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Raw Paws Pet Food 2024 Review: Learn More

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Author Zoran Trifunovic
Zoran Trifunovic
Updated on Apr 5th, 2024
Fact checked by Emma Vince


Raw Paws Pet Food specializes in providing cats and dogs with premium raw pet food. It's a small family business offering many products, including treats and supplements, as well as diet-friendly pet food. The products include many different proteins sourced from local farms.

The company boasts an extensive selection, with hundreds of items in its market. It's not just about mealtime, since many products can help your pet improve its health. Also, you can find many pet supplies and toys for your canines and felines on the website.

But Raw Paws Pet Food has its share of disadvantages, like any business. These may not be obvious at first glance, so I invite you to check my detailed review. It'll help you discern whether this particular service suits your pet's needs and your budget. And you'll find time-tested alternatives if you think you won't make a perfect match. 



Prices suit all budgets

Limited options for pets that don’t eat raw food

A wide range of products

Food may contain bone fragments

Great filtering system

Shipping rates can be pretty high

Raw Paws Pet Food Meals

Raw Paws Pet Food has products catering to pups and kitties. While perusing the website, you'll find meals, treats, chews, supplements, and accessories. The company has many items on offer. And I love the ease of navigation that lets me sort through the assortment by product type, price, popularity, and more. Raw Paws Pet Food's homepage

Plans and Recipes

The pet food delivery service's website teems with various meals for your dog or cat. I found the selection rather impressive, with some food types branching into dozens of subcategories. Now, some options, like raw rolls and patties, are suitable for both canines and felines. Others, like raw meaty bones, cater specifically to dogs. Some of Raw Paws Pet Food's meal types

As you can see in the image, the company has dry kibbles for dogs. But selection in this department is quite limited. During my Raw Paws Pet Food review, only 2 grain-free variants were available (1 of which was out of stock) – beef and chicken kibbles. Raw Paws Pet Food's kibble selection

Raw Paws Pet Food has various pet treats on its menu. And some of those are biscuits and jerky and training treats. You can browse these items by type. Or simply choose Dog Treats or Cat Treats for tailored options.  Raw Paws Pet Food's treats

The service has about 80 different types of pet chews on offer. And some of them are sticks, bones, ears, and horns. Note that most of these are dog-centric, with only a few cat options available. Raw Paws Pet Food's Bones & Chews

The More section adds various supplies you may need for your pet. Toys, bowls, brushes and other grooming tools are among them. You can also access some product categories, such as Toppers and Variety Packs, from there.  Some Raw Paws Pet Food's pet supplies


The Raw Paws website has filters that let you sort items by protein and ingredient type. The product range is incredibly vast, so being able to narrow down your searches is a real help.

You can conduct a basic search by hovering the cursor over a product type (Food, Chews, or anything else) to check the drop-down menu's categories. Under Food, for example, you'll find options like Frozen Dog Food, Freeze Dried, and Raw Diet Types, among others.

Or you can select a product type directly from the header, then sort items using the on-page filtering system. Depending on your choice, you can filter products by brand, popularity, and price, among other options. You can even choose how many items a page should display.  Raw Paws Pet Food on-page filtering options

You can even choose a product category and filter sub-categories from there. If you go for Treats by Protein in the Treats section, for example, you'll have 11 options, including Venison, Lamb, Duck, and Chicken. But if you're interested in Raw Diet Types in the Food section, you can choose between the Alpha-Prey, BARF, and Prey Model diets. Raw Paws Pet Food's Treats by Protein filters


While browsing the website, I discovered a handy Serving Calculator in the footer. It can help you determine the right amount of food per meal or day for your cat or dog. You have to enter your pet's weight and age to get an approximate serving size.  Raw Paws Pet Food's Serving Calculator

This calculator is a welcome addition, but it doesn't take many factors into consideration. I’ve seen much more detailed calculators – which account for allergies, conditions, and other factors – on competitors’ websites. A few Raw Paws Pet Food's supplements

The company also has various health-boosting supplements available. You'll find a few dozen options designed to enhance your pet’s health. There are products addressing digestive, skin, coat, and joint issues, among others. Supplements include broths, powders, and oils.

What Makes It Different

Something I love about Raw Paws Pet Food is that you can serve most products as-is. Many don't need refrigeration, cooking, or any sort of processing. But there are items you should refrigerate or freeze. Check the product details on the website before buying them to avoid confusion. 


Raw Paws Pet Food's packaging protects food well. When you get your order, you'll find it in a foam container with dry ice, which keeps the products fresh. You'll get brochures providing various information and instructions nested between the container and the flaps.

Products feature clear labels, so you'll recognize them at a glance. In general, treats occupy the top of the box, while the foods nestle below. If you've bought more units of a single food type, you'll likely find them bundled in a plastic bag.

As for eco-consciousness, this company is okay but not great. Dry ice is environmentally friendly, and the company states that it uses eco-friendly foam containers. The plastic bags may have to be recycled in a specialized facility, however. 


Raw Paws Pet Food has a diverse price range depending on the product type. If you're a budget hunter, its meals will be your best bet to find something that fits the bill. Take a look at the following table for the price range of different product types. 

Product Type

Price Range


Pet Food

$10.99 to $199.99

Free, $7.99, or $30

Pet Treats

$17.99 to $319.80


$16.99 to $479.99

Supplements for Dogs & Cats

$16.99 to $159.99

Speaking of food, the $10.99 price applies for 1 lb of the most affordable product. If you aim to spend less per pound, check out the Best Raw Dog Food Delivery article

Buy Variety Packs to save on your pet's favorites and explore new items as well. These packs are typically available for Foods, Treats, and Chews. And they could include either a mix of different items or a bulk of a single item or 2. They tend to run out of stock quickly, so be sure to jump on the chance if you want to try the Variety Pack. Raw Paws Pet Food's Intro Variety Free Ship Pack

The shipping costs depend on 2 factors. One is whether you order non-frozen or frozen items. The other is the order amount. Frozen shipments are much more expensive and have a higher threshold to unlock free shipping.

You'll enjoy free delivery if your order is at least $49 for non-frozen products. But for orders less than $49, there's a flat rate of $7.99 for shipping. Free shipping for frozen items starts at $199. If the value of your frozen box falls below that, you'll have to pay a fixed-rate shipping fee of $30.

Raw Paws Pet Food doesn't advertise a money-back policy on its website. But the company emphasizes a commitment to customer satisfaction. So, if you get a wrong or defective item, contact them within 3 days from delivery to reach a mutually agreeable solution. Note that you may need to provide photos of the products in question.

This pet food delivery service accepts various payment methods. You can use Visa, Discover, MasterCard, and American Express credit cards to pay for your cat’s or dog’s food and treats. PayPal, Amazon Pay, and Venmo are available online payment options.

Shipping & Delivery

Raw Paws Pet Food delivers across the continental US. Delivery times usually range from 1 to 6 days. You'll get your package in no more than 2 days if you live in Indiana or nearby states. East Coast and Midwest pet parents typically have to wait 2 or 3 days. But if you're from the West or Southwest, you'll usually receive your order in 3 to 6 days. 

The pet food delivery service ships orders quickly. If you place an order by 2 pm ET Monday to Thursday or before 1 pm ET on Friday, the company ships your package the same day. After these times, it ships products the next day. Note that Raw Paws Pet Food doesn't ship on weekends. So if you purchase on Friday after 1 pm ET, your shipment kicks off on Monday. 

The window for order modifications is usually slim. That's because the service's quick to ship out your pet's food and supplements. If you need to tweak your order, it's best to give customer support a call or shoot them an email as soon as possible. Stay tuned, I'll share more details on how to reach out to the customer service team shortly.

You'll get a tracking number once your shipment is on the way. Check it out once in a while to stay in the loop and estimate your box's arrival. 

Or you can pick up your order from the warehouse if you're anywhere near. Its address is 5601 Fortune Circle South - Suite P, Indianapolis, IN 46241. You can collect your package from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm ET Monday to Thursday and from 9:30 am to 2 pm ET on Friday. 

How Raw Paws Pet Food Works

You can shop as a guest on the service's website. But consider registering an account before becoming a frequent shopper to join the Rewards Program and grab discounts down the line. Once you create an account, you'll start accumulating points through purchases, referrals, and even Google reviews. And the company throws in extra love with birthday and anniversary bonuses.

How to Sign Up

Registering an account is quick and easy and goes like this:

  1. Click on Login in the top-right corner of the screen.

How to sign in on the Raw Paws Pet Food website

  1. Hit Continue under Create a Customer Account

Raw Paws Pet Food's Login page

  1. Type your email address and repeat. Enter your password and do it again. Select Continue.

The 3rd step of registering a Raw Paws Pet Food account

  1. Complete the fields with your personal information, such as your name, address, and phone number, and click on Continue

Shipping details on Raw Paws Pet Food's website

  1. Select Join Rewards Program from the My Account page. You'll get a referral offer to earn 10,000 points worth 30 bucks. The friend you refer the service to gets $30 off when purchasing for the first time. 

My Account page on Raw Paws Pet Food's site

Managing Your Subscription

You can perform various actions from the My Account page. For example, you can manage your personal details like email addresses, passwords, and payment info. The dashboard also lets you check your balance and invoices. You can also write a review if you have something to share about the company's products. The signup bonus from Raw Paws Pet Food

The service treated me with 2,000 points when I joined the Rewards Program. But I quickly realized that these bonus points had a short lifespan, expiring in just 6 hours. So, act quickly and go to My Rewards to redeem them. Also, check out Earn Points to learn how to garner more points you can use toward future discounts. 

Customer Service

I tried to contact the service's customer support. I sent an email asking how the company compensates clients who get damaged goods on Saturday. But I didn't receive any response by the time I wrapped up my review on Tuesday afternoon. So, call customer support if you need an urgent response. 

Live chat, phone, and email are advertised contact options. I think that the live chat feature, appearing as a bubble in the bottom-right corner of the screen, is the most convenient. Though, it turned out to be more like an email messaging system, which wasn’t surprising given that I activated it on Saturday. 

You can also dial or text customer service at (317) 509-9811. Or call toll-free at (866) 368-3369. Phone hours are from 8 am to 8:30 pm ET during workdays. Dropping a message through the Contact Us page is another option. If you're emailing, send a query to

Raw Paws Pet Food has an FAQ section. I don't find it particularly extensive, but it covers some basic topics well. Still, you'll need to contact the customer service team for detailed and specific queries.

Raw Paws Pet Food Recalls

Raw Paws Pet Food had no recorded recalls at the time of my research.

How Raw Paws Compares to Other Pet Food Services

  • Raw Paws Pet Food vs. The Farmer’s Dog: Raw Paws Pet Food is a logical choice if your pet craves raw food. However, The Farmer’s Dog has top-rated fresh food. You can also customize it to suit your canine's needs based on various factors. Also, the company sources high-quality, human-grade ingredients processed in the USDA facilities. 
  • Raw Paws Pet Food vs. Ollie: Unlike Raw Paws Pet Food, Ollie has fresh and baked food for dogs. You can personalize your pup's food based on various factors, such as its breed, activity levels, and optional food sensitivities. And Ollie sources top-quality ingredients for its dog food nationwide and abroad. 
  • Raw Paws Pet Food vs. We Feed Raw: We Feed Raw is a favorite raw food delivery service of mine. It offers free shipping countrywide and has more affordable meal options than Raw Paws Pet Food. A personalized approach to your dog's diet is another cool feature. We Feed Raw assists you in creating a meal plan tailored to your dog's health, activity level, and possible allergies. 

The Bottom Line: Is Raw Paws Pet Food Worth It?

Raw Paws Pet Food offers a range of raw food options for cats and dogs. Its selection of pet meals, treats, and supplements is admirable. The pet food delivery service has various options for you to accumulate points that can lead to cost-saving benefits in the future. You can also use a detailed filtering system to shortlist desired products quickly. 

The service's food leans towards the pricier side compared to some high-ranking competitors. And options are very limited if your pet isn't into raw food. Also, note that money-saving bundles and packs may sell out quickly. And some customers have raised concerns about finding bone fragments and some other unwelcoming additions in their pets' meals.


Is raw pet food safe?

Yes, raw pet food is safe if handled with care to prevent bacterial contamination. Some of the safest raw foods for dogs are venison, pork, lamb, turkey, and duck.

Why is raw dog food so expensive?

Obtaining and balancing the ingredients affects the price of ready-made raw food. Packaging and delivery expenses also play a part in the price calculation.

Why do dogs poop less on a raw diet?

Your pet's body assimilates the ingested food more completely, which leads to lesser waste. What's more, excrements from a dog on a raw diet usually have a less offensive odor.

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