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Good Chop Review 2023: Where’s the Beef (and More)?

Our Top Choice For 2023
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Author Kenaz Filan
Kenaz Filan
Updated on Nov 21st, 2023
Fact checked by Emma Vince


Finding a good butcher can be an enormous challenge. Finding a decent cut of meat amidst the imported and factory-farmed offerings at your grocery store can be even more difficult, but Good Chop makes it easier with monthly shipments of organic and sustainably harvested proteins.

Good Chop's offer may seem too good to be true. But I’ve studied its sources, checked the certifications, researched the reviews, and consulted my colleagues. And I’m here to tell meat lovers that Good Chop has some of the finest meat and seafood.

I really love that Good Chop’s approach is simple. Every month you choose from a selection of flash-frozen pork, chicken, beef, or seafood packages. When your order arrives, you put them in the freezer and thaw as required. Cook your meat to your tastes and your inner carnivore will be dancing a jig.



All meat and seafood sourced in America

Some cuts can get expensive

Sustainably harvested and cruelty-free

Only offers monthly subscriptions

Restaurant-quality meat on your doorstep

No recipes or cooking instructions

Current deal – Enjoy $100 off throughout your first 3 boxes

What’s on the Good Chop Menu

Good Chop sends high-quality meat and seafood. You can also order from a small selection of desserts like cheesecake and lava cake.

A selection of meat and seafood cuts
Good Chop offers a wide selection of meat and seafood cuts

There are no meal kits, no recipes, and no side dishes. If you’re used to meal kits with instruction cards, you may find Good Chop’s approach too bare-bones for your liking. 

Meal Options

You can choose between a Medium and Large monthly box. The Medium box holds 6 “cuts,” Good Chop’s term for a menu selection. The large box holds 12.

A screenshot of Good Chop's menu, showing you the variety of meat and seafood available
Good Chop has you covered from hamburger to fish filets

Cuts vary substantially in weight. For example, the Organic Chicken Drumsticks cut is a single package consisting of 3 1.5-pound drumstick packages, while the Alaskan Halibut cut consists of just 2 4-ounce filets. Good Chop also offers seasonal packages like Thanksgiving turkeys.

A screenshot of Good Chop's menu, showing the different sizes of cuts
A pork tenderloin cut is smaller than a pork loin roast cut or a Pacific cod cut

Every month brings a selection of 40-50 cuts of beef, pork, chicken, or seafood. Each cut has between 2 and 6 servings. Cuts range from pulled pork to ribeye steaks to chicken breasts and salmon and halibut filets.


Is Good Chop Good For This Diet?


Good Chop is well suited to paleo diets


Good Chop is well suited to keto diets


Good Chop is well suited to diabetic diets

Low Sodium

Good Chop’s meats arrive with no added sodium


Good Chop is not suited for vegetarian diets


Good Chop is not suited for vegan diets


You can choose between any of the items on the Good Chop menu, and you can buy multiple packs of cuts you like. But that’s as far as customization goes. You can’t get your steaks cut to your preferred thickness like you can at a butcher shop. 

There are no specialized plans and no filters to help you avoid ingredients containing ingredients you are sensitive to or simply don’t like.


Good Chop orders are kept frozen with dry ice and TemperPack packaging. TemperPack insulates with corrugated heavy paper Climacells that you recycle with the box. This is the most environmentally friendly frozen delivery packaging I’ve seen to date, yet it’s still designed to keep your order frozen on your doorstep for up to 6-8 hours after delivery.

A Good Chop box and a selection of Good Chop meats and seafood
Good Chop cuts are vacuum packed for easy storage and can be stored in your freezer for up to 12 months.

Each cut is flash-frozen and then vacuum-sealed for easy freezer storage. All are clearly labeled, so you’ll have no trouble distinguishing between cuts. Your Good Chop cuts are good for up to 12 months of freezer storage.

Cooking with Good Chop

Because they’re frozen, Good Chop cuts should be thawed before cooking. USDA guidelines recommend thawing your meat for at least 24 hours in the refrigerator at a temperature between 35°-40°F. (Surprisingly, Good Chop doesn’t include thawing instructions).

I chose 1 representative “cut” from the beef, chicken, pork, and seafood selections. As I mentioned earlier, there are no recipes included in the box, nor does Good Chop offer recipes on its site. Their products are fabulous, but what you do with them is entirely up to you.

Shortlist of My Favorite Meals

two steaks on a marble table
Good Chop's boneless ribeye steaks are USDA choice and US-raised

Good Chop’s USDA Choice ribeye steaks are cut from Angus cattle born and raised in America. They’re marbled with juicy, flavorful beef fat that renders down into the tastiest steak you’ve ever eaten. And, like all Good Chop meats, these ribeye steaks are completely free of antibiotics, growth hormones, preservatives, or artificial ingredients.

Good Chop’s Ribeye Steak cut consists of 2 10-oz steaks

six raw chicken breasts on a marble table
Good Chop's organic chicken breasts are humanely raised and delicious

Good Chop’s organic chicken breasts get their start on a family farm in Virginia. Farms and processing facilities are certified humane by 2 different third-party groups, and their chicken feed is 100% organic and non-GMO. But don’t take their word for it – check the Farm ID that lets you trace your chicken breasts back to their farm.

Good Chop’s organic chicken breasts cut consists of 3 1-pound chicken breast packages.

Six salmon filets
Good Chef's Alaskan sockeye salmon is sustainably wild-caught

Alaskan Sockeye salmon is loaded with heart-healthy omega-3 oils, and Good Chop’s Sockeye salmon filets are among the best you can buy. There are no chemicals, no coloring, and no bones. And this wild-caught salmon isn’t just tasty and nutritious, it’s certified as sustainable by the Marine Stewardship council.

The Sockeye salmon cut consists of 3 packs of 2 5-ounce filets.

a rack of ribs
Good Chop's St. Louis pork ribs are sweet, juicy, and meaty

Good Chop’s St. Louis pork ribs will be the star of a barbecue you won’t forget. These ribs are cut from the belly, not the back, so they’re meatier. And because these hogs are fed a strictly vegetarian diet after weaning, they have a sweet, juicy taste that’ll have you swearing off grocery store pork forever.

The St. Louis pork rib cut is a full 2.6-pound rib rack cut in half for convenience.


Starting from


Shipping Fee

$4.14 per portion

Medium Box: $149


$3.74 per portion

Medium Box: $269


At first glance, Good Chop’s pricing plan seems simple. You pay $149 for 6 cuts or $269 for 12 cuts, both with a flat rate of $9.99 shipping. But when you take a closer look things get more complicated.

Each cut contains between 2 and 6 portions. 6 ⅓-lb hamburger patties, 2 6-oz filet mignons, or 4 8-oz pork chops all count as a single Good Chop cut. So your 12-cut large box could hold 72 burgers, 24 filet mignons, or many other combinations.

Some cuts are also marked Premium and come with an upcharge. In the case of the filet mignons, you’d be paying an extra $3.99 per cut. So while a cut full of hamburgers in a large box costs $3.74 per portion, a cut of filet mignon would cost $13.20 per portion.

A picture of Good Chop's Medium and Large boxes
Good Chop's plans come with a money-back guarantee

Good Chop’s prices aren’t cheap, but they’re reasonable given the quality of its products. And if you’re not satisfied with your order in any way, contact Customer Care and they’ll provide you with a refund or credit on your next order as you prefer.

Shipping & Delivery

Good Chop delivers on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. Available days may vary depending on your location. Arrival times may also vary between 8 am to 8 pm, but you’ll receive a tracking number as soon as your order ships.

While Good Chop deliveries have a large arrival window, no signature is required, so you don’t have to worry about missing your package.

You can change your delivery date and address by logging into the website and selecting Settings > Plan Settings. The deadline for these changes is 5 days before your next delivery date. Otherwise, the change will only be reflected in your future deliveries.

How Good Chop Works

After you order your first box, Good Chop will send you another box every 4 weeks. This gives you plenty of time beforehand to check new cuts and recommendations and build your next box. But it also means you’ll need freezer space for a month’s supply of meat.

How to Sign Up

  1. Choose Your Cuts

Screenshot of Good Chop's shopping cart
After you place your first order, Good Chop will offer monthly suggested boxes

With your first Good Chop order, you sign up for a monthly subscription. Good Chop doesn’t offer one-time purchases, but it’s easy to cancel if you don’t want a second order.

  1. Click the Continue Button

Screenshot of Good Chop's shopping cart
After you place your first order, Good Chop will offer monthly suggested boxes

When you have selected your 6 or 12 cuts, click the green Continue button at the bottom of the page to start the checkout process.

  1. Provide Your Email Address

Screenshot of Good Chop's signup button
Good Chop needs your email address to contact you with information about your orders

After you provide your email address, you’ll be prompted for a password. Good Chop uses your email address as your account identifier.

  1. Provide Your Delivery Information

Screenshot of Good Chop's signup button
Good Chop needs your email address to contact you with information about your orders

You provide your delivery information and choose your delivery day on this page. Your available delivery days will depend on your zip code.

  1. Provide Your Payment Information

Screenshot of Good Chop's payment page
Good Chop also accepts PayPal

Good Chop accepts Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Discover, and PayPal. 

Managing Your Subscription

While Good Chop offers some pre-selected suggestions, you’re free to make any order changes you like up to 5 days before your next delivery date. You can make changes by logging on to your account on the Good Chop website.

Good Chop also makes it easy to pause or deactivate your plan from their website. Just make sure you do so at least 5 days before your next delivery.

To cancel your Good Chop subscription:

  1. Log in and navigate to Settings and select Deactivate your plan

  2. Select Cancel anyway

  3. Enter your reason for cancellation

  4. Select Deactivate now

Customer Service

Good Chop’s Live Chat feature is available on weekdays from 7 am to 9 pm EST and from 7 am to 7 pm Saturday and Sunday. If you don’t see the chat icon in the lower right-hand corner of your screen, you may need to turn off your ad blocker. Good Chop is available during those hours by phone at 929-203-4850.

A screenshot of a chat with Good Chop's customer service
Good Chop's live chat answered my question in under 2 minutes!

I tested Good Chop’s Live Chat function with a question about pricing. The customer support representative was fast, friendly, and provided the necessary information quickly. In a world full of chatbots, speaking with a competent person was a welcome change of pace.

How Good Chop Compares to Other Vendors

The Bottom Line: Is Good Chop Worth It?

My expert opinion is “it depends.” If you’re a competent chef who knows how to cook and prepare meat and seafood without the aid of an instruction card, Good Chop is definitely worth a go. The prices are in line with what you would pay at a good butcher’s shop for the best products, even before you factor in our Good Chop discounts.

I don't have a lot of complaints. I wish Good Chop offered some recipes, and it would be great if they could throw in some side dishes along with the meat. But what Good Chop does, it does very well indeed.

Overall, for those who love meat and are willing to pay a bit extra for the best, Good Chop is worth it. If you’re looking for superior organic and grass-fed meat and sustainably harvested seafood, Good Chop brings it to your door.


How much does Good Chop cost?

Good Chop offers a Medium Box (six cuts) for $149 and a Large Box (12 cuts) for $269. While Good Chop’s prices start at $3.74 per portion, the portion costs vary significantly between different cuts.

Where does Good Chop meat come from?

All Good Chop meat is raised and harvested in America and comes from family farms and independent ranchers. All Good Chop seafood is sustainably harvested in American waters.

What does Good Chop charge for delivery?

There’s a flat rate of $9.99 for shipping. Shipping frozen food is expensive, and many frozen delivery services charge high shipping fees. Thankfully, with the standard rate for all orders, you won’t find Good Chop’s shipping too expensive.

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