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Marley Spoon Review 2022 My Martha Stewart Experience

Written by: Steph Gregerson on Dec 13th, 2021

Marley Spoon in a Nutshell

Marley Spoon is a meal kit delivery service that utilizes the creativity and popularity of Martha Stewart to bring diners recipes she approves of, including all the ingredients you’ll need to cook healthy meals all week.

What I Liked

  • Great variety of vegetarian meals in addition to meat and seafood options

  • The company is 100% carbon neutral, including packaging and logistics

  • Recipes are easy to follow, with just six simple steps

  • Meals include Martha Stewart’s signature spice blends 

  • You can get $100 off your first 4 boxes

What I Didn’t Like

  • Some additional ingredients are required, like sugar, eggs, and vinegar

  • Shipping costs $8.99 per delivery

  • Not great for anyone with severe allergies or specific dietary needs

Marley Spoon Is Best For

  • Home chefs who want to learn new skills in the kitchen

  • Vegetarians and pescatarians who want a good range of choices

  • People looking for new recipes and meal ideas

Marley Spoon Overview

Marley Spoon has teamed up with renowned TV host and cookbook author Martha Stewart to bring home cooks a selection of balanced, easy to prepare meals. The service allows you to choose from more than 29 recipes, and each week you’ll receive a box containing all the portioned ingredients and seasonings at your door. Martha Stewart is a legend in the kitchen, so at first I was worried I wouldn’t have the skills required to make these meals, but she keeps it simple enough. 

I selected three recipes out of the 29 offered and was pretty excited to whip up some Martha Stewart dinners in my own kitchen without fear of burning anything or having to google instructions.

How Marley Spoon Works

You can sign up for Marley Spoon in four steps. You create an account by giving all the usual information, including name, home address, email address, and payment details, as well as choosing how many meals you need a week and your first delivery day. It takes just a few minutes.

Once you’re in, you can set up a taste profile where you can select the meats that you do or don’t eat. There’s even the option to say if you like spicy food.

Then it’s time to pick your meals for your first box. The recipes are sorted into five different categories to help you find the ones that best fit your needs:

  • Vegetarian & Vegan

  • Meat & Fish

  • Health & Diet

  • Under 30 Minutes

  • Family-Friendly

You can choose as many recipes as you want for the week, and how many portions. There are some recommendations from an on-staff chef, but you don’t have to select those.

Once you’ve chosen your recipes for the week, you just have to wait until your meal kit arrives.

For future boxes, you’ll automatically have the recommended meals added to your account, but it’s incredibly easy to change them each week or skip a week. You’ll get email reminders 10 days before your delivery with the meal choices. You can usually see the menus for the next four weeks to help you plan ahead.

Marley Spoon Menu

Marley Spoon’s menu has 29 different recipes each week. There’s a really good mix of vegetarian, fish, and meat options. As a pescatarian, I was pleasantly surprised to have seven veggie meals to choose from, plus two desserts, and a further three fish options.

I thought there was a good variety of global-inspired dishes, too. For example, in a typical week, you might see anything from Moroccan vegetable stew to pasta dishes, tacos, and quesadillas to curries and stir-fries.

Click on a meal to see the time required, level of skill, nutrition facts, allergens, and a complete description of the dish.

The allergen information is important and unfortunately there isn’t a simple way to filter out meals based on ingredients. With 29 recipes, it might take some time to click on and read each one, but it can work. There’s also an ingredient database on the website for each recipe if you need additional information.

In addition to the basic information, you can also see what will be included in your box and what store-cupboard ingredients you’ll be expected to have already. You’ll also see the six steps required to prepare it. If you’re worried about having the necessary tools or ingredients to hand, this will allow you to prepare.

I usually have a pantry of seasonings and basic cooking items, but if you keep clean shelves – definitely check to see what you need. These meal kits require a few more items than some of the others out there.

You’ll also find two “Ready To Heat!” meals on the menu each week that are fully prepared and just need to go in the microwave. These are great options for busy days when you just want something quick to hand. The choices could be meat, fish, or veggie – it changes every week.

Marley Spoon Delivery

For my Seattle zip code, I was offered two different delivery days – Tuesday or Wednesday.  Initially, I was surprised by the limited options, but taking into account the company’s sustainability mission and carbon neutrality, it makes sense.

I got an email right after finalizing my order and then received another letting me know that the box was on its way. I was given a tracking number, as well as the list of ingredients I would need to have in my pantry.

Marley Spoon Unboxing

The bright yellow package arrived on Tuesday afternoon. I received an email letting me know it had been delivered.

The ingredients for each meal were packaged inside clearly labeled paper bags. Underneath the bags, there were ice packs to keep the refrigerated items cold. I liked the minimal packaging and the fact that I was able to recycle or reuse everything in the box.

When the time came to cook, the recipe cards made everything clear. The first step on each recipe is the prep work – so I knew how much time things would take. The meals ranged from 20 to 40 minutes in total. The prep work was pretty simple, just some chopping and mixing.

Favorite Marley Spoon Meals

I received three meals in my box – the Roasted Veggie Pinwheels, Asparagus & Ricotta Flatbread with Mint & Crispy Fried Egg, and the Deep Dish Skillet Pizza with Parmesan Broccoli.

One of my favorites was the Roasted Veggie Pinwheels with Creamy Fontina Cheese Dipping Sauce. It looked like it might be more complicated than the other recipes because of the time it took, but that was mostly for baking in the oven. The recipe made six pinwheels and my husband and I only ate two each for dinner, so there was lunch the next day.

The flavors were fantastic. The cheese sauce was the best part because it added something extra to an already good meal. And I was surprised how good they were reheated in the microwave as leftovers the next day.

I also loved the Deep Dish Skillet Pizza with Parmesan Broccoli. Learning how to make this style of pizza was new for me and it was easier than having to roll out the dough and fight with it on the pizza stone. The side of broccoli was simple and I will definitely be making this meal again in the future now that I have the recipe.

One thing that surprised me was that some ingredients had a little extra included, with a note on how to use it in something else. It seemed odd that you wouldn’t just receive the exact amounts needed for the dish, but I guess it could be to allow for error, and it worked in my favor as it meant I had extra cheese for my salad the next day.

All three meals I tried were very good and I regretted not trying a fish dish this time. I’m always intimidated by cooking fish at home, but after my success with these meals, it might be time!

Marley Spoon Customer Service

The Marley Spoon website is easy to navigate. You can switch your delivery date and skip weeks easily in your account settings. It also allows you to pause or stop your subscription directly through the website.

If you have any questions about your order, Marley Spoon offers a few different channels to reach customer service. There’s an automated chat feature and Help Center for some of the simple questions, which was useful when I needed to find info about ingredients.

To speak to someone on the customer service team, you can email directly, submit a question through an online form, or call the service line. I called during the week, in the morning, and waited just a few minutes before the recording said I should call back later or email. There was a callback option if you wanted to have someone call you back when available. I emailed the team and got a response within two hours.

I also tested out what it’s like to pause or cancel your Marley Spoon subscription, and wrote about it in this short blog post.

Marley Spoon Prices

Marley Spoon is certainly not the cheapest or the most expensive meal delivery service out there. Three recipes for two people cost $56.94 per week ($9.49 per serving), plus an additional $8.99 for shipping. You’ll get the cheapest price per serving for six meals on the family plan ($6.99 per serving, $176.75 in total, including shipping). There are usually offers available on your first few boxes if you want to save some money before you commit.

The ingredients were good quality though. I recognized the canned goods – they were the kind of items I would usually pick up from the store. And if I compare those to what I would usually pay in a grocery store, it seemed pretty even. Add in the Martha-approved recipes and the convenience of portioned ingredients, and I definitely think it’s worth the money. The serving sizes were also pretty big.

Here’s a quick summary of Marley Spoon’s pricing and the dietary needs it best accommodates:


From $6.99 per portion

Dietary preferences catered to  

Vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, dairy-free, low-carb, low-calorie

Shipping costs


Special deals

Get $100 off Your First 4 Boxes

Alternatives to Marley Spoon

Marley Spoon has really good meals, but there are other great options available if you want to compare them.

Alternatives to Marley Spoon

Marley Spoon

Home Chef



Starting Price

$6.99 per serving

$6.99 per serving

$7.49 per serving

$8.99 per serving

Plans  Available 

Between two and six meals per week for two or four people 

Up to six meals per week for two, four, or six people 

Between two and six meals per week for two or four people 

Up to eight meals per week for one, two, or four people 

Meal Types 

Vegetarian & Vegan, Meat & Fish, Health & Diet, Under 30 Minutes, Friendly-Friendly, Special

Oven-Ready, Grill-Ready, 15-Minute Meal Kits, Fast & Fresh 

Standard Meal Kits, One-Pan, Lightning Prep, Sheet Pan 

Standard Meal Kits, Speedy Meal Kits, Fresh & Ready 







Special Offers

Get $100 off Your First 4 Boxes

Get $80 Off + Free Shipping

Get $80 Off + Free Shipping

Get $90 Off & 4 Free Gifts

If you’re looking for something that costs a little less but has similar meals, you can try HelloFresh. There are lots of meals to choose from and the recipes are pretty easy to follow. Home Chef is another comparable service that comes with customizable recipes.

If you’re looking for options that are speedier to cook and eat, Sunbasket offers traditional meal kits, plus Fresh & Ready prepared meals. These come in single-serving portions and only take minutes to heat up. You can mix and match to fit your schedule each week.

The Bottom Line

I had a great experience with Marley Spoon. There were some great recipes to choose from and I didn’t feel intimidated when it came to cooking them. I was expecting anything Martha Stewart-approved to be time-consuming and difficult, but that wasn’t the case at all.

There were a few things that I’d love to see – like the ability to filter out common allergens or ingredients on the menu. I also can’t get over how many additional ingredients that you’re expected to already have. Even though it wasn’t an issue for me with this box, I’d be a bit annoyed to receive my meals for the week only to still have to run to the store to buy a specific vinegar.

Overall, I think this meal delivery service would be a great fit for most people. You get healthy variety in your diet and will learn to make some incredible dishes in your own kitchen.


How much does Marley Spoon cost?

Marley Spoon starts from $6.99 per serving, plus $8.99 for shipping. There are discounts available for new customers in order to save money on their first few boxes. This price puts Marley Spoon pretty even with many other meal delivery services, although you will find others that don’t charge for shipping.

Is Marley Spoon good for weight loss?

Marley Spoon offers a selection of meals under its Health & Diet category that are designed to have a healthy balance of fat, protein, and carbs. There isn’t a specific weight loss option with Marley Spoon, however.

What’s on the Martha & Marley Spoon menu?

The Marley Spoon menu features recipes approved by Martha Stewart herself. There are 29 recipes to choose from each week. You’ll find a good mix of meat, fish, and vegetarian choices, as well as one or two desserts. 

Does Marley Spoon deliver wine?

No, but Wine Awesomeness is a popular wine delivery service that puts a fun spin on monthly wine clubs.

You can learn more about what sets this service apart in our dedicated Wine Awesomeness review.

About The Author

Steph Gregerson

Contributing Writer, Delivery Rank

Steph is a book nerd, rule follower, and pizza lover who can’t get enough of playing outside. She was raised on the ice rinks of MN and currently resides in sunny San Diego. As a freelance writer, she loves research, producing content, and organizing information for a wide variety of clients. She currently has at least 10 browser windows open at all times.

Steph is a book nerd, rule follower, and pizza lover who can’t get enough of playing outside. She was raised on the ice rinks of MN and currently resides in sunny San Diego. As a freelance writer, she loves research, producing content, and organizing information for a wide variety of clients. She currently has at least 10 browser windows open at all times.

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