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ModifyHealth Review 2022: High-Quality Healthy Meals

Written by: Matthew Ryan on Dec 1st, 2022


Looking for a great healthy Meal Delivery Service? Check out ModifyHealth! It’s a Meal Delivery Service focused on health from the ground up. Specializing in Low-FODMAP meals and the Mediterranean diet, ModifyHealth may be just up your alley!

According to the research, Low FODMAP diets can help eliminate symptoms and pain caused by IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) and other gastrointestinal disorders. Mediterranean diets, on the other hand, are said to be great for cardiac health, brain health, and high blood pressure (among other things).

Finally, all the meals on the ModifyHealth site are gluten-free and low-sodium. So, if you have gluten issues (like celiac disease) or just want all the health benefits that come from consuming less salt, you’ve come to the right place.



  • Small portions

  • Foods tend to be bland from lack of salt

  • No breakfast options or other add-ons for the Mediterranean diet

What’s on the ModifyHealth Menu

ModifyHealth has two main menus which are each subdivided again into two submenus. There’s a Low-FODMAP Program Menu, a Low-FODMAP Menu, a Mediterranean Get Well Program, and a Mediterranean Meals menu.

All told, there are 24+ options on the Low-FODMAP menus and 35+ options on the Mediterranean menus. That should provide sufficient variety for you to order a meal for lunch and dinner (and even breakfast, if you wish) seven days a week without getting bored.

All the meals are prepared by the ModifyHealth chefs, and there are no add-ons – unless you count the breakfast options in its two Low-FODMAP menus.

There’s a decent variety of proteins and vegetables in the meals – mostly what you find in a Mediterranean diet: fish, poultry, a host of vegetables, legumes, nuts, seeds, and more. Of course, the Low-FODMAP selections are more restrictive, but that’s to be expected.

ModifyHealth fills a very particular niche in the meal delivery service industry: Low FODMAP and Mediterranean meals. As a result, its focus is on overall health, not just weight control or some Epicurean interest. Likewise, it doesn’t offer kid-friendly meals. Its primary goal is to improve the health of a very specific slice of society.

Low-FODMAP meals cater to people with IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), as well as several IBDs (Inflammatory Bowel Diseases) like Ulcerative Colitis and Crohn’s Disease. Mediterranean meals have a number of general health benefits, like improving cardiac health, managing cholesterol levels, preventing stroke, and more.

Of course, if you’re adopting a new diet for health reasons like those just mentioned, you should consult a medical professional to assist and guide you. But it’s worth pointing out that ModifyHealth has received Low FODMAP Certification by Monash University, the institution that originally developed the diet.

It’s also worth noting that many doctors are not only referring patients to a Low FODMAP diet but they’re referring many patients to ModifyHealth itself.

ModifyHealth’s Low-FODMAP Program works over a period of eight weeks. The first two weeks consist of eliminating all FODMAP foods from your diet. The next six weeks consist of slowly reintroducing certain FODMAP foods to determine which ones trigger your symptoms and which don’t.

Such eliminations and reintroductions occur under the direction of one of ModifyHealth’s dietitians. There’s also a filter for ingredients such as certain allergens. Although you can’t filter out individual ingredients from meals, you can filter out meals containing those ingredients.

ModifyHealth's allergen filter

A snippet of the allergen filter used by ModifyHealth

The filter is set up to exclude meals that contain: bell peppers, pork, soy, chicken, red meat, tofu, dairy, salmon, white fish, eggs, and/or shellfish. Additionally, there’s a list of ingredients for every meal, so, if necessary, you can search for whatever allergens might concern you.

Because ModifyHealth’s menus contain so many meals, the company can tailor meals to a modest selection of dietary preferences. These are identified with tags and include dairy-free, pescatarian, vegan, and vegetarian.

Lastly, ModifyHealth’s entire facility is gluten-free, meaning all its meals are gluten-free as well. Likewise, all its meals are low-sodium. For some people, low-sodium meals may take some getting used to, but the health benefits provided make it worth the effort.


Everything you order comes in insulated cardboard boxes packed with ice packs to keep the meals cool and fresh. The meals are vacuum-sealed in BPA-free recyclable trays. Because of the vacuum-sealing process, the meals will stay fresh in the fridge for as long as 7-10 days and up to 6-8 weeks in the freezer.

The opened ModifyHealth box is opened.

My ModifyHealth box is opened up

All boxes, plastic trays, plastic seals, insulation, and ice packs can be either reused or recycled. ModifyHealth provides more details in the recycling section on the website.

Boxes come with your meals packed together with ice packs to keep them cool, and insulation to prevent heat intrusion.

The boxes also contain several inserts that describe the ingredients ModifyHealth uses as well as other useful information such as storage info. 

Finally, every meal container has a label with heating instructions and nutrition information. 

Cooking (and Eating) with ModifyHealth

ModifyHealth’s meals are pre-cooked and arrive requiring only sufficient cooking to heat the meal up. Meals can be heated in the microwave, oven, or on a stovetop. Directions are given in the FAQ on the website and with the meal kit itself.

My eight ModifyHealth meals are unpacked

My eight meals from ModifyHealth are unpacked

The meals arrive in microwave-safe plastic trays. If thawed, it only takes 1-2 minutes in the microwave to prepare for eating. If frozen, it takes a little longer – about 3-5 minutes. This makes prep and clean-up a snap.

It’s only a little more complicated if you use the oven or stovetop. In such instances, preparation requires transferring the meal to an appropriate pot or dish before heating. Of course, once you eat, you’ll have to clean up those extra dishes.

ModifyHealth's Salsa Verde Chicken with Tortilla and Roasted Kobocha Squash

Salsa Verde Chicken with Tortilla and Roasted Kobocha Squash from ModifyHealth, 420 Calories

I received eight meals from ModifyHealth to review, four Mediterranean and four Low-FODMAP. After eating each of these meals, I’m happy to report that I really liked six of the eight. Although portion sizes were small, most of the food was really quite good.

The two meals I was a little disappointed with were the Salsa Verde Chicken and the Black Bean Burger. I thought the Roasted Kabocha Squash in the Salsa Verde Chicken recipe was a little bland. As for the Black Bean Burger, it just didn’t appeal to me at all. When I think burgers, I think meat, not black beans.

But enough about the meals I didn’t like. Let’s take a quick look at the meals I liked.

Shortlist of My Favorite Meals

I liked six of the eight meals I received. That’s not a bad percentage. Not perfect, of course, but pretty good. Especially when you consider that low-salt meals usually tend to be a little bland. Anyway, the meals I liked include:

ModifyHealth's BBQ Pulled Chicken w/ Broccoli & Roasted Potatoes

BBQ Pulled Chicken w/ Broccoli & Roasted Potatoes from ModifyHealth, 50g of protein

  • BBQ Pulled Chicken with Broccoli and Roasted Potatoes – all the ingredients worked well together. The chicken was moist and the roasted potatoes were cooked to perfection. The broccoli was a little limp but still tasty.

  • Pasta with Meat Sauce and Green Beans – this was another excellent meal. The pasta was good. The meat sauce was excellent. And the green beans were firm and flavorful.

ModifyHealth's Savory Pot Roast with Thyme & Rosemary

Savory Pot Rost with Thyme & Rosemary from ModifyHealth, 17g of dietary fiber

  • Savory Pot Roast with Thyme and Rosemary – this was my favorite meal. The pot roast was excellent. The potatoes were great. And the thyme and rosemary added just the right amount of accent.

  • Greek Chicken and Rice – this meal was only okay. Although the ingredients worked well together, the chicken was a little bland. However, the rice and the chickpeas were decent.

ModifyHealth's Herb Chicken with Wild Rice & Green Beans

Herb Chicken with Wild Rice & Green Beans, allergens of Soy and Tree Nuts

  • Herb Chicken with Wild Rice and Green Beans – again, the ingredients worked well together, and the chicken was moist. The green beans were particularly flavorful and the rice was good, too. The herbs accentuated the various flavors in a pleasing manner.

  • Shrimp Chimichurri with Black Beans and Rice – the ingredients worked particularly well together in this meal. The shrimp was great. And the beans and rice were delectable.

As I said, all these meals were low-salt. Although I found them quite good, I also grew up with a mother who had high blood pressure and only served my family low-salt meals. So, I’m kind of used to the flavor of such meals. Other people may not be.

Shipping & Delivery

ModifyHealth delivers to the entire Continental U.S. However, it doesn’t deliver to P.O. boxes. Also, at this time, its meals are scheduled to arrive only on Fridays.

The ModifyHealth box, just delivered

My ModifyHealth box has just arrived

You can’t reschedule your delivery to any other day but Friday. However, you can easily skip weeks or change the delivery in some other way, provided you make the appropriate changes to your account online (or by phone) by 11:59 PM ET the Sunday preceding the delivery.

To assist you, ModifyHealth will email a tracking number to you ahead of time so you can keep tabs on its progress while it is being shipped. Isn’t that handy?


ModifyHealth is a little different from your typical Meal Delivery Service. Although it competes with the big guys in the industry it tailors itself to the health needs of its customers. Its focus isn’t just to deliver tasty food, it’s to improve its customers’ health with that food (and its dietitians’ support).

So, all in all, it’s more than your average delivery service. In fact, it’s the #1 doctor and dietitian-recommended meal delivery service in the U.S. And it was voted the #1 Low FODMAP delivery service by Healthline.

So, how do you sign up? I’m glad you asked.

How to Sign Up

It’s fairly easy to sign up for the service by following these steps when you place your first order on the site:

  1. Select Get Started

  2. Select either Low-FODMAP or Mediterranean

  3. Select either a) Low-FODMAP Program or Low-FODMAP Meals OR b) Mediterranean Get Well Program or Mediterranean Meals

  4. Customize for Preferences (No Animal Proteins, No Dairy, No Shellfish, etc…), 

  5. Select your meals

  6. Answer a Survey Question

  7. Checkout (Provide Name, email, address, etc…)

From there, you set your password and get access to your account.

Managing Your Subscription

Managing your subscription isn’t too difficult either. You just go to your Account Page. It provides all the options and features involved. Most of them are pretty self-explanatory. You can edit your delivery dates (remember: Fridays only!), pause/cancel your subscription, etc… 

If you have an issue, you can refer to the FAQ section, or, failing that, you can call ModifyHealth toll-free at 888-7MODIFY (888-766-3439) and they can help you with your query.

Customer Service

Contacting ModifyHealth can be done from the “Contact Us” page. They have a telephone number and three different emails depending upon what you’re interested in, as well as an email form. Two of the email addresses are really for business-related inquiries, so, it’s the first one that you’ll most likely be interested in as a customer.

Unfortunately, there’s no chatbot. Chatbots are pretty much my favorite means of contacting a company, so I was mildly disappointed ModifyHealth didn’t have one. It’s just that AI-controlled chatbots combine the best of easily accessing an online FAQ with accessing a real-live person if you get stuck.

Anyway, to test out the email system ModifyHealth does have, I sent the company an email inquiring about peanuts, a common allergen for many people. Naturally, I directed my inquiry to the Customer Care Department via the email form on the Contact Us page. Here’s the note I sent:

My email to ModifyHealth about peanuts

The email I sent to ModifyHealth asking about peanuts

The company replied to my inquiry in 24 minutes – which is really quite speedy. It gave me a thorough answer explaining that ModifyHealth doesn’t use peanuts in its facility at this time. So, basically, there’s no need for concern.

ModifyHealth responds to my email

The email response from ModifyHealth about peanuts

The next issue I looked into was ModifyHealth’s cancellation policies. I found that cancellation is relatively easy. It, as well as many other Account issues, can be handled from your Account Page. If you run into any problems, the Customer Care team is more than willing to help.


Starting from

Minimum Order

Shipping Fee

$11.75 per portion

Six breakfasts/week: $47.40


One of the things that I really liked about the ModifyHealth service is the consistency of the pricing. Basically, it costs $11.75 per portion for the Low FODMAP Meals, the Low FODMAP Program, and the Mediterranean Get Well Program. And the price remained at that level regardless of the number of servings you got.

ModifyHealth's healthy Mediterranean meals

Mediterranean meals by ModifyHealth

Only the Mediterranean Meals started at a different price ($12.50), but as soon as the order grows to 10 meals a week, it reverts back to $11.75 per portion. So, it, too, is largely consistent and predictable.

In one sense, I guess, that’s bad. In comparison, other Meal Delivery Services will give you a bulk discount if you order a large number of meals. But the trade-off is that, because ModifyHealth prices all its servings the same, you don’t feel pressured to make a large order. 

Of course, ModifyHealth tends to require you to order larger starting numbers, anyway, at least for several of its plans (14 for the Low FODMAP Program and 10 for the Mediterranean Get Well Program). But I still think the consistent pricing remains an overall plus for the service. Check out the ModifyHealth plans and special offerings here.

ModifyHealth also offers Breakfast portions for its Low FODMAP Program and Low FODMAP Meals. The Low FODMAP Program requires you to buy seven breakfasts at a time while the Low FODMAP Meals menu allows you to purchase as few as six breakfasts. 

The price for each breakfast serving is currently $7.90 for the LowFODMAP meals and a touch lower for the Program.

ModifyHealth offers dietitian support

Dietitian support offered by ModifyHealth

Lastly, ModifyHealth offers Dietitian Support. Basically, you can purchase three consultations with on-staff dietitians for only $99. This option is only available for the Low FODMAP Program and the Mediterranean Get Well Program.

The Bottom Line: Is ModifyHealth Worth It?

After doing the research and testing the product, I think ModifyHealth is worth it, although I do have one concern: the low salt. The reason ModifyHealth only offers low-salt meals is because of the health benefits. This is great because ModifyHealth is out to improve people’s health.

However, for many people, getting used to a low-salt diet will take some time. If you normally consume large quantities of salt, the first few meals from ModifyHealth will likely taste a little bland.

So, if you’re going to subscribe to ModifyHealth, I’d recommend going all in and relying on it for all your meals. Otherwise, your tastebuds might seesaw between low-salt meals and high-salt meals, and the low-salt meals will remain bland. Just a heads up.


Are the ModifyHealth Mediterranean meals healthy?

ModifyHealth Mediterranean meals are indeed healthy. According to ModifyHealth, Mediterranean meals are rich in healthy fats. Evidence supports the notion that these fats improve heart health, and brain health, and can even combat obesity.

Additionally, Mediterranean meals also help fight Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease, Type II Diabetes, and Hypertension.

Can ModifyHealth help me change my lifestyle to be healthy?

One of the options on the ModifyHealth menu is the Mediterranean diet. According to ModifyHealth, the Mediterranean diet is best incorporated as a “lifestyle”, instead of just a diet. You don’t even have to embrace the Mediterranean diet fully – just direct your diet in that direction and you should reap significant health benefits.

With that in mind, you can subscribe to ModifyHealth and adopt the Mediterranean diet as a regular part of your eating.

Are the ModifyHealth low FODMAP meals good for your health?

The health benefits of a low FODMAP diet, like the one available on ModifyHealth, really revolve around combating specific health issues such as IBS, inflammatory bowel disease, small intestinal bacterial overgrowth, and functional abdominal pain.

However, the Low FODMAP diet is only meant to be followed for around eight weeks to help you identify your sensitivities going forward. In other words, the diet is good as a starting point for people with those particular issues. Other individuals might prefer the Mediterranean diet which is also available on ModifyHealth.

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