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Updated on Apr 5th, 2024
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Nom Nom vs. JustFoodForDogs 2024: Who Wins?

Choosing between Nom Nom and JustFoodForDogs for your pet's meals can be confusing. If you're not sure which one is better, you're not alone. Both companies offer different fresh food options, and it can be hard to know which is best for your dog. This can leave you feeling stuck and unsure about what to do.

I've looked closely at both options and am here to help. I checked the food on offer, how healthy it is, how easy it is to use, how to store your meals, and how much it costs. I've put together all the important information you need to make the right choice.

And now, the results: after looking at everything, Nom Nom is my winner. The main reason is the great food personalization to customize your order. This helps you create meal plans that are just right for your dog. These reasons make Nom Nom the better choice in this comparison. Now, let's look more closely at why Nom Nom came out on top.

At a Glance: Who Won Each Category?


Nom Nom ($2.40)

🍗 Ingredient Quality:

It’s a tie

🍴 Recipes


⏰ Packaging and Prep

Nom Nom

👍 Ordering and Delivery:

Nom Nom

👑 Overall Winner:
Nom Nom

Ingredient Quality

Winner: Tie

When it comes to ingredient quality, it's a tie between Nom Nom and JustFoodForDogs. Let's take a closer look to understand why both brands hold their ground in this category.

Both brands offer diverse meal types. Nom Nom provides 4 fresh recipes for dogs: Beef Mash, Chicken Cuisine, Pork Potluck, and Turkey Fare.  Screenshot of 2 meals from Nom Nom - Chicken Cuisine and Pork Potluck

Nom Nom’s meals are created considering allergies and sensitivities. The Pork Potluck is especially designed for dogs with sensitive tummies. All of its recipes are science-backed and geared towards supporting digestive health. It’s great to know they’re all gluten-free, so they're suitable if your pup is allergic to wheat. 

On the other hand, JustFoodForDogs has an extensive range. Meal types include Fresh Frozen, PantryFresh, DIY Homemade Kits, prescription meals, and custom medical diets. It also offers a variety of treats and supplements.

The grade or standard of ingredients used by both brands is commendable. Both Nom Nom and JustFoodForDogs adhere to AAFCO standards and use human-grade ingredients.  Screenshot if 2 Fresh Frozen recipes from JustFoodForDogs

Nom Nom sources its ingredients within the US, with a focus on sustainability. JustFoodForDogs, in a unique approach, prepares its meals in kitchens that are open to the public.

Both brands are careful about avoiding unnecessary additives. Nom Nom’s meals are free from preservatives, fillers, meat meal, and by-products, and JustFoodForDogs also doesn’t include any preservatives in the food.

When it comes to nutrient-rich ingredients, both brands shine. Nom Nom meals include fresh meat and veggies like spinach, sweet potato, carrots, kale, and fish oil. JustFoodForDogs isn't far behind, with superfoods like blueberries, sweet potatoes, and spinach in its recipes.

The creators of the recipes for both brands are equally credible. Nom Nom’s meals are designed by 2 Board Certified Veterinary Nutritionists, backed by an expert nutritional team. Meanwhile, JustFoodForDogs recipes are created by a team of veterinarians, food safety experts, and nutritionists.

Both brands take care to cook their fresh meals gently. This ensures the preservation of as many nutrients as possible. Both have high ingredient standards, resulting in a tie in this round.

Meals and Customization

Winner: JustFoodForDogs

In the meals and customization category, JustFoodForDogs takes the win. This is largely due to its broader recipe selection. Now, let's break it down for a clearer picture.

Nom Nom offers a straightforward questionnaire that only takes a few minutes to complete. This helps pet parents determine the best meal plan for their dogs. This process covers basic details such as name, sex, breed, weight, age, and any existing allergies your dog may have. It's a simple process that results in a tailored meal plan for your dog. Screenshot of the 3 steps to order with Nom Nom

Nom Nom offers 4 recipes: Beef Mash, Chicken Cuisine, Pork Potluck, and Turkey Fare. I really like that you have the option to order a trial pack to test out the recipes with your pup before setting up a subscription.  

It also offers probiotic supplements designed to support your dog's digestive health. These supplements contain carefully selected strains of beneficial bacteria that can help balance your pet's gut flora, improve digestion, and enhance overall wellbeing.

On the other hand, JustFoodForDogs takes customization a step further. It caters to dogs with and without special dietary needs, offering much more flexibility. While it doesn't require a subscription setup, it does offer a useful feeding calculator to help you select the most suitable recipes for your pup.

Once you've made a selection, you can save all the details for future orders. Custom meal plans are available and are crafted with the help of a nutritionist after a consultation. Moreover, prescription diets are available, but these do require a prescription from a veterinarian.

In terms of recipe variety, JustFoodForDogs clearly stands out. It offers a much wider range, including Fresh Frozen, PantryFresh, DIY Homemade Kits, prescription meals, and custom medical diets. Screenshot of the products available from JustFoodForDogs

You can find a wide variety of proteins on the JustFoodForDogs menu. These include chicken, beef, lamb, fish, turkey, and venison. In addition, it also offers a variety of single-ingredient treats and supplements to support joint health, skin issues, and probiotics, catering to an even broader range of canine needs.

JustFoodForDogs’ range of products can be filtered based on meal type, health goal, and life stage. This enables pet parents to make informed choices that align perfectly with their pet's needs. Whether your dog requires weight control, skin health support, joint health enhancement, or has a specific medical condition, there are options to cater to these unique needs.

JustFoodForDogs secures a win in this category due to its extensive variety of recipes and more extensive customization process. So while both Nom Nom and JustFoodForDogs offer customization and quality meal options, this round goes to JustFoodForDogs.

Ordering and Delivery

Winner: Nom Nom

In this category, Nom Nom takes the lead. Its streamlined process and user-friendly website make the ordering experience smooth and simple.

Nom Nom's website guides you through a few questions about your dog, including details about their breed, weight, age, and any existing allergies or dietary needs. Screenshot of the first step of Nom Nom's questionnaire

Once you provide this information, Nom Nom tailors a meal plan specifically for your furry friend. All meals are then delivered right to your doorstep, sticking to your dog’s personalized plan.

Additionally, managing your account is hassle-free with Nom Nom. You can make adjustments as necessary, such as changing delivery dates to better suit your schedule. If you encounter any challenges or have any questions, there's plenty of helpful information available on the website. Plus, the customer service team is ready to provide further support if needed.

Comparatively, JustFoodForDogs offers a straightforward online ordering process. However, the service differs in that it doesn't require a subscription. Instead, you have the option to set up an autoship for your orders. This means that your products can be automatically delivered on a regular schedule, with the added perk of a 5% discount on repeat orders.

JustFoodForDogs also allows for one-time orders, which is useful if you want to trial a few options and see how your dog reacts to them before committing to regular deliveries.

While both companies have advantages, Nom Nom takes the lead in this category. I really like the convenience and simplicity of Nom Nom's ordering process, coupled with the ease of account management and robust support.

In the delivery department, Nom Nom stands out as the superior option, owing to its seamless shipping process and easily adjustable delivery schedules.

Nom Nom provides free shipping across the 48 contiguous states, making its service both convenient and cost-effective. The delivery dates are set based on your location to ensure that your dog's food arrives fresh. 

For your first order, Nom Nom sends a 2-week supply to make sure your pup enjoys the meals. If your dog approves, you can then easily choose the frequency of your future deliveries according to your convenience.

Moreover, Nom Nom understands that sometimes life happens and schedules change. That's why it’s possible for customers to quickly and effortlessly reschedule their orders online, via phone, or via email. This flexibility allows you to adjust your delivery dates to fit any changes in your routine.

In contrast, JustFoodForDogs also offers shipping, including to Alaska and Hawaii, but its delivery service isn’t as straightforward. While you have the option to adjust autoship orders in your account, the process is less streamlined compared to Nom Nom.

JustFoodForDogs also allows customers to purchase food directly from its kitchens, as well as through third-party retailers like Amazon and Chewy. Although this provides multiple avenues for purchase, it can also potentially complicate the buying process. Screenshot of 4 places you can watch JustForFoodDogs food being prepared

Nom Nom's easy, flexible, and free shipping within the 48 contiguous states, coupled with its accommodating rescheduling process, makes it the clear winner in the delivery category.

How Do the Meals Arrive?

Winner: Nom Nom

In terms of how the meals arrive, Nom Nom again takes the top spot. This is thanks to its clear labeling, portioned meals, and easy preparation. Each meal is clearly labeled with the recipe name, ingredients, and storage instructions.

The storage instructions provided by Nom Nom are clear and straightforward. You just need to thaw the meals before serving them to your dog. After thawing, the meals can be stored in the refrigerator for up to a week. If you choose to keep the meals frozen, they can last in your freezer for up to 6 months.

One of the best features of Nom Nom is that the meals come pre-portioned. This means you won't have to worry about measuring out the right amount of food each time you feed your dog. Simply open the package and serve. The preparation couldn't be easier! Image of Nom Nom meals in a cardboard box

Moreover, Nom Nom pays attention to sustainability. Its packaging is designed to be recyclable, which is a big plus for environmentally conscious pet parents. The company ensures that its boxes, insulation, and meal packs are all recyclable.

JustFoodForDogs also delivers its meals in a box with clear labeling and storage instructions. It offers the option to order a full box of the same meal or individual items, providing some flexibility to mix recipes.

Its meals can be stored in either the refrigerator or freezer, depending on your order. Fresh Frozen meals should be stored in the freezer after opening, while PantryFresh items, packaged in Tetra Paks, can be stored unopened for up to 2 years in a cool, dark place.

JustFoodForDogs meals aren’t pre-portioned, so you'll need to measure the right serving size each time you feed your pet.


Winner: Nom Nom

When it comes to pricing, Nom Nom comes out on top thanks to its cost-effective plans and good cost-saving options, even for larger breeds. You have the option of ordering a variety trial pack of all 4 recipes for just $20, offering a chance to discover which flavors your pet enjoys the most.

I tested out some prices for 2 different dog breeds to give you an idea of the costs. For a small breed dog, like a Shih Tzu, it costs about $29.47 per week, billed and shipped every 4 weeks. On the other hand, a larger breed like a Labrador would cost $74.03 per week, with billing and shipping taking place every 3 weeks.

To ease the financial burden for larger dogs, Nom Nom offers a half-meal plan. This option costs $40.14 per week and is billed and shipped every 4 weeks. Screenshot of the full meal and half meal options for a bigger dog on Nom Nom

This is a really significant cost-saving alternative. Additionally, Nom Nom offers probiotic supplements for a 30-day supply for $40. Remember, you can utilize our discount code (Get 50% off your first box) to make additional savings, regardless of the size of your dog.

On the contrary, JustFoodForDogs presents a slightly higher cost, particularly for dogs with allergies. For a small breed without allergies, it costs $1.96 per day, or a total of $29.37 for 2 weeks of food when you sign up for autoship. Costs are higher if you place a one-time order.

For a larger breed, the price rises to $8.81 per day, or $123.35 total for 2 weeks of food with autoship. The cost doubles if your pup has an allergy, making the price much less affordable.

The price for custom or prescription diets is likely to be significantly higher. Additionally, treats range from $10 to $30 for a 50 oz pack, and supplements start at $30 for a 2-month supply, which could increase overall costs if your dog needs these additions.

Despite this, JFFD does offer free shipping on all orders over $99. To get this offer, you need to buy at least $99 of either dry or frozen food. Orders can’t be mixed and matched to reach the $99 if you do want the free shipping. All other orders are subject to a $19.99 flat fee shipping rate.

Both Nom Nom and JustFoodForDogs offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, adding an extra layer of assurance to your purchase. However, when all factors are considered, Nom Nom stands as the clear winner in the pricing section due to its affordability, cost-saving options, and supplement availability.

Features Comparison: Nom Nom vs. JustFoodForDogs

Nom Nom


Best for

Fresh food, digestive health

Variety of meals, custom meals, special diets

Starting price



Shipping cost


$19.99 or free for dry or frozen orders over $99


One-off variety pack or subscription

One-off orders, auto-ship available


4 choices

Wide range of choices

Meal storage

7 days in the fridge.

6 months in the freezer.

1 year in freezer, PantryFresh up to 2 years on shelf unopened

Are meals pre-portioned?



Ingredient quality

Human-grade ingredients, meet AAFCO standards

USDA-approved, human-grade, meet AAFCO guidelines


Preservatives, fillers, meat meal, by-products


Customizable based on:

Weight, breed, sex, age, health, allergies, activity level

Weight, age, breed, sex, activity levels, allergies


Voluntary recall in 2021

1 recall in 2018

Money back guarantee?

Yes within 30 days

Yes within 30 days

Our reviewer’s rating



Current deal

Get 50% off your first box from Nom Nom

Get 50% off 1st autoship & 5% off recurring orders from JustFoodForDogs

And The Winner Is: Nom Nom

Nom Nom edges out as the clear winner in this comparison with JustFoodForDogs. Its user-friendly questionnaire for personalized meal planning, high-quality, fresh ingredients, easily managed delivery, and competitive pricing make it a standout choice for many pet owners.

It offers a well-rounded, quality service that fits various needs and budgets, ensuring your dog receives the best care and nutrition possible. However, this doesn't mean JustFoodForDogs doesn't have its own strengths.

It's important to note that JustFoodForDogs presents a great option, especially for dogs with specific medical needs. The wider range of recipes, including prescription meals and custom medical diets, along with the ability to consult with a nutritionist, can be beneficial for owners managing a dog's health conditions.

Your ultimate choice should depend on your pet's unique requirements and preferences. If you want to consider even more fresh food options, don’t forget to check out our ultimate list of the best fresh food options for dogs.


Which is best, Nom Nom or JustFoodForDogs?

Nom Nom is the better choice when comparing it with JustFoodForDogs. This is due to its excellent meal personalization through a simple questionnaire, a wide variety of high-quality, fresh ingredients, and easily managed delivery services. However, if your pet has medical or health-related issues, JustFoodForDogs offers prescription diets.

Is Nom Nom or JustFoodForDogs good for dogs with allergies?

Yes, both Nom Nom and JustFoodForDogs can cater to dogs with allergies. Nom Nom provides allergy-sensitive recipes and avoids common allergens in its meals. JustFoodForDogs offers a variety of meals and allows customization to avoid specific allergens, even providing the option to consult with a nutritionist for customized diets.

Which is cheaper, Nom Nom or JustFoodForDogs?

In general, Nom Nom tends to be the more cost-effective option compared to JustFoodForDogs. Prices with Nom Nom can start as low as $29.47 per week for small breeds. However, the final price for both services will depend on factors such as your dog's size, dietary needs, and the specific plan or recipes you choose.

Is Nom Nom or JustFoodForDogs best for picky eaters?

Nom Nom and JustFoodForDogs both cater well to picky eaters with their tasty, high-quality meals. If your dog is particularly choosy, Nom Nom offers a trial pack of all 4 recipes before you commit, allowing you to find the right flavor. Alternatively, JustFoodForDogs provides a wider recipe range, potentially offering more choices for finicky eaters.

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