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Written by: Joey Kendrick on May 24th, 2022

10 Best Weight Loss Meal Delivery Services 2022: Updated

Many meal delivery services claim to offer easy meal plans that support weight loss goals,  but not all of them are sustainable in the long run. In fact, it can be rather difficult to find a service that doesn’t have steep calorie deficits or meals that taste like soggy cardboard.

With the help of our specialists, I’ve researched and reviewed the top meal delivery services that specialize in weight loss. I also considered customers’ opinions and rated these services based on taste, ingredients, calorie and carb content, menu diversity, and more. Whatever diet you follow, my list of the best weight loss meal delivery services has you covered.

My top choice is Blue Apron because it offers a good range of tasty carb- and calorie-conscious meal kits. It also has a dedicated Wellness plan and even syncs up with WeightWatchers SmartPoints system.

Short on Time? Here Are the Best Weight Loss Meal Delivery Services

  1.  Blue Apron – Best meal kit delivery service for weight loss

  2. HelloFresh – Great value on delicious low-calorie recipes

  3. Nutrisystem – Best time-tested diet based on portion control

  4. Home Chef – Customizable proteins and low-carb options

  5. Marley Spoon – Delicious low-carb and low-calorie meals for everyone

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The Best Weight Loss Meal Delivery Services Reviewed

1. Blue Apron – Best Meal Kit Delivery Service for Weight Loss

Key Features

Blue Apron is a big player in the meal delivery market. This comes with some distinct advantages: most notably, it’s one of the most affordable services on this list.

You can learn all about the menus available in our expert Blue Apron review.

Blue Apron’s Wellness menu offers balanced, nutritious recipes designed by a nutritionist and approved by WW (formerly Weight Watchers).

Meal kits allow you to know exactly what’s going into your food, and make swaps where needed. All of the WW-approved recipes come with great tips on how to make your meals even healthier – like skipping the salt or switching to a different cooking oil to keep those SmartPoints low.

2. HelloFresh – Great Value on Delicious Low-Calorie Recipes

Key Features

Just like Blue Apron, HelloFresh’s status as one of the most popular meal kits in the United States makes it a great value option, with numerous low-calorie dishes. 

Though it doesn’t have a specific partnership with a weight-loss provider, as Blue Apron has with WW, HelloFresh offers a Fit & Wholesome plan (previously Calorie Smart) featuring dietitian-created dinners averaging about 650 calories each.

To see how easy the meal kits are to cook, check out my colleague’s tried-and-tested review.

Ordering from HelloFresh’s Fit & Wholesome plan gives you access to delicious, low-calorie dinners like the Mexicali Black Bean Soup. This dish clocks in at just 610 calories per serving, with 22g of protein and 13g of fiber.

3. Nutrisystem – Best Time-Tested Diet Based on Portion Control

Key Features

  • Diet system with 100+ items on the menu

  • Lose weight with six small meals per day

  • Ready-to-eat snacks to keep cravings at bay

  • Current deal: 50% Off All Plans + Free Shipping!

Nutrisystem helps support a full-time diet with more than just low-calorie dishes. Unlike some other services, however, Nutrisystem isn’t intended to be the source of 100% of your nutritional needs.

My colleague’s in-depth review explains the system further, but in short, here’s how it works: you jumpstart your new diet plan with a full week of Nutrisystem meals. After the first week, you can introduce “flex meals” and approved fruits and veggies, in addition to your Nutrisystem dishes.

There are several plans to choose from, including specific diabetes-friendly and vegetarian menus, and a Partner Plan that’s ideal for two. The tried-and-tested Nutrisystem diet plans have been around for nearly half a century, which gives this meal delivery service an edge over many of its competitors.

4. Home Chef – Customizable Proteins and Low-Carb Options

Key Features

  • Customize your proteins on almost every dish 

  • Low-calorie and low-carb meals

  • Plenty of vegetarian options available

  • Current deal: Get 16 Free Meals!

Although Home Chef isn’t a diet meal delivery service, its Fresh Start plan focuses on healthier, lighter meals. Look out for the green badge on the weekly menu to find dietitian-approved dishes that are carb- and calorie-conscious, with a high protein and low sodium and fat content.

Home Chef’s Calorie-Conscious menu filter will help you find recipes under 625 calories and includes meals like Pork Medallions and Sweet Onion Peppercorn Gravy. 

Too busy to cook? Home Chef offers a range of quick-prep options, including Fast and Fresh prepared meals, oven-ready meals, and speedy 15-Minute Meal Kits, like the 572-calorie Garlic Pepper Chicken and Honey BBQ Sauce with Cheddar Bacon Broccoli. 

As you can see in my colleague’s tried-and-tested review, Home Chef lets you customize almost any dish. The protein in the Pork Medallions and Sweet Onion Peppercorn Gravy can easily be swapped for chicken breasts or even mahi-mahi.

5. Marley Spoon – Delicious Low-Carb and Low-Calorie Meals for Everyone

Key Features

  • Enjoy Martha Stewart’s unique spice blends  

  • 40+ recipes per week

  • Four dietary options including healthy and vegetarian

  • Current deal: Get $120 off Your First 5 Boxes

Even though it doesn’t have a special weight loss plan, Marley Spoon is a meal kit service that offers solid options for dieters. The weekly menu includes around seven low-calorie meals (max 600 calories per serving) and 10 low-carb meals. 

Plus, as you can read in our in-depth Marley Spoon review, the menu is varied and covers a range of options, from vegetarian to meat and seafood. 

Overall, Marley Spoon is a great option if you want to lose weight while enjoying tasty and well-balanced meals. However, if you follow a specific diet (such as keto or paleo) this service may not be the best option for you. 

6. Diet-to-Go – Lean & Nutritious Meals, Ready to Heat and Eat

Key Features

  • Ready-made meals – just heat and eat!

  • Low-carb, vegetarian, and diabetes-friendly menu options

  • Easy to skip a week when you need to

  • Current deal: Save 50% Off

Diet-to-Go is a great choice because it’s specifically oriented toward folks trying to lose weight. The meals come ready-made with sides and condiments, so you can enjoy healthy, delicious dishes in a matter of minutes.

According to my lovely colleague’s thorough review, Diet-to-Go is an excellent service for anyone looking for support while on (or starting) a calorie-controlled diet. Its varied menus – including dishes like the Santa Fe Chicken Burger and a Turkey Reuben – are offered on a five-week cycle to keep things interesting. 

The plans include keto and diabetes-friendly menus as well as plenty of vegetarian and pescatarian options. So there’s something for pretty much everyone. 

7. Freshly – Nutritionist-Designed, Gluten-Free Prepared Meals

Key Features

  • Meals provide high-quality carbs and nutrients

  • Entire menu is gluten- and peanut-free

  • Prepared dishes are ready to enjoy in just a few minutes

  • Current deal: Save $125, Promo Code: SAVE125AFF

Freshly provides prepared, single-serving meals. These meals arrive fresh, never frozen, and can be enjoyed in minutes. Stick the meal in a microwave for three minutes, and your healthy, calorie-balanced meal is ready to eat!

The company’s FreshlyFit line emphasizes clean, nutritionist-designed dishes with healthy carbs and lots of protein. Along with an active lifestyle, FreshlyFit’s meals can help you manage your calories and lose weight.

For more on Freshly, be sure to read our dedicated Freshly review.

The Harvest Time Chicken Risotto is one of my favorite dishes. It has 530 calories and 39 grams of protein to keep you full for longer after eating. And with hints of cinnamon and maple syrup, the butternut squash may be the best you’ve ever had.

8. Green Chef – Organic Meals for Low-Carb and Plant-Based Diets

Key Features

  • Streamlined meal plans for low-carb, plant-based, and balanced diets

  • USDA-certified organic meal kits

  • Choose up to four recipes per week for as many as six people

  • Current deal: Get $135 Off + Free Shipping

Green Chef lets you choose between six plans that focus on different diets: Keto + Paleo, Vegetarian, Mediterranean, Fast & Fit, Vegan, and Gluten-Free. You can read more about each of these plans in my colleague’s expert Green Chef review.

The menu is varied enough to satisfy even the pickiest of dieters. For instance, under the Keto + Paleo section, you’ll find low-carb dishes like Peruvian Beef Bowls. The menu also includes a combination of vegetarian and vegan dishes. 

Overall, Green Chef is perfect for anyone who wants to learn how to cook low-carb or plant-based meals using premium, organic ingredients.

9. Purple Carrot – Delicious High-Protein, Vegan Recipes

Key Features

  • Perfect for a healthy plant-based diet

  • Meal kit options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner 

  • Most meals are around or under 600 calories

  • Current deal: Get $25 Off & FREE Delivery

Plant-based meals can be great for a healthy diet, but often people don’t know where to start to make vegetables flavorful and delicious – and to keep their meals balanced with enough protein. Enter Purple Carrot with its ingenious menu and options for both meal kits and prepared meals!

If you read our Purple Carrot review, you’ll learn about these highly creative recipes that’ll convince even meat-eaters that plants are delicious. Plus, you’ll often find recreations of classic meals such as the Mac n' Cheese or the Buffalo Tempeh Tacos.

Whether you like cooking or can’t be bothered with it, Purple Carrot has the right plant-based meal for you. So if you’ve ever wanted to lose weight without relying on meat-heavy diets like keto and paleo, Purple Carrot is the one for you!

10. Snap Kitchen – Gluten-Free Meals for Every Diet

Key Features

  • Ready-to-eat meals

  • 35 unique recipes per week

  • Six dietary options including gluten-free, keto, low-carb, and Whole30

  • Current deal: Save $60 with code HABIT60

A restrictive diet, like keto or low-carb, can make it difficult to eat delicious and satisfying meals when you don’t have the time to think about recipes and ingredients. Luckily, with a service like Snap Kitchen, you don’t have to live on chicken breasts and broccoli!

The Snap Kitchen menu makes dieting a whole lot easier, as my colleague demonstrates in their in-depth Snap Kitchen review. That’s because it offers plenty of tasty options that fit some of the most restrictive diets.

Plus, each meal is well-balanced so you eat the nutrients your body needs to stay healthy, while burning fat. And you don’t have to worry about racking up calories as the meals are less than 600 calories (most manage to stay under 500).

Quick Comparison Table

Top Plans
Top Plans
Our Rating
Our Rating
Starting Price
Starting Price

$3.24 Per Serving

$3.79 Per Serving

$8.54 Per Serving

$6.99 Per Serving

$1.99 Per Serving

$8.23 Per Serving

$7.74 Per Serving

$6.00 Per Serving

$8.32 Per Serving

$9.25 Per Serving

Minimum Order
Minimum Order

2 meals for 2 people

2 meals for 2 people

6 meals for 4 days

2 meals for 2 people

2 meals for 2 people

10 prepared meals

4 prepared meals

3 meals for 2 people

3 meal kits for 2 people/6 prepared meals

6 prepared meals

Meal Types
Meal Types

20 - 60 min. meal kits

20 - 30 min. meal kits

Prepared meals, shelf-stable food

Kits, oven- & grill-ready, prepared

30 min. meal kits

Prepared meals

Prepared meals

30-minute meal kits

30-minute meal kits

Prepared meals

Prep Time
Prep Time

5-45 min

15-40 min

0-3 min

5-50 min

20-40 min

2-3 min

3 mins

25-40 min

3-40 min

1-2 min

Active Deals
Active Deals

Tips for Choosing the Best Weight Loss Meal Delivery Services

Whether you want a strict weight-loss diet or you’re just looking to eat healthier foods for an overall lifestyle change, there’s a meal delivery service that can help. Here’s what I look for to help find the right one:

  • Tasty meals you’ll actually enjoy  – Giving up calories shouldn’t mean joyless eating, and dieting shouldn’t put your health at risk. I’ve looked for services that provide you with tasty, nutritionist-approved meal plans for sensible (and long-term) weight loss.

  • Weight-loss cooking tips  – It can be tempting to add unhealthy ingredients like heavy cream or extra oil to meal kits. Look for options like Blue Apron’s Wellness plan that provide WW tips on tasty but calorie-sensible cooking. 

  • Flexible plans – Finding the right weight loss meal delivery service can take some time – you may want to try a few to see which gets you the best results. In that case, you want a plan that’ll let you cancel your subscription with minimal fuss and hassle if it isn’t right for you.

  • Plenty of options – Look for a brand with a big menu of diverse recipes. Sticking to a weight loss regimen is hard enough without having to choose from the same two or three meals every day!

Bottom Line: Are Weight Loss Meal Delivery Services Worth It?

Simply put – absolutely.

With a meal delivery service that’s geared toward supporting weight loss, you get the convenience of calorie- and portion-controlled meals or kits delivered to your door and the results of a dietitian-designed weight loss program.

Whatever your situation, there’s sure to be a meal plan out there that will suit your tastes and lifestyle, and will help you achieve your wellness goals.


What’s the best meal delivery service for weight loss? 

Blue Apron comes top of my list thanks to its Wellness plan and commitment to high-quality meals that are healthy and low in calories – without sacrificing taste. 

Which meal delivery service is healthiest?

Not only does Diet-to-Go have specialized plans for diabetic, low-carb, and vegetarian diets, but all of its plans are certified to be heart-healthy. Dishes are designed to be nutritionally balanced and controlled for sodium, carbs, fat, and cholesterol.

Can HelloFresh help you lose weight?

HelloFresh features high on my list thanks to its Fit and Wholesome plan, which offers healthy and low-calorie dishes. In my opinion, it would be suitable for a casual dieter but for someone after a strict weight-loss regimen, a more diet-focused brand would be a better choice.

About The Author

Joey Kendrick

Contributing Writer, Delivery Rank

Joey is a writer based in New York City. He has covered many subjects, but food is his true passion. With his two cats as research assistants, he creates content for clients all over the world.

Joey is a writer based in New York City. He has covered many subjects, but food is his true passion. With his two cats as research assistants, he creates content for clients all over the world.
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