's diet, you can include supplements. Omega fatty acids, for example, can be an excellent addition to promote skin health and alleviate symptoms of allergies.

    When signing up, you can highlight "reduction in allergies" as your primary health goal. By doing so, it customizes your dog's meal plan, ensuring the selected recipes are most compatible with alleviating skin irritations and conditions.

    There's flexibility in using its raw food. If you're hesitant to transition fully, you can blend the raw food with your dog's current kibble. This way, your pup still gets the benefits of raw nutrition while sticking to a familiar diet.

    You can opt for a subscription or place bulk orders. If you're certain about your choice, you can order the 5 lb patties individually wrapped. This offers convenience, especially if you're aiming to stock up and ensure your dog's meals are sorted for a more extended period. Our reviewer found you can even feed the raw meals to cats.

    While I can see the benefits of the raw food diet, I understand it might not suit everyone. If you're looking for something that harnesses the benefits of raw food but is more convenient, The Farmer’s Dog is a lightly cooked alternative. The preparation and serving process is simpler, yet the nutritional benefits for dogs with skin allergies remain paramount.

    Prices for We Feed Raw begin at $6.59/lb. It offers free shipping across the contiguous US. 

    4. Nom Nom – Best Limited Ingredient Recipes

    Key Features

    • Portion-controlled for optimal weight management

    • Delivers fresh-cooked meals

    • Sources fresh, restaurant-grade ingredients

    Limited ingredient recipes can reduce allergen exposure. When dealing with skin allergies in dogs, it’s crucial to eliminate as many potential triggers as possible. By opting for Nom Nom's limited ingredient recipes, you're giving your pup a diet that's focused on essentials, minimizing the risk of unwanted reactions.

    A board-certified veterinary nutritionist formulated the recipes. When it comes to your dog's health, especially if they suffer from allergies, expertise matters. Knowing that a trained and certified expert designed these meals brings an added layer of trust to the table.

    All recipes come enriched with fish oils. These oils are known for their benefits for the skin and coat. A regular intake can make a significant difference in reducing itchiness, dryness, and overall skin health, especially for dogs already battling allergies.

    With Nom Nom, you have 4 distinctive recipes to choose from. Among these are the catchy Chicken Cuisine and Turkey Fare (pictured). Such options provide diversity in flavors while still ensuring that the core ingredients remain simple and allergy-friendly.

    The Pork Potluck recipe stands out for allergy-prone pups. This particular formulation is worth noting as it’s specially crafted with dogs with sensitivities in mind. If you're trying to find a recipe to ease your dog's skin issues, this could be it. I recommend Ollie if you prefer more recipe options.

    Nom Nom also offers a microbiome test to assess your pup’s digestive health. A healthy gut can be directly linked to overall health, including the skin's condition. Complementing this, you can also get probiotic supplements from Nom Nom, further aiding your pup's digestion and overall wellbeing.

    Every meal is pre-portioned for your convenience. You won't need to measure or guess the right amount. Just open and serve, making mealtime straightforward, especially when dealing with specialized diets for allergies. Our reviewer pointed out it’s easy to update your pup’s details to make sure they’re getting the right amount.

    Starting prices for Nom Nom are set at $2.40. If you're hesitant about which flavor might be a hit with your furry friend, you can kick things off with a variety pack. This allows your dog to sample and select its favorite without a long-term commitment initially.

    5. Spot & Tango – Best Fresh Ingredient Blends

    Image of a bowl of Spot & Tango's Cod + Salmon UnKibble
    The Cod + Salmon UnKibble recipe is hypoallergenic and grain-free.

    Key Features

    • Meal plans adjusted to dog’s health needs

    • Offers fresh meal plans and UnKibble

    • Uses locally-sourced ingredients

    Spot & Tango offers both fresh recipes and UnKibble. These choices cater to diverse palates while ensuring top-notch nutrition. What's noteworthy about the UnKibble is its use of whole food ingredients, bringing about a unique blend that maintains the integrity of each ingredient.

    There's great variety with 4 UnKibble and 3 fresh recipes available. This assortment ensures that you can find the perfect match for your dog, especially when considering the unique needs of those with skin allergies.

    The brand offers hypoallergenic, grain-free, and gluten-free recipes. These are essential options for dogs with sensitive skin. By reducing potential irritants, you're positioning your pup for a more comfortable, itch-free existence.

    An in-depth quiz helps you pinpoint the best food choice. When you start Spot & Tango's selection process, the detailed quiz helps identify the best meal options, particularly emphasizing allergies and itchy skin issues. Check out our full review for more details on the signup process.

    Spot & Tango’s Allergy + Immune supplements are an added benefit. These supplements, infused with biotin and wild Alaskan salmon oil, can be a game-changer for your dog's skin health. It's a helpful addition for those specifically battling with skin allergies.

    Eco-friendly packaging is a bonus. While the primary focus is always on the health of our pets, it's reassuring to know that Spot & Tango is also environmentally conscious. Its sustainable packaging approach means less guilt for you and a smaller carbon footprint for the planet.

    The Happy Pup Guarantee ensures satisfaction. If, for any reason, your dog isn't smitten with their new meal plan, it assures a money-back guarantee. It's a testament to the brand's confidence in its products and its commitment to your pet's happiness.

    Prices for Spot & Tango start at $7 per week. Taking into account the premium ingredients and tailored approach for dogs with skin sensitivities, it presents a valuable option for pet parents wanting the best for their furry friends.

    6. The Honest Kitchen – Great for Dehydrated Options

    Image of a bowl of dehydrated food with water being poured into it to rehydrate it
    The Honest Kitchen's dehydrated meals are popular as they are easy to store and prepare

    Key Features

    • Easy to prepare with added water

    • Specializes in dehydrated dog food

    • Ingredients meet strict quality standards

    The Honest Kitchen’s dehydrated food offers a convenient storage solution. Unlike fresh meals, dehydrated dog food is less perishable, making it a convenient choice if you don’t have much fridge or freezer space. Plus, it still offers the rich nutrition essential for dogs with sensitive skin.

    The Honest Kitchen has a diverse product range. From wet foods and delectable toppers to dry foods, it also offers treats and broths. Each product is crafted to suit different preferences while keeping your dog's skin health in mind. 

    Filtering for grain-free options is a breeze. If you're keen on avoiding particular ingredients that might trigger your dog's allergies, it has an easy filter system. This ensures that you only browse products which are safe and beneficial for your pup.

    There are 3 varieties of limited ingredient dehydrated foods. These are beef, fish, and duck. Each of these is designed with minimal components to lower the risk of allergic reactions, ideal for dogs with skin sensitivities.

    All ingredients stand out for their quality. It's worth noting that all ingredients used by The Honest Kitchen are non-GMO, and the proteins are responsibly sourced. Such diligence ensures that your dog gets the cleanest, most wholesome nutrition. Our reviewer was impressed with the high-quality ingredients.

    While it can be on the pricier side, there are alternatives. Should budget be a primary concern, you might consider Spot & Tango's topper plan. It offers a cost-effective way to give your dog the benefits of high-quality food without breaking the bank.

    However, recurring orders come with financial perks. If you subscribe to its recurring order system, you'll enjoy a 5% saving on all your future purchases. Over time, this discount can make a significant difference in your pet food expenses.

    Prices for The Honest Kitchen start at $5.99 for dry food. Furthermore, the flexibility it offers in order management is commendable. Whether you're looking to tweak your order or add some extras, it provides a seamless process tailored to your needs.

    7. Open Farm – Best Ethical Sourcing Practices

    Bowl of Wild-Caught Salmon dry dog food recipe from Open Farm
    The Wild-Caught Salmon dry dog food is a good recipe to help  support optimum skin health as it's rich in omega 3s

    Key Features

    • Partners with certified, ethical suppliers

    • Provides dry, wet, and raw food options

    • Prioritizes sustainably-sourced ingredients

    Open Farm emphasizes ethical and traceable sourcing. When you choose it for your dog's diet, you're not just making a decision based on nutrition and allergy needs; you're also supporting a brand that commits to sustainable and humane practices. 

    Every package comes with a unique traceability code. This feature allows you to track the journey of the ingredients from the farm straight to your dog’s bowl. Our reviewer thought the ingredient tracker was really unique. It's a transparent approach that underscores the brand’s dedication to genuine ethical practices.

    All of its recipes are gluten-free. Gluten can be an irritant for many dogs with skin allergies, so its commitment to avoiding this ingredient can be especially beneficial if your dog has sensitivities.

    The online Help Center is a trove of valuable information. Whether you're curious about specific ingredients, nutritional details, or how to transition your dog to a new diet, it offers in-depth guidance to support you every step of the way.

    While Open Farm has a premium price tag, there are flexible usage options. It's true that high-quality, ethically sourced ingredients can come at a higher cost. But if a full switch feels daunting for your budget, consider integrating its food as a topper to your dog's regular meals.

    Its commitment to the environment extends to its packaging. Not only do the products arrive in recyclable packaging, but it also encourages you to return food bags to them for proper recycling, further reducing your carbon footprint.

    The meals aren’t pre-portioned for individual servings. While this offers flexibility in serving sizes, if you're someone who prefers a more tailored meal plan for your dog, you might consider exploring options like The Farmer’s Dog.

    There's no minimum order for Open Farm and prices start at $7/lb without auto-shipment. Additionally, the rewards program it offers allows you to accumulate points, potentially saving you money in the long run.

    8. JustFoodForDogs – Great for Vet-Formulated Meals

    Image of a bowl of fresh food from JustFoodForDogs
    There's a specific Joint & Skin Support recipe from JustFoodForDogs

    Key Features

    • Collaborates with veterinarians for recipes

    • Offers fresh-cooked and pantry fresh food

    • Uses USDA-certified meats and veggies

    Every meal at JustFoodForDogs offers is rooted in science. With a team of dedicated vets and nutritionists behind the brand, you can trust that the food you're giving your pup is not only nutritious but also safe and effective for managing skin allergies.

    Its menu boasts a vast array of recipes. This extensive range ensures that even if your dog has specific protein sensitivities or preferences, you'll likely find a meal that suits them. Such variety is really useful for pets with skin allergies triggered by common proteins.

    You have a choice between fresh meals, pantry-stable recipes, and nutrient blends. This means you can either serve your dog ready-made meals, store some for longer periods without refrigeration, or get creative by adding nutrient blends to homemade dishes. For more on meal types, check out our full review.

    Custom and prescription diets are available. If your pup has unique dietary requirements or medical conditions that require a more specialized approach, you can find the right recipe for your dog. These options can be especially valuable for dogs with severe skin allergies.

    Its offerings are especially beneficial for dogs with specific needs. If you're dealing with skin issues or other medical conditions, you'll find its vet-formulated recipes provide targeted support. This makes it an ideal choice for maintaining healthy skin and overall well-being.

    Ordering is straightforward without preset plans. While some brands offer personalized plans, it lets you have full control. You simply choose what you believe is best for your dog and place your order online, offering a hassle-free experience. If you prefer the ease and customization of a plan, check out The Farmer’s Dog.

    The Skin & Allergy Care supplement is worth considering. Designed specifically to bolster your dog's skin health and manage allergies, this supplement could be the extra support your pup needs, especially during flare-up periods.

    Lastly, on the practical side of things, shipping can be free. If your order consists of over $99 in frozen or dry products, there’s no shipping fee. Otherwise, the flat rate stands at $19.99 per order. Prices for JustFoodForDogs start at $6.45.

    9. Raised Right – Best Grain-Free Dog Food

    Image of Raised Right's fresh food in a bowl
    Raised Right is human-grade and uses high-quality human-grade ingredients in its recipes

    Key Features

    • Emphasizes transparency with sourcing

    • Specializes in fresh, soft dog food

    • Avoids fillers and artificial additives

    All of Raised Right’s recipes are strictly grain-free. For those pups allergic or sensitive to grains, this ensures that their diet is free from common culprits that can exacerbate skin allergies. It’s great that you can choose from 4 different proteins for adult dogs and 3 for puppies.

    It champions limited ingredient, human-grade recipes. Besides being grain-free, its meals are crafted to be low in carbs, which can be an added advantage for dogs prone to skin flare-ups.

    The meals come frozen to preserve freshness. Before serving to your beloved canine, you need to defrost these meals overnight in the fridge. This process ensures that your dog gets fresh food every time, minimizing potential allergens.

    I like that you can trace the origin of each ingredient. By using the map on its website, it ensures transparency in sourcing. This feature gives you the confidence that the ingredients nourishing your dog come from trustworthy sources. The quality of the ingredients used by Raised Right was something our reviewer was impressed by.

    Its personalization quiz does have limitations. While it provides a basic idea of what to feed your dog, if you're looking for a deeper dive into meal customization, The Farmer's Dog might be a better alternative, as it creates a custom meal plan for your pooch.

    You decide how much of Raised Right to feed. Whether you choose to incorporate it 100%, 50%, or 25% into your dog's diet, the shipping frequency adjusts accordingly. This flexibility allows you to mix and match with other diets if necessary.

    It offers pate-style meals and options for puppies. The pate-style recipes are especially handy for dogs with digestive sensitivities. Additionally, if you kids, its puppy-formulated meals ensure they get the right nutrients for growth without aggravating their skin.

    Lastly, in terms of cost, prices begin at $9.99/bag. If you have feline members in your family, it caters for cats too.

    10. Jinx – Great for Kibble with Superfoods

    Image of Jinx's wet food Chicken and Tuna Homemades recipe being spooned over some kibble in a bowl
    You can use Jinx's wet food like this Chicken and Tuna Homemades as a topper for your regular kibble

    Key Features

    • Formulated for modern dog dietary needs

    • Provides nutrient-dense kibble

    • Incorporates organic and non-GMO ingredients

    Jinx’s recipes are rich in superfoods. Sweet potatoes, pumpkins, and blueberries are just a few examples of the nutrient-dense ingredients it uses. Such superfoods can be great for dogs with skin allergies due to their anti-inflammatory properties.

    You'll be able to find organic and grain-free options on the menu. This means you have the choice of providing your pup with organic ingredients and also eliminating grains, which can sometimes be a cause of skin irritation.

    Starter Packs are available for specific needs. Personally, I appreciate options like the Picky Dog and Sensitive Stomach packs. These provide a tailored approach to introduce your dog to its range, especially if they have particular dietary needs or preferences.

    I like that Jinx offers both dry and wet food choices. Beyond the kibble, it has canned or shelf-stable wet food options, allowing you to give your pup variety and additional hydration, which can support healthy skin. Our reviewer noted that meals aren’t preportioned, so you will need to follow the guidelines on the pack.

    There are no wheat, corn, soy, or artificial ingredients in its lineup. Such ingredients can often be problematic for dogs with allergies, so it's reassuring to know they're omitted from its products. Spot & Tango also offers both fresh and dry food types for pups with allergies.

    Just be aware that the recipe selection is up to you. It doesn’t have a personalization feature, meaning you choose the recipes for your dog. If you're seeking more tailored meal plans, Ollie could be an alternative.

    It provides treats and dental sticks too. Healthy snacks, especially those that can aid in dental hygiene, are always a bonus. Your dog can enjoy them without the worry of triggering their allergies.

    Lastly, in terms of pricing, rates begin at $30/bag. Bundling your purchases can lead to more savings. This can make it a more affordable option for those looking to incorporate superfoods into their dog's diet.

    Quick Comparison Table

    Starting Price

    Minimum Order

    Meal Type


    Active Deals

    🥇 The Farmer’s Dog


    2-Week Starter Pack



    Get 60% off on your first order! from The Farmer’s Dog

    🥈 Ollie

    $4-$8 per day 

    2-Week Starter Pack



    70% Off your first box + FREE bowl and jerky strips from Ollie

    🥉 We Feed Raw


    30lb minimum



    $30 off each of your first 4 boxes, $120 total from We Feed Raw

    Nom Nom 


    2-Week Starter Pack



    Take 60% Off Your First Order from Nom Nom

    Spot & Tango

    $7 per week

    2-Week Starter Pack

    Fresh and dry


    Get 50% + FREE Chicken Bites on TWO orders from Spot & Tango

    The Honest Kitchen

    $5.99 for dry food 

    No minimum order

    Dry, dehydrated, wet

    $5.00, free on orders over $49.00

    Up to 60% Off! Code: FALLSALE. from The Honest Kitchen

    Open Farm

    $7/lb without auto-shipment 

    No minimum order

    Dry, fresh, broths

    Free to $5.99

    Save 15% Off Your First Order With Code: HELLO15 from Open Farm



    7.8lb bag

    Fresh, treats, supplements

    $19.99 or free for dry or frozen orders over $99

    Save 40% off your first order and 5% off recurring autoship orders! from JustFoodForDogs

    Raised Right


    16 bags per full box or 4 bags per sample box

    Fresh, treats

    Free for full box or $9.99 for sample box

    20% Off Your First Box (16 Bags) from Raised Right



    No minimum order


    $5 for orders less than $35; free shipping over $35

    Subscribe and save 15% from Jinx

    Tips for Choosing the Best Dog Food For Skin Allergies

    In my research to determine the best dog food delivery services for dogs with skin allergies, I used the following crucial tips:

    • Consider your dog’s allergens: Knowing specific allergens is fundamental because it helps in picking recipes that avoid those triggers. For this, I meticulously checked ingredient lists and opted for brands that clearly labels its ingredients. For its detailed ingredient transparency, I recommend The Farmer’s Dog.

    • Availability of supplements: It's essential to provide extra support for a dog's skin and coat health. Thus, brands that offer supplements caught my eye. I tried several brands and found that Nom Nom has a beneficial range of supplements that can be added to any meal.

    • Recipe variety: Offering various recipes means that you have alternatives if certain ingredients don’t work for your dog. During my exploration, I was searching for brands that didn't compromise quality despite the variety. Ollie stood out with its range of high-quality, diverse recipes.

    • Personalization of recipes to your dog: A tailored approach ensures that your dog’s unique needs are met. I looked for brands offering a customization feature based on breed, weight, age, and other factors. Spot & Tango personalizes meals according to a dog's profile.


    What’s the best dog food for skin allergies?

    The Farmer’s Dog is often recommended as the best dog food for skin allergies. This brand is known for its premium, fresh ingredients and personalized recipes tailored to a dog’s specific needs. The customization ensures your pet gets a diet that avoids allergens and promotes healthier skin.

    What food should dogs with skin allergies avoid?

    Dogs with skin allergies should avoid foods with artificial additives, fillers, and common allergens. Ingredients such as corn, soy, wheat, and certain proteins can trigger reactions. Nom Nom prioritizes transparency and lists all its ingredients clearly, making it easier to spot and avoid potential irritants.

    What are the top 3 dog food allergies?

    The top 3 dog food allergies are beef, dairy, and wheat. These are often found in many commercial dog foods. When selecting meals, it’s essential to read ingredient lists carefully. Ollie offers a range of recipes that can help bypass common allergens, giving options to dog owners.

    What’s the best salmon dog food for skin allergies?

    Spot & Tango’s Cod + Salmon recipe stands out for dogs with skin allergies. Salmon is not only a great protein alternative for dogs allergic to traditional meats, but it's also rich in omega fatty acids which promote healthy skin. With Spot & Tango, you can ensure a nutritious and allergen-friendly diet for your canine.

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