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Written by: Matthew Ryan on Jan 13th, 2023

7 Best Vegetarian Meal Delivery Services 2023  (+ Coupons!)

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the number of vegetarian meal delivery services out there right now.

Whether you’re a vegetarian looking to mix up your midweek meals or are simply trying to incorporate more veggie dishes into your diet, these services are a great way of doing so without giving it too much effort or thought.

I’ve reviewed and researched a range of meal delivery services, but in the end, my top spot went to Home Chef. Not only does it offer a great selection of healthy and organic vegetarian recipes, but it also caters to other diets such as paleo, and has vegan options, too.

Short on Time? Here Are the Best Vegetarian Meal Delivery Services for 2023

Our Best Vegetarian Meal Delivery Services Reviewed

1. Home Chef – The Most Flexible Vegetarian Plan

Home Chef Best Features 

Home Chef in a Nutshell 

Home Chef prides itself on its customizability. Not only can you sort the menu by cook time, meal type, and other categories, you can also swap or double-up on your choice of protein across many of its dishes – which means if you like the sound of the Asian-Style Lettuce Wraps, but want to swap the ground turkey filling for Impossible Burger, it can be done!

Find out more about the menu in this detailed Home Chef review and see how my colleague got on cooking one of the meal kits.

There are different meal types to accommodate your ever-changing schedule, too. Alongside its signature meal kits, Home Chef offers Oven-Ready Meals (which come in a pan for easy cleanup – simply assemble and pop in the oven), 15-Minute Meal Kits, plus a ton of extras like dessert, salad bundles, and bread.

2. HelloFresh – Vegetarian Meals For the Whole Family

HelloFresh Best Features 

HelloFresh in a Nutshell

With 25 meals on the menu each week – around eight or nine of which are vegetarian – HelloFresh offers something for just about everybody. The balanced dishes include crowd-pleasing recipes such as Roasted Garlic & Zucchini Flatbreads with White Sauce, Mozzarella and Grape Tomatoes, and the hearty Plant-Based Protein Ragu Rigatoni Bake.

You can also order up to six meals per week for two or four people, making it great for families. Find out more about the different plans and pricing in our expert HelloFresh review

HelloFresh is also a company that takes sustainability and social awareness to a new level. Its Beyond the Box program, for example, addresses the needs of those facing hunger and food insecurity – in 2020 alone, the company donated 4.4 million meals.

3. Blue Apron – Learn to Cook Exciting Vegetarian Dishes

Blue Apron Best Features 

Blue Apron in a Nutshell

Blue Apron offers four plans, one of which is its Vegetarian For 2 plan, which allows you to order two or three meals per week. The meal kits are reasonably priced at $5.74 per serving.

You’ll find around five or so meat-free recipes on the menu each week, all largely inspired by Mediterranean cuisine, like the Creamy Tomato Fettuccine

with Mushrooms & Thyme Breadcrumbs and the Olive & Feta Cheese Pizza with Spicy Tomato Sauce. To learn more about the menu, check out our in-depth Blue Apron review.

According to tradition, beginner chefs wear a blue apron in restaurant kitchens. Blue Apron honors that tradition with its name, allowing even the most novice cook to whip up healthy, balanced meals at home.

4. Nutrisystem – Vegetarian-Friendly Weight Loss

Nutrisystem Best Features 

Nutrisystem in a Nutshell

The name of the game for Nutrisystem is weight loss. The entire service is designed to help you shed the pounds, with an array of shelf-stable and prepared meals, probiotic shakes, and snacks.

It has a number of plans including a Vegetarian plan, which can be calibrated to men and women. The food is high in protein, low-glycemic, and low in calories, so it encourages appetite control and weight loss over time.

Along with its meals and snacks, Nutrisystem also provides trained, on-demand diet coaches to help you on your weight loss journey. The team is available via chat, email, and phone, and there’s even an app that acts as your own personal health coach.

5. Green Chef – Healthy Meals Packed With Veggies

Green Chef Best Features 

  • Sustainable practices, including recyclable packaging 

  • High-quality, certified organic produce 

  • Offers a discount to first responders, nurses, and others

  • Special Discount – Get $250 Off + Free Shipping

Green Chef in a Nutshell 

If healthy eating is high on the agenda, Green Chef should be your go-to. Its Plant-Powered plan provides a range of vegetarian and vegan recipes filled with plant-based proteins and wholesome sides that can be prepared in around 30 minutes or so.

To learn more about Green Chef and its weekly menu, check out our dedicated review.

One of my favorite things about Green Chef is that most of the prep is done for you. The ingredients arrived perfectly portioned and many of its sauces and marinades are premixed. Plus, the recipe cards and ingredients are color-coded for ease of use. You can’t beat that!

6. Purple Carrot – Best For Vegan Meals

Purple Carrot Best Features 

  • Free shipping with no minimum order

  • 100% plant-based meal kits and prepared meals

  • Offers a selection of breakfast, lunch, and snack items

  • Special Discount – Get $30 Off with code carrot30

Purple Carrot in a Nutshell 

Purple Carrot is a purely vegan meal delivery service that caters to other dietary needs, too, including gluten-free, soy-free, and nut-free dishes. If you have no special requirements or preferences, you can opt for the Chef’s Choice meals. Ideal for new customers, these meals are picked by Purple Carrot’s culinary team and cover a range of flavors.

In addition to Purple Carrot’s meal kits, it offers a range of prepared meals for those busy evenings when cooking just isn’t ideal – simply pop the dish in the microwave and it’s ready in two minutes.

The average Purple Carrot meal provides between 500 and 800 calories per serving. Packed with legumes, fruits, vegetables, and seeds, each dish is perfectly balanced with complex carbs, lean proteins, and healthy fats. Eating a healthy plant-based diet has never been easier!

6. Marley Spoon – Vegetarian Dishes by Martha Stewart

 Marley Spoon Best Features 

  • Recipes approved by Martha Stewart herself 

  • Perfectly portioned and prepped ingredients 

  • Order up to six meals per week for a family of four 

  • Special Discount – Get $190 off Your First 4 Boxes!

Marley Spoon in a Nutshell 

Backed by culinary legend Martha Stewart, Marley Spoon has a substantial list of vegetarian and vegan dishes that work perfectly for families and individuals alike. You can also browse the menu via other categories, including kid-friendly dishes, one-pot meals, no added gluten, and more.

The menu is diverse, and the company delivers perfectly portioned ingredients and simple, six-step recipes with photos included to make cooking your meals a breeze. There’s also a limited number of prepared meals available each week.

Marley Spoon prides itself on being a carbon-neutral business with a strong focus on sustainability, while the website is a hub of information – check out the blog for fun new recipes, plus there’s tons of information on how to recycle your packaging.

7. EveryPlate – Easy, Low-Cost Vegetarian Dishes

EveryPlate Best Features 

  • Starts at just $1.49 per serving

  • Crowd-pleasing comfort food recipes that are simple to make 

  • Offers incredible student discounts, from $1.99 per serving

  • Special Discount – $1.39/meal On Your 1st Box

EveryPlate in a Nutshell 

EveryPlate is one of the most affordable meal delivery services out there, providing meals for as little as $1.49 per serving, or even lower on occasion. It does this by offering basic, no-frills comfort food dishes that families love, and it also doesn’t cater to allergies or intolerances.

You can learn more about EveryPlate by checking out my colleague’s expert review.

Of its rotating 17-dish menu, around five meals per week are vegetarian, and you can order between three or five meals each week on the Veggie plan. Look out for hearty classics such as risotto, biscuit pot-pie, soup, and ample helpings of pasta

Vegetarian Meal Delivery Services: Comparison Table

Meal Service

Special Discount

Starting Price

Diet Preferences

Shipping Fee

Meal Types

Home Chef

75% Off Your 1st Box + 60% Off Your 2nd and 3rd Boxes!


Vegetarian, Calorie-Conscious, Carb-Conscious

From $7.99

Meal Kits & Prepared Meals


Get 25 free meals + free shipping + 3 surprise gifts


Veggie, Pescatarian, Calorie Smart


Meal Kits

Blue Apron

Enjoy $130 off across your first 6 orders


Vegetarian, Wellness, Diabetes-Friendly, WW-Approved


Meal Kits


50% Off All Plans + Free Shipping!


Vegetarian, Diabetes-Friendly


Prepared Meals & Shakes

Green Chef

Get $250 Off + Free Shipping


Plant-Powered, Keto + Paleo


Meal Kits

Purple Carrot

Get $30 Off with code carrot30


Vegan, Gluten-Free, Nut-Free, High-Protein


Meal Kits & Prepared Meals

Marley Spoon

Get $190 off Your First 4 Boxes!


Vegetarian & Vegan, Health & Diet 


Meal Kits & Prepared Meals


$1.39/meal On Your 1st Box




Meal Kits

What We Look For in the Best Meal Delivery Services

  • Health benefits: Meals should be healthy, wholesome, and balanced. Look out for organic, non-GMO ingredients where possible and recipes that are packed with hidden fruits and vegetables. HelloFresh, for example, offers brilliantly balanced meals.

  • Good variety: The number of dishes on the vegetarian menu and the types of meals are also important, so you don’t feel restricted.

  • Simple recipes and easy prep: A good meal delivery service should take the stress, worry, and work out of meal preparation. Services such as Marley Spoon take extra steps to perfectly portion and prep ingredients.

  • Flexibility: Look out for services like Home Chef, which has flexible prep levels and allows you to customize your meals to your tastes.

  • Good value for money: The services on our list cater to a range of price points, but each offers good value for money. Don’t forget to take shipping into account, though. If budget is your number one priority, EveryPlate stands out as the most affordable.

Bottom Line: Is a Vegetarian Meal Delivery Service Worth It?

If you’ve read this far, you’ll know the answer to that question is yes! There are so many great meal delivery services offering healthy, nutritious vegetarian meals – they’re perfect for helping you to add more veggie dishes to your repertoire and eat well at the same time.

What’s more, meal delivery services help save you time, energy, and even money. They’re great for your health and your stress levels!

Of course, there are even more to choose from… Be sure to check out our article on the 10 Best Meal Delivery Services.


What is the best vegetarian meal delivery service?

Home Chef’s vegetarian meal plan  is one of the best on the above list. Not only does it have a brilliantly varied menu and a whole host of extras that can be added to your delivery, but the dedicated Vegetarian plan also features vegan meals.

And speaking of vegan meals, if you decide that you want to go completely plant-based, Purple Carrot healthy meal plans are my top pick.

What is the best vegetarian meal delivery for weight loss

Blue Apron’s Wellness plan offers WW-Approved and diabetes-friendly recipes to help you stay on track. Another excellent option is Nutrisystem.

What’s the best vegetarian meal delivery with no prep?

An honorable mention goes to Home Chef. As well as offering some prepared dishes each week, the company’s Oven-Ready meals come with an ovenproof pan for easy prep and clean up – all you need to do is assemble and pop in!

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