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Box Cat Review 2023: Feline Fun & More on Your Doorstep

Our Top Pick for 2023
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Author Kenaz Filan
Kenaz Filan
Updated on Nov 22nd, 2023
Fact checked by Deborah Leigh


Many pet owners struggle with finding the perfect cat toy delivery service for their feline. You want a service that fits your budget. But you and your cat also have high expectations, so you want to make sure your box contains top-quality toys and treats that meet your discerning standards.

I have conducted an in-depth analysis of BoxCat's offerings. I have examined the range of toys and treats offered, the prices, the ingredients used in the treats, the shipping policies, and its customer service options.

While it still has some kinks to work out, BoxCat is a great way to surprise your feline friend. The handmade treats and vegan balms are a nice touch, and if your cat gets bored easily, a steady supply of toys means they regularly get new entertainment. Read on to see if BoxCat is right for you.   



Handmade treats and toys

Small selection of add-ons

Free shipping to continental US

Website has limited information

Vegan cat skincare products

Luxury items are expensive

Current deal – Free velvet blanket with any multi-month plan!

BoxCat Treats and Toys


With each delivery, you get a pouch of BoxCat Bakery’s handmade treats. Commercial cat treats sit in storage for months before you buy them. BoxCat Bakery brings you treats that were baked in small batches in BoxCat’s kitchens.

Picture of a pouch of BoxCat Handmade Chicken Treats
BoxCat treats are handmade in small batches

BoxCat Bakery provides a list of ingredients on the label, but there’s no nutritional information. If your cat has an allergy, you can call BoxCat and it will work with you on selecting suitable treats. But there are no other customization options.

Toys and More

Every BoxCat order includes high-quality cat toys. Even kitty couch potatoes need some play and intellectual stimulation. With BoxCat, your cat gets a regular supply of new toys. When your feline bats the Monster Theme Mat with Sisal Scratcher pictured below, they sharpen their claws. And the Vibrating Lobster stimulates cats to use their hunting instincts humanely.

Pictures of BoxCat's Monster Theme Mat with Sisal Scratcher and Vibrating Lobster
Your cat gets new toys in every box

Along with toys, BoxCat also sends other cat care accessories. Its vegan Cat Skincare items are especially popular, but you might also get a new collar or other cat wellness item. If you want to pamper your furbaby, BoxCat is a great way to do it.


BoxCat also offers you a minimal selection of add-ons for special occasions.  Its selection is smaller than what you will find at a major retailer like Petco, generally consisting of no more than 2 or 3 items. But one of those items is a cat birthday cake.

photo of a cat wearing a gold dress and eating a BoxCat Birthday Cat Cake
The Birthday Cat Cake is a BoxCat add-on.

BoxCat’s Birthday Cat Cake (pictured) is made with ingredients including tuna and catnip. Its 4” diameter will feed multiple cats, so your other cats can celebrate the occasion along with the birthday feline. Cat Cakes come in white and black, and you can also order a blue or purple Mouse Cake. 

What Makes It Different

BoxCat is among the only cat toy delivery services. There are a number of dog toy delivery services out there (including BoxCat’s parent company, BoxDog). But BoxCat places its focus on feline fun.


Your BoxCat package arrives in a BoxDog box. This may cause some momentary confusion, but once you open your cat’s package, you’ll see there was no mistake. The size of your box may vary depending on whether your order includes larger or bulkier items.

Picture of a cat standing next to a box full of BoxCat toys
Never mind that silly dog logo. This is for me.

Each box contains 6-9 cat-related items, and that’s not counting the box, which is big enough to provide a resting place and chill-out zone for all but the largest cats. 



Starting From

Shipping Fee

Monthly Basic Plan

$23 per month


Monthly Luxury Plan

$40 per month


Seasonal Plan

$45 per quarter


You save money by committing to a 6-month subscription or a 4-box Seasonal Plan. You can save even more by prepaying it. If your kitty loves their BoxCat order, you can lock in your subscription and give  cat joy. And for even more savings, check out our special coupon: Free velvet blanket with any multi-month plan!

Shipping is free to the continental United States. Boxes sent to Alaska, Hawaii, or Puerto Rico are charged an additional $15, while shipping to Canada or the UK costs $20.

Shipping & Delivery

BoxCat ships to the US, Canada, and the UK. If you need to reschedule a delivery, you must contact BoxCat’s customer service. Unfortunately, there are no apps or extra features to help you handle these situations.

How BoxCat Works

BoxCat makes signing up for a subscription easy. You can be a BoxCat subscriber in under 5 minutes, with just 4 easy steps. Here’s how it works.

How to Sign Up

  1. Click the Get Started button

Screenshot of the BoxCat header, showing the Get Started button
You'll find the Get Started button on most BoxCat pages

The Get Started button is on the top left hand side of the page header.  You can’t miss it! 

  1. Choose your plan

screenshot of BoxCat's plans Caption: Monthly and quarterly
Monthly and quarterly plans are available

You can choose between the monthly Basic or Luxury plans or opt for the quarterly Seasonal Plan. You can also commit to a 6-month (Basic and Luxury) or an annual (Seasonal) plan and decide between recurring and lump-sum payments.

  1. Enter your shipping and payment info 

Screenshot of BoxCat's checkout
BoxCat takes Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, and JCB

Provide your shipping and billing information as you would in any other shopping cart. 

  1. Confirm your subscription

The green Confirm My Subscription button is once again easy to spot. Agree to the Terms of Service and Privacy polish, push the green button, and your subscription is confirmed.

Managing Your Subscription

You can manage your BoxCat subscription from your phone or desktop browser. BoxCat’s site is mobile-optimized, and you will have no problem logging in or making changes to your account. 

You can cancel your subscription at any time by logging into your account, then selecting Manage Subscription and More Details, followed by Cancel Subscription. You can also cancel your subscription through BoxCat’s parent company by emailing support@boxdog.com. Make sure you cancel your subscription before your next billing date to avoid getting an unwanted order.

Customer Service

You can reach BoxCat’s customer service by phone or text at 888-826-9364. You can also send an email to support@boxdog.com if there are any issues with your order. There are no live chat options, but when I sent a text message, BoxCat got back to me in seconds. The hours are irregular, but if you drop a line during normal business hours, you should get a response quickly. 

BoxCat’s home page includes a FAQ with 6 frequently asked questions. I would like to see a larger FAQ in a dedicated FAQ and support section. I’d also recommend BoxCat add more information about its products and images from previous BoxCat boxes on its site. But BoxCat’s customer support provides a quick and personal touch to information sharing that makes up for its limited content.

If your order arrives damaged or with missing items, you must notify BoxCat within 15 days of delivery. BoxCat will investigate the issue and adjust your account as necessary.

BoxCat Recalls

There have been no recalls for any BoxCat products.

How BoxCat Compares to Other Pet Food Services 

The Bottom Line: Is BoxCat Worth It?

Overall, I think it’s worth giving BoxCat a try to see how your feline feels about its toys and treats. While I would like to see more details about what is in each box and examples of prior boxes, BoxCat is a small and relatively new business that is bound to have some growing pains. 

BoxCat offers a regular supply of cat toys and accessories at a reasonable rate, and its handmade treats and vegan cat balms are a nice touch. But I really wish Boxcat (and its parent company BoxDog) would do more with its website. I would like to know more about the toys that my pets are playing with, the shipping costs, and other important information. 


How does the BoxCat subscription work?

BoxCat offers subscriptions for boxes of high-quality cat toys, treats, and accessories. You can order a monthly Basic or Luxury Subscription, or a quarterly Seasonal box. BoxCat also offers savings if you commit to a 6 or 12-month subscription and additional savings if you pay up front.

What payment methods does BoxCat accept?

BoxCat takes Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, and JCB cards. Unfortunately, you cannot use ApplePay, GooglePay, PayPal or other online payment processors.

What do you get in a BoxCat box?

Depending on your subscription, you get 6-9 items in your BoxCat subscription. Every box includes a bag of handmade cat treats and 2 to 3 cat toys. You also get 2 accessories ranging from vegan skin and nose balms to blankets collars.

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