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BarkBox Review 2024: A Monthly Box of Doggie Joy

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Author Kenaz Filan
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Updated on Apr 5th, 2024
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BarkBox ensures your pet always has a selection of new doggie toys. Like children, furbabies can get bored if they are always playing with the same thing. Each month, BarkBox carefully handpicks 2 toys, 2 bags of treats, and a chew. Its treats and toys often have holiday or other themes, so you can celebrate the occasion along with your dog.

Because every dog is different, BarkBox lets you customize your pet’s monthly box of treats. You can indicate preferences such as food sensitivities, chew styles, play styles, durability, size, breed, and more to meet your pup’s preferences. It’s a great way to pamper your canine companion and save yourself trips to the pet store. 

Happy dogs make dog owners happy. Read on to find out how BarkBox can make sure your dog has a steady supply of tasty treats and toys they will love. 



Toys and treats your dog will loveYou may build up a stockpile of toys
Fewer visits to the pet storeToys may not be suited to strong chewers
Free of wheat, corn, soy, and fillersFees can add up over time

BarkBox Toys, Treats, and Chews


Every month, your pet receives 2 new toys. Toys are designed around a theme. As an idea, previous boxes have featured Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, Peanuts, 4/20 Day, and “Chewrassic Bark.” You never know what might arrive, but your dog will soon learn to recognize the monthly BarkBox and might even learn to like the mailman. Screenshot of the Bark toys available at BarkShop

Many BarkBox toys include squeakers or noise makers that make them more interactive. And BarkBox toys receive rave reviews from customers for quality. In fact, some subscribers complain that their subscription leaves them with too many long-lasting toys around the house. 

While BarkBox toys are durable, they might not be suited for enthusiastic chewers or strong dogs. (My beloved pit bull Mookie could shred plushies in seconds). For those dogs, BarkBox offers a Super Chewer option. A Rottweiler and two German Shepherds playing with Bark Super Chewer toys

Super Chewer toys are built for rough play, and they're made to last with strong rubber and nylon. But you should still keep an eye on your pup’s toys and replace them when they begin showing wear. A damaged dog toy can become a choking hazard, and you’ll be getting a new toy next month anyway. 


In addition to toys, your pup’s BarkBox also arrives with 2 bags of doggie treats. While the specific treats will vary each month, they are always made in the US or Canada. Pictures of Bark's Moo Moo Links and Clucky Jerky Cuts

BarkEats treats are made with all natural ingredients. The Moo Moo Links contain 70% beef, while the Clucky Jerky Cuts combine chicken with chickpea flour and pumpkin. Both recipes use natural tocopherols, (a Vitamin E formulation) to protect against the treats going rancid. BarkEats treats and dog food are designed in collaboration with a veterinary nutritionist.

You will get different treats each month, including many that are only available through BarkBox. The ingredients in these treats may vary, and your dog may prefer some flavors to others. But the quality is uniformly excellent. 

Your BarkBox may contain treats from other vendors who, unlike BarkEats, use wheat, corn, or soy. If your dog is sensitive to any of these allergens, be sure to read the ingredient label on any non-Bark edibles. You can also contact BarkBox customer service, which can make sure your dog receives no treats containing those products. 

Moo Moo Links Guaranteed analysis: 

  • Crude Protein: min 25%

  • Crude Fat: min 13% 

  • Crude Fiber: max 3%

  • Moisture: max 24

Ingredients: Beef, Peas, Vegetable Glycerin, Natural Smoke Flavor, Mixed Tocopherols (preservative), Rosemary Extract

Clucky Jerky Guaranteed analysis:

  • Crude Protein: min 22%

  • Crude Fat: min 7%

  • Crude Fiber: max 2.5%

  • Moisture: max 28%

Ingredients: Chicken, Pea Flour, Vegetable Glycerin, Pumpkin, Vinegar, Salt, Natural Smoke Flavor, (Color added) Paprika, Mixed Tocopherols (preservative), Rosemary Extract


Your BarkBox also arrives with an edible chew from a premium pet company. Edible chews promote good doggy oral hygiene by removing plaque and tartar buildup. They also provide mental stimulation and stress relief for your dog. And the edible chews in your BarkBox aren’t just tasty and soothing, they’re packed with nutrients.

The Pet Gourmet is among BarkBox’s regular suppliers of edible chews. Its star-shaped chews get into the spaces between your dog’s teeth and gums, cleaning out even hidden plaque and tartar. You can break them into pieces for smaller dogs or provide an entire stick to your big pooch. Customization options for BarkBox treats

If your dog is also sensitive to 1 or more animal proteins, you can exclude the offending meat. BarkBox will also work with you if your dog has other dietary needs. If your dog has serious sensitivities, our guide for the best dog food delivery for pit bulls with skin allergies will also apply to any other dog breed with allergy issues.


Because BarkBox sends toys, treats, and chews, its boxes do not require cooling or insulation. This allows them to send their treats in smaller boxes with lower shipping fees. All edible items come with full nutritional and ingredient information on the labels. Barkbox packaging

Bark recommends that you store your treats in a cool and dry place and avoid keeping them in damp areas like basements or garages. Jerky treats and chews will last 2 months after being opened and up to 4 months unopened. Other treats may last for up to a year after being opened if properly stored. 


Starting from

Minimum Order

Shipping Fee

$22 per month

12-month BarkBox subscription

$4.99 (free with add-on)

$26 per month

6-month BarkBox subscription

$4.99 (free with add-on)

$35 per month

1-month BarkBox subscription

$4.99 (free with add-on)

$25 per month

12-month Super Chewer subscription

$4.99 (free with add-on)

$30 per month

6-month Super Chewer subscription

$4.99 (free with add-on)

$40 per month

1-month Super Chewer subscription

$4.99 (free with add-on)

BarkBox charges the same price for dogs of all sizes. A Super Chewer subscription will cost you an extra $3 to $5 because it includes more durable toys.

If you want to save even more money, use our exclusive deal: Double your first box!

You can avoid shipping by adding an extra toy to your order for $9. A $19 upgrade that includes an extra toy, an extra bag of treats, and a beef food topper is also available. Orders outside the continental US will incur an extra $8 shipping fee.

Shipping & Delivery

BarkBox ships to Canada and the US. Estimated delivery times are 2-8 business days in the continental United States and 8-12 business days in Canada, Alaska, Hawaii, and US territories. Boxes shipped to Canada are carried to the border by DHL and then delivered by Canada Post.

Boxes ship during the first 2 weeks of the month. If you move, the deadline for updating your address is the second to last day of the month. BarkBox does not let you choose a specific shipping day, which may make things inconvenient if you happen to be out of town when your package arrives. 

How BarkBox Works

BarkBox lets you choose between a 1-month, 6-month, or 12-month subscription. Orders automatically renew at the end of the subscription period. You also have the option to order add-ons with each box.

How to Sign Up

1. Answer the questionnaire Screenshot of Page 1 of BarkBox's questionnaire

BarkBox starts its signup process with questions about your dog. This is just like many other pet subscription services, but Barkbox’s questionnaire is considerably shorter than most. All you need to do is fill in your dog’s sex, weight, and breed and note any allergies to chicken, turkey, or beef. 

2. Provide your email address Screenshot of BarkBox's signup page

You must provide an email address to create an account. You can opt out of receiving other Bark advertisements by unchecking the box. 

3. Choose your plan Screenshot of BarkBox's different plans

Any plan you choose will automatically renew, so be sure to keep an eye on the cancelation dates if you decide BarkBox is not for you or your canine companion. 

4. Choose add-ons Screenshot of BarkBox add-ons

You can add an extra toy or a bundle that also includes a beef food topper and an extra treat bag. This makes your dog extra happy and saves you shipping costs.

5. Provide shipping and payment information

Screenshot of BarkBox's shipping information section

BarkBox accepts multiple payment methods including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Paypal, Venmo, and ApplePay. 

Managing Your Subscription

The Bark app lets you track the progress of your BarkBox and other Bark orders, including dental treats from Bark Bright and items from Bark’s online retail storefront, BarkShop. You can also manage your subs, rate past items, and shop from the Bark App or website. 

Customer Service

BarkBox’s FAQ has answers to most of your questions. It is well designed and easy to navigate and I found it most helpful when I needed to find information. If you cannot find your answer in the FAQ, you can also speak with a BarkBox representative by e-mail or on Live Chat. 

BarkBox calls its customer service department “the Happy Team.” When I spoke to Eun, a Happy Team member, she was very cheerful. And after she answered my questions quickly and thoroughly, so was I. BarkBox gets high reviews for its customer service, and after my experience, I can certainly see why. Excerpts from my chat with customer service

Your BarkBox comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If your dog turns a cold nose up at any toy, treat, or chew the Happy Team will work with you to fix it. You can cancel your subscription simply by turning off your auto-renewal, though you will still be billed for the months you signed up for in advance. 

BarkBox Recalls

On June 7, 2021 BarkBox issued a recall for Lucky Chew Stick Duck-Flavored chews after they were linked to a dog’s death. Although a veterinary autopsy and third-party tests on the chews proved inconclusive, BarkBox stopped sending the chew and offered refunds to subscribers who received it.

How BarkBox Compares to Other Pet Food Services

The Bottom Line: Is BarkBox Worth It?

For pup owners who want to pamper their furbabies, BarkBox is definitely worth it. Dogs need stimulation and variety for their emotional and mental health. A BarkBox subscription ensures your canine companion has a regular rotation of toys to play with and treats to enjoy. 

If your dog likes a varied selection of pup toys, BarkBox will save you trips to the pet store by providing high-quality toys that aren’t going to fall apart or become a choking hazard. And while you’re making sure your dog has things to play with, check out our list of the best wet dog food delivery services.


Are BarkBox treats good for dogs?

BarkBox treats are a healthy alternative to mass market dog treats. They are made in Canada or the USA and contain no corn, soy, or wheat fillers. Not only are they better for your pet’s health, but they also taste great and are sure to be a big hit even with pooches who are picky eaters.

Does BarkBox make toys for big dogs?

BarkBox makes a Super Chewer line of toys for big dogs with very strong jaws. Super Chewer toys are built with rugged rubber and nylon and will give even powerful dogs like Rottweilers, mastiffs, and pit bulls many hours of chewing fun.

Does BarkBox ship to Hawaii or Alaska?

BarkBox ships throughout the US, including APO and FPO boxes and US territories. It even ships boxes to the US/Canada border via DHL, so they can be sent to your Canadian address via Canada Post.

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