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Maev Review 2023: Is It Worth the Price?

Author Zoran Trifunovic
Zoran Trifunovic
Created on Sep 12th, 2023
Fact checked by Emma Vince


Maev is a pet meal delivery service for raw dog food recipes. Maev sources ingredients in the USA and abroad. It offers ready-to-serve meals for all ages and life stages, and it ships nationwide.

Experts formulated Maev's dog food, which is prepared in human-grade kitchens. Besides its meals, which are optimized for your pup’s general health, Maev also offers various extras and bundles for specific health ailments. 

But not everything about this company is roses. The prices are quite high, and it’s a no-go if you aren’t into raw food. For more affordable prices and fresh meals, I recommend The Farmer's Dog. Keep reading my Maev review to learn whether the service is the right fit for you. 



USDA-certified dog food

High prices

Special formula for puppies

Tiny meal assortment

PhD vet nutritionists design meals

Inconsistent information

Current deal – Free Gift With Purchase & 20% Off Sitewide with code UNLEASH

Maev Meals

Maev's assortment is modest because it has just a handful of pet food options. On the bright side, it has a pretty good assortment of various extras and bundles. 

Maev's homepage
Scroll down the page to check customer reviews.

Plans and Recipes

Maev keeps it simple with just 2 raw canine meals and no plans. Beef and chicken are the chief ingredients. These dishes feature veggies and fruits, including some superfoods, like zucchini, blueberries, kale, and blanched potatoes. They also contain probiotics for an extra gut-health kick. Neither meal contains preservatives, fillers, or any unwelcome by-product. 

Maev meal overview
You can customize each section by clicking on the corresponding rectangle.

You can choose between chicken- or beef-based meals or opt for the mixed Variety Pack. However, all the beef options are only suitable for grown-up dogs. If you have a puppy, it's all about chicken. For a bigger variety of raw food flavors, check out We Feed Raw, which has 6 recipes on offer. 

Beyond the main dishes, Maev has various useful extras on its menu. It has 4 different supplement bars tackling digestion, skin, coat, hip, and joint issues. And there's something for anxious or plump furballs, too.

Maev's supplement bars
Check the details of each bar as you scroll down the page.

If your dog’s got some specific health quirks, Maev Bundles may help. These include options for achy, itchy, or gassy furballs. Other available bundles are specifically formulated for puppies, senior pups, small dogs, big hounds, and reactive canines. Each bundle has a meal accompanied by supplement bars or some other extras. 

A couple of Maev Bundles
The Gassy Dog Bundle, for example, comprises either a beef or chicken meal and a few Bone Broth jars.

You can enrich your pet's meal with collagen- and amino-acids-rich Bone Broth. If you have a young dog, consider buying chicken-based Puppy Formula suiting puppies between 8 weeks and 2 years. And if you're feeling a bit extra, check out the Merch section for a tote or a towel, among a few other extras.

Maev Bone Broth Topper
Maev Bone Broth Topper reduces inflammation, rebuilds joints, and improves cell and tissue growth.

Maev doesn't cater specifically to pets with allergies. So, if your dog has certain sensitivities, peruse the ingredient list of your desired product to ensure it contains no undesired ingredients. Better yet, consult with your vet to ensure that everything's OK. If your canine is flexible with meals, Ollie has a great on-site meal personalization quiz that considers your pet’s food sensitivities.

While you can’t exclude potential allergens, you can tailor other features. If you're after meals, you can pick the main protein, the shipping frequency, and the quantity. The price tag will depend on the life stage of your dog – Puppy, Adult, or Adult+7. If unsure how much your pet should eat, use the Customize portions tool.

Maev meal customization options
To tailor portions, you'll have to specify your dog's age and weight, among a few other features.

You can personalize Maev Bundles, too. The process is similar, and you can tailor the main protein, delivery frequency, quantity, and portion. You can also personalize the amount and how often to get your puppy formula and bone broth topper.

Maev Puppy Formula customization options
You can set delivery frequency from every week to every 10 weeks.

The company cooperated with veterinary nutritionists to design its raw food. After 3 and a half years, it has formulated food that aligns with a biologically appropriate raw food diet, blending quality proteins with produce.


Maev sources human-grade ingredients, and its proteins are USDA-certified. Beef and chicken raw meals carry 9 ingredients, while Puppy Formula has 14. When researching for this Maev Review, I also learned that the pet food subscription service prioritizes local ingredients.

The chicken recipe has meat, liver, and gizzards, and beef meals have meat, liver, and sweetbreads. Other ingredients in both meals are green beans, kale, zucchini, blanched potato, blueberries, and peanut butter. Puppy Formula adds egg, fish oil, flaxseed oil, mineral blend, and supplement blend. Check out Open Farm if you're after raw food containing grains, such as barley and rice. 

Liver benefits your pet's vision and growth, regardless of the animal it comes from. Blueberries support a dog's immune system thanks to fiber, antioxidants, and vitamins C and K. Zucchini, boasting fiber, is an excellent addition to any canine's diet. Rich in protein, various vitamins, and linoleic acid, eggs are great for the dog’s skin and coat. 


Maev Chicken Raw Food provides 3,500 calories per kilogram. It has at least 10.58% crude protein and 3.5% crude fat while keeping the crude fiber content under 2.5%. The company flash freezes food to lock in nutrients. 

Nutrition panel of Maev Chicken Raw Food
Maev Chicken Raw Food formula meets the nutritional needs of a dog in any life stage.

What Makes it Different

The health impact of its raw dishes makes Maev special. Whether you choose a beef or a chicken recipe, it'll combat several pesky ailments most furballs face sooner or later. 

Physical and Psychological Benefits

Beef and chicken dishes can aid your dog's digestion and weight management, as well as combat inflammation and enhance mobility. Recipes include ingredients that can improve fur texture and decrease itching. Beyond that, Maev's recipes boost immune health and oral hygiene, while tackling anxiety and supporting early development.


There’s no way to sugarcoat it: Maev's raw food is extremely expensive. Its supplement bars, broth, and other products are all pricey, too. If you're after something more budget-friendly but still high-quality, check out Spot & Tango.

Product Type


Shipping fee

Raw Food (5 lb)

$143 to $159

Free or $9.98, and possibly $185 for pet owners in Alaska and Hawaii

Supplement Bars


Bone Broth Topper


Maev Bundles

$154 to $260

Puppy Formula


Merch (Accessories)

$18 to $38

The price of raw food depends on the dog's age and meal. The chicken meal for adult pups is $155, while the beef recipe and Variety Pack came in at $143. The price for the chicken meal for puppies was $159 at the time of research for my Maev Review.

The Small Dog Bundle, with a price tag of $154, is the cheapest of Maev Bundles. The Puppy Bundle is the next least expensive – $193. The 3 most expensive bundles that cost $260 are The Achy Dog Bundle, The Senior Dog Bundle, and The Big Dog Bundle. Note that you can make your own bundle by purchasing individual items. 

The Gassy, Reactive, and Itchy Dog Bundles by Maev
The Itchy Dog Bundle helps with seasonal allergies, while The Gassy Dog Bundle provides relief to upset pup bellies.

The price of Bone Broth depends on the quantity. If you buy 3 jars, you'll pay $31 total. But a set of 6 jars will come at $55, lowering the price per individual jar a bit. 

Consider buying raw food and puppy formula in bulk for savings. For Puppy Formula, you're looking at discounts from 4% to 10% when buying from 5 to 8 bags. Raw Food deals range between 4% and 9% when you purchase from 5 to 16 bags. You can also get Free Gift With Purchase & 20% Off Sitewide with code UNLEASH right now if you’re quick. 

The shipping fee depends on the purchase amount rather than location unless you live beyond the contiguous US. Take a look at your shopping bag in the top-right corner of the screen to check how much you need to spend to qualify for free shipping. If you don't qualify for free delivery, the raw pet food delivery service will charge you $9.98 if you live in the continental US.

Maev shopping cart breakdown
I don't know about you, but I still find the info hard to see despite being highlighted.

The pet food subscription service doesn't accept returns of perishable items. It also doesn't refund placed orders. But you can cancel your purchase no later than 24 hours before order placement by contacting customer service. Also, reach out to customer support if your shipment arrives damaged or thawed for some sort of compensation. 

Maev accepts all major credit cards for payments. These are Visa, MasterCard, Diners, American Express, and Discover. You may use PayPal, Apple Pay, and Google Pay, too. You can also buy the service’s items with a gift card. 

Shipping & Delivery

You'll find Maev meals neatly packed inside the perishable cardboard box. Greencell foam insulation layers will work with dry ice to protect your pet's food. Meals should arrive frozen, so make sure to put them in the freezer as soon as you can.

Maev ships flash-frozen raw food and other items across the continental US. Check this review's Customer Service section for my findings about delivery to Alaska and Hawaii. Delivery frequency for puppy and adult dog food is flexible, with options from every week to every 10 weeks. Note that once the order is placed, you can't reschedule it.

The company sends notifications 3 days before the order date. If you need to cancel, speed up, or push back a delivery, give Maev's Care Team a shout. You can request changes at least 24 hours before order placement. After that window closes, the order's locked in.

Once you place an order, you can expect it on your doorstep in about 3 to 7 days. It typically lands in 2 or 3 days when the service ships it out. Note that Maev rolls out shipments from Monday to Thursday. Track the progress of your shipment via a tracking number you get in your email or text message after order placement. 

How Maev Works

You don't have to open an account before buying for the first time. Once you state your personal info and other details and complete your purchase, you automatically become a Maev subscriber. 

How To Sign Up

  1. Buy products by selecting the Shop & Learn option in the top-left corner

Maev's Bone Broth Topper
Find more product details down the page.

  1. Check items and click on the Checkout button.

Maev shopping cart overview
Even though I scrolled all the way down the vertical scroll bar, I couldn't see all the products without zooming out the page.

  1. State your contact information and hit Continue to shipping afterward.

Delivery details on the Maev website
Specifying the apartment and phone numbers is optional.

  1. Choose a 1-time purchase or a subscription option and continue to payment.

Maev shipping methods
You should get your order within 2 days if you live in San Francisco, California.

  1. Enter your payment method to conclude the order.

Maev payment methods
You can save your information for a faster checkout next time.

Managing Your Subscription

Opening an account is straightforward on the Maev website. Once you subscribe, hit the icon in the top-right corner of the screen, between the Help Center and the shopping bag, to log in. Inside, you may find an alert if your profile's missing some details or get referral bonus offers.

Maev My Account notifications
Sign up for text notifications if you don't check your email often.

Check your past, upcoming, and next orders from the account page. You can update your address and payment details, too. And you can manage your membership and log out from the website from this page. 

Customer Service

I got contradictory information from Maev's support team about delivery locations. First, I dropped a note through live chat since it was outside working hours. A bit later I sent a message to the Care Team. I had no issues with response times since both replies came in soon after the agents started their work day. 

I wondered whether the service ships products beyond the contiguous US. Harold was the first to respond, and this was his message:

A message from Maev customer support
He also pointed out that shipping frozen products to Hawaii and Alaska breaks the bank.

The following answer, the one from Shaira, confused me, especially after hearing from Harold. She stated that Maev only ships to the contiguous US states. 

Another Maev agent's response
I don't know what to think after this email since it contradicts the previous 1.

Getting conflicting answers from agents of the same service isn't something I expect. I think this raw pet food delivery service’s authorities should pay attention to how the company representatives are informed.

Get in touch with an agent by clicking on Help Center in the top-right corner of the screen. You'll see a comprehensive FAQ section first, but scroll down to the bottom to find contact options. Choose between sending a message, live chat, and a phone call. Note that live chat shifts to a messaging option outside work hours with a chatbot as an intermediary.

Maev's agents are available from 9 am to 5 pm CT Monday to Friday. Saturdays and Sundays are days off.

Send an email to help@meetmaev.com if you wish to cancel your account.

Maev Recalls

Maev had no recorded recalls at the time of my research.

How Maev Compares to Other Pet Food Services

Maev vs. The Farmer’s Dog: Maev has frozen beef and chicken options, while The Farmer's Dog offers fresh recipes and also incorporates turkey and pork. Also, it boasts one of the most exceptional meal personalization quizzes I took. And you get great value for a reasonable price by choosing this particular company, which is among the best fresh dog food delivery services.

Maev vs. We Feed Raw: Besides beef and chicken, We Feed Raw has turkey, duck, lamb, and venison raw meals in the assortment. It has a comprehensive meal customization quiz you can use to tailor food according to your canine's dietary needs. According to our expert review, We Feed Raw is the leading raw dog food delivery service around.

Maev vs. Nom Nom: Maev partnered with vet nutritionists to plan its raw food in the past. But Nom Nom has 2 out of no more than 100 available Board Certified Veterinary Nutritionists in the US among its staff. It also has 4 fresh recipes on offer (beef, chicken, pork, and turkey). And, you can buy probiotic supplements and a microbiome testing kit to check your pet's gut health from Nom Nom.

The Bottom Line: Is Maev Worth It?

Maev could be a great choice if your dog isn't too finicky, and you're okay with pricing. Meals are hassle-free, require no prep, and tackle several ailments most doggies face sooner or later. The company has a unique formula for puppies, various supplements, and bundles catering to different sizes and specific needs.

But this raw food delivery isn't the right fit if you're on a budget. Furthermore, you won't find it a great deal if your pup is choosy. You'll also have to look elsewhere if your dog isn't particularly fond of raw or frozen dishes. And the Maev website isn't user-friendly, in my opinion, especially not for prospective customers who aren't computer savvy.


Who is the owner of Maev

Katie Spies is Maev's founder and CEO. She launched the business in 2018, thus introducing the first human-grade raw dog food brand.

Can you cook Maev dog food?

You should serve Maev's food frozen. But if your dog is sensitive to cold, cook it lightly and cool it down before serving. Or simply leave it to thaw and only then offer the meal to your doggy.

How do I cancel my Maev subscription?

You have to send an email to help@meetmaev.com to cancel your account. The Maev's agents will take it from there.

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