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PetCareRx Review 2024: Prescriptions + More

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Author Jessica White
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Updated on Apr 8th, 2024
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PetCareRx provides prescription medication and more for both dogs and cats. This service stands out for its focus on prescribed drugs, ensuring pets get the necessary treatment prescribed by their veterinarians. It's a specialized resource for pet owners seeking specific medications.

I’ve thoroughly reviewed PetCareRx and discovered that navigating the website is straightforward. This makes the process of finding and ordering the right medication less daunting. Plus it offers a range of pet foods and accessories.

While PetCareRx may not have the same brand recognition as Chewy or Amazon, it holds its own in the competitive market. It offers a range of products that are on par with these larger suppliers. Keep reading to find out more.



Great range of special diet recipesMore limited selection than other companies
Variety of pet care accessoriesOnly caters to cats and dogs
PetPlus plan saves you moneySome limitations on returns

PetCareRx Products

Food and Nutrition

PetCareRx provides a selection of high-end pet food brands. These include Purina, Blue Buffalo, and Taste of the Wild. Although its range isn't as vast as some larger outlets, it covers most major brands. This selection is particularly beneficial for pet owners seeking quality food options for their pets. Screenshot of Dog Food & Nutrition categories on PetCareRx

The service excels in offering specialized diet meals for dogs and cats of various ages. You'll find specific options tailored to your pet's needs, such as low protein food for dogs with kidney issues and low glycemic food for diabetic dogs. There's also low-fat food available for dogs with gastrointestinal problems, ensuring a wide range of dietary needs are met.

For cat owners, PetCareRx boasts a broad selection of foods catering to cats with sensitive stomachs or more serious health concerns. The availability of major cat food brands ensures you have access to suitable and trusted options for your cat’s specific dietary requirements. Screenshot of cat food options on PetCareRx

PetCareRx offers an impressive range of vitamins and supplements, with over 100 options for dogs and over 50 for cats. These products support various health needs like digestive support, joint and bone health, and skin and coat care. The site's filters are particularly useful, allowing you to ensure the products are safe for pets with specific allergies.

Pharmacy and Medications

PetCareRx is a licensed online pharmacy certified by Safe Pharmacy. This ensures it meets high standards of safety and legitimacy. You have the convenience of having prescriptions delivered directly to your home. Or, if you opt for a PetPlus subscription, prescriptions can be sent to over 50,000 selected pharmacies across the United States.

The service offers a range of prescription diet foods from leading brands like Hill’s, Purina Pro, and Royal Canin. These are specifically tailored for dogs and cats with medical conditions requiring specialized diets. It makes it easier for you to adhere to your veterinarian's dietary recommendations ensuring they get the nutrition they need for their specific health concerns. Screenshot of some of the pharmacy categories on PetCareRx

In addition to prescription diets, PetCareRx provides a wide array of treatments for various physical and behavioral issues. This includes allergy relief, anxiety management, eye care, and kidney health products. The service also extends to dental health care products, first aid supplies, and medications for heartworm, fleas, ticks, and other conditions.

Accessories and Supplies

PetCareRx extends beyond health care to cater to the entertainment needs of your pets. Whether you own a kitten or a group of Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, you'll find a vast range of pet accessories and extras. This variety ensures your animal companions are not only healthy but also engaged and entertained.

The service offers an array of training aids, cleaning, and grooming supplies. Additionally, it features specialized sections like a puppy shop and a kitten shop. These specialized shops make it easy for you to find everything you need for your new pet, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable start to your journey together. Screenshot of the PetCareRx kitten shop

For cat owners, PetCareRx provides a comprehensive selection of products, from litter boxes to catnip pillows. It also includes a variety of treats, catering to dietary needs with lower-calorie options for overweight cats. This attention to detail in its product range demonstrates PetCareRx’s commitment to the overall well-being and happiness of pets.

What Makes It Different

PetPlus Membership

The PetPlus membership at PetCareRx offers unique benefits. This includes 24/7 access to virtual appointments with licensed veterinarians, allowing you to discuss any issues your pet might be experiencing. Additionally, members enjoy the advantage of purchasing items at wholesale prices and orders come with free shipping.

PetCareRx Points Program

With the PetCareRx Points Program, every order you place earns you points. These can be used on future purchases. Your points are tracked automatically for ease and convenience. PetPlus members earn double points on their purchases. However, to maintain your points balance, you need to place an order at least once every 6 months or your points expire.


PetCareRx positions itself more as an online retailer like Chewy. It isn’t a boutique pet food provider like The Farmer’s Dog. Its products are typically shipped in standard shipping boxes. For orders that require refrigeration, PetCareRx ensures faster delivery in temperature-controlled packaging, although this entails an additional shipping charge. Image of a PetCareRx delivery box

You'll need to check individual items for specific storage instructions and best before dates, particularly for food and medication. I looked into its sustainability and recycling practices but despite searching through the FAQs and reaching out to customer service, I found no clear details about PetCareRx's policies or initiatives in these areas. 


Starting from

Minimum Order

Shipping Fee



$5.99 (free for PetPlus members and on orders over $48)

PetCareRx coupon codes offer a savings of 25% on select items. Additionally, a PetPlus membership can provide even greater savings, up to 40%.

The PetCareRx Points Program rewards you for your purchases. For every $100 spent, you earn $1 in points, or $2 for PetPlus members. While it might seem small, these points accumulate and can be redeemed at checkout with any order.

Standard shipping at PetCareRx is priced at $5.99. For quicker delivery, UPS 3 Day Select is available for $19.99, and UPS Next Day Air Saver for $24.99. Be aware that orders over 60 lbs or outside the continental U.S. incur carrier rates based on weight. Image of the top 3 reasons to join PetPlus: wholesale prices, free shipping, and guaranteed savings or a refund of the difference

Free shipping is available on most orders over $48, and is a benefit for all PetPlus members. The annual cost of a PetPlus membership is $139.95, and you can easily track your savings in your account.

A PetPlus membership starts at $139.95 for your pet. If you have multiple animal companions, additional dogs or cats are $100 each. You can cancel at any time and you’ll still retain your benefits for the rest of that membership year. You can also renew from your account at any time.

Shipping & Delivery

When you order pet food along with other items, your pet food will be shipped separately. Orders consisting of in-stock, non-prescription items placed before 2 pm are shipped on the same day. 

Prescription items, however, need approval from a veterinarian before they can be dispatched. You can track your orders either using the order number or by checking the Order History tab in your account.

How PetCareRx Works

Ordering from PetCareRx is as easy as shopping at any online pet store. Simply add items to your basket and make the purchase. The steps to set up an account are explained below.

How to Sign Up

1. Enter your details to create an account.

Image of the Create Account on PetCareRx

2. Access your account from the top of the PetCareRx website next to your cart.

Image of the sections in your account page on the PetCareRx website

3. Track and update your account details easily from your account.

Screenshot of My Account screen on PetCareRx

4. Add your pet’s details in their profile section.

Screenshot of the Add New Pet screen in your account on PetCareRx

  1. You have the option to become a PetPlus member for an additional cost

Image of a Join PetPlus screen on PetCareRx

Signing up for auto-delivery is optional, and PetCareRx welcomes 1-time purchases. But if you want regular orders of food or other supplies, you can save time and get a 5% discount. To sign up, choose items to be auto-delivered and set the delivery frequency.

If you’re ordering any prescription items, you’ll need to provide your veterinarian’s contact information. You can provide that information with your order, or you can mail the original signed prescription to PetCareRx’s pharmacy headquarters in Lynbrook, New York.

After authorization, your prescription order will be shipped and delivered within 3-7 business days. Expedited shipping is available for an additional fee. And if you click the Refills tab you can add your prescription refills straight to your shopping cart.

Managing Your Subscription

You can modify or cancel auto deliveries by going to your account. Just make any changes before your next shipping date. To cancel or modify your PetPlus plan, contact PetCareRx by phone, email, or live chat before the renewal date. Screenshot of the PetCareRx return procedure

If you need to cancel an order that’s already been submitted, call PetCareRx at 1-800-844-1427 as soon as possible. If your order hasn’t yet shipped, a customer service representative can cancel it for free. Shipped orders will be subject to PetCareRx’s return policy.

Customer Service

The FAQ section on PetCareRx's website is well-organized. It provides quick answers to common queries. Additionally, the site offers numerous guides on popular medications and advice for treating pets and supporting their wellbeing. This wealth of information can be particularly helpful for pet owners looking for reliable guidance. Screenshot of live chat with a PetCareRx customer agent

PetCareRx's customer service is accessible via phone from 8 am to 8 pm EST Monday to Friday, and over the weekend with slightly shorter hours. For additional convenience, it also offers a live chat feature and email contact. Note that pharmacy hours are more limited, running from 9 am to 5 pm Monday to Friday.

Regarding returns, PetCareRx accepts them for unopened items within 30 days of delivery, though there are some exceptions. Items that cannot be returned include prescription pet foods, vaccines, prescription medications, and personalized pet products.

PetCareRx Recalls

There haven’t been any recalls for PetCareRx. In the FAQs, it states that recalls and safety information are listed in the blog. 

How PetCareRx Compares to Other Pet Food Services

PetCareRx vs. Chewy: If you're seeking a broader selection of pet products beyond just medications and special diet foods, Chewy might be a better choice. It offers an extensive range of pet supplies, including toys, accessories, and a wider variety of food options, making it ideal for those looking to purchase all their pet needs in 1 place.

PetCareRx vs. The Farmer’s Dog: If you prefer freshly made, customized pet meals, The Farmer's Dog would be a more suitable option. It specializes in creating personalized, freshly prepared dog food tailored to your pet's specific dietary needs, offering a level of customization in meals that PetCareRx doesn't focus on.

PetCareRx vs. The Honest Kitchen: If your priority is human-grade pet food, The Honest Kitchen is a preferable alternative to PetCareRx. The Honest Kitchen specializes in high-quality, minimally processed pet foods, making it an excellent choice for those who prioritize natural and whole food options for their pets.

The Bottom Line: Is PetCareRx Worth It?

PetCareRx is a comprehensive 1-stop online supplier for dogs and cats. It offers a variety of pet food, supplies, and prescription medications. Its extensive product range makes it an excellent choice for pet owners seeking convenience and variety in a single platform.

For pets with specific medical needs, PetCareRx is particularly beneficial. It provides a seamless service for filling prescriptions and offers specialized food and supplies catering to a wide range of health conditions.

The PetPlus program at PetCareRx ensures that members receive the lowest prices on pet food and supplies. This program adds an extra layer of value, making it an attractive option for cost-conscious pet owners seeking quality products at competitive prices.


Is PetCareRx expensive? 

PetCareRx is affordable, especially with the added savings options available. You can save an extra 5% on your orders through PetCareRx's auto-delivery service. Additionally, the PetPlus plan offers significant discounts of up to 40%, making it a cost-effective choice for pet owners.

Does PetCareRx have a good selection of dog foods?

PetCareRx may not have as extensive a brand range as some larger pet suppliers, but it excels in offering a great selection of specialized diet meals for dogs. It also stocks a variety of major high-end and health-oriented pet food brands, catering well to dogs with specific dietary needs.

Does PetCareRx require a subscription?

No, a subscription is not required to shop at PetCareRx. While auto delivery is an option for convenience, you can also make 1-time purchases. If you choose to subscribe to the annual PetPlus plan, you'll enjoy discounts on orders and the flexibility to pick up your pet’s prescriptions at local pharmacies.

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