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Written by: Joey Kendrick on Aug 19th, 2021

10 Best Weight Loss Meal Delivery Services of 2021

Here’s the thing: starting a diet is the easy part. The hard part is sticking to it! If there’s one diet you don’t want to try, it’s the yo-yo diet. You finally think you’ve found the right way to eat, but then the novelty wears off and you end up back where you started.

Luckily, there’s a solution. These days, you can find a huge variety of healthy meal kit delivery services that make eating well a breeze. No more scouring unknown sections of the grocery store for obscure ingredients to create recipes that aren’t all that tasty in the end. 

Weight loss meal prep delivery gets you the food you need to feel nourished, without any of the hassle. 

Now your biggest issue will be knowing which weight loss meal plan to try - and that’s where we come in! Let’s take a look at some of the best meal delivery services for achieving your weight loss goals.

Short on Time? Here Are the Best Meal Delivery Services for Weight Loss 2021 

Our Best Meal Delivery Services Reviewed

1. Home Chef – Customizable Proteins and Low-Carb Options

Home Chef Best Features:

Home Chef in a Nutshell

Although Home Chef is not exclusively a diet-focused meal delivery service, the company’s expansive options make it a top-tier meal kit for almost any household. Among Home Chef’s numerous offerings are 15 Minute Meal Kits and Oven-Ready Meal Kits , both of which go a long way toward simplifying your time in the kitchen. 

Home Chef’s menu, which changes weekly, always includes a variety of low-calorie and carb-conscious recipes as well as vegetarian options and entrée salads. 

My colleague goes into great detail on meal variety in her in-depth Home Chef review .

In addition to this already impressive array of offerings, Home Chef lets you customize almost any dish. The Pork Medallions and Sweet Onion Peppercorn Gravy, pictured above, come with pork, but you can easily swap that out for chicken breasts or even mahi-mahi for a leaner choice.

2. Blue Apron – The Big Name Meal Delivery Service

Blue Apron Best Features:

Blue Apron in a Nutshell

Blue Apron is a big player in the meal delivery game, especially compared to some of the smaller, more niche services. This does come with some distinct advantages: most notably, it’s one of the most affordable services on this list. 

You can learn all about Blue Apron in this expert Blue Apron review .

Up until recently, Blue Apron hasn’t been as good about catering to those trying to shed a few pounds, only offering its “Signature” menu and a limited vegetarian menu. This has all changed, thanks to the new “Wellness” menu , offering balanced, nutritious recipes approved by WW (formerly Weight Watchers). 

If you’d rather prepare your own meals than heat up something premade, Blue Apron’s Wellness menu might just be for you. All of the WW-approved recipes come with great tips on how to make your meals even healthier – like skipping the salt or switching to a different cooking oil to keep those SmartPoints low.

3. HelloFresh – A Great Value on Delicious Recipes

HelloFresh Best Features:

HelloFresh in a Nutshell

Just like Blue Apron, HelloFresh’s status as one of the most popular meal kits in the United States helps make it a great value with numerous low-calorie options. Though it doesn’t feature a specific partnership like Blue Apron has with WW, HelloFresh offers a Calorie Smart plan featuring dietitian-sponsored dinners averaging about 650 calories each.

For more information on HelloFresh’s plans, check out my colleague’s dedicated review .

Ordering from HelloFresh’s Calorie Smart plan gives you access to delicious, low-calorie dinners like the Mexicali Black Bean Soup featured above. The Mexicali Soup clocks in at just 610 calories per serving, with 22g of protein and 13g of fiber.

4. Freshly – Nutritionist-Designed Gluten-Free Meals

Freshly Best Features:

Freshly in a Nutshell

Freshly is a health-forward meal delivery service providing premade meals in individual servings. The company’s FreshlyFit line emphasizes balanced dishes with healthy carbs and lots of protein for clean, nutritionist-designed meals. Along with an active lifestyle, FreshlyFit’s meals can help you manage your calories and lose weight.

For more on this service, be sure to read our dedicated Freshly review .

The Carb Smart Mojo Chicken (pictured above) lives up to its name, with just 510 calories and 29g of carbs. The 38g of protein ensures that this dish fills you up, while the vegetable-loaded refried beans are full of nutrients.

The best part about Freshly’s model is the individual, premade servings, which make prep a cinch. All you have to do is stick the meal in a microwave for three minutes, and your healthy, calorie-balanced meal is ready to eat!

5. Sunbasket – Flexible Service for Any Dietary Needs

Sunbasket Best Features:

Sunbasket in a Nutshell

Sunbasket is a multi-faceted meal delivery service featuring healthy meals to suit any lifestyle. This company has delicious, organic dishes catering to numerous specialized diets, including paleo, keto, vegan, and other dietary needs. Any of these diets, coupled with a healthy lifestyle, can help you lose weight.

For more on Sunbasket’s extensive offerings, be sure to check out our dedicated review .

For those nights when you don’t have the time or energy to put together a meal from a kit, Sunbasket’s Fresh & Ready menu features chef-crafted meals that can be heated up in a matter of minutes. Just like the rest of Sunbasket’s offerings, Fresh & Ready meals cater to a wide variety of dietary needs. 

For example, the Sausage and white bean cassoulet with arugula salad pictured above is soy-free, carb-conscious and perfect for a Mediterrenean diet.

6. Green Chef – Organic Meals for Low-Carb and Plant-Based Diets

Green Chef Best Features:

Green Chef in a Nutshell

Green Chef has a lot in common with Sunbasket: both offer organic dishes and cater to unique dietary preferences. Where the two differ, however, is in the ease of using their services. Sunbasket’s expansive offerings can be daunting in their variety, while Green Chef’s model is much more streamlined. 

Green Chef lets you choose between just three basic plans: Keto + Paleo, Balanced Living, and Plant-Powered. Rather than stick to one specific diet, each of these plans incorporates the best elements from multiple diets. 

We go into more detail in this expert Green Chef review .

Keto + Paleo incorporates low carb dishes (like the Peruvian Beef Bowls, above), while Plant-Powered offers a combination of vegetarian and vegan dishes. The Balanced Living plan is even less strict, including a combination of carbs, meats, seafoods, and plant-based meals.

Green Chef is perfect for people who are trying to incorporate low-carb or plant-based meals into their weight loss regimen without strictly adhering to a specific diet plan. For more on this company’s organic offerings, check out my colleague’s review.

7. Veestro – Low-Calorie Vegan Meals

Veestro Best Features:

Veestro in a Nutshell

While many of the meal delivery services on this list have great vegetarian options, Veestro is expressly intended for vegans in search of healthy, ready-made meals. Find out more about all the unique things Veestro has to offer in this full-length Veestro review

Vegetarian and vegan diets already tend to be healthy, but Veestro takes this one step further with a specific weight-loss regimen averaging 400 calories per meal

Veestro strives to provide delicious plant-focused meals like the Portobello Steak Dinner as well as vegan substitutions for popular meat dishes, including Country Fried Chick’n and plant-based Pasta Bolognese. 

As a vegan-only service, there aren’t as many plans to choose from. There are, however, gluten-free and high-protein menus available. You can easily add meals from different menus to your order, for your non-dieting household members.

8. BistroMD – Customizable Diet Plan including Meals and Snacks

BistroMD Best Features:

BistroMD in a Nutshell

BistroMD is more than just a healthy meal delivery service: it’s a fully-fledged, doctor-sponsored diet regimen. Other options on this list provide only healthy meal options but BistroMD is designed specifically to provide sustenance for your entire weight loss journey, including snacks! 

BistroMD has six specialized diet plans, including separate options for men and women. In fact, the menopause plan is the first of its kind! However, the vegetarian options are limited compared to some other services. For the full lowdown on what BistroMD has to offer, check out our dedicated BistroMD review

BistroMD is ideal if you’re looking for tasty prepared weight loss meals as well as the support, tools, and knowledge to realize your wellness goals, like access to registered dietitians and fitness experts.  

9. Diet-to-Go – Lean & Nutritious Meals, Ready to Heat and Eat

Diet-to-Go Best Features:

Diet-to-Go in a Nutshell

Diet-to-Go is one of our top choices because it’s specifically oriented toward folks trying to lose weight. The meals come ready-made with sides and condiments, so you can enjoy healthy, delicious dishes in a matter of minutes. 

Diet-to-Go’s varied menus – including dishes like the Santa Fe Chicken Burger, Herb Baked Salmon, and a Turkey Reuben – are offered on a five-week cycle to keep things interesting. The plans include keto and diabetic-friendly menus as well as plenty of vegetarian and pescetarian options. 

Most importantly, you can easily skip a week or substitute out a meal.

10. Nutrisystem – Time-Tested Diet Based on Portion Control

Nutrisystem Best Features:

Nutrisystem in a Nutshell

Like BistroMD, Nutrisystem helps support a full-time diet with more than just low-calorie dishes. Unlike BistroMD, however, Nutrisystem is not intended to be the source of 100% of your nutritional needs. 

Here’s how it works: you jumpstart your new diet plan with a full week of Nutrisystem meals. After the first week, you’re encouraged to enjoy “flex meals” and approved fruits and veggies, in addition to your Nutrisystem dishes.

The tried-and-tested Nutrisystem diet plan has been around for nearly half a century, which gives this meal delivery plan an edge over many of its competitors.

Best Meal Delivery Services for Weight Loss: Comparison Table

Special Discount

Average Starting Price (Per Serving)

Meal Type

Special Diet Options

Home Chef

Delivery Rank special discount available – Get $80 off plus free shipping from Home Chef


Meal Kits

Balanced, low-calorie, vegetarian

Get Started

Blue Apron

Delivery Rank special discount available – Save $110 on your first 4 boxes with Blue Apron


Meal kits

Balanced, vegetarian, diabetes-friendly, pescatarian   

Get Started


Delivery Rank special discount available – Get $80 off plus free shipping from HelloFresh


Meal Kits

Healthy, vegetarian, low-calorie, family-friendly

Get Started


Delivery Rank special discount available – Save $60 with Promo Code LAUNCH15 from Freshly


Premade Meals

Gluten-free, peanut-free, paleo, keto

Get Started


Delivery Rank special discount available – Get $90 off and 4 FREE gifts from Sunbasket


Meal Kits and Premade Meals

Organic, low-calorie, paleo, keto, vegan and more

Get Started

Green Chef

Delivery Rank special discount available – Get $80 off plus free shipping from Green Chef


Meal Kits

Low-calorie, organic, keto, paleo, vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free

Get Started


Delivery Rank special discount available – Get $40 off with Promo Code AOWERPLANT30 at Veestro



High protein, gluten-free, weight loss  

Get Started


Delivery Rank special discount available – Get 25% off plus free shipping with BistroMD



Women’s, heart healthy, diabetic, gluten-free, menopause

Get Started


Delivery Rank special discount available – Save $100 on your first 5 weeks with Diet-to-Go



Diabetic, low-carb, vegetarian

Get Started


Delivery Rank special discount available – Get 55% off one month and free delivery with Nutrisystem


Prepared (frozen + shelf-stable

Diabetic, vegetarian

Get Started

What to Look For in the Best Meal Delivery Services

With weight loss meal services, you actually have two options: meal kits, which provide pre-portioned ingredients you prepare yourself, and prepared meals, which you can simply heat and eat. The decision is up to you, your schedule, and your kitchen.

The Best Weight Loss Meal Prep Services

Meal kit delivery services provide you with all the ingredients and recipes you need to cook a healthy meal. A good weight loss-focused service sends fair portions of nutrient-rich ingredients to take the guesswork out of cooking. 

Meal prep services can be a great option for those who like to cook their own meals but struggle to think of healthy meal ideas. There are many meal kit services on the market, but the best ones share some key qualities:

  • High-quality ingredients – Organic or farmer-sourced produce and high-grade proteins should be perfectly portioned to give you a healthy, filling meal with minimum waste.

  • Easy-to-digest recipes – Recipes should be clear and accessible, even for beginners.

  • Diet support – It can be harder to cater to strict diets with meal kits than with prepared food services. It’s tempting to add an extra drizzle of olive oil or extra salt to your dish when you’re cooking. Look for options like Blue Apron’s Wellness plan that gives you official tips from WW (formerly Weight Watchers) on how to keep your cooking in check.

The Best Prepared Meal Delivery Services

Premade meal delivery services are a major time-saver, even compared to the quickest and easiest meal kits. This option can be extremely helpful for dieters, as you’ll know exactly what you’re putting into your body, especially if you follow a specific diet, like gluten-free or vegetarian. Here are some key features to look for:

  • Great tasting – Whether frozen or chilled, prepared meals should be as delicious as freshly homemade food.

  • Perfectly suited to your diet – Unlike DIY meal kits, there’s less room for you to “cheat” by adding to the recipe. This is key if you’re following a stricter diet, like keto or paleo.

  • Easy to store – Premade meal plans come in many different shapes and sizes, from frozen meals to refrigerated smoothies to shelf-stable meal-replacement bars. Pick one that suits your lifestyle – and your storage space!

What to Look For in Both Prepared Home Delivery Meals and Meal Kits

Whether you’re interested in ready-made meals or DIY meal kits, there are a few common factors to look out for:

  • Plenty of options – Look for a brand with a big menu of diverse recipes. Sticking to a weight loss regimen is hard enough without having to choose from the same two or three meals every day!

  • Flexible subscriptions – The best meal delivery services tend to be the ones with the most flexible plans. A trial period or subscription with easy pausing or cancellation means you’ll never pay for orders you don’t want.

  • Affordability – You shouldn’t have to pay a fortune just to eat a healthy diet. There are plenty of plans that offer quality meals at reasonable prices.

Bottom Line: Is Weight Loss Meal Delivery Worth It?

Simply put - absolutely.

With a meal delivery service that’s geared towards supporting weight loss, you get the convenience of delicious meals or kits delivered to your door, and the results of a dietitian-designed weight loss program. 

Whether you’re enjoying your meals on-the-go, or with your family, you’re sure to find a meal plan that suits your tastes, lifestyle, and wellness goals.


What’s the best meal delivery for weight loss?

Diet-to-Go and bistroMD are our top picks for their commitment to high-quality meals that are healthy and low in calories without sacrificing taste. For vegans, Veestro offers the best combination of delicious, healthy meals.

Which meal delivery service is healthiest?

Not only does Diet-to-Go have specialized plans for diabetic , low-carb , and vegetarian diets, but all of its plans are certified to be heart-healthy. Dishes are designed to be nutritionally balanced and controlled for sodium, carbs, fat, and cholesterol.

Does HelloFresh make you lose weight?

HelloFresh is the most popular meal kit service on the market today, but it may not be the best choice for those trying to lose weight. While some of its dishes are healthy or low-calorie, its plans are not as targeted as other diet-focused brands.

For those wanting a big, well-known company, Blue Apron’s Wellness plan is better geared toward healthy weight loss.

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Joey is a writer based in New York City. He has covered many subjects, but food is his true passion. With his two cats as research assistants, he creates content for clients all over the world.

Joey is a writer based in New York City. He has covered many subjects, but food is his true passion. With his two cats as research assistants, he creates content for clients all over the world.
We bring you the facts about the top meal delivery services today based on your diet, city, and lifestyle. From ordering meals, to canceling subscriptions, we’ve got you covered.
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