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EveryPlate Review 2022: I Tested Today’s Cheapest Meal Kit

Written by: Joey Kendrick on Nov 22nd, 2022


EveryPlate makes home-cooked meals accessible to almost everyone. With a low price point and a menu that boasts classic, crowd-pleasing dishes, it’s a great option for any household in search of some easy weeknight dinners.

As a serial bargain-hunter, I tested out EveryPlate not once, but twice to get a full view of how this budget service stacks up against its pricier competition. While it doesn’t quite measure up in terms of quality and variety, EveryPlate excels at its goal of being a tasty and affordable meal kit.

EveryPlate is the budget offering from meal delivery giant HelloFresh, which lends experience and credibility. For those keeping score, HelloFresh also owns Green Chef, which is a more premium meal kit service offering organic dishes.

Overall, it’s exceedingly easy to love EveryPlate. I’ll speak frankly about its shortcomings, but it’s hard to argue when you consider how cheap this service is compared to its competitors. For budget-conscious folk like me, EveryPlate is likely to become a mainstay.



  • $9.99 shipping cost 

  • Limited sides can feel repetitive 

  • Too much plastic packaging 

EveryPlate Is Best For

  • Households on a budget

  • Non-picky eaters who don’t mind a lack of variety

  • Anyone wanting a few low-effort meals during the week

EveryPlate May Not Be Great For

  • Anyone with allergies or specialized dietary needs

  • Those who prefer to shop organic 

  • People looking for a more gourmet experience 

What’s on the EveryPlate Menu

EveryPlate offers a modest menu of 17 meals per week, which is partly how it’s able to keep its prices so low. But this isn't necessarily a bad thing. In the past, I’ve found that some meal delivery services have too many choices for my liking!

Home Chef is a great example. Not only does it offer 20 or more recipes per week, each dish comes with its own customization options. With that many variables, I tend to second-guess myself, and placing my order can take forever. Bearing that in mind, I was actually OK with EveryPlate’s comparatively limited selection.

EveryPlate’s rotating weekly menu features a variety of meat and fish, as well as five or so vegetarian options. There are also some Premium dishes that include fancier ingredients (salmon or steak, for example) for a few dollars more per serving. 

Screenshot of EveryPlate's menu, highlighting different tags.

A few simple tags make it easy to navigate EveryPlate's menu

Just like its parent company, HelloFresh, EveryPlate’s menu highlights the important details of each recipe, with clear indicators for spicy and vegetarian dishes, and those that take less than 30 minutes. What you can’t do, however, is filter the menu for specific allergens.

Sure, it doesn’t take too long to manually look through the 17 weekly dishes for the ingredients you can’t eat or don’t like, but a filter would definitely make things easier. The only control you really get in this regard is the ability to choose between four different plans:

  • ClassicPlate – the full selection of meals

  • VeggiePlate – vegetarian dishes only 

  • FamilyPlate – family-friendly, kid-approved meals 

  • EasyPlate – easy cleanup dishes and recipes that take 30 minutes or less

These menus aren’t really different, per se: the VeggiePlate, FamilyPlate, and EasyPlate plans simply filter out dishes from the ClassicPlate menu. In other words, if you choose any plan besides ClassicPlate, you’ll only have around five dishes to choose from.

I’d go as far to say that if you’re vegetarian or have other dietary restrictions, EveryPlate probably isn’t the best choice for you. There may be a veggie plan, but if you don’t eat meat or fish, you won’t exactly be spoiled for choice. If you’re vegan, your options are even fewer (if any at all).

Seventeen weekly dishes might sound like a good number, but special dietary needs may limit your options. Avoiding shellfish? That’s totally doable with EveryPlate. But if you’re subscribing to a vegan diet or living with a gluten allergy, then you’ll be better served by a more specialized service.

Having said that, people without dietary restrictions will find a lot to love on EveryPlate’s menu. 

The recipes take on a few basic formats – think pasta bowls, rice bowls, tacos, and the familiar “protein + side.” The side dishes are where you’ll find the least variety: about half the dishes on any given week come with either potatoes or carrots. 

Sticking to a basic menu and affordable ingredients helps EveryPlate keep its prices low, but it doesn’t feel as restricting as you may think. Yes, you’ll find some sort of burger on the menu every week, but it could be anything from a classic smashburger to a Vietnamese-inspired turkey burger. 

EveryPlate also gives you the opportunity to add some variety with its Premium dishes, of which there are a few per week. 

These dishes come at an upcharge of $3.99 per serving or more, but you’re promised high-quality proteins like salmon, steak, or barramundi with more exciting sides such as rosemary mashed potatoes and seasonal veggies. 

Other services offer more variety and control when it comes to customizing your meals. But, of course, EveryPlate’s selling point has never been about customizability: it’s a service for people on a budget.


EveryPlate’s ingredients arrive chilled in an insulated box with an ice pack. In my experience, this was more than enough to ensure everything remained fresh and cold. Of course, I immediately transferred everything to the fridge (nothing arrives frozen).

More expensive meal kits, such as HelloFresh, tend to separate the ingredients by recipe. With EveryPlate, all your ingredients for the week are placed in the same box. I understand the convenience of pre-sorted ingredients, but I didn’t really miss it here.

In fact, I kind of preferred being able to store my ingredients how I wanted to. Instead of forcing me to keep everything in my tiny New York apartment fridge, this allowed me to put the dry ingredients in my pantry, vegetables in the crisper drawer, etc.

Many of the packaged ingredients will come with a HelloFresh logo, which is a funny reminder of EveryPlate’s parent company. I liked seeing this, though: it made me think EveryPlate must use the same quality ingredients as HelloFresh.

In the past, I’ve had a major bone to pick with EveryPlate. The more I research meal delivery services, the more concerned I become about sustainable packaging. My first experience with EveryPlate is a prime example of why I’ve become so obsessed with this issue.

Below is a photo of my first ever EveryPlate box. You’ll notice it’s difficult to see any of the ingredients underneath the massive pile of carrots – each and every one inexplicably packaged in its own plastic wrapper! This senseless waste really made me hesitant to re-order from this service.

A pile of carrots from EveryPlate wrapped in plastic

The amount of plastic these carrots were wrapped in seemed crazy to me! Thankfully things have changed…

A year on, when I reordered from EveryPlate to update this review, I was pleased to see that this practice had subsided. All the produce (including the ubiquitous pile of carrots) was loose inside the box.

Photo of a more recent shipment, showing that EveryPlate has reduced its use of plastic.

These carrots arrived without extraneous plastic wrapping and were no worse for wear.

This minimal packaging also makes it much easier to recycle everything. The box itself is curbside recyclable, and you can follow simple instructions on EveryPlate’s FAQ page to recycle other things, such as the insulated liner.

Cooking (and Eating) with EveryPlate

EveryPlate’s recipe cards remind me of HelloFresh, mainly in that they are clear, informative, and easy to follow. I was surprised, in fact, that EveryPlate came with physical recipe cards, considering that other low-budget competitors I’ve reviewed only offer digital versions.

Like all meal kits, however, EveryPlate’s recipes require you to have some pantry ingredients to hand. Most of the recipes only require basic items, like salt, pepper, and oil.

Reviewer's photos of a recipe card and corresponding ingredients.

These recipe cards are great to save in your personal recipe book.

As I’ve already mentioned, there are some compromises that come with ordering from a budget service like EveryPlate. Even if, like me, you don’t have any allergies or major food preferences, there’s still a risk of you getting tired of the limited menu. 

When I first ordered from EveryPlate, I picked my meals based on the main element (the protein) without really considering the side dishes. As a result, two of my three meals had the exact same roasted carrot side.

Screenshot of a recipe card, showing EveryPlate's standard roasted carrot side dish.

I've made this exact carrot side dish for multiple EveryPlate dishes.

It makes sense that EveryPlate would utilize such an inexpensive, no-fuss ingredient, but the lack of variety became a big sticking point for me. EveryPlate’s approach is best suited to people who don’t mind consistency in their meals.

I found EveryPlate’s recipes easy enough, but I’m also a pretty experienced home cook. I can’t really say if someone less experienced might have trouble following EveryPlate’s recipes, but I’ve definitely seen more complicated meal kits than this.

For all of its recipes, EveryPlate advertises “six simple steps”. But in practice, this means each step includes about 20 different tasks! I see this sort of thing in pretty much every meal kit I’ve tried, though, so I won’t take off points.

Screenshot of a recipe, showing how many instructions EveryPlate fits into a single "step."

Advertising "six easy steps" isn't really accurate when each step is this complicated.

As far as the quality of the meals themselves, I was consistently satisfied. I don’t tend to eat large portions, so EveryPlate’s 500-1,000 calorie serving sizes were usually more than enough to fill me up.

Shortlist of My Favorite Meals

Recipe photo of EveryPlate's Banh Mi Turkey Burgers.

As a fan of banh mi, this was a very fun burger variation!

Lack of variety aside, I enjoyed the flavors of each dish. The Banh Mi Turkey Burger was an easy and fun way to enjoy fresh, Vietnamese-inspired flavors. I’ll admit, the roasted carrots were actually an ideal side dish for this meal as well. 

Recipe photo of EveryPlate's Apricot Dijon Chicken.

I like to save my favorite recipes to remake!

My other favorite dish was the simple but tasty Apricot Dijon Chicken Legs with (ahem!) Roasted Carrots and Lemon Garlic Couscous. This one was the easiest of my recipes to make: the carrots and chicken both cook in the oven while the couscous simmers on the stove. 

The entire meal was simple to make and tasted delicious, and I’ve since found myself replicating the glazed chicken for an easy weeknight dinner.

Reviewer's photo of EveryPlate's Pork & Poblano Tacos.

I may not be a food stylist, but these tacos came out tasting delicious.

The only time I remembered to get my camera out I realized tacos are perhaps not the most photogenic of dishes. Even so, these Pork & Poblano Tacos with Pico de Gallo and Garlic Sour Cream may very well be the best meal I’ve had from EveryPlate so far!

The vast majority of the work for this recipe is the slicing and dicing of the various veggies like peppers, onion, and tomato. It was an easy, foolproof dish that really delivered on flavor. And there was no carrot side dish!

Shipping & Delivery

When I first ordered from EveryPlate a year ago, I only had three delivery day options. This time around, I was able to choose any day of the week for my deliveries. 

However, since I live in New York City, delivery options for me are generally quite vast. My colleagues in smaller cities don’t always have the same flexibility – so your mileage may vary.

I set my delivery for Saturday and once the order was shipped, I received an email with a tracking link, which provided status updates on my box. If you download the EveryPlate app, you can also follow your package’s journey from there.

Now, I do get a weird thrill out of this because not every meal kit delivery service offers tracking: HelloFresh and Blue Apron do, but other big names, such as Sunbasket, don't. 

It was all very straightforward, but remember, you’re paying $9.99 per week for shipping. There are some companies that ship at no extra charge (or work this charge into the overall price), so this $9.99 eats into your “savings” a bit.


If you have any experience with meal delivery services, EveryPlate’s signup process should look familiar. As a subsidiary of HelloFresh, the process of signing up is streamlined and pretty painless.

How to Sign Up for Every Plate

  1. Select your plan: You can choose to see the full ClassicPlate menu or narrow down your options with the other choices. Note that smaller box sizes have a higher cost per serving.

Screenshot of the plan selection page.

You can change your plan at any time, so don't stress about this choice.

  1. Create your account: You’ll have to input your email address and create a password to continue.

Screenshot of EveryPlate's account creation page.

You have to make an account before doing anything else.

  1. Enter your address: Your delivery day options will depend on your zip code.

Screenshot of the address input page.

Don't forget to put in a discount code if you have one!

  1. Choose a delivery day: I had the option to choose any day, but you may have a more limited selection.

Screenshot of my delivery day options.

Your zip code will reveal your potential delivery days.

  1. Input your payment info: The option to pay with PayPal is a nice touch for convenience.

Screenshot of the payment method input page.

I was glad to see PayPal as an option here!

  1. Pick out your meals: Now for the fun part…

Screenshot of the meal selection page.

EveryPlate picks meals for you if your forget to do it yourself.

Managing Your Subscription

Screenshot of an image from my cancellation confirmation email.

I'm glad EveryPlate didn't try to guilt me into staying.

When the time came to cancel my EveryPlate subscription, I was pleasantly surprised to find it quick and painless. I was able to unsubscribe with just a few clicks, so I didn’t have to call or email anyone.

It still surprises me how many services make you jump through hoops just to cancel your subscription, so I commend EveryPlate for this.

If you need some tips on canceling your EveryPlate plan, be sure to check out our quick and easy how-to guide.

Customer Service

EveryPlate offers two customer support channels: 24/7 live chat and a US landline, available Monday through Friday, 6 am to 11 pm EST. 

I’m forever averse to talking on the phone, so I tried the live chat first. Since my first time trying EveryPlate was several months ago, I wanted to know if there was any way I could access some of the older recipes to recreate myself at home. 

There was a bit of a communication issue, however, and it took a few minutes for me to explain exactly what I meant. 

Sadly, after receiving a few automated responses, the agent told me there’s no way of accessing previous recipes – which, of course, isn’t totally accurate since I later found out that just Googling the name of an old EveryPlate dish will bring up the recipe for all to see. 

Screenshot of my interaction with a customer service agent in the Live Chat feature.

I wasn't blown away by EveryPlate's customer service.

It’s a bummer that EveryPlate’s recipe catalog isn’t easier to browse, but it’s probably more concerning that the live chat doesn’t seem to be a reliable route to get accurate information.


Starting from

Minimum Order

Shipping Fee

$1.49 per portion

3 meals/week for 2 people: $45.33 with shipping 


Even with its recent price increase, EveryPlate is still easily one of the cheapest meal kit delivery services out there. The only service that comes close is Dinnerly.

The company’s pricing used to be $4.99, no matter the size of your box, but smaller orders now come at a slightly higher cost per serving. If you order the minimum three meals for two people, for example, it’s $5.89 per serving. 

But let’s put these prices into context: a family of four enjoying three EveryPlate meals a week will pay $69.87 after shipping. If this family orders the same amount of food from HelloFresh, the weekly total is $111.87.

HelloFresh is already marketed as a pretty affordable meal kit service, and yet EveryPlate is nearly half the price. This leaves a lot of room in your budget for other things – even if you indulge in some of its Premium meals, which cost an extra few dollars per serving.

EveryPlate’s price difference compared to other services is so great, the company even has an FAQ explaining how it stays so affordable! 

Screenshot from EveryPlate's FAQ explaining how it keeps its prices low.

Just in case you needed an explanation for the low cost.

The Bottom Line: Is EveryPlate Worth It?

EveryPlate is a fantastic budget option for any household looking to try out a meal kit delivery service. You’ll find tasty recipes, an easy-to-navigate service, and a good number of delivery options, all for a brilliant price point. 

But – and it's a big but – if you’re a fussy eater or have any dietary preferences, EveryPlate probably isn't for you. You tend to get what you pay for, and if you’re looking for customizable meals or plans that cater to specialized diets, those, unfortunately, come with a higher price tag. 

If price is more important to you than variety or dietary options, EveryPlate is one of the cheapest meal kit services out there – so what have you got to lose?!


How much does EveryPlate cost?

EveryPlate’s pricing starts at $1.49 per serving, but it goes up slightly for smaller orders. For example, a box of three meals serving two people comes to $35.34 plus shipping, which is a flat fee of $9.99 per week. 

The company regularly offers discounts for even bigger savings – like $1.49/meal On Your 1st Box – and Premium recipes are available each week as optional upgrades. Even with the occasional upgrade, though, EveryPlate is one of the most affordable meal kit services around.

Are EveryPlate meals healthy?

EveryPlate doesn’t offer a nutrition-focused menu, but the meals are balanced and fresh. The nutritional information for each dish is provided on the recipe card, so you can select the dishes that best suit your health goals. 

How do you cancel your EveryPlate subscription?

Canceling your EveryPlate subscription is quick and painless. Go to your account settings and click Deactivate Account. The entire process takes just a few seconds. Read our step-by-step guide and we’ll walk you through the whole thing.

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