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PlateJoy Review 2024: Effortless Meal Planning

Our Top Choice For 2024
Enjoy meals starting as low as $5.59!
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Author Teodora Ilic
Teodora Ilic
Updated on Apr 3rd, 2024
Fact checked by Emma Vince

Revolutionize your healthy eating with PlateJoy – a time-saving meal planning service. Enjoy tried and tested recipes for nutritious, enjoyable, and affordable meals.

PlateJoy makes meticulously curated grocery lists, so you can effortlessly purchase precise ingredients in perfect quantities, making your weekly meal planning exciting, healthy, cost-efficient, and sustainable – all while minimizing food waste!

PlateJoy excels in customization and flexibility, but for a more comprehensive service, meal delivery options like HelloFresh may be a better fit. HelloFresh offers a diverse menu with pre-portioned meal kits delivered to your doorstep, providing a convenient and hassle-free cooking experience.

I’ll also delve into the pros and cons of PlateJoy to help you determine if it’s the right service for you. I’ve thoroughly reviewed essential factors such as recipe variety, pricing, and customization options. Let’s take a look!



Adjustable meal portion sizes

Limited preference combinations

Smart grocery lists to reduce waste

One-time billing for long-term plans

Diverse recipe selection

Excludes ingredients

What’s on the PlateJoy Menu?

Platejoy is a convenient meal planning service. It generates a customized grocery list according to your selected recipes. You have the flexibility to either personally handle the grocery shopping or utilize the seamless integration with Instacart or Amazon Fresh through the Platejoy website.

PlateJoy offers a diverse and enticing list of recipes that cater to various dietary needs and preferences. From different cuisines to a variety of proteins and vegetables, a wide range of meal ideas ensures you’ll never run out of delicious choices.

I like the flexibility of choosing from a selection of recipes each week. There are distinct sections for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and you can also browse through a snack and dessert page.

Meal Options

PlateJoy stands out by offering fresh ideas. You can discover new ways to eat staple foods. For example, try peanut butter on apple slices. It’s a great, healthy snack that you can make in under 5 minutes with the ingredients you likely already have.

PlateJoy supports a range of diets, making it a versatile option for many people. It currently caters to 14 diets, which can be combined. This way, you can make a plan that fits all your individual needs. Screenshot of PlateJoy's Vegan Cauliflower Cashew Bowl Recipe

My favorite is the collection of batch recipes that are enough for 5 servings. Whether you’re having guests over and need a hearty meal or have no time to cook each night, these recipes are a miracle solution. You can make a batch whenever you want and freeze some portions for a quick meal when life gets extra busy. Screenshot of PlateJoy's Batch Meals selection

The Whole Foods plan offers nourishing meal plans that prioritize fresh, natural ingredients over processed alternatives. Low Carb encourages you to take charge of your weight and blood sugar, while the Mediterranean plan is rich in vegetables, fruits, nuts, and whole grains for meals centered around plant-based foods, proteins, and healthy fats.

The Dairy-free plan allows you to embrace allergy-free and delicious cooking without compromising on taste, and the Paleo plan emphasizes nourishing ingredients like meats and vegetables.

I found the PlateJoy Path to be a clever approach to healthy eating. The plan is rooted in nutrition profiling and leverages the expertise of nutrition professionals. Foods get evaluated based on their nutrient content, resulting in recipes that receive a nutritional quality score.

Additionally, you can opt for Vegetarian, Vegan, Pescatarian, and Gluten-free diets. I found PlateJoy to allow for a lot of freedom to tailor your menus based on specific preferences.

PlateJoy goes above and beyond in providing customizable options tailored to your preferences. Along with excluding specific ingredients based on your personal tastes, the service takes various other factors into consideration. Screenshot of PlateJoy's flavorful kosher minestrone soup

You have the freedom to personalize your menu according to your preference for seasonal produce, desired level of variety, and choice to avoid pre-cooked proteins or vegetables.

You can select specific types of milk, bread, pasta, and rice to perfectly align the recipes and shopping lists with your needs. PlateJoy doesn’t specifically cater to different cuisines, but it does offer a variety of global dishes. You can still enjoy a fresh Greek salad, Lebanese lentil soup, spicy Thai noodles, and many more recipes from around the world.

Prepping and cooking PlateJoy meals can take from 10 minutes to an hour, depending on the complexity of the dish, the prep needed, and your skills. All the recipes list the time it takes to recreate them, so you can plan accordingly.


Is PlateJoy Good For This Diet?


Yes, there are suitable options available

Low Carb

Yes, there are several low-carb options


Yes, there are some options


Yes, there are plenty of options


Yes, there are lots of options


Yes, there are plenty of vegetarian choices.


Yes, there are vegan meals offered

High Protein

No, there aren’t many high-protein meals


PlateJoy starts you off by asking some basic questions to learn more about your preferences. You’ll get to choose how much – if any – meat you’d like to include in your plan, as well as whether you’re vegan or vegetarian.

You’ll then be guided through the dietary requirements. You can make additional choices, such as low-sodium, dairy- or gluten-free. I found the option to check if you’re pregnant or nursing a nice addition that I’d like to see more often. Similarly, there’s a Kosher option that excludes pork, shellfish, and dairy from any other meat recipes. Screenshot showcasing PlateJoy's diverse diet options

The personalization doesn’t stop there, and you’ll move on to your disliked ingredients. While this section includes some common allergens such as seafood and shellfish, the list is filled with things like raw onion, cilantro, and spicy foods, among others.

It’s truly one of the most specific filters I’ve seen, and it’s ideal if you have kids, too. You can simply check for whatever they won’t eat this week and get recipes free of that ingredient and hassle. Screenshot of PlateJoy's customizable ingredients list

The next page takes stock of your kitchen appliances. You’ll see some regular cooking equipment pictured, like a food processor, instant pot, or stovetop. Selecting what you have available will further narrow down the recipes you’ll get through your subscription. Platejoy's kitchen equipment selection you can adjust to your needs

All done? Great! You can now sneak a peek at your recommended recipes, further organized into Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snacks and desserts, and Batch meals. I filled out the questionnaire with some preferences of my own, like low sodium and no added sugar, and only selected the stovetop and blender as available appliances.

This still left me with ample, delicious-looking recipes like Asian salmon salad, Eggplant “meatballs”, and BBQ mac and cheese. PlateJoy’s Eggplant Meatballs with Pine Nuts: Flavorful and diet-friendly

PlateJoy’s Gluten-Free recipes exclude ingredients commonly containing gluten. Still, as you’ll be purchasing your own ingredients, I highly recommend checking the labels of all products, as some brands may be produced in facilities that aren’t gluten-free certified.  

Cooking Meals with PlateJoy

PlateJoy will take you on a culinary journey through breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks that exemplify the mastery of its meal plans. 

Shortlist of My Favorite Meals

Platejoy’s herbed chicken and quinoa salad takes only 10 minutes to assemble. Even with limited kitchen appliances, you can make this quick lunch work for you. Screenshot of PlateJoy's 10-minute Herbed chicken quinoa salad

The recipe, like many others developed by PlateJoy, has only 2 steps. It calls for walnuts, rotisserie chicken, pre-cooked quinoa, mixed greens, and seasonings. I like how clear the instructions are, as they ensure you can produce a meal regardless of your cooking expertise. PlateJoy provides instructional video on how to master poached eggs

Most recipes come with additional tips and tricks to help you conquer even the most delicate of meals. You’ll find tips on how to choose the perfect avocado every time or demos on preparing perfect poached eggs. Screenshot of PlateJoy's lunch selection recipes

For dinner, you’ll typically have to dedicate a bit more time to prep and cooking. Ginger red lentil daal, for instance, takes about 45 minutes. A  bowl of Ginger red lentil daal, packed with flavor and spices

If you’re used to using kitchen staples but are running out of ideas, then let PlateJoy bring out your creative side. Rice cakes with avocado egg salad, for example, call only for kitchen staples but present them in a new light. And it’s quick, too! Screenshot of rice cakes with avocado egg salad.

The Snacks and Desserts section is filled with irresistible recipes, such as Cinnamon banana “Soft Serve” with walnuts and dates. In just a few simple steps, you can create a delightful snack that will satisfy your cravings and leave you wanting more. PlateJoy’s staple-only Banana “soft serve”

The night before enjoying this treat, start by peeling the bananas and slicing them into ½-inch rounds. Freeze the banana slices in an airtight container until they become solid.

When the craving hits, it's time to assemble your delicious cinnamon banana “soft serve”. The recipe asks you to begin by coarsely chopping the pitted dates and walnuts together. Next, in a food processor or blender, blend the frozen banana slices with cinnamon until you achieve a smooth and creamy texture. Finally, sprinkle the chopped dates and walnuts on top, adding a delightful crunch. Screenshot of PlateJoy's nutritional and serving details for Banana "soft serve" recipe

This scrumptious snack has just 326 calories, a satisfying 5 g of protein, 68 g of carbs, and 9 g of fat. This snack is a nice alternative to store-bought ice cream or for when I’m looking to surprise guests with a quick, easy, and elegant creation that’ll leave a lasting impression.

All of the PlateJoy meal recipes are meticulously crafted by nutritionists in collaboration with scientific and medical experts. For instance, the Diabetic Meal Plans strictly adhere to CDC guidelines, ensuring optimal health and well-being.


Subscription Type

Starting From

Price per Month




6 month


Less than $12/month

12 month


Less than $9/month

PlateJoy provides 3 subscription packages for added convenience and savings. Here are the available options:

  • 1-month subscription: For $12.99 per month, you can enjoy the benefits of PlateJoy’s meal planning service on a month-to-month basis.
  • 6-month subscription: If you prefer a longer commitment, the 6-month subscription is available for $69, billed every 6 months. This works out to be approximately $11.50 per month, allowing you to save even more.
  • 12-month subscription: The most cost-effective option is the 12-month subscription, priced at $99 per year. With this subscription, you pay the equivalent of just $8.25 per month, providing significant savings over the long term. The 6 and 12-month subscriptions are billed in a single installment after your free trial.

PlateJoy offers a free 11-day trial for new users to help you make an informed decision. This trial period allows you to experience the benefits and features of the service without any commitment. It’s a great way to determine if PlateJoy is the right fit for your meal planning needs before committing to a recurring fee. screenshot of 11 days free subscription offer from PlateJoy

There are no shipping fees (yay!), as PlateJoy only provides meal planning services and doesn’t deliver groceries. PlateJoy values flexibility and ensures that you have full control over your subscription. Whether you need to pause or cancel your subscription, you can do so hassle-free, allowing you to tailor your experience to your changing needs.

Shipping & Delivery

PlateJoy doesn’t provide the delivery of ingredients. Thus, there are no shipping and delivery fees tied to the service. Platejoy offers personalized meal plans and grocery lists, and it gives you the freedom to select your own ingredients.

I enjoy having full control over when and where I purchase my groceries, as it gives me more flexibility with deliveries and shopping. However, if you prefer to have your ingredients delivered, PlateJoy offers the convenience of sending your shopping list to Instacart or Amazon Fresh, grocery delivery services that provide same-day delivery in numerous zip codes across the US. Notifications center toggle options by PlateJoy

The PlateJoy app doesn’t sync with the Instacart app or Amazon app, so make sure you do it through the web browser. Once you make your order, you can manage notifications and utilize all other functionalities related to your orders.

To send your PlateJoy shopping list, click on the purple Send to Instacart or Send to Amazon Fresh button located at the top of your grocery list. This allows you to easily get your groceries and have them delivered right to your doorstep.

How PlateJoy Works

PlateJoy takes the stress out of deciding what to cook and makes it easy to enjoy delicious, healthy meals without the hassle of planning, shopping, and recipe searching. So, how do you sign up? Let’s get started!

How to Sign Up

  1. Begin by visiting the PlateJoy website. You can access the site using a computer, tablet, or smartphone with an internet connection.

Screenshot of PlateJoy's sign-up page

  1. On the PlateJoy homepage, click on the Sign in button. From there, you’ll be guided to create a new account by providing your name and selecting the listed answers to what PlateJoy can do for you. These answers focus on your personal dietary goals, and you must choose at least 1 before moving on.

PlateJoy Sign up helps you customize your diet

You can also choose whether you’d like to follow the PlateJoy path, a selection of recipes that make up a nutritious eating plan. Selected recipes come with a Balanced plate badge.

  1. The next step is all about the portion sizes. You can choose between 4 sizes, small to extra large. Not sure which is right for you? Simply click on one of the pictured bowls and you’ll see all the extra information – portion size, calories, etc. Small size is, for example, best suited for children up to 5 years old and petite adults.

Platejoy's portion size options go from Small to Extra Large

This is also where you’ll adjust the number of people you’re looking to feed with PlateJoy recipes. You can do this by clicking on Add another person. Repeat until your whole family is included!

  1. Upon creating an account, you’ll be asked a series of questions to personalize your PlateJoy experience. These questions cover dietary preferences, health goals, allergies, and kitchen equipment availability. Answer them honestly to ensure that PlateJoy can cater to your specific needs.

Customized PlateJoy experience lets you exclude allergies and dislikes

Here is where you choose your dietary habits, as well as food requirements and restrictions. There's a handy line at the bottom of the screen that allows you to mention other needs and limitations you may have.

a screenshot of PlateJoy's customizable choices.

  1. Kitchen appliances will wait for you at the next step, so select all that you have in your kitchen and can use to make PlateJoy recipes into tasty meals.

Kitchen appliances at your service

You’re almost done! You’ll be able to go back and adjust all of your choices at any time. I found this to be particularly useful if you travel a lot and your available appliances change.

Screenshot of a step during sign up process

  1. The recommended selections for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks are also housed on this page, so you can take a look at what you can get before making your menu. PlateJoy also leaves plenty of space for you to decide to try new ingredients or take some out if you have picky eaters among family members.

You’ll find that you can further customize the ingredients once you’ve explored the recommended recipes. Tailor your meal plan to perfection by selecting preferred types of bread, milk, rice, and more.

  1. Select the Create a new menu button, fill in your email address, and create a strong password. This is also where you’ll choose your subscription menu.

screenshot of PlateJoy account creation

  1. Once you create your account, you gain access to a variety of payment options, ensuring convenience and flexibility. Simply provide the necessary information and follow the user-friendly steps to set up your profile.

PlateJoy payments page

Managing Your Subscription

 PlateJoy makes it simple to make changes, pause your plan, or cancel if needed.

Screenshot of the PlateJoy account settings page from where you manage subscriptions

To cancel or pause your subscription, simply navigate to the Subscriptions page in your account settings. Access this page by clicking on the Settings option in the upper-right corner menu and then selecting Subscription

This can be done through any web browser by logging into your PlateJoy account. For those using the app – bad news – cancelation is currently only available on the PlateJoy website and can’t be done through the mobile app.

On the Subscriptions page, you’ll find options to manage your subscription. You can choose to cancel your subscription entirely, change your plan or payment details, or opt to temporarily pause your subscription.

To modify your meal planner preferences, portion sizes, and goals, navigate to the Settings section and click on Meal Preferences. From there, you can easily update your choices. Adding a household member is done through My Table, while changing your ingredients is available via a clearly labeled My Ingredients list.

Customer Service

You can reach customer service through the website, which features a dedicated support section filled with helpful resources, such as FAQs, troubleshooting guides, and more. This is a great starting point to find answers to common questions.

Canceling your subscription is easy and can be done at any time. The process differs depending on how you signed up for PlateJoy – if you registered through the company’s website, you can manage your subscription by accessing the settings page. For those who signed up using the PlateJoy app, you’ll need to cancel your subscription through the Apple App Store or Google Play, depending on your device’s operating system.

If you have any inquiries or need personalized assistance, you can email its support team at support@platejoy.com. The replies to emails come promptly during business hours. If you prefer to speak with someone directly, you can reach the support team at (628) 400-2665.

I followed PlateJoy’s instructions on canceling a plan to assess the cancelation process. The overall experience with canceling a plan was smooth, and PlateJoy’s customer service did not create unnecessary barriers.

How PlateJoy Compares to Other Meal Delivery Services

  • PlateJoy vs HelloFresh: HelloFresh is recognized as the most popular meal kit in America, boasting easy-to-follow instructions and fresh ingredients. HelloFresh has an educational approach to meals, and unlike Platejoy’s quick meal solutions, HelloFresh emphasizes the joy of learning to cook. Prices start at $3.32.

  • PlateJoy vs Factor: Factor, a significant player in the meal kit domain, is known for its chef-curated meals that revolve around health and ease of consumption. Factor accentuates the art of fine dining at home, with prices starting at $10.49 . Factor targets adults who aim for restaurant-quality, nutritious meals without spending long hours in the kitchen.

  • PlateJoy vs Green Chef: Green Chef stands out with its dedication to organic, quality ingredients and a vast array of meal choices. Plus, Green Chef is big on being eco-friendly with its packaging. Green Chef’s prices start at $9.99. On the other hand, PlateJoy is all about getting good food to you quickly.

The Bottom Line: Is PlateJoy Worth It?

I highly recommend PlateJoy as a meal planning service. If you’re someone who enjoys cooking and shopping for groceries but wants the convenience of personalized recipes and fresh ideas, PlateJoy is the perfect fit.

You’ll have access to customized meal plans that cater to your preferences and dietary needs, empowering you to create delicious meals at your own pace.

If you would rather have the groceries delivered to you, why not try a meal kit delivery service? Check out our list of the top meal kit delivery services of 2024.

I like HelloFresh, as it offers a variety of weekly menus and delivers ingredients. The ingredients come preportioned, too, so prep work is minimal. All you’ve got to do is make your meal according to the recipe.

All things considered, PlateJoy is a reliable meal planning service that offers convenience, personalization, and delicious recipes tailored to your tastes and health goals. Give it a try and experience the joy of effortless and customized cooking.


How does PlateJoy meal planning work?

PlateJoy meal planning simplifies the process of planning meals by offering a fully customized menu and grocery list based on your specific dietary needs, ingredient preferences, and desired level of effort.

To get started, you provide details about your needs and preferences, select the meals you want to make for the week and generate a shopping list. You can also tailor your meal plans to specific dietary requirements.

Can I try the PlateJoy meal planning service for free?

Yes, you can try PlateJoy for free! PlateJoy offers an 11-day free trial, allowing you to experience the service and its benefits before committing. This trial period enables you to explore personalized meal plans, grocery lists, and other features to determine if it's the right fit for you.

How easy is it to manage my PlateJoy subscription?

Managing your PlateJoy subscription is simple and convenient. To make changes to your subscription, such as pausing or canceling, you can access your Subscriptions page. Click on the Settings option in the upper-right corner menu and then select Subscription. Please note that subscription changes can only be made through the PlateJoy website and not the mobile app.

Can I update my meal planner preferences and goals?

Absolutely! PlateJoy allows you to customize your meal plans, portions, and goals according to your preferences. Simply navigate to the Settings section and click on Meal Preferences.

What dietary options are available with PlateJoy?

PlateJoy offers a wide range of dietary options to accommodate various lifestyles. Whether you follow a vegetarian, vegan, low-carb, dairy-free, or other specialized diet, PlateJoy can create customized meal plans tailored to your dietary needs.

Can I change my delivery dates for PlateJoy meal planning?

PlateJoy doesn’t provide the delivery of ingredients. While you can get deliveries through Instacart and Amazon Fresh, the service mainly offers personalized meal plans and grocery lists. This way, you have full control over when and where you purchase your groceries.

If having ingredients delivered is more convenient, check out a meal delivery service. HelloFresh, for instance, is a great choice for busy individuals. Check out our Hello Fresh review to get a full picture of this meal delivery service.

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