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Written by: Mirela Niculae on Apr 15th, 2023

9 Best Dry Dog Food Delivery 2023: Nutritious, Healthy Meals

Is dry dog food a good option for your pooch?

Given the abundance of low-quality kibble on the market, it’s easy to see why you may be hesitant. And yet, there are companies that produce healthy and nutritious dry dog food options. The secret is to know which one’s the best.

That’s why I worked with our team of specialists to round up the best dry dog food delivery services out there. My favorite is Ollie, with its gently-baked human-grade kibble recipes that are designed to keep pooches of all ages happy and healthy.

But Ollie isn’t the only dry dog food delivery service to use high-quality ingredients in recipes. There are other great brands out there, and you can learn all about them from my list below!

Short on Time? Here Are the Best Dry Dog Food Delivery Services

  1. Ollie – Best for custom meal plans with 100% human-grade recipes

  2. Spot & Tango – Best dry dog food with whole ingredients

  3. Open Farm – Best ethical and sustainable standards

  4. Chewy– Everything you need for your pet’s health

  5. PetFlow – Great for Shopping in Bulk

See 4 more dry dog food delivery services

Quick Comparison Table


The Best Dry Dog Food Delivery Services Reviewed

1. Ollie – Best For Custom Meal Plans With 100% Human-Grade Recipes

Chicken and Carrot Recipe

Current deal: Get 60% Off Your Starter Box!

Why I like it: Whole foods ingredients, real meat and veggies, and the possibility to mix and match between fresh cooked and dry food – these are the features that make Ollie a great option for health-conscious owners.

However, when it comes to dry food, I would’ve liked to see more variety beyond beef and chicken. But you have to appreciate the lack of artificial flavoring, fillers, and preservatives. Everything is designed with our four-legged friends’ health in mind.

Our reviewer said: “Did I mention each recipe is personalized for your dog's specific needs? That's right: after submitting a short quiz about your dog, including its breed, size, activity levels, and food sensitivities, you'll get to choose recipes specially crafted for your pup's needs. No guesswork.”

Price: Ollie offers three meal plans – Fresh, Mixed, and Backed (dry food). The Backed plan is the most cost-effective, with prices starting at $4-$8 per day.

Subscription options: Ollie is a subscription-based service, but the system is flexible with a variety of plans with different frequencies.

2. Spot & Tango – Best Dry Dog Food With Whole Ingredients 

Spot & Tango's Cod and Salmon recipe

Spot & Tango's UnKibble is all about creating healthy, dry food that dogs love to eat.

Current deal: 60% off your first order. Code DELIVERY60

Why I like it: Spot & Tango’s dry food is called Unkibble, and doesn’t contain any “powder mystery meats” (as they put it). The list of ingredients is easy to find and understand for all three recipes, and the food is GMO and hormone free.

Unkibble comes as a convenient alternative to fresh food as it doesn’t need to be stored in the freezer and thawed before consumption. Plus, it’s nutritious for pups and dogs of all ages! 

Our reviewer said: “Not only does Spot & Tango offer your dog a healthy, balanced diet, but the whole process is extremely convenient thanks to its pre-portioned meals and auto-delivery options.”

Price: Unkibble is the most budget-conscious option from Spot & Tango, with prices starting at $7 per week.

Subscription options: Spot & Tango is a subscription-based service only, and you can choose the frequency (every week, every two weeks, every four weeks, or every eight weeks).

3. Open Farm – Best Ethical And Sustainable Standards

Homestead Turkey and Ancient Grains Dry Dog Food

Current deal: Save 20% off your first Autoship with code: AUTOSHIPLIFE

Why I like it: Open Farm offers a good selection of high-quality meals for dogs and cats, in a variety of protein (beef, chicken, turkey, fish, venison, lamb, and pork) and type of foods. For dogs, you can choose between dry, wet, gently cooked, raw, supplements, broths, and treats.  

The dry dog food menu is diverse, with over 15 recipes to choose from. The kibbles contain real meat, raised sustainably by thoroughly vetted farms that supply Open Farms’ ingredients. Plus, you can trace the origin of each ingredient, so you can make sure your pup will receive only the best.

Our reviewer said: “I’ve tested out the food on my own pet family, scoured the Open Farm website, and taken straw polls from other pet owners to hear their thoughts too. Overall, I give Open Farm a massive two thumbs up.”

Price: Open Farm is at the higher end in terms of pricing, but with dry dog food, you can choose the quantity. Prices start at $7/lb without auto-shipment.

Subscription options: You can choose between a one-time shipment and a subscription. Subscriptions will get you a discount, and you can adjust the frequency from every two weeks to every two months.

4. Chewy – Everything You Need for your Pet’s Health

Dry Dog Food Options by Chewy

Why I like it: Chewy is an online pet store where you can find a wide range of things ranging from food from various brands, pharmacy supplies, toys, and accessories. When it comes to dog food, I like the level of diversity and the fact that it caters to specific diets (for puppies, for seniors, high protein, weight control, sensitive digestion, and so on).

Our reviewer said: “Chewy makes it easy to find everything you need for your pets in one place. I think it’s great because it offers food and supplies not just for cats and dogs (like most online retailers) but also for small animals, horses, and farm animals. Even the bees aren’t left out.”

Price: Since the offer includes over 170 brands of dry dog food alone, Chewy is a great option for almost any budget (prices start at <$2 per meal).

Subscription options: You can buy whatever you need as you would from a regular online store, or you can use the Autoship feature to save an extra 5%.

5. PetFlow – Great for Shopping in Bulk

Dry dog food options

Why I like it: PetFlow is a store where you can get anything you need for your pets, regardless of their species and nutritional needs. PetFlow caters to dogs, cats, birds, small pets, aquatic pets, and reptiles. Plus, the offer includes a good variety of food brands (including treats and supplements), toys, accessories, and more.

When it comes to dry food, you have over 1000 options from which to choose. Also, you can purchase some of the most commonly requested pharmacy supplies for cats and dogs, including prescription diets. Therefore, it’s easy to shop once a month for everything you need.

Our reviewer said: “The company also believes in giving back, so for every purchase made on the website, PetFlow gives a bowl of food to a dog or cat in the shelter system. Not only can PetFlow send you the food and treats you need delivered to your doorstep each month automatically, but you can also feel good about utilizing a company that gives back.”

Price: With prices starting at $2.49/pack, PetFlow’s offer includes an option for every budget.

Subscription options: One-time purchases and Autoship options are available, but you save 10% of your order if you choose Autoship.

6. PetCareRx – A Fun and Easy Shopping Experience

Dry dog food best selling products and brands

Why I like it: PetCareRx offers the standard online pet shop experience by combining an online pharmacy and an e-store. The thing I liked the most, though, was the advanced filtering system that lets you find whatever you need in minutes.

PetCareRx offers almost everything a pet owner needs for dogs and cats, from food, nutrition, accessories, cleaning, grooming, toys, and treats, to training supplies. So, without a proper search and filtering method, your shopping experience would be quite confusing.

Our reviewer said: “With its extensive selection of medications, PetCareRx can certainly supply you with prescription meds for almost every special need.”

Price: Prices start from $1.99/1.4oz, so you can say PetCareRx is accessible for every budget.

Subscription options: Besides the standard online shopping experience, PetCareRx also has the Auto-Delivery option, where you get to place your shopping on autopilot. Also, you receive an extra 5% off or more if you are a PetPlus member.

7. Maxbone – For Dogs that Feel Good and Look Good

Turkey meal recipe

Why I like it: Maxbone takes care of your pooch’s health and style in one go. The store offers delicious dry food meals, toppers, and treats, plus fashionable accessories and toys for stylish dogs.

The three available meal options (turkey, duck, and beef) are grain-free, gluten-free, and freeze-dried to avoid losing taste, texture, or nutrients. Plus, you can use each of the recipes as the main meal, in combination with other kibbles, or as treats.

Our reviewer said: “Maxbone wants to be a one-stop shop for the modern dog's needs and aims to change the pet parents’ online shopping experience. The brand is focused on simplicity and quality, and this is easy to see in the newest release ─ the Mb Eats section.”

Price: Maxbone is on the pricier end of the spectrum (From $11), but there are ways to bring the cost down.

Subscription options: One-time purchases and subscriptions (delivery every 14 or 30 days) are available, but if you want to bring the cost down, the subscription will save you up to 15% per order.

8. Hungry Bark – Vet-Approved Flavorful Kibbles with Superfood Ingredients

Superfoods w/ Lamb plus Turkey (Grain-Free)

Why I like it: Hungry Bark’s offer includes four dry food recipes (Lamb plus Turkey, Salmon, Chicken plus Turkey plus Brown Rice, and Turkey plus Duck), supplement chews, and protein mix-ins for an extra dash of flavor in your pooch’s meal.

All the meals include superfood ingredients, real meat proteins, probiotics, vitamins, minerals, and love. Also, the kibbles are cooked in small batches to lock in all the nutrients, vitamins, and flavor. What’s great about Hungry Bark’s offer is that you can mix and match as you like or take the quiz and get a meal plan tailored to your dog’s needs.

Price: Starting at <$2/lb, Hungry Bark’s food is a bit pricey. However, the cost is manageable for puppies and small to medium-sized breeds.

Subscription options: As a member of the Bark Pack (subscription-based), you receive a series of benefits such as 10% on all orders or online access to the in-house Clinical Pet Nutritionist to chat about nutrition. Also, one-time purchases are available too.

9. Yumwoof – Perfect Kibble for your Pooch

Premium chewy superfood

Why I like it: Yumwoof’s dry food is made with premium human-grade ingredients and is GMO-free. Plus, the company offers a great money-back policy for new customers in case you’re not satisfied with your dog’s progress within the first 30 days of feeding.

According to Yumfood, the Perfect Kibble is low carb and specially formulated to help dogs live long and happy lives inflammation-free. However, there’s little variety (only two recipes available), and results tend to vary from pooch to pooch.

Our reviewer said: “the main product itself is an innovation –  it’s like kibble in the sense that it’s shelf-stable and doesn’t require any prep, but it’s soft, chewy, and full of only natural, healthy ingredients. The best of both worlds, right?”

Price: At about $0.41 per meal, Yumwoof isn’t cheap. However, there are discounts and promotions that can bring the price down a bit.

Subscription options: One-time purchases (with options for buying in bulk) and subscription-based purchases are available. If you choose a subscription, you’ll receive a delivery every one, two, or three months.

Quick Comparison Table

Starting Price

Minimum Order

Meal Type


Active Deals


$4-$8 per day

One week’s worth of food

Dry, Fresh


Get 60% Off Your Starter Box! from Ollie

🥈Spot & Tango

$7 per week

One week’s worth of food

Dry, Fresh


60% off your first order. Code DELIVERY60 from Spot & Tango

🥉Open Farm

$7/lb without auto-shipment

One item

Dry, Wet, Freeze dried raw, Gently cooked

Free shipping over $50 or $5.99 otherwise

Save 20% off your first Autoship with code: AUTOSHIPLIFE from Open Farm


<$2 per meal

One item

Dry, Wet, Fresh

Free shipping over $49 or $4.95 otherwise

Save 35% On Your First Order from Chewy



One item

Dry, Wet, Freeze dried

Free shipping over $49

10% Off Your First Order from PetFlow



One item

Dry, Wet, Freeze dried

Free shipping for orders over $48 or

$5.99 otherwise

25% Off + Free Shipping, Code CARE25 from PetCareRx


From $11

One item


$8 standard shipping rate 

Subscribe and save 15% from 


Hungry Bark


One item


Free shipping on all orders over $50 


Based on your location ($6.95 for LA)

50% OFF + Free Gift from Hungry Bark


$0.41 per meal

One item

Air dried

Free shipping on all orders over $34 or $9.99 otherwise

Save 40% on orders of 6+ bags from Yumwoof

Tips for Choosing the Best Dry Dog Food Delivery Services

Since I know how confusing it can be to find a kibble recipe that’s tasty and healthy, here are some of the criteria I used while doing the research:

  • Human-grade or premium quality ingredients: This rule is a must-have if you want healthy meals for your dog. Check to see if the producer is transparent with the type of ingredients used and their source. Plus, it’s best to find a brand that either has a collaboration with a vet nutritionist or has one on board as part of the staff.

  • Gently dried: Most commercial kibbles are cooked at high speed in industrial ovens, which tends to destroy nutrients and vitamins. However, if the kibbles are dried gently (or air dried) in small batches, they lock the nutrients in and keep a better taste and texture.

  • Affordable: One of the biggest problems when it comes to high-quality dry dog food is the price. And yet, most options are more affordable than fresh and raw food options. Plus, the final price depends on your dog’s size, age, and level of activity.

  • Customization options: This one isn’t available for all brands, but some of the best provide customized meals as an option. Customization is important because it helps you create a unique meal plan for your pooch’s unique needs.

Bottom Line: Is Dry Dog Food a Good Choice?

Yes! But only if you choose wisely.

For instance, a brand like Ollie is a great option because all its baked recipes include human-grade ingredients. Plus, the kibbles are gently baked in small batches to retain their full nutritional profile until they reach your dog’s bowl.

Overall, when you choose your dog’s food (dry, fresh, or raw), you have to take the same safety measures as you would for yourself and your family members. After all, your furry four-legged friend is also part of the family.


What is the best dry dog food brand?

Open Farm is a brand that’s highly particular about the source of the ingredients used to make its kibble. The company is committed to sourcing sustainable, ethical, and traceable ingredients (you can do this by using the code printed on each bag of food). This helps them to create healthy foods and reduces the negative impact on the environment.

What are the ingredients in dry dog food?

Each dry dog food has a unique recipe, but healthy foods, like the baked kibbles from Ollie, include real meat and veggies. And, to give your pooch a boost of energy, many of these recipes include superfoods such as fish oil and chia seeds (among others).

Also, there are no preservatives, fillers, or GMOs in any of the recipes. All the ingredients are carefully selected, only from human-grade sources.

What is the tastiest dry dog food?

That’s for your dog to decide. I would recommend trying several different recipes, textures, and even combinations of dry and fresh foods. Brands like Spot & Tango (the UnKibble) and Yumwoof (chewy, air-dried kibbles) have different textures and tastes so you can make an idea of what your furry friend likes.

Best Dry Dog Food Delivery in 2023 – Final Score:

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