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PawFoods Review 2024: Considering Going Organic?

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Author Jessica White
Jessica White Writer
Updated on Apr 5th, 2024
Fact checked by Deborah Leigh


Many dog owners are on the hunt for premium food options. As you endeavor to provide the best for your furry friend, the search for fresh and organic meals that meet high nutritional standards can be challenging.

I've delved deep into the details of PawFoods. With a commitment to using only human-grade ingredients, it sets a benchmark. Every meal it offers is slowly steam-cooked, ensuring maximum nutrient preservation. This technique not only guarantees taste but also results in a complete and balanced meal suitable for all stages of a dog's life.

You'll discover a lot about PawFoods in the following sections. Its principles and practices reflect a dedication to canine health. Continue reading to uncover the benefits and unique qualities it brings to the table for your pet's nutrition, such as vitamin-infused meals and free dental treats. 



Free delivery over $25No personalization quiz
Vitamin boost in every recipeCan be expensive
Free treat with every mealLimited customization options

PawFoods Meals

Plans and Recipes

PawFoods serves meals in unique paw-shaped containers. When you pop open the lid, you immediately see the wholesome elements packed inside: superfoods, extra fruit, a nutritional vitamin booster, and a free dental treat to round off the meal. The transparency of these containers gives a clear view of the quality ingredients used.

Impressively, all these recipes meet the standards for all life stages set by AAFCO. There are 3 distinct recipes that cater to different canine needs. Image of 3 PawFoods meals packets with one larger section with the meal and 4 smaller sections above for the additional ingredients

The recipes are:

  • Steak Sensation

  • Chicken Feast 

  • Under the Sea

The Steak Sensation recipe is ideal for moderate to high-activity dogs. It offers excellent support for hips and joints. If your dog sports a dull coat or needs to bulk up a bit, this recipe provides the nutrition required. 

The Chicken Feast targets dogs needing an immune system boost. It also supports improved digestion. For dogs battling allergies, the Under the Sea recipe is the preferred choice, as it is the only grain-free recipe. This fish-based meal enhances skin and coat health and can aid in weight loss. 

There isn’t a quiz to help you personalize your dog food order. Instead, you need to match your dog to a weight category. Screenshot of PawFoods dog size and weight guide with images of different sized dogs and their approximate weights

This makes PawFoods a little bit more confusing than other dog food delivery services. Particularly if your pup has allergies or health issues. For example, The Farmer’s Dog has a simple signup quiz to customize your order specifically for your dog and their unique needs. 

Treat options are both varied and healthy. You can choose from:

  • Fruity Paws

  • Minty Paws

  • Salmon Paws 

Image of 3 packs of dog food treats next to a dog licking its lips, the treats are surrounded with text describing the key features of the treats

I’ve found some positive reviews for these treats online. Amazon reviewers note they’ve even enjoyed the treats themselves! Each treat is certified organic, free from gluten and wheat, and boasts non-GMO ingredients without artificial preservatives. 

I appreciate that PawFoods allows for a 1-time order option. This means you can sample its offerings before diving into a subscription. There’s also the option to order a half topper plan, so you can mix PawFoods with your current dog food brand for a boost of nutrition.


PawFoods uses human-grade proteins in its meals. These proteins are of a standard fit for human consumption. Additionally, it sources all its ingredients locally, with the entire process of manufacturing and cooking taking place in the USA, ensuring traceability and consistency in production.

The meals also incorporate organic fruits and vegetables. Opting for organic produce can mean fewer pesticides and synthetic fertilizers. PawFoods steams these ingredients, a method known for preserving nutrients, ensuring that the meals maintain their natural goodness while providing sustenance for your dog. Image of PawFoods Steak Sensation recipe surrounded by images of the ingredients

The ingredients for the Steak Sensation recipe are: Beef sirloin steak, organic lentils, beef kidney, beef liver, organic butternut squash, organic free-range eggs, organic sweet potato, organic kale, organic carrots, organic green beans, organic apples, organic blueberries, organic strawberries, organic pineapple, chia seeds, and coconut oil.

The recipe also includes a PawFoods Nutritional booster and an organic dental treat. I like how the extras are contained in separate compartments, so you can see all the beneficial ingredients before you feed them to your dog.


PawFoods' recipes are designed to be allergen-friendly. Every recipe is gluten-free, and the fish recipe specifically excludes grains. It caters to dogs across all age brackets and breeds. The treats come with a USDA organic certification, are gluten-free, and contain just 5 calories each. All recipes are developed in collaboration with veterinarians and meet AAFCO standards.

The nutritional information for the Steak Sensation recipe is:

  • Protein – 12.2% min

  • Fat – 6.6% min

  • Fiber – 1.8% max

  • Moisture – 71% max

  • 39 kcal per oz

The other 2 recipes have similar nutritional profiles. The Chicken Treat recipe boosts protein levels to 14.2% min, while the Under the Sea recipe keeps fat content at the lowest among the 3 options at 5.1%.

What Makes It Different

PawFoods stands out from other fresh dog food competitors. Here’s why:

  • USDA certified organic ingredients: The ingredients used by PawFoods come with a USDA organic certification, highlighting the brand's commitment to quality and traceability. 

  • Free dental treat with every meal: Dental health isn't overlooked. Every meal is accompanied by a free dental treat, addressing both your dog's dietary and dental needs in 1 comprehensive package.

  • Extra vitamin booster: PawFoods is one of the only companies to supply additional vitamins to add to your pup’s meals. These give their food a nutritional boost to further increase the health of your pet.


When you get your PawFoods order, transfer them to the freezer. It's essential to ensure the freshness and longevity of the meals. To streamline your feeding routine, PawFoods suggests keeping 3 to 4 meals in the refrigerator, so they're thawed and on standby when mealtime rolls around.

Feeding at the right temperature is crucial. PawFoods emphasizes the importance of serving them at room temperature for optimal enjoyment. Simply leave the meal on the counter for about 30 minutes or give it a quick 20-second microwave session.

The packaging is designed to be practical. The meals come in a ready-to-serve package, so you can either transfer and mix the ingredients in your dog's bowl or serve directly from the pack. Image of a retriever on hind legs pushing a shopping cart filled with a tower of PawFoods meal trays of different sizes

The delivery box, liners, and plastic containers are recyclable. Unfortunately the printed film lid is not recyclable and needs to be thrown in the trash.


Starting from

Minimum Order

Shipping Fee

$2.86 per portion

56 meals: $159.99 

Free over $25

PawFoods' meal packages vary based on the size of your dog. X-small and small packages deliver 56 meals each, meant to last approximately 4 weeks. In contrast, the medium, large, and extra-large packages provide 28 meals, tailored to stretch over 2 weeks.

Uniform pricing across recipes ensures simplicity and fairness. Regardless of your recipe preference, or even if you opt for a mix, the cost remains consistent. This means you won't end up paying more for favoring what might inherently be pricier ingredients.

Here's a breakdown of the 1-time purchase prices:

  • X-small (under 15 lbs) – $159.99

  • Small (15-25 lbs) – $199.99

  • Medium (25-50 lbs) – $149.99

  • Large (50-80 lbs) – $189.99

  • X-Large (80-100 lbs) – $219.99

These prices definitely sit in the premium bracket. Even with a small canine companion, the daily feeding cost hovers over $7. For those with larger breeds exceeding 80 lbs, the daily expenditure crosses the $15 mark, making it a considerable outlay.

However, some cost-saving strategies exist. A subscription gives you a 15% discount. And if you're keen on introducing organic food without the full commitment, consider using PawFoods as a nutritious topper, combined with your current dog food.

Treats cost $12.99 for a single 6 oz bag. You can also order a 3- or 6-pack. Setting up an auto-ship will save you 5% on treats, too. 

Lastly, PawFoods offers a "Bowl licked clean" guarantee. If your dog doesn't take to a particular recipe, you can request a change or even a full refund.

Shipping & Delivery

PawFoods prioritizes quick order processing and freshness during shipping. Once you place an order, it is typically processed within 2 business days. Shipping takes place from Monday to Wednesday, ensuring that the meals remain fresh upon arrival.

PawFoods ships to all states within the Continental US. It doesn’t extend to Hawaii and Alaska yet, unfortunately. The shipping fee is free for orders above $25, so if you just want to order treats, I recommend adding them to a food order or ordering a multipack.

Timely delivery is key, and estimates are provided. Depending on the shipping method you choose and your location, PawFoods gives you an estimated delivery time, helping you plan your pup's meal schedule.

For residents in Orange County, CA, there's an added bonus. Local pickup is available, offering a direct and potentially quicker option for obtaining your order.

It's worth noting, the treats from PawFoods have a separate shipping schedule. They're shipped daily, meaning they might make an earlier appearance at your doorstep compared to the fresh meals.

Ordering from PawFoods

Here's what you need to know about ordering from PawFoods. It’s worth noting that the process is the same whether you are ordering meals or treats for your canine companion. 

How to Sign Up

  1. From the PawFoods home page, click on Order Now.

screenshot of PawFoods homepage with an Order Now button

  1. Choose 1 of 3 available recipes or mix and match.

Image of the 3 meal options and mix and match on the PawFoods website

  1. Select your dog’s size and whether you want to place a 1-time order or subscription.

Screenshot of the order page on PawFoods

  1. Check your shopping cart and click Checkout.

Screenshot of shopping cart with steak sensations in the basket and the total cost before checkout

  1. Enter your shipping details and payment information.

screenshot of the payment details stage of signup

After finalizing the ordering steps, the next phase is waiting. PawFoods will process and ship your order in its standard timeframe. It's a straightforward process, ensuring your dog's meals will arrive without much delay.

Managing Your Subscription

Managing your PawFoods subscription is done primarily through your online account. After setting it up during your initial subscription, this platform allows for modifications as needed. If ever you encounter challenges or have specific queries, reach out to customer services for additional assistance.

Customer Service

You can reach out to PawFoods via email at [email protected] or phone at 949-550-1818. This provides flexibility for customers who prefer either written or voice communication. However, I couldn’t find any customer service hours on the website.

The live chat feature on its website serves a dual purpose. If representatives don't respond instantly, the chat system automatically sends an email transcript of your conversation. This ensures you have a record and can receive your reply by email if you don't get a reply straight away. Screenshot of live chat asking about a trial option and a response explaining a 1-week trial is coming soon

I also tried contacting them directly through email. I received a response by the next day, which is a pretty standard response time. 

PawFoods Recalls

There have been no PawFoods recalls at the time of writing this review.

How PawFoods Compares to Other Pet Food Services

  • PawFoods vs. The Farmer’s Dog: Both brands deliver fresh, quality food for your pets. However, The Farmer's Dog takes a slightly more personalized approach. Its sign-up process collects comprehensive details about your dog, ensuring the delivered meals are tailored precisely to their needs. Check out our review of The Farmer’s Dog to get a closer look.

  • PawFoods vs. Ollie: Ollie offers an added layer of flexibility in its meal types. While PawFoods specializes in fresh meals, Ollie allows pet owners to choose between fresh, baked, or a combination of both, catering to varied preferences and dietary requirements for dogs. If you want to learn more, read my colleague’s in-depth Ollie review.

The Bottom Line: Is PawFoods Worth It?

PawFoods is committed to using USDA-certified organic ingredients. The company also distinguishes itself with unique offerings like a free dental treat with every meal and its "Bowl licked clean" guarantee. Its emphasis on freshness and the extra vitamin boost in every meal shows its dedication to high-quality nutrition for your pup.

However, this quality comes with a price tag that leans toward the premium side. While the consistent quality and unique features of PawFoods might justify the cost for some, budget-conscious pet owners might feel the pinch. If you're wrestling with the decision, check out our curated list of the 10 best fresh dog food delivery services.


Where can you buy PawFoods?

You can purchase PawFoods on its official online website or through Amazon. While its website offers the full spectrum of products, subscription options, and customer service, Amazon provides another platform for users familiar with its interface and shipping benefits.

Is PawFoods healthy?

Yes, PawFoods is designed to be healthy. It uses organic, human-grade ingredients and follows AAFCO standards. The steam-cooking method retains nutrients, and its recipes are vet-approved. However, always consult a veterinarian for specific pet needs.

Is PawFoods expensive?

Yes, PawFoods falls into the premium pricing category. Despite its higher price point, many customers find value in its organic, high-quality ingredients, and specialized recipes. It's essential to evaluate the cost concerning the quality and benefits offered.

Is PawFoods good for dogs with allergies?

Yes, PawFoods caters to dogs with allergies, especially with its "Under the Sea" recipe. This specific recipe is crafted to support skin and coat health, making it an optimal choice for pups with allergic reactions or sensitivities.

Is PawFoods better than The Farmer’s Dog?

PawFoods emphasizes organic ingredients and unique additions like dental treats. In contrast, The Farmer's Dog focuses on deep customization and tailoring meals precisely to a dog's needs. Both have their strengths, and the best choice might vary depending on your dog's requirements and your preferences.

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