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Evermore Review 2024: Does Price Match Quality?

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Author Zoran Trifunovic
Zoran Trifunovic
Updated on Apr 5th, 2024
Fact checked by Deborah Leigh


Evermore is a pet food delivery service that crafts high-quality meals for dogs. It prepares fresh food that's as good as you might get cooking a meal for your dog at home. The company uses real ingredients and prepares them in a way that keeps all essential nutrients in before freezing food. And it sells products online, making them available to anyone.

The service states that its dishes have improved the health of many pups. It came as no surprise to me since its food is human-grade. As a pup owner, I was glad to learn that the team tests every batch before sending it to pet parents. And, it grinds every ingredient to ensure smooth chewing and digestion.

Like every business, Evermore has its downsides. Its meal price is very high. If you're watching the wallet, maybe give The Farmer's Dog a look since it has high-quality stuff at a reasonable cost. Even so, I recommend reading my Evermore Review because it may be worth every cent if you have the budget. 



USDA-certified meals

High price

No fillers and by-products

No treats and supplements

Quick responses from customer support

Recipes lack allergen information

Evermore Meals

Evermore has a few hearty meals for dogs containing many organic ingredients. Their protein-to-produce ratio is about 2:1. But the company produces only fresh meals, which it freezes to keep nutrients in. If your pup is more into baked food, or you prefer mixing and matching fresh and baked meals, you should check out Ollie.  Evermore's homepage

Plans and Recipes

Evermore has 4 recipes for dogs. These are beef, chicken, turkey, and lamb. Each package contains 1 lb of pup food and comprises between 60% and 64% of protein and anywhere from 30% to 32% of produce. If the recipe includes beneficial grains, their ratio is up to 4.5%. The remaining 2% or so are boosters that detoxify and support your dogs body. Evermore's Chicken recipe

The pet food delivery service didn't cater to specific dietary needs when I checked. If your dog's a bit picky or sensitive, you'll have to check the ingredient list closely since no allergen info is available. If your pooch suffers from allergies, I recommend checking out The Best Healthy Dog Food Delivery Services. Evermore's Turkey recipe

But if your hound’s grain-sensitive, steer clear from the Chicken and Beef recipes because these contain oats and barley. Turkey and Lamb are the company’s grain-free meals. Evermore's Beef recipe

Evermore isn't big on food customization like some other services. You can tailor a plan for your dog, true, but the service doesn't have an in-depth meal customization quiz considering various key factors you may or may not be aware of. Evermore's Subscription Planner

If you’re after one such pet food delivery, maybe give Spot & Tango a try. This pet food subscription service has a nifty meal customization quiz that helps it to personalize the offer based on what you tell them about your dog. And it has fresh and Fresh Dry™ recipes.

You can choose from 3 case types to buy from Evermore. These are Small, Large, and 2X Large. Small Case has 8 units, each containing 1 lb of dog food, while Large and 2X Large cases consist of 16 and 32 units, respectively. Evermore's Large and 2X Large dog food cases

You have flexibility with your recipe choices. You can pick a single protein or even mix up 2, 3, or 4 proteins per case. The level of personalization varies depending on which case you order. If, for example, you opt for a Large Case and a combo of chicken, beef, and lamb, you'll get 6 chicken, 5 beef, and 5 lamb units. Evermore's Large Case

Buy Quad Sampler if you wish to test products before subscribing. This package features 4 bags, and you can mix up the proteins, just like with the 2X Large Case.  Evermore's Quad Sampler
A trained-health supportive chef and an experienced dog care pro run the business. And they craft nutrient-packed and tasty meals for doggos.


Evermore gets most of the ingredients from USA farmers and ranchers. To give you a clearer picture, 90% of the foods they source come from California and the Pacific Northwest. And a good chunk of the ingredients are organic.

The company processes human-grade ingredients to create nutritious meals. It means that everything your dog eats, you can eat. What's more, the pet meal delivery service cooks food in a USDA-certified (United States Department of Agriculture) and FDA-inspected (Food and Drug Administration) kitchen.

Here is the ingredient list for the Chicken recipe: Organic chicken, organic chicken hearts, eggs, organic sweet potatoes, organic carrots, organic chicken livers, organic kale, organic apples, organic dandelion greens, organic blueberries, organic parsley, organic oats, organic barley, fish oil, organic pumpkin seeds, organic safflower oil, eggshell powder, organic dried kelp, zinc gluconate.

Here is the ingredient list for the Lamb recipe: Lamb, lamb hearts, eggs, organic butternut squash, organic carrots, lamb livers, organic kale, organic apples, organic dandelion greens, organic blueberries, organic parsley, fish oil, organic pumpkin seeds, organic safflower oil, eggshell powder, organic dried kelp, zinc gluconate.

Each Evermore meal packs in meat, livers, and hearts from the chosen animal, plus eggs. The team tosses in various fruits, veggies, and herbs, too, like organic carrots, apples, and parsley. Every recipe contains organic blueberries, too, except the Turkey recipe. You'll also find butternut squash in grain-free Turkey and Lamb dishes.

The liver is good for your dog’s vision and growth, whichever animal it's from. Barley, which you can find in Chicken and Beef recipes, is a great source of dietary fiber. Pumpkin provides various health benefits thanks to vitamins A, C, and E and minerals. Carrot supports the pup's dental health and bowel movements while blueberries uphold its immunity.


The chicken recipe features 1% of crude fiber at most, translating into 4% dry matter. The meal also includes at least 11% of crude protein and 5% of crude fat, which is 44% and 20% of dry matter, respectively. Note that these values may vary, as I determined when I compared the table accompanying the recipe with its full nutrient profile. Guaranteed analysis of Evermore's Chicken meal

Evermore uses the sous-vide method in cooking. This means it cooks meals at low temperatures to keep the good stuff in while kicking nasty microorganisms out. Think 165°F for poultry and 159°F for beef and chicken. Once it lab-tests each batch, it vacuum-seals it in BPA-free pouches, and the product is ready for shipment. 

What Makes It Different

Few pet meal deliveries offer consultations, but Evermore does. Schedule a 15-minute phone call if you have any questions about dog food or your pet’s diet. You can do so by selecting About in the header and then Schedule a Consultation. Evermore's availability for consultations


Your pet's food arrives in a nondescript cardboard box. As you lift the flaps, you'll find guidance on how to handle the dry ice safely and recycling instructions. Inside is an eco-friendly biodegradable liner made of upcycled cotton. Delve a bit deeper, and you'll discover dry ice or reusable gel packs. A smaller cardboard box filled with food will be at the bottom.

Each recipe pack has clear labels. Flip to the back to check for feeding instructions, guidelines, and a list of ingredients. Once you tear that pack open, you'll find a meal neatly vacuum-sealed in a transparent plastic bag. Products should arrive frozen, but they’re OK even if you get them partially thawed but cold to the touch. And you can refreeze them.

Frozen recipes are safe for your furball to consume for 2 years, although Evermore dates each package at 18 months. You can serve food for the next week once you defrost it. Thaw meals in the fridge overnight or on the counter for a few hours for quicker defrosting. You can also thaw them in hot tap water (not boiling) for 10 or 15 minutes.

The meals require no preparation and can be eaten straight from the pack. If you wish, you can add some water to make the food less rich or to make it last longer.


Evermore's fresh meals are everything but cheap. However, the company assures us that the quality of its food and the cost of its ingredients reflects the final price. Its pricing during my research was the following:



Shipping fee

Small Case


Free or $15

Large Case


Free or $20

2X Large Case


Free or $30

Quad Sampler



You'll enjoy free delivery if you subscribe. Otherwise, you'll have to pay the shipping cost. Also, note that the price of Large and 2X Large cases is the same for guest buyers and members. Evermore Large Cases cost

Take advantage of a special deal to make your purchase more worthwhile. Right now, you can get enjoy this discount: 15% Off Your First Order.

The company accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Amex, and Diners cards. You can also pay with PayPal, Google Pay, and Shop Pay.

Evermore doesn't offer refunds on shipped products. So if your pup refuses to eat its food, you can't get your money back. But if you have to cancel your order before it ships out, the pet food subscription service has your back. And it’ll send you a new package if your meals are thawed or damaged.

Shipping & Delivery

Evermore ships food throughout the continental US. And you can set a delivery schedule that works for you, from every week to every 20 weeks. The company uses a carrier experienced in delivering perishable goods to ensure its products arrive in the required state. 

Your box should travel 3 days tops unless you live in the far south of Texas. Refer to the following images for general transit times: Map of Evermore's transit times

You can reschedule or cancel the pending order until the box hits the road. After that, there's no way to turn it around. You should contact Evermore customer support to rush, delay, or stop the pending delivery.

The company sends out orders based on transit time. If you order before 10 am EST on Tuesday, you can expect your box by Friday, no matter where you live. The cutoff time for 2-day shipments is 10 am on Wednesday. And if you live in a 1-day transit time area, place an order no later than Thursday to get your packaging the following day.

Note that the service can't be aware of road issues that may affect delivery times without a heads-up. But you can track the progress of your shipment using the tracking information it'll provide you with.

How Evermore Works

You can snag Evermore products without making an account. But consider subscribing and picking a delivery frequency that suits you if your dog likes its recipes. That's because members get free delivery and a 5% discount on Large Cases. 

How to Sign Up

  1. Click on Buy from any website's page and choose the Shop Online option.

Evermore's Our Recipes page with header options

  1. Choose the preferred case, Quad Sampler, and/or a gift card.

A few of Evermore's products

  1. Choose the product(s) and quantities. Once done, hit ADD TO CART.

Evermore's Large Case shopping cart

  1. Review your cart and optionally leave instructions for the carrier and tell Evermore how you heard about it. After that, click on CHECK OUT.

Evermore's shopping cart overview

  1. State your personal information and delivery details. Also, choose 1 of a few payment methods.

Evermore contact and delivery details

Managing Your Subscription

Manage your account by clicking on the corresponding icon in the top-right corner of the screen. Once you land on the My Account page, you have 3 options. My Account page on the Evermore website

You can sign up easily, even before buying from the pet meal delivery service. All you have to do is state your name and email and set a password. But finding the My Account icon, which doesn't appear on every page on the website, is a difficult part. Shop Online and Subscription Planner are a few where I located it.

Check out The Honest Kitchen if you could use an easily navigable website. This pet food delivery service has food, treats, and supplements for dogs and cats in its assortment. 

You can do more than just manage your subscription from the My Account page. You can also check out the order history and change your account details, if necessary.

Customer Service

Evermore proved prompt in responding to my query. I sent an email a few hours before official working hours. And I got Erin's answer almost the moment the hours of operation started. I wanted to know whether the company intends to expand its market to locations beyond the continental USA. Her answer was the following: Response from Evermore's customer support

Evermore's customer support is around from 9 am to 5 pm EST, Monday to Friday. You have 3 options to reach out to it – a contact form, email, and a good old-fashioned phone call. And while there's no live chat, it kind of makes sense since, from what I can tell, the founders seem to handle a lot, if not all, of the work, by themselves.

To send them a message, click on About and choose the Contact Us option afterward. The customer support email address is The phone number, which is operational only during work hours, is (718) 596-6788. 

The service doesn't have a refund policy. So, if your pup dislikes the food, you can only give it to someone else. 

Evermore has an FAQ section, but I don’t find it especially comprehensive. Some details I found there relate to ordering, shipping, using, and storing products.

I haven't found anything related to closing the account on the website. Even my Google search for this particular matter yielded no results. So, I guess that contacting customer service could be helpful. Also, check Manage Subscriptions on the My Account page once you sign up. Unsubscription should be among the other options there.

Evermore Recalls

The pet food delivery service didn't have recalls at the time of my Evermore Review. 

How Evermore Compares to Other Pet Food Services

  • Evermore vs. The Farmer’s Dog: The Farmer's Dog produces fresh meals for furballs, like Evermore. But, it has an extensive food personalization quiz that helps you tailor meals to your pup's dietary needs. The service takes many factors into consideration, some of which are your pooch's activity level, breed, weight, and food sensitivities. And its prices are way lower.
  • Evermore vs. We Feed Raw: You should go for Evermore if your dog’s on a fresh food diet. But if your pet eats raw food, then We Feed Raw is a logical choice. Moreover, We Feed Raw has 6 meals compared to Evermore's 4, providing a better variety. And while Evermore designs recipes for dogs only, you can feed We Feed Raw's dishes to cats, too.
  • Evermore vs. Nom Nom: Both services have 4 fresh meals, but Nom Nom replaces the lamb recipe with a pork meal. Next, Nom Nom employs 2 Board Certified Veterinary Nutritionists out of less than 100 available in the USA to design its meals. And, you can buy supplements for dogs and cats from Nom Nom.

The Bottom Line: Is Evermore Worth It?

Evermore is a solid pick if your dog eats fresh food and your budget aligns. Its meals are durable – you can stash them for up to 2 years. Next, its recipes feature top-tier quality. They contain only real foods, including some superfoods, and absolutely none of those fillers, preservatives, or by-products we'd rather keep away from our 4-legged buddies.

On the flip side, the pet food subscription service isn't among the cheaper ones. And if your dog needs a health boost or you wish to offer them a delicacy, you'll have to look elsewhere to buy supplements and treats. So, if you're after reasonably priced fresh dog meals and more, check out our guide on the best fresh dog food delivery services.


What is Evermore's dog food cost?

The cost of Evermore's dog food is on the high side. At the time of my Evermore Review, the price of a Small Case, which comprised 8 units weighing 1 lb, was $104. The largest 2X Large Case with 32 units,, was $384. Check the pricing section of Evermore Review for further details.

Where to buy Evermore dog food?

The company sells its dog food online, making it available to every pet owner in the mainland US. It also has a few dozen retailers throughout the country. But given quick delivery times, I think that ordering online is more convenient unless a store is in your neighborhood.

What dog food is considered the healthiest?

I'm confident that The Farmer's Dog offers the healthiest dog food for reasonable prices on the market. After conducting many pet food reviews, I think that The Farmer's Dog's recipes offer the biggest bang for the buck among fresh pet food services. I can say pretty much the same for Ollie's baked food. Evermore undoubtedly has meals of exceptional quality, but its price tag is too much for many pet parents.

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