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Raised Right Review 2023: Fresh Human-Grade Pet Food

Written by: Mirela Niculae on Jun 2nd, 2023

Raised Right combines years of experience in farming and ranching with the knowledge of expert veterinarians and pet food scientists to create fresh, nutrition-dense, and safe recipes for cats and dogs.

I discovered the brand while looking for an alternative to commercial pet food – the limited ingredient recipes and single-ingredient treats caught my eye. Plus, all the foods are made with human-grade ingredients and delivered frozen to lock the freshness in.

While the price made me think twice, I wanted to see if the claims were real. And, I have to admit, I wasn’t disappointed. Raised Right’s food is fresh, healthy, and pets love it!


  • All the meals are made with human-grade ingredients

  • You can trace the source of the ingredients

  • Collaboration with veterinarians and pet food formulation experts

  • Special discount: 20% Off Your First Box (16 Bags)


  • Food doesn’t come pre-portioned

  • The price is a bit high

  • You need storage space in the freezer

Raised Right Is Best For

  • Pet parents concerned about healthy eating

  • Owners who don’t trust commercial pet foods

  • Happy and healthy pets

Raised Right May Not Be Great For

  • Pets who only eat kibbles

  • Owners on a budget

  • Pet parents who want pre-portioned food

Raised Right Meals

Plans and Recipes

The Raised Right menu includes meals and treats for cats and dogs, and there are no specific plans to select from. This way, you get to choose the flavors and recipes that work best for your furry friend. Still, there’s a section where users can build a customized menu for their pets following the company’s instructions.

In this section, Raised Right will calculate the optimal amount of food for each of your pets according to their weight and activity level. Plus, you can specify if you want Mrs. Whiskers to lose, maintain, or gain weight. Based on these criteria you’ll receive the recommended quantity of food per day at the shipping frequency you specify.

I like that all the recipes and treats are developed in collaboration with a veterinarian and a pet food formulation expert. This way, when Raised Right says the recipes are low in carbs (less than 2%) and there are no fillers, you can trust them.

There are three main menus: one for adult cats, one for puppies (under 12 months), and one for adult dogs (1+ years). The cats’ menu features four recipes (two meals and two patés), the puppies' menu features three meals, and the dogs' menu features eight recipes (four meals and four patés).

Plus, if you want a bit more, there are two types of treats – Meat Bites and Shake a Flakes. Both are available in beef, lamb, and turkey liver flavors and the Meat Bites are also available in a fourth flavor – pork liver.

Overall, the meals don’t cater to specific diets or allergies, but since there are no preservatives or fillers and the ingredients are all human-grade, chances are most pets will be able to enjoy them. Still, it’s best to ask your veterinarian if your pet is suffering from a disease or severe allergy.


Raised Right puts a lot of effort into sourcing high-quality ingredients that pass the same standards required for human consumption. All their recipes are cooked in USDA human-grade facilities and each batch is lab-tested before the meals are shipped.

I also love the interactive map on the website that lets you know where the Raised Right suppliers are located within the US. It’s easy to understand the recipes due to the brand’s limited ingredients policy. Each recipe has one source of animal protein and other ingredients that are easily recognizable.

The recipes are designed to fit each animal’s needs. For cats, the standard recipes include animal protein (turkey or chicken) from the thigh, heart, and liver in combination with a mixture of carrots, blueberries, organic spearmint, cod liver oil, eggshell powder, flaxseed oil, organic dried kelp, taurine, and thiamine mononitrate. 

The patés follow the same recipe but replace the carrots with pumpkin.

Puppies have a similar base recipe, with one animal protein source (turkey, chicken, and beef) and a combination of carrots, blueberries, organic spearmint, dicalcium phosphate, cod liver oil, eggshell powder, flaxseed oil, organic dried kelp, sea salt, zinc amino acid chelate, and copper amino acid chelate.

Finally, adult dogs have four meals (turkey, chicken, beef, and pork) and four patés where the carrots are replaced by pumpkin. The rest of the recipe is similar to the one used for cat food and contains carrots, blueberries, organic spearmint, cod liver oil, eggshell powder, flaxseed oil, and organic dried kelp.

Now, if you look closely at the recipes, you’ll notice there are a few differences between cat and dog food. For instance, cats’ food contains taurine, which is an essential amino acid in cats. Cats need taurine for good immune function, eyes, brain, nerves, and more. However, not all dog breeds need taurine, which is why their recipes don’t contain this amino acid.

There are other differences, and this is how you can tell the company really pays attention to your pet’s needs. Also, the treats and toppers are single-ingredient (animal protein source), which is why your furry friends will go wild after them.


Each recipe (meals, patés, treats, and toppers) has its Guarantee Analysis so you can easily tell if they’re a good fit for your pet. All the recipes are in accordance with the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO Cat and Dog Food Nutrient Profiles for maintenance.

The Original Turkey Adult Cat Recipe features 21% min crude protein, 8% min crude fat, and 2% max crude fiber on max moisture of 67%. Also, each of the cat recipes is lower than 410 kcals/cup.

On the other hand, the Original Turkey Adult Dog Recipe contains 19% min crude protein, 7% min crude fat, and 2% max crude fiber on max moisture of 68%. And, just as with the cat food, it doesn’t go over 410 kcals/cup.

All the recipes are lightly cooked in a USDA inspected human-grade facility to the minimum temperatures required to kill harmful pathogens. This type of cooking makes the food safe to consume while maintaining the ingredients’ nutritional integrity and high levels of moisture. Each batch is tested for pathogens and, if safe, it’s frozen and then delivered.


Raised Right delivers your order in a cardboard box, which is accepted by most curbside recycling programs. Also, the insulating liners that keep the food cold during transport are made from non-GMO corn, which is compostable.

Inside the box, you’ll find a welcome kit (if this is your first order) that includes a few details about the brand and its creed, a couple of gifts, and a free BPA measurement scooper with measurement lines to make it easy to portion the food.

Otherwise, you’ll immediately see the dry ice insulation lining (since the food is delivered frozen). Underneath it, you’ll find food. 

Each bag should be stored in the freezer (you’ll find the freezer shelf life stamped on the bag) until ready to defrost and will remain fresh in your refrigerator for six days after it’s defrosted. You’ll also find the best before date stamped on the bag.

I like how each bag has a list of ingredients, nutritional info, and serving instructions printed on it for easy reference. Even though the food isn’t pre-portioned, it’s easy to know how much to serve if you use the scooper you got with your first box.

I have to admit, the packaging’s a bit heavy in terms of plastic. However, the company partner with rePurpose Global to help remove as much plastic waste from nature as is used for packaging. While it’s not necessarily a step forward, it’s certainly a way to balance the scale for the environment.

Shipping & Delivery

I’m always happier with services that don’t force a subscription on you, which is why Raised Right is one of my favorites. You can place a one-time order or get into a subscription where you select the delivery frequency. Plus, the frequency interval is extremely flexible, from weekly to every 28 weeks!

If you need to change your order (the recipes or the shipping frequency), you’ve got to reach out to the team via email or phone before Saturday, at 9 pm EST. While this isn’t much of a hassle, I would’ve preferred to have the option to request changes from the online account.

On the other hand, I do like that delivery is available to all 48 contiguous states for free. If you live in Alaska and Hawaii you can still place an order but you’ll need to get in touch with the company. Shipping won’t be free but you’ll receive a customized offer. 

With each order, you get a tracking number via email as soon as the box is shipped. If you place the order before the weekly deadline (Mondays at 9 pm EST), Raised Right guarantees you’ll have it by Saturday at the latest. The time it takes for the box to reach your doorstep depends on how far your address is from the shipping point.

Overall, the shipping and delivery experience is pretty smooth. Plus, if your pet doesn’t like the food, you can ask for a full refund on your first box within 14 days of your purchase.

Raised Right has partnered with to offset the carbon emissions coming from the shipping service through reforestation and forest preservation. I think that’s a nice touch. 

How to Sign Up

Since you don’t need an account unless you want to get a subscription, Raised Right will automatically create one for you while placing your first order with recurrent deliveries. This way, you don’t need to allocate extra time to account creation.

Managing Your Subscription

The account is a bit slim in features, but you can use it to pause/cancel or resume a current subscription (the info will show up on your subscriptions page). You can also use the account to change the delivery address and check your transaction history.

Plus, you have the option to update your pet’s information and get a new customized feeding menu. However, if you want to change the recipes in the current meal plan or the shipping frequency, you have to contact the customer service team directly.

Customer Service

Raised Right tries to keep things simple by offering two main methods to get in touch: email and phone. The brand is also active on social media, with a Facebook page, a YouTube account, and an Instagram profile, which is a nice way to stay connected.

The FAQ section is available, though it's not as comprehensive as other platforms I've seen. It does provide answers to several queries, but it's still a work in progress. If you can't find the answer you need, you'll have to contact customer services instead, but you should receive a response within a day (via email).

If your pet doesn’t like the food or you’re not happy with the products, you have the right to a full refund on the first box within 14 days of purchase. The company doesn’t accept returns, which is why the money-back guarantee is limited to the first box.

To get a refund for an order from the Raised Right website, you should get in touch with customer services. If you went through a distributor or reseller, you’ll need to get in touch with them to initiate the refund procedure.

Raised Right Recalls

As of the date of my review, Raised Right’s recipes haven’t been the subject of any recalls.


Starting from

Minimum Order

Shipping Fee


16 bags per full box: $159.84;

4 bags per sample box: $49.95 (including shipping)

Free for full box orders; 

$9.99 for sample box 

Whether you choose the one-time purchase option or you want a subscription, the price per bag is the same ($9.99 per bag). Each bag contains 1lb of food.

If you choose a subscription, you have to purchase a full box of food, which is 16 bags. This will cost you $159.84/box (shipping is free) and can last anywhere from a couple of weeks to a couple of months, depending on your pet’s size and appetite.

If you choose to purchase without a subscription, you can choose between one full box with free shipping or one sample box, which includes four bags ($9.99/bag plus a $9.99 shipping fee). Also, you can add treats ($15.99/ 5oz bag) and toppers ($12.99/ 4.5oz bottle).

I compared the cost per day for a 5lbs cat and a dog of the same size and same level of activity. According to the Raised Right algorithm, the cat should eat 4oz/day ($2.73/day) and the dog should eat 5oz/day ($2.95/day). 

However, if you don’t want to feed 100% Raised Right, the price per day can drop since you’ll use less food.

Of course, if you have large pets the price per day will go up since they need more food. For instance, a 70lb active dog that’s on a full Raised Right diet can cost you $21.33/day or more. Depending on your type of pet and your budget, you may find that this brand is a bit pricey.

The Bottom Line: Is Raised Right Worth It?

Yes! I admit that it can get pricey if you have several large pets who eat a lot. But Raised Right is a brand that only works with human-grade ingredients and the recipes are formulated with the help of world-renowned nutritional specialists.

Food is an important part of keeping pets healthy and happy for as long as possible. If you like the brand but are worried about costs, you can always serve these meals, treats, and toppers in combination with other types of food to keep the costs down.


Where is Raised Right made?

The food is lightly cooked in USDA inspected human-grade facilities, with ingredients that pass the standards required for human consumption. All the ingredients are sourced locally, and you can trace their origin using the map available on the website.

Is Raised Right dog food grain-free?

The company claims not to use any fillers or preservatives and when I researched Raised Right meals, I found this to be true. Every recipe was grain-free, with limited ingredients including a high-quality animal protein. 

Can I refreeze Raised Right dog food?

Raised Right ships its food frozen to make sure the freshness and nutrients are locked in. Since the food isn’t pre-portioned, you have to defrost an entire bag of food, which will last in the refrigerator for up to six days.

Now, if you have to refreeze food that’s already been defrosted, you can but only if you did the initial thawing in the refrigerator. Otherwise, it’s not safe. Also, once you defrost it again, the new shelf life in the fridge will be just five days.

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