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Author Zoran Trifunovic
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Updated on May 16th, 2024
Fact checked by Emma Vince

10 Best Food Services for Pets with Sensitive Stomachs 2024

Pets with sensitive stomachs may need to change their diets or switch to foods with gentle ingredients like chicken, rice, and eggs. A combination of chicken and rice is especially beneficial since it provides your cat or dog with the protein and carbs they need to recover.

Finding the right pet food delivery service for animals with digestive issues can be challenging. There are lots of options available, and meals can vary greatly in quality and nutritional value. Every pet is different, too. While many of the services on my list allow you to customize meals to your pet's age and breed, you may still want to consult with your vet before making a final decision.

I found that The Farmer's Dog is the best service for dogs with upset stomachs. This company has been researching pet nutrition for decades and it prepares dog meals with great attention to detail. My list has other great options, too, including services that cater to cats. 

Short on Time? Here Are the Best Food Delivery Services for Pets with Sensitive Stomachs

  1. The Farmer’s Dog – Best food for dogs with upset stomachs overall

  2. Ollie – Best vet-formulated recipes for canines

  3. Spot & Tango – Best fresh chicken and brown rice meal for upset bellies

  4. We Feed Raw – Best raw meals for cats and dogs

  5. Nom Nom – Best pet food meeting the AAFCO standards

See 5 more food services for pets with sensitive stomachs

The Best Food Services for Pets with Sensitive Stomachs Reviewed

1. The Farmer’s Dog – Best Overall Food for Dogs with Upset Stomachs

The Farmer's Dog's Buddy's Turkey Recipe

Key Features

  • Fresh food without potentially harmful ingredients

  • Meals designed by certified veterinarians

  • Human-grade meats and vegetables

  • Current deal: Get 60% off on your first order!

The Farmer's Dog creates healthy and high-quality meals for dogs. You'll get fresh meals made with real, unprocessed ingredients, completely free from unhealthy additives. 

What’s on Offer?

Vets formulate The Farmer's Dog's meals without the need for any preservatives to extend their shelf life. Plus, all of the pet food is prepared in USDA kitchens. For these and other reasons, The Farmer’s Dog is among the best dog food delivery services in the USA. 

The Farmer's Dog prioritizes transparency, and you'll find a comprehensive list of ingredients included in each of its meals. The company doesn't use misleading labels, such as "made with beef," which may only contain 2% or 3% of beef. It lists its meals' ingredients and their quantities accurately.

You don't need to cook or heat The Farmer's Dog's meals. Simply take them out from the fridge and serve them to your dog. However, if your pet prefers warm meals, you can mix the dish with a small amount of hot water. The Farmer's Dog's Baxter's Chicken Recipe

What Makes It Special?

The Farmer's Dog cooks its dog food at low temperatures and then freezes it just enough to ensure safety during delivery. As our reviewer found when they tried The Farmer's Dog at home, this keeps dishes tasting their best. Remember to store meals in the fridge or freezer when you get them. They should last up to 5 days in the refrigerator.

Fill out a short questionnaire to help your pup get the best food for their upset stomach. The questions relate to the dog's age, activity level, dietary preferences, and more. When you get to the question addressing health issues, you can select Constipation, Diarrhea, or whatever applies to your dog's condition.

Is It Good Value?

The cost of The Farmer's Dog’s meals depends on various factors. These include your dog's size, age, and overall health. For small dogs, the cost starts at $2/day. However, for medium and large dogs, the price per day will likely be much higher.

2. Ollie – Best Vet-Formulated Recipes for Canines

Ollie's fresh beef recipe

Key Features

Ollie boasts vet-formulated, human-grade recipes designed by expert nutritionists. It ensures that meals are nutritious and balanced for all dog life stages. Ollie's food meets AAFCO (The Association of American Feed Control Officials) guidelines and is prepared in human-grade facilities.

What’s on Offer?

Ollie has 3 meal plans on offer – Fresh, Half Fresh, and Mixed. The Half Fresh Plan lets you combine Ollie's fresh meals with the food you’re currently feeding your pooch. The full Fresh Plan is the pricier of the 2 options. The Mixed Plan lets you mix and match Ollie’s fresh and baked recipes.

The key ingredients of the Fresh Recipes are beef, turkey, lamb, pork, and chicken. The company recommends its Fresh Chicken meal for dogs with sensitive bellies. This particular dish also contains rice and carrots. Other meals have different complementary ingredients, including spinach, peas, and sweet potatoes, as well as superfoods like blueberries, cranberries, and chickpeas.

The primary ingredients of Baked Recipes are beef and chicken. The chicken-based meal also includes eggs, chickpeas, and various vegetables.

Ollie sources meats from reputable suppliers in the USA and internationally. Chicken, beef, and turkey are purchased from suppliers within the US, while the lamb is sourced from distributors in the USA, Australia, and New Zealand. Note that Ollie works directly with the distributors. An Ollie meal being used as a topper by our reviewer along with his dogs normal kibble meal

What Makes It Special?

Take Ollie's quiz to get personalized meal recommendations for your dog. It includes questions about your dog's age, breed, and stool. But if you wish to address your dog's stomach condition in more detail, you'll be better off with The Farmer's Dog's quiz.

Your dog should consume fresh meals within 4 days after delivery. If you choose to freeze the meals, you can store them for up to 6 months. If you opt for baked food, your dog should eat it up to 6 weeks after you open the package.

You can find various supplements on the website to support your dog's health. The Probiotic Chews are a good choice for dogs having tummy problems.

Is It Good Value?

Ollie cooks your pup's food at low temperatures in small batches and then freezes it. That way, it preserves its high quality and great taste. And as our reviewer noted in our tested Ollie review, food experts design each recipe with your pet's potential health issues in mind.

The price of Ollie's meal plans depends on your dog's needs and the chosen plan. Meals start at $4-$8 per day. Ollie offers free delivery to all 48 contiguous US states.

3. Spot & Tango – Best Fresh Chicken and Brown Rice Meal for Upset Bellies

Image of a bowl of Spot & Tango's Chicken & Brown Rice UnKibble

Key Features

Spot & Tango offers 2 meal types, including Fresh and UnKibble recipes. Its UnKibble Chicken + Brown Rice meal, made with fresh ingredients that are dried to lock in the nutrients, includes chicken, brown rice, and sweet potatoes. The combination of these ingredients can help address your pup's digestive issues. 

What’s on Offer?

UnKibble recipes have all the benefits of fresh food for your dog but they're much easier for you to store as they don't need refrigeration. The 3 other UnKibble recipes are Beef + Barley, Cod + Salmon, and Turkey + Sweet Potato.

Spot & Tango's Fresh Recipes also come in 3 variants. These are Turkey + Red Quinoa, Beef + Millet, and Lamb + Brown Rice. All fresh dishes also contain carrots, spinach, and parsley.

Spot & Tango uses only real food sourced from farmers across the USA. It doesn't add any artificial ingredients, colors, or preservatives. Certified veterinary nutritionists formulate the dog food service's recipes. As a result, meals typically contain 50% USDA meat, 30% nutrient-rich starch, and 20% fruits and vegetables. Spot & Tango's fresh Turkey + Red Quinoa recipe

What Makes It Special?

You can help Spot & Tango personalize your dog's meal plan by taking a quick quiz. It considers factors such as your pup's age, gender, body condition, and activity level. Some health issues relating to touchy stomachs you can check are Vomiting, Diarrhea, and Constipation.

If you’re unsure whether your dog will enjoy Spot & Tango’s food, consider trying the 2-week trial. The trial shipment is designed to provide your furry friend with all the necessary nutrients for a 2-week period. If your pet doesn’t take to the food, you’ll be offered a full refund for the trial order. Check out our dedicated Spot & Tango review for further details.

You can store UnKibble food longer than Fresh meals. Dried recipes can last up to 12 months if you store them in a dry and cool place. Ensure your dog eats them within 8 weeks once you open the package. As for fresh food, it's safest to consume it within 4 days if you refrigerate it. If frozen, it typically lasts up to 6 months.

Is It Good Value?

Spot & Tango ships its products throughout the contiguous United States free of charge. Typically, first-time orders arrive in 3 to 6 days. Renewed orders may arrive as quickly as 2 days or take up to 5 days. The company uses FedEx Ground to ship its dog food.

The size of the dog affects the cost the most. It starts at $7 per week for smaller dogs but can be higher for larger breeds. The service doesn't offer food for cats, so if you're a feline owner, check out Smalls.

4. We Feed Raw – Best Raw Meals for Cats and Dogs

We Feed Raw's Chicken Patty Recipe

Key Features

  • Cat- and dog-friendly raw food

  • Formulated by pet nutritionists

  • 6 recipes, including chicken and turkey

We Feed Raw specializes in raw food for cats and dogs. To ensure that its meals are nutritionally balanced for both canines and felines, the company works with Ph.D. nutritionists. And that makes We Feed Raw one of the best food services for pets with sensitive stomachs. But if you have a dog that is picky about raw food, check out The Farmer’s Dog for fresh recipes. 

What’s on Offer?

We Feed Raw offers 6 recipes, each containing a specific protein – chicken, venison, lamb, duck, beef, and turkey. In addition to organ and muscle meats, each recipe includes finely-ground bone. The easily-digestible raw Chicken Patty is high in protein and fat and low in carbs.

Some of We Feed Raw's recipes may include a combination of animal proteins to provide the best results. For example, Venison and Lamb patties contain the beef heart, liver, kidney, neck, and bone. In general, We Feed Raw's meals contain 80% muscle meat, 10% organ meat, and 10% ground edible bone.

We Feed Raw's meals are free of fillers, preservatives, artificial colors, and flavors. Instead, the pet food service adds vitamins and minerals to ensure a balanced and complete diet for your pup or kitty.

We Feed Raw advises against cooking or heating its recipes because processing food can change its nutritional content. However, if your dog or cat is a selective eater, you can gently sear the meat. We Feed Raw's Turkey Patty Recipe

What Makes It Special?

Take a short quiz on We Feed Raw's website to personalize your furry friend's mealtime. It includes questions about your dog's age, body condition, and possible food allergies (including beef and venison). The quiz is only available for dog owners, not for cat owners, which our expert reviewer confirmed in her in-depth We Feed Raw review

You can serve We Feed Raw's food for 4 days when refrigerated. If you don't intend to serve it during that time, keep it frozen for up to 6 months. 

Is It Good Value?

We Feed Raw ships its products to anywhere in the continental US free of charge. The food typically arrives frozen, and even if it arrives partially thawed, it's safe to refreeze.

The cost of We Feed Raw's food varies depending on the recipe and box size. The starting price for a 5 lb patty recipe is $6.59/lb. The Small Box (24 x 6 oz packages) is the least expensive, followed by the Classic Box (18 x 16 oz), and the Big Box (27 x 16 oz).

5. Nom Nom – Best Pet Food Meeting the AAFCO Standards

Nom Nom's Pork Potluck

Key Features

  • Recipes designed by board-certified veterinary nutritionists

  • AAFCO’s Dog Food Nutrient Profiles compatibility

  • 4 meal types

Nom Nom's scientific approach to dog meals stands out due to its team of experts. It includes 2 Board Certified Veterinary Nutritionists and a Ph.D-led science team. The service's food meets AAFCO standards, so you can count on your pet getting food formulated by leading experts in their fields and based on the latest scientific findings.

What’s on Offer?

Note that Nom Nom focuses on fresh canine food and features on our list of the top fresh dog food delivery services in the USA. While it used to produce cat food, it had to discontinue its production due to difficulties in the supply chain. For healthy cat food, check out We Feed Raw instead.

Nom Nom offers 4 meals for your furry friend. The main ingredients are pork, beef, chicken, and turkey. The pet food service's Chicken Cuisine meal is particularly noteworthy, as it includes sweet potatoes, a delicious and nutritious source of fiber that many dogs love. This ingredient especially benefits dogs struggling with digestive issues. 

Nom Nom sets itself apart by preparing real food and avoiding any by-products, such as artificial preservatives and fillers. As our pet food reviewer mentioned in their full Nom Nom review, the service designs dog food while keeping allergies and other intolerances in mind. Nom Nom's Turkey Fare

What Makes It Special?

Consider taking the company's short quiz to personalize your pup's meal plan. The quiz assesses your dog's age, weight, and activity level to determine its metabolic and caloric needs. But the quiz doesn't explicitly address stomach issues. Instead, think about subscribing to The Farmer's Dog, which has a question addressing common stomach problems.

Nom Nom uses a unique algorithm to determine what meals are best for your dog. It factors in its age, weight, and activity level to calculate its caloric and metabolic needs. As a result, you'll get pre-measured meals you only need to serve. A shinier coat and smaller stool should be among the outcomes of a healthy diet.

Is It Good Value?

The company ships its products for free across the contiguous United States. Additionally, Nom Nom is an eco-friendly service since its packaging features recycled materials or is recyclable itself.

Your canine should consume the meals within 7 days if stored in the refrigerator. If you prefer recipes that could last longer, check Ollie’s baked dishes. You can keep frozen Nom Nom meals for up to 6 months. Note that the service cooks each element gently to preserve quality before combining them to enhance digestibility.

Several factors affect the cost of your dog's meals. Among them are its age, body condition, and activity level. The cost starts at $2.40 per portion.

6. The Pets Table – Best Mixed Plans for Dogs with Sensitive Stomachs

The Pets Table's Chicken Casserole

Key Features

  • Developed by veterinary nutritionists 

  • Fresh and dried recipes available 

  • Chicken, beef, and turkey proteins

The Pets Table offers a comprehensive solution for dogs with sensitive stomachs. It emphasizes natural ingredients without fillers or preservatives. It provides a mix of fresh and air-dried recipes specifically designed to cater to the nutritional needs of dogs needing special care for their digestion.

What’s on Offer?

I find the variety impressive. It includes 3 fresh recipes and 2 dry options that are air-dried for shelf stability. This selection ensures that your dog gets the moisture and nutrition from fresh food, along with the convenience of dry kibble.

The single protein recipes stand out for their simplicity and focus on dogs with sensitive stomachs. By avoiding fillers and preservatives, it ensures that your dog is only getting the good stuff, reducing the risk of digestive upset.

Superfoods like sweet potato and spinach are integrated into recipes, supporting gut health and immunity. This addition is crucial for dogs with sensitive stomachs, as it helps bolster their overall health and well-being. The Pets Table's Chicken & Sweet Potato Recipe

What Makes It Special?

Vet nutritionist-developed recipes are a cornerstone of The Pets Table, ensuring that every meal is balanced and tailored to support dogs with sensitive digestion. Every recipe helps support gut health with its unique combinations of protein, fruits, and veggies.

The meal customization questionnaire is quick and easy to complete. This helps you tailor meals to your dog's specific dietary needs. It's reassuring to know you're providing meals that are not just healthy but also customized for your pup's unique requirements.

The air-dried option is a noteworthy alternative to traditional kibble. It offers a healthier, more digestible option for dogs. However, as noted in our full The Pets Table review, supplements or treats are not available, which could be a downside for some.

Is It Good Value?

Prices for The Pets Table start at $1.59 per meal. You receive a trial box for 2 weeks along with a money-back guarantee. This is a great way to test the service without a significant financial commitment.

The mixed plan options are flexible, allowing for a combination of fresh and dried food. This versatility ensures you can find a plan that suits your budget while still catering to your dog's dietary needs.

7. The Honest Kitchen – Multiple Meal Types for Pets with Tummy Problems

The Honest Kitchen's dehydrated meal

Key Features

  • Meals for cats and dogs

  • Plans for various life stages

  • Supplements and treats

The Honest Kitchen offers various recipes for cats and dogs. You can browse through its foods based on the Product Types, your pets’ Life stages, preferred Protein, and Nutritional Needs. Among other alternatives, you're bound to find meals catering to your canines and felines with sensitive stomachs.

What’s on Offer?

Meal types available for both cats and dogs include dry, wet, and dehydrated options. You can filter these by life stage from puppies and kittens to senior pets. You can also get treats, supplements, broths, and toppers.

Nutritional Needs available for browsing are:

  • High Protein

  • Low Carb

  • Low Sodium

  • Low Fat (pups only)

  • Grain Free (pups only)

  • Includes Grains (pups only)

  • Legume Free (pups only)

You can choose from a range of protein types, but I'd recommend chicken if your pet experiences stomach issues. These meals may contain additional ingredients beneficial for sensitive stomachs, such as sweet potatoes, pumpkin, and eggs. Check out our in-depth review to learn more about the ingredients.

The Honest Kitchen's Chicken Bone Broth Bites With Carrots

What Makes It Special?

You can take a quick quiz to help with meal personalization for your pet. Some cat-related questions are about the kitty’s age, preferred food type, and favorite proteins. Dog-specific questions relate to the breed size, activity level, and grain preference.

But the quiz doesn’t ask about any specific stomach issues your pet may suffer from. To address those, consider subscribing to The Farmer’s Dog if you feed your pup with fresh food. But if they prefer dry food, Spot & Tango may be a better option.

Note that the service sources non-GMO ingredients only. What's more, each of its suppliers must meet strict standards in ingredient sourcing. For that reason, they must sign The Honest Kitchen's Human Food Grade Guarantee and Statement of Quality and Integrity.

Is It Good Value?

The Honest Kitchen offers a 15-minute consultation with a pet food specialist. This can be particularly beneficial if you're unsure about what products cater to your dog's or cat's tummy or other issues best.

The Honest Kitchen ships its products to all 50 states in the US. Shipping is free for orders over $49. For smaller orders, it’ll be $9. You can expect your delivery to arrive within 3 to 5 days if you live in the contiguous US. For Alaska and Hawaii locations, delivery can take 4 to 5 weeks.

The meal price depends on various factors, such as the size of the package, the pet's age, and dietary needs. But the most affordable The Honest Kitchen meal will cost you $5.99 for dry food.

8. Open Farm – Eco-Friendly Canine and Feline Food Supplier

Open Farm's Harvest Chicken Rustic Blend

Key Features

  • Climate strategy commitment

  • Fresh, raw, and dry food

  • Traceability of each meal ingredient

Open Farm is devoted to sustainability and minimizing the environmental impact of its production. It produces items that have low estimated greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, limited to 1 kg CO2e or less per pound of product. In addition, the service aims to reduce its carbon footprint by 42% by 2030.

What’s on Offer?

The company offers various meals for cats and dogs, including wet, raw, and dry. It even has a line of products with the lowest GHG emissions designated Lower Carbon Options. If you're an eco-conscious pet owner, rest assured that Open Farm produces those products using ethical and sustainable practices that minimize environmental impact. It’s also one of the top-rated human-grade dog food delivery services.

You can browse dog or cat food by the following types:

  • Dry Food

  • RawMix

  • Wet Food

  • Freeze Dried Raw

  • Bone Broth

  • Gently Cooked (only dogs)

  • Treats (only dogs)

  • Supplements (only dogs)

You can also choose between the following Tailored Needs products:

  • Puppy/Kitten Essentials

  • Adult & Senior Cat

  • Adult Dog Food

  • Senior Support (for dogs)

  • Small Breed Dog Food

Open Farm's Homestead Turkey Rustic Stew Wet Dog Food

What Makes It Special?

The company audits all of its suppliers, which must meet strict standards. You can track the origin of each ingredient, as our Open Farm reviewer noted. To find out where the ingredients come from, locate the lot code on the bag and enter it into the website.

You’ll find various meals and broths suitable for your pet with a sensitive tummy. For example, dog and cat food comprising chicken and pumpkin is available in wet and broth varieties. Besides these ingredients, such meals may include carrots and parsley.

Is It Good Value?

Open Farm delivers its products to most locations within the continental USA. You're eligible for free shipping for orders over $50. For those under $50, it’s a flat-rate shipping fee of $5.99. Delivery typically takes 3 to 5 days from the date of order, with shipping via FedEx. Weekend delivery is possible depending on your zip code.

The cost of Open Farm's packages depends on the food type and their weight. You'll find some packages in multiple sizes (i.e., 4, 11, and 12 lb), while others are available in 1 size (5.5 oz, for example). Prices start at $7/lb without auto-shipment. Wet food is generally more expensive than the dry and raw mix options. Fresh food is usually the most expensive option.

9. Chewy – The Most Extensive Pet Food and Accessories Selection

Chewy's Purina Pro Plan Adult Sensitive Skin & Stomach Lamb & Rice Formula Dry Food

Key Features

  • Digestive Health products

  • Dry and wet meals and treats

  • 24/7 customer care service

Chewy is an online store that stocks thousands of dog and cat food products from many well-known and lesser-known brands. You can browse through diverse meal types and categories to find the perfect recipe for your pet. Chewy also has a broad selection of treats, supplements, and pet accessories on offer.

What’s on Offer?

Both dog and cat foods feature several categories, some of which are Dry Food, Wet Food, and Veterinary Diets. If you choose the latter, you'll find a variety of prescription recipes, such as Urinary Tract Health, Heart & Liver Care, Dental & Breath Care, and Digestive Health, which should relate to your pet's tummy issues more closely. Read our tried-and-tested Chewy review to learn more about the pet food assortment.

Note that related products may contain artificial flavors and other by-products. If you're after dog food free of preservatives, fillers, colors, and other similar ingredients, consider We Feed Raw, which produces by-product-free dog and cat meals. 

Chewy has dozens of digestive health recipes for both dogs and cats. Brands such as Royal Canin, Purina, and Hill's Prescription Diet are available in dry and wet forms. Besides meals, you can find pet treats. Chewy has lots of products for cats and dogs that can help improve your pet's digestive health. Chewy's Busy Bone chews

What Makes It Special?

Chewy has many items on offer, so you’ll have plenty of choice. It doesn't have a meal personalization quiz, but you can use various filters to quickly narrow down your options. Some of them are Relevance, Bestselling, and Avg. Customer Review. But if you prefer tailoring food for your pet's dietary needs, Spot & Tango can help you if you have a pup, while The Honest Kitchen caters to cats.

You can contact Chewy's customer care for any questions or concerns you may have. Agents usually respond promptly. But note that they aren't likely to provide the same level of expertise as a service that employs certified pet dietitians and veterinarians.

Is It Good Value?

Chewy ships to locations within the mainland US using FedEx. Expect to receive your order within 1 to 3 days, depending on your location. If it requires prescription approval, delivery times may be longer. Orders exceeding $49 qualify for free shipping, while orders below that threshold have a shipping fee of $4.95.

The cost per meal or package varies depending on the product and whether you have a dog or a cat. Prices start at <$2 per meal per meal. 

10. PetPlate – Great Recipes for Dogs from a Human-Grade Kitchen

PetPlate's Lip Lickin' Lamb

Key Features

  • Meal personalization quiz

  • Chicken-, turkey-, and lamb-based dishes

  • Organic treats

PetPlate provides high-quality dog meals made with whole-food ingredients. The service uses USDA-certified, human-grade kitchens to prepare its meals. Moreover, veterinary nutritionists formulate PetPlate's meals.

What’s on Offer?

PetPlate has 6 recipes suiting dogs of various sizes. Each of these features a different protein. If your furry family member has belly issues, it would be best to serve him Chompin' Chicken. Other meals on the PetPlate menu contain beef, turkey, lamb, venison, and pork.

The Chompin' Chicken recipe features ground chicken and sweet potatoes, which are especially beneficial for pets with stomach problems. The meal's other high-quality ingredients are red lentils, apples, flaxseed, and green beans. This combination of elements makes it a protein-rich and low-fat dish.

PetPlate also has organic treats, perfect for rewarding your pup for good behavior. Chicken Apple Sausage Bites are rich in protein and easy to break apart. These treats are free from fillers.

The pet food delivery service has organic health supplements for your dog, too. The one that suits dogs with sensitive stomachs best is Soothe Operator. This 4-pack gently-backed supplement contains a probiotic and prebiotic mixture to help soothe your pup's tummy troubles. PetPlate's Chicken & Apple Sausage Bites

What Makes It Special?

You can customize meals for your dog by taking PetPlate's short quiz. You'll answer various questions about your dog, some of which concern its breed, body condition, and activity level. To get tummy-friendly food recommendations, check the Healthy Digestion box once you advance to the Wellness Goals section. Read our dedicated PetPlate review to learn more about the meal personalization questionnaire.

PetPlate cooks fresh food and immediately freezes it once it's ready. You should shortlist Ollie if your dog prefers baked food. We Feed Raw caters to pets on a raw diet better.

Upon delivery, you should keep the service's recipes frozen until you serve them. Defrost meals in the refrigerator or microwave. Once thawed, serve food to your dog within 5 days. You can keep supplements and treats in a cool and dry place.

Is It Good Value?

Take advantage of PetPlate's delivery service if you live in the continental US. But if you reside in Hawaii or Alaska, The Honest Kitchen is your best bet. PetPlate provides free ground shipping that usually takes up to 2 days. Its eco-friendly containers include dry ice and insulation that can keep food fresh for up to 5 days.

The food cost depends on your dog's size and dietary needs and habits. But the price starts at $2.85/day. Note that the price tag will likely be higher if your dog is medium- or large-sized.

Bonus: Smalls – Best Fresh Sensitive Stomach Cat Food

Smalls' ground Bird Recipe

Key Features

  • Free from preservatives

  • 5 protein options

  • Smooth and ground textures

Smalls offers protein-rich, human-grade recipes that are ideal for cats with sensitive stomachs. Its meals are primarily made of high-quality protein, ensuring your cat gets the necessary nutrients without upsetting its stomach.

What’s on Offer?

It provides a variety of fresh recipes like Smooth Fish (white fish), Smooth Pig, Bird (chicken), Other Bird (turkey), and Smooth Bird & Fish (chicken and salmon). Notably, the Bird and Other Bird options come in smooth and ground textures, catering to different feline preferences and making digestion easier for cats with sensitive stomachs.

With protein levels averaging 15%, Smalls caters well to dietary needs. This moderate protein content is beneficial for sensitive stomachs, preventing protein overload. For an in-depth nutritional analysis, refer to my colleagues' comprehensive Smalls review. A cat eating Smalls' food from the inox bowl

What Makes It Special?

Smalls’ recipes are made with ingredients from the US and are cooked in New Jersey. It ensures safety and quality by rigorously testing each batch for pathogens. This process is crucial for sensitive stomachs, as it minimizes the risk of foodborne illnesses that can exacerbate digestive issues.

Portioning meals requires attention, as you'll need to follow the provided guidelines closely. Keeping meals refrigerated or frozen is essential. For easier storage, The Honest Kitchen’s dehydrated cat food is a practical alternative.

Is It Good Value?

Pricing starts at $5 per meal, and it offers delivery across the continental US. This accessibility combined with cost-effectiveness makes Smalls an appealing option for cat owners prioritizing both quality and budget.

Adjusting your plan post-trial is straightforward. Smalls offers a money-back guarantee on your initial sampler order. This flexibility is vital, as it allows you to find the perfect fit for your cat's sensitive stomach without financial risk.

Quick Comparison Table

Starting Price

Minimum Order

Meal Type


Active Deals

🥇The Farmer’s Dog


2-week starter box



Get 60% off on your first order! from The Farmer’s Dog


$4-$8 per day 

2-week starter box

Fresh, Baked, Mixed


Get 60% Off Your Starter Box! from Ollie

🥉Spot & Tango
$7 per week
2-week’s worth of food
Fresh, Dry
Get 50% off your first box + free shipping from Spot & Tango
We Feed Raw
30 lbs per order
Get 40% off your first box + Free Shipping! from We Feed Raw

Nom Nom

$2.40 per portion

2-week trial



Get 40% off your first box from Nom Nom

The Pets Table
$1.59 per meal
2-week trial
Fresh, dried
Usually $10.99
Get 50% off your 1st box + 20% off your 2nd

The Honest Kitchen

$5.99 for dry food 

1 item for one-time purchase

Dry, Wet, Dehydrated

Free or $9

Get 30% off $30+ orders with code DELIVERYRANK30 from The Honest Kitchen

Open Farm

$7/lb without auto-shipment 

1 item for one-time purchase

Fresh, Dry, RawMix, Wet

Free or $5.99

Save 15% Off Your First Order With Code: HELLO15 from Open Farm


<$2 per meal 

1 item for one-time purchase

Dry, Wet, Fresh & Prepared

Free or $4.95

Save 35% On Your First Order from Chewy



1 item for one-time purchase



Get 61% off your first box and a FREE bag of treats or supplements from PetPlate

Smalls$5 per meal
2 weeks' worth of food
Free for Sampler, then $10
32% off your first order + free treats for life. Code: DELIVERY5 from Smalls

Tips for Choosing the Best Food Service for Pets with Sensitive Stomachs

Choosing the best food service for pets with sensitive stomachs can be daunting. But you'll solve this issue in no time if you stick to the following steps.

    • Focus on digestive-friendly ingredients: When choosing a pet food service, look for those that incorporate easily digestible ingredients like chicken, sweet potato, pumpkin, eggs, and rice. The Farmer’s Dog offers fresh recipes with these key ingredients. Be mindful that these primary ingredients are often combined with others, such as apples, beans, or lentils, which may also affect your pet’s digestion. Consulting with your vet can help you identify the best combination of ingredients, ensuring the meal service you choose aligns with your pet's specific dietary needs.
    • Understand your pet’s food preferences: Each pet has unique preferences, whether it's dry, wet, fresh, raw, baked, or dehydrated food. For instance, Ollie offers excellent baked options for dogs, while We Feed Raw is an ideal choice for pets that thrive on raw diets. Considering your pet's preferences can make mealtime more enjoyable and ensure they receive the nutrients they need in a form they love.
    • Opt for customizable meal plans: Seek out pet food services that offer meal customization through detailed questionnaires. These quizzes help tailor meals precisely to your pet’s health requirements, including addressing sensitive stomachs. Services like The Farmer's Dog excel in creating meals that cater to specific health issues, such as diarrhea or constipation, ensuring your pet gets the right balance of nutrients and care.
    • Check service area and delivery details: Ensure the pet food service delivers to your location, especially if you reside outside the contiguous United States. For areas like Alaska or Hawaii, The Honest Kitchen is a viable option. Additionally, investigate shipping policies, including costs, delivery times, and whether the service leaves packages at your doorstep or with a neighbor. This information is crucial for timely and convenient delivery, ensuring your pet's meals arrive safely and regularly.


    Is wet food better for dogs with sensitive stomachs?

    Dogs suffering from upset stomachs benefit from wet food with natural ingredients. Look for products that include prebiotics and probiotics. Open Farm’s probiotic chews can be a great addition to main meals.

    Is turkey or beef better for dogs with sensitive stomachs?

    Easily digestible proteins like turkey or chicken are better than beef for dogs with stomach issues. You should also look for meals that include a source of carbohydrates like rice. Ollie has such a combination of ingredients in its Fresh Chicken recipe.

    What to give dogs with an upset stomach?

    Turkey, chicken, and plain rice are some key ingredients for pups with sensitive stomachs. The combination of lean protein and rice is easy to digest and provides necessary nutrients. Nom Nom has a turkey and brown rice formula favoring digestive health. Some other helpful elements for pups with belly issues are pumpkin, sweet or white potatoes, carrots, and porridge oats.

    Is grain-free better for dogs with sensitive stomachs?

    Yes, start with limited-ingredient diets to help your dog with an upset tummy. The food you serve them should include probiotics and be grain-free or made with ancient grains, such as millet, barley, or amaranth. The Farmer’s Dog is my top choice among grain-free dog food delivery services.

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