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Updated on Jan 21st, 2024
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Nom Nom vs. The Farmer’s Dog 2024: Cheaper AND Better?

The Farmer’s Dog and Nom Nom are two of the best companies out there right now providing fresh, human-grade food for your dog. Nom Nom also has a chicken recipe for cats, so this could be a big plus if you own both types of furry friend.

But in other regards, The Farmer’s Dog proves to be better. Based on extensive research, The Farmer’s Dog takes the crown for me, thanks to its more accessible pricing, stellar recipes, and more.

Check out my comparison below to see exactly in which situations each of these companies could be the best match for you and your pooch.

At a Glance: Who Won Each Category?

💲 Price:

The Farmer’s Dog (plans from $2 per day)

🍗 Ingredient Quality:

The Farmer’s Dog

🍴 Recipes:

It’s a tie (4 recipes each)

⏰ Packaging and Prep:

It’s a tie

👍 Ordering and Delivery:

It’s a tie

Ingredient Quality

Winner: The Farmer’s Dog

Both Nom Nom and The Farmer’s Dog úse fresh ingredients that have been gently cooked in small facilities across the US. The cooking process happens at a low temperature in order to maintain the nutrients of the ingredients, but still ensures the food is safe for consumption by killing harmful microorganisms.

The recipes from both companies have been designed by board-certified veterinary nutritionists and meet the AAFCO standards for dog food. This is a huge deal, knowing less than 100 such nutritionists exist in the US.

The Farmer’s Dog uses fresh, human-grade ingredients sourced from trusted, local suppliers. All its produce comes from supply chains destined for human consumption. The primary ingredient in all recipes is meat, and both the meat and the kitchens where the meals are prepared are USDA-certified.

Nom Nom also uses USA-sourced, human-grade ingredients, from its meat to its veggies. The company works hard in the sustainability department, too – it’s constantly striving to achieve minimal waste across its facilities, which I can only applaud.

All the recipes from both Nom Nom and The Farmer’s Dog are free from fillers, by-products, hormones, and artificial preservatives – you’ll never see any protein “meals” on the ingredient lists, like in some supermarket dog foods, or any sketchy ingredients.

All of the meals are grain-free, except for Nom Nom’s Turkey recipe which contains brown rice. The exception is there to give dog owners a choice.

I like that both companies add plenty of antioxidant-packed superfoods into their meals, such as spinach, broccoli, and fish oil. These foods will help to maintain your pup’s health, reducing the signs of aging and the risk of disease.

Nom Nom also uses eggs as a second source of protein, while The Farmer’s Dog uses USDA-approved pork and beef liver.

When it comes to the ingredient lists, I definitely lean towards The Farmer’s Dog. Not only does its meals have a higher protein content (8-11.5% minimum crude protein), but the list of ingredients is shorter, cleaner, and easier to understand. 

For example, its Turkey meal only has seven ingredients (USDA turkey, chickpeas, carrot, broccoli, parsnip, spinach, and fish oil), plus a nutrient blend of vitamins and minerals.

In comparison, Nom Nom’s minimum protein content is slightly lower at 7-10%, and its Turkey recipe has, in addition to added vitamins and minerals, ground turkey, brown rice, eggs, carrots, spinach, fish oil, but also citric acid, natural flavor, and vinegar.

I’m not quite sure what the ‘natural flavor’ is, so The Farmer’s Dog has the edge here for me.

Meals and Customization

Winner: It’s a tie 

Both Nom Nom and The Farmer’s Dog offer four recipes each, each with one main protein source: turkey, beef, chicken, or pork.

The rest of the ingredients are all pretty similar as well, because they were created by veterinary nutritionists who know what a dog both tolerates and needs to be healthy. 

In order to customize your dog’s plan, you’ll need to fill out a short quiz about your pet. This doesn’t change or personalize the recipes themselves, but rather the quantity measured in calories to fit their exact needs.

Plus, certain recipes are better for some dogs than others, and you’ll get recommendations based on the quiz.

Nom Nom asks about your pup’s sex, age, breed, weight, body condition, and potential health problems. The health problems list isn’t exactly exhaustive, but it takes into account food allergies, for example.

The Farmer’s Dog takes things a little further. It also includes questions about your dog’s current food, activity level, spay/neuter status, eating style (pickiness), treats, and there’s an extensive list of health issues to choose from. 

Neither of the companies offer prescription diets, but The Farmer’s Dog asks if your dog needs one. If the answer is yes, it encourages you to check in with your vet to see if its recipes can support your dog’s special needs. The recipes from both companies often do, as they’re specially formulated for even the most sensitive pups.

When it comes to extras, it’s Nom Nom’s time to shine. The Farmer’s Dog doesn’t offer any treats, but Nom Nom offers two one-ingredient types – beef or chicken jerky –  plus two types of probiotic supplements.

Another thing that Nom Nom offers is a microbiome testing kit, which helps to measure your pet’s gut health. This is especially helpful if you suspect there’s something wrong with your dog or cat, but don’t know where to start.

Ordering and Delivery

Winner: It’s a tie

Both The Farmer’s Dog and Nom Nom make it easy to order on their websites. You can also make changes to future orders, including rescheduling them, which is straightforward. 

There’s no minimum order per se, as the amount you spend depends on your pup’s unique needs. Nom Nom also offers half-serving plans, which you can choose if you prefer to supplement your dog’s diet with other foods. 

In addition to its four meals, The Farmer’s Dog offers a customized, subscription-based DIY Nutrient Mix, should you want to cook the food yourself at home. I was impressed with this option because it makes this feel like a company that really cares about your pet’s wellbeing.

And how does it work? Well, you take the quiz about your dog, TFD calculates the exact amount of ingredients and supplements your dog needs, and sends you detailed instructions along with your customized mix. You do the shopping and cooking, and add in the mix to ensure a complete and balanced meal that’s safe for daily feeding.

Now – about delivery. It’s as flexible as it gets. Both companies deliver to all 48 contiguous US states. With Nom Nom, your delivery date will vary depending on your location, but it will never be on a Monday or Saturday.

You can delay, rush, or change the address of your order directly from your account, be it temporarily or permanently.

Both companies are very flexible in this regard, and you can also tweak the frequency you want to receive the meals – from once a week to every number of weeks – to suit you and your dog. 

How Do the Meals Arrive?

Winner: It’s a tie

The meals from both companies arrive frozen, in a well-insulated box, with each meal separately packed and clearly labeled. You’ll also receive storage instructions, but the rule of thumb is to freeze everything, then thaw before you feed.

Since all the meals are free from artificial preservatives, they don’t have a long shelf life, like conventional kibble. 

The meals can stay frozen for up to six months, and last around four days in the fridge. You’ll find more detailed info about storage on the packaging, but it seems easier to just thaw whatever you want for the next day, so you don’t risk spoiling anything.

The meals are perfectly portioned to suit your dog – Nom Nom even uses a one-of-a-kind machine for caloric precision. You don’t have to prepare anything, just thaw and serve. You can put a bit of warm water in the bowl, too, if your dog prefers their food warm.

Thankfully, both companies also make a point of using only environmentally-friendly packaging. 

Every material in your Nom Nom’s box is either recycled or recyclable. The Farmer’s Dog’s cardboard box, insulation, and food storage container are biodegradable (you can compost them if you want), and all the packs are made from non-toxic, BPA-free materials.


Winner: The Farmer’s Dog

The price you pay will vary significantly, depending on your dog’s needs, but to give you an idea, I simulated a meal plan for three different dogs. The Farmer’s Dog seems to have better offers, no matter the size of your pet. 

Firstly, for a 6lb Maltese, you’d pay around $3.10 per day with Nom Nom, but only around $2.78 with The Farmer’s Dog. For a medium-sized 30lb Border Collie, Nom Nom’s plans cost around $5.85 per day, while TFD’s are around $4.66.

Lastly, for a large dog such as a 70lb English Mastiff, you could pay around $21.30 per day with Nom Nom, and $19.15 with TFD.

Of course, these prices may vary based on your dog’s activity levels, neuter status, and more. Nom Nom also has multi-pet discounts, so this may drive the price down if you have more than one furry friend – dog or cat.

While these are not huge differences, you may prefer The Farmer’s Dog if you’re on a tighter budget.

Should you want to cook your pet’s meals at home, the DIY Nutritional Mix from The Farmer’s Dog costs around $6 per week for an average 30lb dog. 

When it comes to Nom Nom’s extras, the treats cost $13 for a 2oz bag, and $20 for 4oz. The probiotic supplements cost $40 undiscounted, while the gut health kit is $90. There are also variety packs of food that cost $15 each, in case you want to test the food with your dog before subscribing.

Both services deliver subscription orders for free. Nom Nom has a $5 tax per delivery if you choose to mix-and-match your recipes in a single order, but you could just rotate recipes between orders to avoid this.

If your dog doesn’t enjoy the food, Nom Nom has a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can get your money back on your trial box.

The Farmer’s Dog also lets you opt for a refund, on the condition you donate the remaining food to a shelter so it doesn’t go to waste. That’s so sweet!

Features Comparison: Nom Nom vs. The Farmer’s Dog

Nom Nom

The Farmer’s Dog

Best for

Owners of multiple pets

Clean recipes, DIY meals

Starting price



Shipping cost




Weekly, every number of weeks, one-off purchases

Weekly, every number of weeks


4 choices (+1 for cats)

4 choices

Meal storage

7 days in the fridge;

6 months in the freezer

4 days in the fridge;

6 months in the freezer

Are meals pre-portioned?



Ingredient quality


Human-grade, USDA-certified


Fillers, meat by-products, hormones, artificial preservatives and flavors

Grains, fillers, meat by-products, hormones, artificial preservatives and flavors

Customizable based on:

Weight (current/ideal), breed, sex, age, body condition, health issues

Weight, breed, sex, age, health, allergies, activity, spay status, eating style, treats


One (because of a supplier)


Money back guarantee?

Yes (within 30 days)

Yes (if you donate the food to a shelter)

Our reviewer’s rating



Current deal

Get 50% off your first box

Get 60% off your first box!

And The Winner Is: The Farmer’s Dog

Overall, The Farmer’s Dog is better. It’s a bit more affordable, has shorter and more comprehensive ingredient lists, and a DIY Nutritional Mix is available if you have a super-sensitive dog and you prefer to cook its food yourself.

However, Nom Nom is still a top-notch service, and it might actually be a better choice in some cases. If you have multiple dogs or cats, or if you'd like add-ons, such as treats or probiotics, Nom Nom’s got you covered.

Regardless of your choice, your dog will be more content and healthier than if it were eating inexpensive, generic supermarket-branded foods. Fresh, mildly-cooked meals made with human-grade components will greatly benefit your pet in the long run, and both of these companies provide such options.


Which is healthier, Nom Nom or The Farmer's Dog?

The Farmer’s Dog has shorter, more comprehensive ingredient lists than Nom Nom, but both offer healthy and fresh food options for your dog. Take a look at the recipes and you’ll see only natural, human-grade ingredients with zero fillers or meat by-products.

Meals that have been gently cooked, like the ones from Nom Nom and The Farmer’s Dog, have proven health benefits, including increased energy levels, allergy control, and shinier coats when compared to dry kibble from the supermarket.

Which is cheaper, Nom Nom or The Farmer’s Dog?

The Farmer’s Dog is overall slightly cheaper. The difference is not too big, as both have plans starting at less than $3 per day for a small dog – but if budget is an important factor in your decision, The Farmer’s Dog may be a better choice.

Still, if you have multiple pets, including cats, Nom Nom has a discount going on if you order for more than one animal. You can also speak to customer support to see if any additional discounts may apply to your situation.

Which is better for cats and dogs, Nom Nom or The Farmer’s Dog?

Both Nom Nom and The Farmer’s Dog are excellent companies for dog food, but Nom Nom also offers a plan for cats. It uses chicken as the main ingredient and is super-high in protein. If you have more than one furry friend, Nom Nom is a great choice. It also has a multiple-pet discount.

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