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Updated on Apr 5th, 2024
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The Pets Table vs. JustFoodForDogs: Which Is Better in 2024

When comparing The Pets Table vs. JustFoodForDogs I found positives for both services. Both companies excel in providing nutritious meals for dogs. You’ll find fresh, human-grade dog food, which caters well to dogs with specific dietary needs as well as picky eaters.

JustFoodForDogs offers a commendable range of fresh dog food options. However, its service lacks the level of personalization that The Pets Table offers, which may influence your decision if you value tailor-made meals for your dog's unique needs.

Ultimately, I recommend The Pets Table for its exceptional service and ingredients. While JustFoodForDogs is a very strong contender, the added personal touch and superior quality from The Pets Table make it the best choice for your dog.

At a Glance: Who Won Each Category?

💲 Price:

The Pets Table ($1.59 per meal)

🍗 Ingredient Quality:

It’s a tie

🍴 Recipes

JustFoodForDogs (10+ recipes)

📦Packaging and Eco-Friendliness

It's a tie

⏰ Meal Prep

The Pets Table

👍 Ordering and Delivery:

The Pets Table

👑 Overall Winner:

The Pets Table

Ingredient Quality

Winner: It’s a tie

When it comes to ingredient quality, this round is a tie. Both brands use human-grade ingredients and prepare meals in kitchens that meet USDA standards. The Pets Table highlights its small-batch cooking method for maximum nutrition.

The Pets Table uses human-grade ingredients and follows AAFCO standards, ensuring meals are nutritionally complete and balanced. Its recipes include superfoods like spinach, sweet potatoes, and berries to boost each meal’s nutritional benefits.

image of the Chicken Casserole with Green Beans recipe served in a bowl next to the meal in a packet

The Pets Table uses 2 different methods of preparing its ingredients. The Fresh recipes feature a delicious range of human-grade dog food made without preservatives or fillers, ensuring freshness by delivering the meals frozen to maintain quality and taste.

The Air-Dried options are designed as a healthier and more affordable alternative to traditional kibble. These are baked at low temperatures to preserve nutrients. They include natural ingredients without any fillers, and the meals are shelf-stable.

A bowl of The Pets Table's Beef and Berries dried recipe next to a packet of the food and bowls of ingredients like chickpeas, beef, and berries

JustFoodForDogs similarly prioritizes quality ingredients and nutritional science to create meals that support pet health. It follows strict safety protocols and consults with a team of veterinary nutritionists.

Screenshot of The Nutrition Team headshots on the JustFoodForDogs website

JustFoodForDogs uses whole-food ingredients, including wild-caught cod, restaurant-quality meats, and locally sourced produce, to create its recipes. This commitment to quality means your pet receives meals that are not only nutritious but also delicious and safe.

The Pantry Fresh line has a unique cooking method where ingredients are cooked at low heat under pressure right inside its packaging. This innovative approach ensures the nutritional value and great taste of the food are preserved and makes them shelf stable for storage.

Meals and Customization

Winner: JustFoodForDogs

JustFoodForDogs excels in meal variety and customization options. It especially supports pets with specific dietary needs or those on veterinary diets. It emphasizes the quality and freshness of its meals, with a focus on scientifically formulated recipes that cater to the specific nutritional needs of dogs.

Screenshot of the feeding calculator on JustFoodForDogs with primary goals listed including improving digestion and reducing allergic reactions

It caters to dogs with allergies, as you can easily remove recipes containing certain ingredients when you complete the feeding calculator. This is a handy tool that selects the best recipes for your pup.

It offers a wide range of meal options, including custom diets for pets with specific health issues. This is a significant advantage for pet owners dealing with unique dietary challenges.

Screenshot of 8 of the fresh recipes on JustFoodForDogs

JustFoodForDogs' commitment to science-backed nutrition and the availability of custom diet plans make it an excellent choice for pets with specific dietary needs. The service's focus on creating meals that support overall health and wellness can make a significant difference in the quality of life for pets with health issues.

You can choose from a wide range of Fresh Frozen and Pantry Fresh options that are shelf-stable. There are also DIY Homemade nutrient blends to make your own healthy meals with store bought ingredients. You can even buy treats and supplements, something that is lacking from The Pets Table.

Screenshot of The Pets Table's Mixed plan with the 3 fresh and 2 dried meal options

The Pets Table, launched by HelloFresh, brings the convenience and quality HelloFresh is known for to the pet food industry. It offers both fresh and dried dog food options, ensuring there's something for every pet's taste and health needs.

You can customize your The Pets Table order by choosing the best plan and recipes to suit your dog. For example, you can choose between Fresh or Air-Dried meals or a mix of the 2. The Mixed plan provides a variety of textures and flavors in your pet's diet.

Ordering and Delivery

Winner: The Pets Table

The Pets Table wins this category for ease of use. It has a straightforward ordering process that's completed in minutes. JustFoodForDogs, while offering a broader selection of recipes and customization options, does require a bit more time to navigate due to the diversity of its offerings.

The Pets Table has a short 7-question quiz. This covers your dog’s age, weight, preferences, exercise, and body condition. You’ll be able to see the prices for the 4 available plans and choose the best option for you and your dog.

Screenshot of the 4 plan options from The Pets Table

The Pets Table delivers to a wide array of states, ensuring broad accessibility. JustFoodForDogs reaches nearly the entire continental US. It uses dry ice and insulated boxes for shipping, though availability hinges on your specific location.

Delivery schedules vary based on location. For The Pets Table, delivery days are determined by your zip code and can be checked within account settings; for example, a New York zip code might offer Wednesday or Thursday as options. Image of 2  f the JustFoodForDogs' kitchens and some chefs preparing the meals

JustFoodForDogs also provides local delivery options for those near 1 of its kitchens. It is also available at select retail locations, including Pet Food Express and Petco. You can use the search feature on its website to find nearby locations.

Pricing options are flexible with JustFoodForDogs, highlighting the benefit of setting up auto-ship for savings despite the availability of one-time orders. For more detailed pricing information, check the pricing section.


Winner: It’s a tie

In terms of unboxing, The Pets Table and JustFoodForDogs are tied. Although their approaches to packaging and eco-friendliness differ slightly, neither emerges as the clear winner.

Image of The Pets Table delivery box, 3 packs of fresh food, 2 packs of dry food, and some ingredients

The Pets Table’s packaging, while partially eco-friendly, could improve in terms of recyclability, particularly for fresh and air-dried packs​​. Although these are not currently recyclable, you can recycle the boxes and liners curbside.

JustFoodForDogs’ packaging also aims for eco-friendliness but could see enhancements, especially regarding the recyclability of packaging materials​​. However, the Tetra Paks used for the Pantry Fresh food are recyclable.

Image of JustFoodForDogs Pantry Fresh meals being placed in a cupboard next to other shelf-stable foods

Regarding storage, JustFoodForDogs ensures your dog's meals stay fresh and safe. Frozen meals last up to 18 months, and once thawed, they should be refrigerated. It suggests that fish-based meals are best used within 3 days, while other proteins last up to 4 days. Pantry Fresh meals can be stored without refrigeration until opened.

The Pets Table provides a convenient feeding guide with every delivery, ensuring you have both printed and digital instructions for meal preparation. Air-dried meals, stored in a cool, dry place, are good for 6 months. Fresh meals can be frozen for up to 6 months and refrigerated for 7 days, requiring 12 hours of defrosting in the fridge before serving.

Meal Prep

Winner: The Pets Table

The Pets Table stands out for its meal prep convenience. It offers fresh meals that are pre-portioned specifically for your pup. You simply follow the measurement guidelines provided on the pack to determine the correct amount for each meal. Then simply squeeze out the correct amount into your pup’s bowl.

JustFoodForDogs, on the other hand, delivers meals that require self-portioning. Although its Feeding Guide assists in determining the daily ounce requirement, The Pets Table's approach significantly simplifies mealtime.

 Image of JustFoodForDogs' feeding guide

Both companies' fresh frozen meals need defrosting, but The Pets Table's air-dried food and JustFoodForDogs' Pantry Fresh offer hassle-free storage and preparation, enhancing convenience and ease of use.


Winner: The Pets Table

The Pets Table works out as the most affordable option between the 2. It’s also a lot less confusing than JustFoodFor Dogs. Our reviewer found it very complex due to the different box sizes available and the combinations of products.

I compared the price for a 10 lb bichon frise and a 65 lb labrador. For JustFoodForDogs the lowest price for a 10 lb dog is $2.20 per day for 2 weeks of food on autoship. Compared to the One-time price of $3.67/day. This is based on 5 oz food per day.

Image of the prices for a 65 lb dog on JustFoodForDogs featuring a one-time price and autoship price

A 65 lb dog needing 18 oz of food per day would cost from $7.20 per day and the one-time price is $12.00/day. Treats start at $11.99 for Pumpkin treats and supplements start at $26.99 for the Omega Plus. Don’t forget our discount code (Get 50% off 1st autoship & 5% off recurring orders) for additional savings.

The Pets Table’s dry food works out as the more affordable option, and, according to the company, it is 40% cheaper than the full fresh plan. For a 10 lb dog this costs $0.99 per meal compared to the fresh plan of $1.65 per meal.

For a 65 lb dog, it costs $3.09 per meal for The Pets Table’s dried food, compared to $4.60 per meal for the fresh. A cheaper option is to opt for the Half of Fresh plan which is around half the cost of the full fresh plan. Don’t forget to use our discount code to save more on your order: Get 50% off your 1st box + 20% off your 2nd.

Screenshot of the 4 plan pricing options from The Pets Table for a 10 lb dog

Delivery costs start at $10.99 for The Pets Table. This may vary depending on your exact location. JustFoodForDogs’ shipping costs are free for either frozen or non-frozen orders that total over $99. Under this, you’ll be charged $19.99 per order, but autoship delivery is free.

The Pets Table offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on trial boxes, providing customers with a risk-free opportunity to test its service. On the other hand, JustFoodForDogs allows refunds for the first order if you aren’t satisfied, although this excludes shipping and delivery fees and does not apply to custom diet orders.

The Pets Table vs. JustFoodForDogs – Quick Overview

The Pets Table


Best for

A range of fresh and baked plans

Fresh, custom, and veterinary diets

Starting price

$1.59 per meal


Shipping cost

From $10.99

$19.99 or free on dry or frozen orders over $99


Scheduled based on your plan

One-off, or scheduled on recurring weeks


5 choices

10+ choices

Meal storage

Dried up to 6 months, fresh can be frozen up to 6 months and 7 days in the fridge

Up to 1 year in freezer, PantryFresh up to 2 years shelf storage (unopened)

Are meals pre-portioned?

Yes (fresh) and no (dried)


Ingredient quality

Human-grade, USDA FDA-inspected kitchens

USDA kitchens, small batches, human-grade


Fillers, preservatives

Soy, preservatives

Customizable based on:

Weight, breed, sex, age, activity level, body condition

Weight, age, breed, spay/neuter status, activity levels, allergies



2018 (listeria on green beans)

Money back guarantee?

Yes on the trial order

Yes (minus shipping) but not on custom orders

Our reviewer’s rating



Current deal

Get 50% off your 1st box + 20% off your 2nd

Get 50% off 1st autoship & 5% off recurring orders

And The Winner Is: The Pets Table

The Pets Table stands out as the winner here, but only by a small margin. I really appreciate its ease of use, variety of food types, and straightforward contact options. Its simple ordering process and broad state coverage make it a go-to choice if you’re looking for convenience and variety.

However, JustFoodForDogs offers specialized options that cater to pets with specific dietary needs, including custom diets and medical support foods. JFFD might be your preferred option if your pet requires a specialized diet or if you prefer having access to local pickup options.

Ultimately, I can recommend both services because each has its strengths. The Pets Table excels in user-friendly service and food variety, while JFFD stands out for pets needing medical or custom diets. Check out our top picks for human-grade dog food delivery services to see more recommended options.


Is The Pets Table worth it?

Yes, The Pets Table is worth considering due to its easy ordering process and convenient delivery options. It simplifies the process of getting high-quality pet food delivered right to your door, catering to those who value convenience and reliability in pet nutrition.

How expensive is The Pets Table?

Prices for The Pets Table start at $1.59 per meal offering a range of options to fit various budgets. This pricing reflects the quality and convenience of its service, ensuring you get value for your investment in your pet's health.

Is The Pets Table from HelloFresh?

Yes, The Pets Table is part of the HelloFresh group, benefiting from its experience in delivering fresh, high-quality food. This affiliation ensures that The Pets Table adheres to high standards in ingredient quality and meal preparation.

Where is JustFoodForDogs based?

JustFoodForDogs is based in California and operates kitchens that you can visit. This setup allows for transparency in the meal preparation process and a closer connection with the product.

Is JustFoodForDogs healthy?

JustFoodForDogs supports a range of dietary needs, making it a healthy option for many pets. Its recipes are formulated to meet specific nutritional requirements, ensuring your pet receives balanced and beneficial meals.

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