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Updated on Jun 26th, 2024
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Spot & Tango vs. Sundays 2024: Best For Your Dog?

Spot & Tango and Sundays are both popular dog food subscription brands, but there are several key differences. For example, while both use high-quality ingredients, Spot & Tango offers fresh and dry meals, while Sundays for Dogs only has air-dried recipes.

I've examined both Spot & Tango and Sundays. I took various features into account to provide a comprehensive comparison so you can choose the right brand for your pup's needs.

Spot & Tango emerges as my top recommendation. It outshines Sundays by offering a broader array of meal types and range of flavors, along with treats and dietary supplements. However, Sundays can work out cheaper, so it may suit some people better. Read on for the full breakdown of each service. 

At a Glance: Who Won Each Category?

💲 Price:

Sundays for Dogs ($2.05/meal with subscription)

🍗 Ingredient Quality:

Spot & Tango

🍴 Recipes

Spot & Tango (7 recipes)

📦Packaging and Eco-Friendliness
Spot & Tango

⏰Meal Prep

Spot & Tango

👍 Ordering and Delivery:

Spot & Tango

👑 Overall Winner:
Spot & Tango

Ingredient Quality

Winner: Spot & Tango

When it comes to ingredient quality, Spot & Tango narrowly takes the lead over Sundays. It offers a wider variety of dietary options, uses superfoods in its recipes, and the majority of its recipes use non-GMO ingredients. You can mix and match fresh and dry food plans.

Both have veterinary nutritionists formulate recipes, but the cooking methods differ. Spot & Tango offers more variety, providing gently cooked Fresh food and UnKibble that’s dried at low temperatures. Sundays, on the other hand, offers only air-dried, shelf-stable recipes that have a “jerky-like” texture.
Two bowls of food from Spot & Tango - Fresh Lamb + Brown Rice and the Cod + Salmon UnKibble recipe

Spot & Tango's meals are free from fillers, artificial additives, and preservatives. Its recipes also exclude common allergens like soy, corn, and wheat. Sundays, while preservative-free, doesn't offer any grain-free options. A box of Spot & Tango meals with a Calming Supplement, Sweet Potato Bites, and Chicken & Brown Rice UnKibble

Both brands offer human-grade, USDA-cooked meals sourced from local farms. Spot & Tango goes above and beyond by meeting AAFCO guidelines for all its recipes, while Sundays mostly does but falls short with its All Natural Chicken recipe, which isn’t suitable for puppies.  Image of all 3 recipes on Sundays with a box of food next to a bowl filled with food

The protein content and superfood inclusions also set these 2 brands apart. Sundays offers a minimum protein content of 35% with a formulation that claims to include 10% superfoods, like fish oil, flaxseed, and blueberries. Screenshot of some of the ingredients used in Sundays Food for Dogs

Spot & Tango has a slightly lower minimum protein content. However, its recipes include several superfoods, such as sweet potatoes, spinach, kelp, cranberries, shiitake mushrooms, and apple cider vinegar. Its unique nutrient blend means your dog gets all the essential vitamins and minerals for overall health and well-being.

Meals and Customization

Winner: Spot & Tango

Spot & Tango offers superior customization and meal variety. While both brands provide customization based on several pet factors, Spot & Tango’s process is more user-friendly and comprehensive. Tick boxes for various health conditions in the Spot & Tango signup process

The questionnaire for both services takes about the same time, but Spot & Tango's feels more tailored. The questions seemed more relevant, especially concerning my dog's health and dietary needs. With Sundays, the quiz seemed more focused on current eating habits, and I had to manually remove pre-typed responses to input my own information.

Both companies offer customization based on similar pet details. Spot & Tango allows for adjustments based on allergens and other specific health concerns. Sundays, although also customizable, only asks if your dog has a sensitive tummy and suggests that you consult a vet for prescription diets. Screenshot of start of Sundays' sign up quiz with Doggy auto-filled in the "Dog's Name" box

When it comes to meal options, Spot & Tango provides more variety and flexibility. It has 3 Fresh recipes and 4 UnKibble options. You can choose your own recipes, but you can’t mix and match fresh and dry food.

Spot & Tango’s Fresh recipes are:

  • Turkey + Red Quinoa

  • Beef + Millet

  • Lamb + Brown Rice

Spot & Tango’s UnKibble recipes are:

  • Cod + Salmon

  • Beef + Barley

  • Chicken + Brown Rice

  • Turkey + Sweet Potato.

Spot & Tango also adds value by offering treats and supplements. These extras, including options like Sweet Potato Bites and Calming supplements, can be viewed and added during signup. Spot & Tango has 3 supplements available as extras on the signup process

Sundays limits you to 1 flavor at a time and offers just 3 recipes in total:

  • All-Natural Turkey 

  • All-Natural Chicken 

  • USDA Beef Recipe

Sundays doesn’t offer any extras. However, it does mention an additional recipe in the works in its FAQ.

Ordering and Delivery

Winner: Spot & Tango

For ease of ordering and flexibility of delivery, Spot & Tango wins again. Both brands offer a straightforward ordering process, but Spot & Tango edges out Sundays with more options and an informative FAQ section.

The initial setup process for both services is fairly straightforward. You complete a short questionnaire and choose the recipes you want. Both platforms are easy to navigate, and setting up your dog's meal plan is a quick process.

Managing your account post-order is easy with both brands. I like the guides Spot & Tango offer to help with this. You can update your delivery frequency, recipe, and quantity for Sundays through your online account. Spot & Tango’s account management is just as straightforward, but I found its FAQ guides on how to make changes particularly helpful.

Sundays offers a small sample box, albeit with a shipping fee. Spot & Tango goes further by providing a 2-week trial for you to check your dog’s enjoyment of the food. I like that it also offers a Topper plan for its Fresh recipes, allowing you to mix them with your current kibble as a cost-saving measure. Image of the recommended plan (full bowl) and the Topper plan (health a bowl) of fresh food

You can't place a one-time order with either Spot & Tango or Sundays, but both allow you to cancel your subscription anytime through your online account.

Spot & Tango ships to the contiguous US. In contrast, Sundays delivers across the entire US, including Alaska and Hawaii. Both companies use reliable shipping services like FedEx, UPS, and USPS. The delivery timelines are around 3 to 5 days for both services.

Adjusting delivery schedules or updating future orders is straightforward on both platforms. Whether it's Spot & Tango or Sundays, you can easily make changes to your delivery schedule and future orders through your account section on the website.


Winner: Spot & Tango

Both brands are eco-conscious, delivering food in recyclable cardboard boxes, which is pretty standard for dog food subscription services.

Spot & Tango recyclable cardboard box with food packages next to it and a black dog peering into the box

Spot & Tango delivers its Fresh food in an insulated cardboard box with dry ice to keep it cold. Make sure to store all Fresh food in the freezer as soon as you receive it. 

Don’t touch the dry ice or let your dog touch it. It will evaporate on its own if left in a well-ventilated area and should all be gone within 24 hours. The box can then be recycled along with any remaining packaging.

Sundays also provides recyclable packaging. You’ll usually receive a cereal-style box with another box inside it containing the plastic bag with food. Check with your local trash-collecting company to make sure they accept the plastic.

The shelf-life of meals varies between the 2 companies. Sundays’ food remains fresh for up to 12 months before opening and can be stored for 6-8 weeks after opening. Spot & Tango’s Fresh meals can be kept for 6 months in the freezer or 4 days in the refrigerator. Unkibble will remain fresh for 8 weeks after opening, or up to 12 months if unopened.

Meal Prep

Winner: Spot & Tango

Spot & Tango is really convenient when it comes to meal preparation and storage, and it has the edge over Sundays as it provides pre-portioned meals and a custom scoop for its dry food. Spot & Tango deliveries include an ice pack to keep your food fresh

Spot & Tango's Fresh meals are pre-portioned, eliminating the need for measuring, and it provides a custom scoop for its dry food. With Sundays, you'll have to weigh the food yourself. While it’s more nutritionally dense than regular kibble, you’ll need to keep in mind that a bit of measurement is required.

Both brands have meals that are ready to serve. Spot & Tango’s fresh recipes need to be defrosted overnight in the fridge. Its dry options and all Sundays’ meals are ready to pour straight into your dog's bowl. Keep in mind that some dogs might take time to adjust to the texture of Sundays’ food.


Winner: Sundays for Dogs

Sundays is slightly more affordable than Spot & Tango. Spot & Tango starts at $7 a week. I checked the prices for a 6 lb dog, and it would cost up to $19.99 a week for the Fresh food. The Topper plan reduces this to $15.46, and you can also use our coupon code for additional savings: Get 50% off your first box + free shipping.

Sundays works out at $12.38 a week for a 6 lb dog consuming the Beef recipe. The other recipes cost slightly more, and you can use our coupon code for additional savings (40% Off with code DELIVERYRANK). This makes it a more affordable option if you’re on a budget. Plus, some customers use the food as a topper or as treats instead of as a main meal.

Spot & Tango also offers treats and supplements. Treats start at $12.00 per bag, and supplements cost $26 for 56 chews. These additional products can add up, affecting the overall budget you'd allocate for your dog's food and supplements.

Both companies offer free shipping and a money-back guarantee. Free shipping is available across the board for Spot & Tango, and at Sundays, this extends to Alaska and Hawaii. Both companies also offer a 14-day money-back guarantee in case your dog isn't thrilled with its meals.

Spot & Tango vs. Sundays – Quick Overview

Spot & Tango

Sundays for Dogs

Best for

Dry and fresh human-grade wholefoods

Shelf-stable human-grade food

Starting price

$7 per week

$2.05/meal with subscription

Shipping cost




Between 1 and 8 weeks

Recurring intervals of up to 17 weeks


7 choices

3 choices

Meal storage

Shelf-stable, frozen, or refrigerated for up to 4 days


Are meals pre-portioned?



Ingredient quality

Human-grade, non-GMO, USDA-approved, meet AAFCO profiles for all life stages

Human-grade, USDA-approved proteins


Fillers, artificial preservatives, soy, wheat, corn

Fillers, artificial preservatives

Customizable based on:

Weight, breed, sex, age, health, allergies, activity

Weight, breed, sex, age, health, activity


One recall in September 2022 for 4 batches of UnKibble Dog Food containing Salmonella bacteria.


Money back guarantee?

Yes for the 2 week trial

Yes on your first order

Our reviewer’s rating



Current deal

Get 50% off your first box + free shipping

40% Off with code DELIVERYRANK

And The Winner Is: Spot & Tango

After thoroughly evaluating various factors, Spot & Tango emerges as my winner. With recipes designed by veterinary nutritionists and a variety of fresh and UnKibble options, it meets a broader range of dietary needs than Sundays. Its recipes are suitable for puppies, too.

It's also easier to tailor Spot & Tango's offerings to meet your dog's specific health concerns. I like the pre-portioned meals that are easy to serve, making it a convenient option.

While I prefer the variety and flexibility of Spot & Tango, if you're only looking for dried food, Sundays offers high-quality food for a slightly more affordable price. In some cases, it's even more affordable than Spot & Tango's topper plan, so it may be worth trying out if budget is your number one concern.

Both have a money-back guarantee and are easy to cancel, so you could always test out both services (using a new customer discount code to save money) and see which meals your pup prefers. 

How to Choose Between Spot and Tango and Sundays 

  • Analyze meal types: Spot and Tango offers fresh and dry (Unkibble) dog food options, while Sundays provides air-dried dog food. Choose based on your dog's preferences and dietary needs.

  • Review ingredient quality: Both brands prioritize high-quality ingredients, but compare specific formulations to see which aligns better with your pet’s health requirements.

  • Consider convenience and storage: Evaluate how each food type fits into your lifestyle, including storage needs and preparation ease. Spot and Tango might offer greater convenience, as it provides pre-portioned meals (and you also get a custom scoop).


Is Spot & Tango a good brand?

Yes, Spot & Tango is a good brand. It offers both Fresh and UnKibble options designed by veterinary nutritionists, meeting AAFCO guidelines. The ingredients are human-grade and sourced from local farms, making it a reliable and high-quality choice for dog food.

Is Spot & Tango good for dogs with allergies?

Yes, Spot & Tango is suitable for dogs with allergies. Its comprehensive questionnaire allows you to specify any allergens, and its recipes are free from common allergens like corn, soy, and wheat. It also offers grain-free and gluten-free options, making it adaptable to various health concerns.

Is Sundays dog food raw?

No, Sundays dog food is not raw. It offers air-dried recipes with a "jerky-like" texture. These recipes are USDA-cooked and are free from preservatives, designed to offer a balanced diet while staying shelf-stable.

Is Spot & Tango good for puppies?

Yes, Spot & Tango is good for puppies. All its recipes meet AAFCO guidelines, and it offers specific options suitable for all life stages. With the guidance of a veterinary nutritionist, you can be confident in providing a balanced and nutritious diet to your growing pup.

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