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Front of the Pack Dog Food and Supplements Review for 2023

Author Zoran Trifunovic
Zoran Trifunovic
Updated on Sep 4th, 2023
Fact checked by Deborah Leigh


Front of the Pack, also known as FOTP, is all about your canine's health. It crafts products that improve your dog's well-being. It has supplements and foods that lend a health boost to the pups, designed to deal with the challenges many woofers face in their lifetimes sooner or later. 

Front of the Pack is a subscription service that delivers food and supplements to your doorstep. If you subscribe, you'll get the products on a recurring basis unless you decide to hit pause or stop altogether. And the folks behind the service say that your pet could start feeling better in several weeks once it starts chowing down on the brand's main product.

Yet, the subscription to this company isn't all roses. Sure, it's got its perks, but like anything, it has its downsides, too. And while these might not bother some folks, for others, they could be reason enough to think twice. So, check out our Front of the Pack Review to figure out whether deal makers outweigh deal breakers.



The products are preservative- and filler-free

The assortment is slim

Dog food is AAFCO-compliant

The company products are pretty expensive

You get a full refund if your pooch isn’t a fan

The products run out of stock often

What’s on the Front of the Pack Menu

Front of the Pack has dog supplements, dry foods, and treats. One of the supplements is the company's best-seller, featuring most customer reviews. It also has a couple of foods featuring different proteins. Besides, it has a few freeze-dried treats for your pups.

Front of the Pack's homepage
Most of the Front of the Pack homepage introduces benefits The One supplement provides.

Meal Options

Front of the Pack has 3 supplements for your doggos. The star of the show is The One, designed to tackle many common doggy health problems. And it seems to do the trick in keeping pups healthy and happy, according to the customer reviews. The service also has Soothe for tummy troubles and itchy skin issues. Harmony helps your pet shake off any stress.

Front of the Pack's dog supplements
Click on any product to check the serving guide and nutritional information.

The subscription service has 2 types of air-dried dog food. One has chicken meat as the principal protein, while the other boasts beef. If your pup is more into fresh food, I recommend subscribing to The Farmer's Dog.

Front of the Pack's dog food
I wish the service has more alternatives for picky dog owners.

You'll also find 4 types of dog treats among other products. But it seems that the company struggles to meet the demand since these freeze-dried products were sold-out whenever I checked. But, maybe I just wasn't lucky. But if more factors are at play, you may wish to research The Honest Kitchen, which has a few dozen pup treats on offer. 

Front of the Pack's canine treats
For what it's worth, it seems that pet owners are generally happy with these doggy delicacies once they get hold of them.


There's a bit of customization with Front of the Pack. But it's mainly around the size of your pup and the size of the package you buy. Besides, you can take a quick quiz to learn how much grub your Snoopy needs each day. The questionnaire takes your dog's age, size, and activity level, among other factors, into account.

The size of your dog determines the size (and price) of your supplement kit. The bigger your woofer, the larger and more expensive your starter kit – The One, Soothe, or Harmony – will be. You can buy a 2-month supply of supplements as a guest. But if you subscribe, you score a 50% discount for the same period. 

The price of The One supplement kits for small and large dogs
Click on Add Another Dog if you have more than 1 canine.

Front of the Pack's air-dried food is available in 4 sizes. And these are 2.5, 5, 7.5, and 10 lbs packages. Next, you can get the order every 14, 21, 28, 35, or 42 days, you choose. If you want to shave a bit off the price, opt for the Autoship & Save option and get a 20% discount.

Available Front of the Pack food packages
Scroll down a bit to choose the delivery frequency.

Take a quiz if you're unsure how much food you should order. Click on the How much will my dog eat? link next to the quantity of either food type. Some questions you'll have to provide an answer to are about your pet's age, gender, breed, optional health issues, and more. 

Front of the Pack's quiz
Your dog's weight, body type (skinny, chunky, etc.), and the amount of daily exercise are some other key factors.

About treats, customization is pretty similar to Front of the Pack's food. The package size and delivery frequency are a tad different, though. You can get a treat drop every month, or every 2 or 3 months. And these delicacies come in 2 or 2.5 oz packs, depending on the type. But, if you want to stock up and save a bit, opt for 3 packs for a 20% discount. 

Front of the Pack's saving options for treats purchase
Note that you can cancel your subscription anytime, so no commitment is involved if you subscribe to get a discount.


Front of the Pack nails the packaging. Your delivery arrives in a sturdy box that can resist most bumps and bruises characteristic of mail shipment. When you open it up, you'll find a list of your purchased products on top, with all the items tucked away neatly underneath.

The One supplement arrives in a corrugated insert for added stability during transit. Next, your first order comes with a handy reusable board tube made of pressed paper, which you can use to conveniently store future refills. You'll get products in the eco-friendly pressed paper box. And you'll find a scoop for easy, mess-free dosing inside the box.

Serving Front of the Pack’s Products

Just serve up the dry food and treats like you would any other. As for The One and other supplements, sprinkle them over your dog's meal. But make sure not to go overboard. If your pup consumes more supplements than it should, consult the vet right away. Front of the Pack’s food is shelf-stable for about 6 months. 

Shortlist of My Favorite Products

The One supplement tackles various common doggy health issues. With 12 clinically-backed ingredients, it boosts your pup's immunity, skin health, digestion, and joints. In brief, this product can help with up to 8 common dog ailments.

Front of the Pack's The One supplement
The One is a daily supplement to your Fido's diet.

Veterinarians formulate The One, which features only natural ingredients. And some of them are curcumin, prebiotics, krill, L-carnitine, and chondroitin. And don't worry about any nasties – it's free from preservatives, fillers, and pesticides, and it's non-GMO. And for good measure, the product's hypoallergenic.

I'm a fan of Front of the Pack's dried chicken food, too. It contains meat from chickens that roamed freely, which I very much appreciate. Moreover, the service slow-cooks ingredients to keep their nutritional value. If unsure how much to serve, check out a handy guide on the product's page. It'll help you figure out the perfect portion size based on your pup's weight.

Front of the Pack's Cage-Free Chicken meal
Some other ingredients are organic sweet potato, oats, and pumpkin.

My doggo's crazy about salmon. So naturally, I'm a fan of the Wild Alaskan Salmon treat from Front of the Pack. What seals the deal for me, though, is my Fido's prospect of getting the shiny, healthy coat. Also, the product has no artificial preservatives, just natural tocopherols.

Front of the Pack's Wild Alaskan Salmon
This product is hypoallergenic, pesticide-free, and made in the USA.


To put it simply, Front of the Pack's prices are on the high side. The quality of its supplements, foods, and treats is out of the question, though. Still, you may save a pretty buck if subscribing to one of the best healthy dog food delivery services. But if you decide to proceed with this particular service, the price range of its products at the time of my review is the following:

Product Type

Price Range


$22.5 to $114.72

Air-dry food

$47.99 to $209.99


From $11.99

I couldn't pin down the highest-priced treat as none were available individually. However, the Variety Pack, including all 3 types of treats, was clearly the most expensive. But it provided the best value for money since its price was $28.78. Individually, these products cost $11.99, which, bought separately, would equal $35.97. 

Shipping's free for orders worth at least $20. So, you don't have to be a big spender to qualify for free delivery. The only instance when you'd have to pay for shipping is to buy a pack of treats only. 

The Front of the Pack price breakdown
If you need the service's item quickly, you can pay for expedited shipping.

Front of the Pack accepts several payment methods. These are credit cards, Google Pay, PayPal, and Shop Pay. Credit cards you can use are Visa, Discover, MasterCard, and American Express. 

The service covers you with a money-back guarantee. You can get a full refund if your dog doesn't like the company's food, treats, or supplements, or if they prove inefficient. Request reimbursement within 90 days from purchase.

Shipping and Delivery

Front of the Pack delivers products throughout the USA. And that includes states and territories, as mentioned in the FAQ section. You should get your box within 3 to 5 days following the order placement. But if you need items sooner, you can opt for expedited shipping at the checkout, which takes 2 days. 

Note that busy periods, such as holidays, tend to prolong order processing. In such cases, refer to the tracking email to check the progress. 

How Front of the Pack Works

You can buy any Front of the Pack product as a guest. But if you're after a bit of a price break, consider subscribing to this service. And you can cancel your subscription anytime, so no commitment is involved. 

How to Sign Up

Signing up is simple, corresponding to the purchase process. It goes like this:

  1. Hit Shop in the header and choose the product type.

Shopping on the Front of the Pack website
If you choose Starter Kit, you'll be prompted to the questionnaire.

  1. Choose the product, its quantity, and delivery frequency. Select the Subscribe button. Once you check the order, click on Checkout

Purchasing a Front of the Pack product
Scroll down to check out the product breakdown.

  1. Enter the shipping details. Note that not all fields are mandatory. You can opt for Express checkout, if you prefer, at this step. If not, hit Continue to shipping once you fill out the necessary fields. 

Front of the Pack Express checkout payment options
Stating your apartment and phone numbers is optional.

  1. Choose the shipping method. In my experience, Standard was the only available option. Select Continue to payment to complete this step. 

Choosing the shipping method on the Front of the Pack website
The Express shipping option wasn't presented to me. Even changing the destination didn't help.

  1. Fill out the payment details. Don't forget to specify a billing address if it differs from the shipping address. Once done, hit Pay now

Front of the Pack payment details
You can save the data for faster checkout next time.

Managing Your Subscription

You can manage your Front of the Pack account once you're logged in. To sign in, hit the Account button in the header. From there, check your past orders, manage your subscriptions, and log out when you're done. 

The Account button on Front of the Pack's site
The location of the button is the same regardless of the page you're on.

Customer Service

My interaction with Front of the Pack's customer service was pretty smooth. I had 2 questions, and the system first suggested solutions from the FAQ section. But since I already checked it and didn't find what I was looking for, I insisted on getting the agent's help. I sent the messages in the evening after working hours and got the responses the next day. 

I was curious if the company plans to introduce fresh and raw foods down the line. Also, I wanted to clarify whether its delivery scope includes territories beyond the continental US. These are the responses I got:

Front of the Pack customer support agents' responses
The response times were reasonably quick considering that I shot them off during off hours.

While Front of the Pack has an FAQ section, I don't find it extensive. Some of the answers to common questions can be a little on the sparse side. So, don't be surprised if you find yourself needing more information or clarification from customer support. 

You can cancel your subscription via your Account page. The system will prompt you to cancel your account once you log in. Also, you can reach out to customer service and get help to unsubscribe. 

There are 3 ways to contact Front of the Pack's customer service team. Option 1 is to send an email and wait for a reply. If instant messaging is more your style, opt for live chat messaging. You can call them by phone (+1 323 922 5737), too. Customer support agents work from 5 am to 5 pm PST Monday to Friday. 

How Front of the Pack Compares to Other Meal Delivery Services

Front of the Pack vs. The Farmer’s Dog: The Farmer's Dog has a wider food selection , featuring pork and turkey besides beef and chicken. Also, its meals surpass the AAFCO standards, which is a pretty high bar in the pet food world. The Farmer's Dog's food suits pups of any age or breed. And, unlike Front of the Pack, it delivers fresh food. 

Front of the Pack vs. Ollie: Ollie offers more diversity than Front of the Pack with 3 meal plans (Fresh, Baked, and Mixed) versus just dry food. It brings more variety with proteins, too, adding lamb, pork, and turkey besides beef and chicken. And Ollie sources top-notch ingredients from the USA, Australia, and New Zealand. On top of that, its canine meals are human-grade.

Front of the Pack vs. We Feed Raw: If your woofer is a fan of raw food, then We Feed Raw is a great choice. It has 6 proteins on offer, which are beef, chicken, turkey, venison, duck, and lamb. And pups with sensitive stomachs can digest this service's meals with ease. And We Feed Raw sources human-grade, USDA-certified meats. 

The Bottom Line: Is Front of the Pack Worth It?

Front of the Pack should make the right choice if your dog needs a health boost. The company has a do-it-all solution that tackles various doggie health concerns, including itchy skin, unhealthy coat, creaky joints, and tricky tummies. And if your pooch is a fan of chicken or beef and likes dry food, this subscription service should make the cut.

But it likely wouldn’t fit the bill if your woofer is a picky eater. That's because the company's assortment is very limited. Another thing you should bear in mind is that products often run out of stock, at least in my experience. And that can lead to various complications down the line. Finally, getting on board with this service requires a pretty decent budget. 


Where is Front of the Pack located?

Front Of The Pack is based in Los Angeles, California. Its address is 060 Center Dr, Ste 69, Fl 10, Los Angeles, CA 90045. However, it ships its products across the USA.

Where is Front of the Pack dog food made?

Front of the Pack doesn't explicitly state where it produces dog food and supplements. But it focuses on sourcing quality ingredients boasting all-natural, non-GMO, and hypoallergenic attributes. Get in touch with customer support if you wish to learn about the service’s food origins.

Is Front of the Pack legit?

Yes, Front of the Pack is a legitimate business. It's a company that delivers high-quality dog food and supplements, formulated by veterinarians and made from all-natural ingredients.

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