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Written by: Chelsea Legay on Mar 29th, 2023

9 Best Healthy Dog Food Delivery 2023: Expert Ranked

Finding healthy dog food with quality, minimally processed ingredients can be a chore when there's so much conveniently available canned and dry dog food.

I've researched dozens of dog food delivery services to find the most healthy ones so that buying healthy food for your pup(s) is more convenient than buying unhealthy, overly processed, highly preserved off-the-shelf pet foods.

The Farmer's Dog is my top recommendation for delivering healthy dog food to your doorstep! It’s the most affordable price for the quality of its human-grade ingredients and food prep process.

All dog food from the delivery services on this list meets the Association of American Feed Control Officials' (AAFCO) standard for healthy dog food and uses minimally processed ingredients to ensure your pup's long-term health. Additionally, all recipes are designed or reviewed by vets or vet nutritionists!

Short on Time? Here Are the Best Healthy Dog Food Delivery Services

  1. The Farmer’s Dog – Best human-grade dog food delivery

  2. Ollie – Best for health-conscious dog owners

  3. Nom Nom – Best supplements for gut health

  4. Spot & Tango – Best healthy fresh wet & dry food combo

  5. Open Farm – Best Certified Humane healthy dog food

See 4 more Best Healthy Dog Food Delivery Services

Quick Comparison Table


The Best Healthy Dog Food Delivery Reviewed

1. The Farmer’s Dog – Best Human-Grade Dog Food Delivery

Screenshot of The Farmer's Dog Pork recipe being served from the package to an anticipating pup, and screenshot of the same recipe served in a bowl.

The Farmer’s Dog Beef Recipe

Current deal: Get 60% off on your first order!

Why I like it: The Farmer's Dog (TFD) offers a premium dog food service at a great starting price point. All ingredients are USDA-certified human-grade, and recipes are designed by board-certified veterinary nutritionists to ensure optimum nutrition for your pups.

Ingredients for each recipe are simple and wholesome – like the beef, sweet potato, spinach, lentils, and carrot you'll find in TFD's Beef Recipe pictured above. Meals are fresh, wet food gently cooked to preserve nutrients, made a few days before delivery, and never deep frozen.

TFD customizes a meal plan based on a quiz about your pup, then pre-portions and packages meals appropriately. The meal plan is based on your pup's size, weight, breed, palate pickiness level, activity amount, and more, and this service even cutely prints your pup's name on each meal packet!

If you're interested in DIY pup meal prep – TFD designed a DIY Nutrient Mix to add to home-cooked meals and provides a newsletter with recipes and tips.

Our reviewer said: “Even though it takes up space in my fridge, I like that the company doesn’t add preservatives (so the recipes aren’t shelf-stable) or growth hormones. It makes me feel confident that the food I’m feeding my dogs is healthy and helps them grow.”

Price: Prices start at $2/day for the Fresh Plan, which includes individually packaged meals portioned specifically for your pup. Prices change based on your pup's size, age, and health concerns. Your first order price total will be between $30-$35 plus tax.

For a box of DIY Nutrient Mix that’ll last you seven weeks, your order will come out to $30.

Subscription options: The Fresh Plan provides freshly cooked meals customized by the quiz you take about your dog's size, breed, and health concerns.

The DIY Plan provides nutrient mixes to add to dog food that you buy or make at home. TFD recommends ordering for seven weeks since one full box of DIY Nutrient Mix lasts about that long.

The minimum order is for two weeks, and you can get your food delivered every week or any number of weekly frequency for up to eight weeks.

2. Ollie – Best for Health-Conscious Dog Owners

Ollie offers premium quality ingredients in four delicious fresh food recipes.

Ollie’s Turkey Dish with Blueberries

Current deal:  60% off your first box + FREE welcome kit!

Why I like it: Ollie also uses human-grade ingredients, cooked in a USDA-approved human-grade kitchen, designed by board-certified vets, and offers customizable recipes for your pups. Ollie's food is slightly more protein-packed than TFD's for those pups who need a little extra power.

The bulk of each recipe is meat-based plus minimally processed, fresh ingredients like veggies, grains, and seeds. All recipes are slow-cooked to maintain nutrient density and bioavailability. Ollie adds essential vitamins to ensure your pup's health, and all ingredients have zero artificial preservatives, flavors, or colors.

What's fun about this service is that it includes a portion serving spoon and an air-tight storage container for free! Also included is a feeding guide to ensure that your pup's transition into fresh eating is smooth and successful.

To ensure freshness upon delivery, Ollie slow-cooks all meals in small batches. No overcooking or long-term storing, here!

Our reviewer said: "There's no corn, wheat, or soy in any Ollie meals. Most recipes are grain-free, but its chicken recipe contains rice for dog parents concerned about the possible link between grain-free diets and heart issues."

Price: Prices start at $4-$8 per day, and vary depending on the amount of food your pup needs. Two weeks will cost you somewhere between $40-$50.

Subscription options: There are Baked and Fresh food plans, each with four recipe options. You can choose all four recipes if your pup is a fan and have your order delivered weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.

3. Nom Nom – Best Supplements for Gut Health

Screenshot of Nom Nom's Chicken Cuisine with sweet potato, squash, and spinach, and a happy dog chowing down on the Chicken Cuisine.

Nom Nom’s Chicken Cuisine with Sweet Potatoes, Squash, and Spinach

Current deal:  Take 60% Off Your First Order

Why I like it: Nom Nom prioritizes your pup's gut health and has two board-certified vet nutritionists and a PhD nutritionist designing its recipes. You can choose a Full Spectrum or GI-Targeted Probiotic supplement to enhance your pup's microbiome health.

All food is preservative-free, without fillers or by-products typically found in kibbles and canned food. Nom Nom even offers one-ingredient treats for minimally processed meal additions. Plus, all ingredients are processed and prepped in the US just a few days before delivery to ensure freshness upon arrival.

You can customize your pet's food based on age, weight, and activity level. If Nom Nom isn't working out well for your dog, Nom Nom will consult its two vet nutritions and PhD nutritionists to determine whether its recipes are the best fit for your pup.

Our reviewer said: "Nom Nom offers four types of recipes for dogs (Beef Mash, Chicken Cuisine, Pork Potluck, and Turkey Fare). The recipes are designed with allergies and sensitivities in mind. So, if your pet has such, Nom Nom will recommend one or two recipes in preference to others."

Price: Prices start at about $5 per day and vary by recipe and your pup's age, weight, and activity levels.

Subscription options: Choose between a full plan that covers three pre-portioned meals per day, or a half-plan as a supplement to your dog's current food. Food delivery frequency is determined based on your dog's size. Smaller dogs will receive less frequent deliveries since they eat less. Shipments are most likely bi-weekly.

4. Spot & Tango – Best Healthy Fresh Wet & Dry Food Combo

Screenshot of Spot & Tango's Beef & Millet in the package and in a doggie bowl.

Spot & Tango’s Beef and Millet with Cranberries, Egg, Spinach, Carrots, Peas, and Parsley

Why I like it: Spot & Tango's recipes are made from minimally processed, whole foods to ensure maximum nutrient density. Produce is all non-GMO and US-sourced, and meats are humanely raised and free of hormones and antibiotic treatments.

You can choose from Fresh wet food or UnKibble dry food, or purchase a mix of both. All Fresh food is gently cooked to ensure nutrient density and bioavailability. Dried foods are prepped using a unique Fresh Dry™ process developed by a team of scientists and board-certified vets. Recipes include grain-free and grain-inclusive options, and all food is free from fillers.

For snacky pups, you can purchase two non-GMO, preservative-free snack options – sweet potato or chicken – starting at $12 per bag.

What's fun about this service is you get a free Fresh clip for opened meal bags, and UnKibble serving scoop for your dry dog food!

Our reviewer said: All of the ingredients used in Spot & Tango’s food options are fresh and locally sourced. Recipes are created using only lean proteins, fresh fruits and vegetables, and high-quality carbs for a balanced diet for your pup. There'll never be any fillers, additives, or preservatives."

Price: $7 per week, and varies depending on which recipe you choose and how much food your dog needs. Dry meals are cheaper and start at $1/day, while Fresh wet meals start at $2/day.

Subscription options: Regular plan of three meals a day or Topper Plan to purchase food enough to top your pup's current meals. You can have your pup’s food delivered at weekly intervals up to every eight weeks.

5. Open Farm – Best Certified Humane Dog Food

Screenshot of Open Farm's Homestead Turkey and Chicken dry dog food and an attentive dog waiting to eat it.

Open Farm’s Homestead Turkey and Chicken Dry Dog Food

Why I like it: Open Farm is one of the few services that use Certified Humane poultry, meat, and fish! While this food isn’t USDA-certified human-grade, it’s comprised of humanely-raised proteins that are hormone- and antibiotic-free from US family farms. Fish is wild-caught and sustainably sourced, and all food is free of artificial flavors and fillers.

Open Farm offers an excellent variety of dog food including wet, dry, broth, snacks, toppers, freeze-dried, gently-cooked, and more. You can shop by food and protein type and bundle meals and snacks to save on your purchase!

Another unique aspect of Open Farm is its focus on local, fresh ingredient sourcing. 40% of veggies are grown within the same town as the manufacturing facility, and 90% of fruits and veggies are grown in-state or in a neighboring state. All ingredients – except for coconut oil, lamb, and venison – are sourced from family farms, primarily in the US and Canada.

Our reviewer said: “Nutrition is at the forefront of Open Farm’s mission. The company employs a team of food scientists, food manufacturers, animal scientists, and animal nutrition specialists to build food formulas with perfectly balanced nutrition.”

Price: $7/lb without auto-shipment making Open Farm one of the pricier services. Dry dog food is cheaper than wet dog food. Bone broth and treats range from $6.99 to $11.99 and up.

Subscription options: You can make one-time purchases for all items or subscribe to deliveries at weekly intervals up to every eight weeks. Subscribing gives you a 5% discount!

6. A Pup Above– Best Healthy Food for Adult Dogs

Screenshot of a puppy approving A Pup Above's Chicken Pupatouille dish.

A Pup Above’s Chicken Pupatouille with the Superherbs: Thyme and Turmeric

Why I like it: A Pup Above is another human-grade dog food delivery service. It's pricier than most and only designed for adult dogs, but you get great quality ingredients, including non-GMO veggies, high-protein recipes, meats free from antibiotics, steroids, and hormones, and meals that are slow-cooked in USDA-approved human-grade facilities.

Plus, board-certified vet nutritionists with 10+ years of experience formulated and reviewed all of A Pup Above's recipes.

You can choose from four dry food and four wet food options, bundle wet and dry recipes, or purchase sampler packs to discover which food your dog enjoys most. Grain-inclusive and grain-free options are available.

You can even check out the website to find store locations that offer free samples of A Pup Above recipes so your pup can try them before you subscribe!

Our reviewer said: "A Pup Above's meals contain an average of 77% more protein than other dog food delivery services do. And sous vide meals have up to 25% more nutrients than meals prepared conventionally at higher heats."

Price: A Pup Above starts at $7.50/lb. Price varies based on the amount of food your dog needs, what size bags you buy, and whether you sign up for a subscription.

Subscription options: You can make a one-time order or subscribe. Ordering with a subscription is cheaper than one-time orders. You can choose the amount you want to order based on the website’s feeding guidelines. You can order enough to cover all your pup's meals or to supplement your pup's current food.

7. Tailored – Best Customizable Dry Food and Treats

Screenshot of Tailored's bag of customized kibble and screenshot of customized kibble.

Tailored’s Customized bag of feed based on your dog’s breed, weight, and health needs

Why I like it: Tailored offers the best customizable dry food and treats based on a thorough quiz determining your dog’s size, breed, age, food sensitivities, activity level, palate pickiness, coat healthiness, stool consistency, teeth and gum health, and protein preference. Whew!

This is one of the most affordable customizable dog food services for the amount of customization it achieves for your pup. Not only can you customize your dog’s dry food, but you can apply that customization for treats, chews, and mixer add-ons. Few services offer snack customization, so this service is a real treat.

While not customizable, supplement add-ons are also available that target your dog’s skin and coat health or joint mobility.

Tailored is also an environmentally-conscious company and can proudly claim that its delivery process is carbon-neutral!

Our reviewer said: “The best part about Tailored is how affordable it is considering the high-quality ingredients and the level of expertise of all the people involved, from the veterinary advisory board to the customer support team.”

Price: Prices start at $3.85/week, and Tailored treats start at $15 for a 5.5 oz bag.

Subscription options: You can make a one-time purchase or sign up for a subscription of 8lb or 40lb bags. You can choose any number of weekly delivery intervals up to 12 weeks.

8. PetPlate – Great Selection of Recipes

Screenshot of PetPlate’s Chompin’ Chicken with Sweet Potatoes, Apples, Red Lentils, Flax Seeds, and Green Beans.

While most other dog food delivery services offer four main recipes for fresh, wet, and dry foods, PetPlate offers six.

Why I like it: PetPlate creates human-grade, kettle-cooked meals for dogs of all ages in USDA-approved kitchens. There isn't recipe customizability, but you can filter recipes based on a short quiz of your dog's needs. And while most dog food delivery services offer four recipes, PetPlate offers six!

You can choose from four Signature Entrees of beef, chicken, turkey, or lamb, and two Supportive Entrees either focused on fiber and high protein or low fat and heart-healthy protein, both designed for pups with sensitive digestive issues. Three snack options are also available that you can bundle together to create a complete meal and treat plan for your pup!

Our reviewer said: “PetPlate gets points in the Shipping and Delivery category. If your dog requires a lot of food and is eating frequently, orders are shipped more frequently. The specifics are determined by your pet's personalized plan."

Price: Plans start at $2.85/day and vary based on the recipes you choose and the amount of food your dog needs.

Subscription options: Choose either the Full Plan of 21 containers about every three weeks or the Topper Plan of six containers about every four weeks. Option to add organic treats and supplements to either plan.

9. We Feed Raw – Best Healthy Raw Dog Food

Screenshot of a cartoon dog anticipating a dish of We Feed Raw's Duck Patty Recipe.

We Feed Raw’s Duck Patty Recipe

Why I like it: We Feed Raw (WFR) is the best raw dog food on the market! WFR takes special care to choose the highest quality ingredients. All meats are USDA-certified human-grade, made up of meaty meat (connective tissue and fat), organ meat, and bone, and are free from fillers, preservatives, artificial flavors, or colors. Ingredients are exclusively sourced and processed in the USA.

WFR even curated a vitamin and mineral mix to ensure your pup gets all the nutrients it needs to thrive. If your dog has never eaten raw food, you can easily follow the instructions on transitioning your dog from its current food to WFR’s raw food.

All food is formulated by a PhD animal food nutritionist with over 30 years of experience in raw feeding and animal nutrition. Raw meats are treated with a cold-pressure process that neutralizes most harmful bacteria such as Salmonella, E. Coli, and Listeria.

You can purchase pre-mixed meals or customize your pup’s meals with a short quiz.

Our reviewer said: “Each recipe contains a pre-mix of vitamins and minerals designed to boost nutrients.” Among others, the pre-mix includes Flaxseed (great for its content of Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids), Calcium Carbonate (for bone growth and healthy teeth), Vitamin E Supplement (for healthy cells), Riboflavin Supplement, and Folic Acid.”

Subscription options: One-time purchasing is available. You can subscribe to any product or customized WFR meals based on your quiz, with a minimum of 30lbs for each order. Bulk order options of 30lb, 60lb, 90lb, or 120lb bags are available. Delivers can be weekly or at weekly intervals of up to six weeks.

Quick Comparison Table

Starting Price

Minimum Order

Meal Type


Active Deals

🥇The Farmer’s Dog


2-Week Starter Pack

Fresh, DIY Nutrient Mix


Get 60% off on your first order! from The Farmer’s Dog


$4-$8 per day

2-Week Starter Pack



60% off your first box + FREE welcome kit! from Ollie

🥉Nom Nom

$5 per day

2-Week Starter Pack



Take 60% Off Your First Order from Nom Nom

Spot & Tango

$7 per week

2-Week Starter Pack

Fresh, Dry, Snacks


Free Chicken Bites + 50% off your trial order from Spot & Tango

Open Farm

$7/lb without auto-shipment

No minimum

Dry, wet, wet and dry toppers, snacks, supplements

$5.99 flat rate, Free on orders over $50

Use code AFF20 to get 20% off your first auto-ship order! from Open Farm

A Pup Above


3lb bag

Fresh and Dry

$15 or free with 3 or more bags

$50 Off your 1st Order with code TRYNOW from A Pup Above



2 week one- time purchase

Dry, wet, wet and dry toppers, snacks, supplements

Free with subscription

Closed For Business. from Tailored



3 week minimum



$100 Off Over 4 Boxes + 50% Off Treats from PetPlate

We Feed Raw


30lb minimum



Save 30% off your first subscription box. Code: DR30 from We Feed Raw

Tips for Choosing the Best Healthy Dog Food Delivery

After extensively researching healthy dog food delivery services, I’ve come up with a few tips to help you choose which service might be best for you and your canine pals.

  • Consider your dog’s health needs: There are wide varieties of dog food within the wet, dry, and raw categories. Consult your vet to determine which food category is best for your dog. Pups with sensitive digestion or joint issues may benefit from services that offer customizable recipes and pre/probiotic supplement add-ons.

  • Consider ingredient freshness: Typical animal food found on shelves is prepared with “animal-grade” ingredients, tons of preservatives, artificial flavors, artificial colors, and fillers such as wheat and corn that provide no nutritional value for your pet and may be harmful to your pet’s gut health over time.

All services on this list prioritize fresh ingredients and, for fresh food options, prepare meals within a few days of your order so that – although they arrive frozen – are as fresh as possible when defrosted!

Dry foods, of course, can be prepared further in advance than fresh foods. However, when choosing healthy dog food, ensure ingredients are free from fillers, preservatives, and “animal-grade” ingredients!

  • Consider the food prep process: Typical fresh and wet foods available in stores are cooked at temperatures that destroy the nutritional value of the food’s ingredients. All the fresh and wet foods on this list are slowly and gently cooked at a temperature that stabilizes any harmful bacteria while maintaining the nutritional contents of the ingredients.

  • Consider price: While most services on this list offer free shipping, each has a different meal plan structure and per-day price. You can find options as cheap as $1 and up to $16+ per day. Prices usually depend on the amount of food your pup needs, so it’s cheaper to purchase food for smaller dogs from these services.

Dog food delivery services typically offer free shipping, but double-check your order total before purchasing just in case!

Bottom Line: So, What’s the Healthiest Dog Food Delivery Service?

The Farmer’s Dog is my top recommendation for the healthiest dog food delivery service.

TFD contains all the best available features of what you want in healthy dog food: human-grade fresh ingredients, vitamin and mineral supplemented recipes, gently cooked in USDA-approved human-grade kitchens, vet-designed and approved recipes, and customizable recipes for your dog’s specific size, breed, activity level, and health concerns.

Ollie is a close second and only loses out because TFD is a bit more affordable. Both services offer the highest-quality, human-grade dog food to optimize your pet’s health. For more on excellent, high-quality dog food delivery services, check out my colleague’s 8 Fresh Dog Food Delivery Services 2022!


How much does healthy dog food delivery cost?

Dog food delivery services have different per-day prices that are typically dependent upon dietary customization factors and how much food your dog needs. You can find prices for healthy dog food delivery services from $1 per day to $16 per day, with mid-range prices hovering around $2-$7 per day.

What is the healthiest dog food?

The Farmer’s Dog offers some of the healthiest dog food among dog food delivery services due to its USDA-approved human-grade ingredients, and even more strict quality standards. This service also offers one of the best customizable subscriptions for various dietary needs of a variety of breeds, ages, and activity levels.

Common healthy features you should standardize for your pup’s diet include AAFCO compliance, human-grade and humanely-raised proteins, fresh and non-GMO produce, locally-sourced ingredients, USDA-approved human-level kitchens, and board-certified vet nutritionist-designed recipes.

Is raw food healthy for dogs?

Raw food may not be healthy for dogs with specific dietary concerns or sensitive bellies, so consult your vet before transitioning your bet to a raw food diet!

While animals can process bacteria much more easily than we humans can, you may still want to ensure that the raw food service you choose uses a cold-pressure process to neutralize Salmonella, E. coli, and Listeria. If you choose to feed your dog raw food, ensure that it’s AAFCO certified like We Feed Raw’s food and is formulated by a board-certified veterinary nutritionist.

Potential benefits of a raw food diet include improved gut health, bone density, immune system strength, coat shine, and dental health!

Best Healthy Dog Food Delivery in 2023 – Final Score:

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