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Spoonful of Comfort Review 2023: Send a Gift of Love and Soup

Author Kenaz Filan
Kenaz Filan
Updated on Aug 20th, 2023
Fact checked by Deborah Leigh


Spoonful of Comfort is a convenient and thoughtful gift option for birthdays, get-well-soon wishes, condolences, or simply to show someone you care. It offers homemade-style soups made with high-quality ingredients and without artificial preservatives. In addition to soups, Spoonful of Comfort offers a range of sides and add-ons, primarily focusing on comfort foods.

I have pored over Spoonful of Comfort’s menu and its customer ratings. I have checked its nutritional values and weighed its costs against the quality of its food and packaging. I have used all my experience reviewing the best meal delivery services to make sure your recipients get a gift box that puts a smile on their faces. 

In my expert opinion, Spoonful of Comfort is a great choice for gift packages. And if you’re feeling down, you can even cheer yourself up with a box of soup, pie, or cookies! Spoonful of Comfort is a bit pricey for what you get, but it’s a great alternative to flowers and a card. Read on to find out more. 



Gifts for all occasions


Delivery to all 50 states

Shipping not included

Enticing packaging

Not a replacement for meal delivery

What’s on the Spoonful of Comfort Menu

Marti Wymer created Spoonful of Comfort in 2008 after losing her mother. While Spoonful of Comfort originally focused on bereavement gifts, today you can buy Spoonful of Comfort packages for many occasions. (Speaking as a father, I can tell you that new parents will be certainly thrilled to receive a Pregnancy & New Baby Care Package that offers delicious comfort food without the trouble of cooking). 

Screenshot of Spoonful of Comfort's Care Package Types
No matter what occasion, Spoonful of Comfort delivers

Meal Options 

Spoonful of Comfort now has many options In addition to its now-famous Soup Packages. Its other offerings include Cookie, Pie, and Mac n’ Cheese boxes. For maximum comfort food value, the Soup and Mac n’ Cheese packages also come with fresh rolls and cookies. 

A screenshot from Spoonful of Comfort's Soup Packages page
Vegetarian and vegan soups are available

Reviewers on Spoonful of Comfort’s page praise the portion sizes and speak highly of the quality. Selections are sophisticated enough for foodies to enjoy but comforting enough for picky eaters. But because this is not a subscription service, you really can’t rely on Spoonful of Comfort for regular meals. I recommend checking out our list of the best family-friendly meal delivery services.

Spoonful of Comfort also offers a line of comforting add-ons, since most of us don’t live on soup alone. You can choose from a selection of inspirational books, as well as items like soft towels, socks, puzzle books, and candles. 


Is Spoonful of Comfort Good For This Diet?


Yes, Spoonful of Comfort has vegetarian options


Yes, Spoonful of Comfort has vegan options


Yes, Spoonful of Comfort has gluten-free options


Spoonful of Comfort is working on kosher certification


Spoonful of Comfort is not good for low-calorie diets


You get to select the items that go into your gift box. Regular boxes give you a choice of 13 soups and 6 cookies to choose from. You can also leave out the cookies if your friend or coworker doesn’t have a sweet tooth. 

Many Spoonful of Comfort items are vegetarian, and there is a dedicated vegan page with a selection of 100% plant-based gift boxes. If you have a herbivorous friend, Spoonful of Comfort is a great choice for meals that are delicious and free of any animal products, with fresh Garden Vegetable soup and gluten-free vegan rolls and cookies. 

A screenshot of Spoonful of Comfort's Vegan care packages
Spoonful of Comfort has gifts your vegan friends will love

You can also order gluten-free soups and even gluten-free and vegan cookies. These items are made with gluten-free ingredients and are suitable for those with mild to moderate gluten sensitivity. But because they are made in the same kitchens as other products, celiacs or those with severe gluten reactions should instead check out our list of the best gluten-free meal delivery services

Each food item includes a Nutrition Information page that lists ingredients and nutritional details and provides allergen warnings. While you can order gluten-free and vegan boxes, you can’t filter for meals by allergen. 


All soup is frozen to lock in freshness, then wrapped in an insulated liner with gel ice packs. The ice packs thaw in transit and are designed to withstand 3 days of summer transit and 5 days in the winter. Spoonful of Comfort packages are sent Shipper Released, which means no signature is required. Each box also arrives with a gift note that you can personalize. 

Your soup arrives in two 32-ounce BPA and phthalate-free polypropylene tubs. These tubs are microwave-safe and come with a washable bonnet that doubles as a splatter cover. The soup should be refrigerated upon arrival and eaten within 3-5 days. Soup may be put in your freezer and used later. 

Screenshots of Spoonful of Comfort's New Parent and Get Well Packages
The boxes are decorated on the inside and can be used as trays

All Spoonful of Comfort boxes are produced by manufacturers who have Forest Stewardship Council certification and who practice Sustainable Forestry Initiative® Standards. 90% of raw material used in packaging comes from sources that protect water quality and wildlife habitats, and all packaging is recyclable.

Many Spoonful of Comfort packaging items are reusable and recyclable. You can use the soup and mac n’ cheese containers to store and microwave other foods and bring home frozen items from the grocery store in the mylar pouch that insulates soup and other perishable foods.

Cooking with Spoonful of Comfort

Preparing a Spoonful of Comfort meal is easy. You can reheat the soup or macaroni and cheese on the stove or in the microwave and bake the pie in a 375-degree oven. The cookies and bread arrive ready-to-eat, though you can warm them up in the oven if you like. Reheating instructions are included in each box. 

Shortlist of My Favorite Meals

Best Soup: Creamy Corn & Potato Chowder

Screenshot of Spoonful of Comfort's Creamy Corn & Potato Chowder
Creamy Corn & Potato Chowder is perfect for any occasion

Corn & Potato Chowder is a creamy, hearty and flavorful soup. Starting with a base of light cream and water as its base, Spoonful of Comfort adds sweet corn, tender potatoes, roasted corn, onions, red bell peppers, and Fruitwood smoked uncured bacon for a delicious blend of flavors and textures.

Each serving contains approximately 290 calories. The total fat content is 19g, (11g saturated fat), with 6g of protein and 26g of carbohydrates, including 2g of dietary fiber and 8g of sugars. Each soup gift box comes with 6 cookies and 6 fresh rolls, as well as a ladle that you can use in the future even after dishing out your Spoonful of Comfort soup.

Spoonful of Comfort customers say:

I sent a package of chowder, cookies, and rolls to my aunt and uncle at a time when my uncle was navigating a serious medical situation. They loved the package because it was delicious and saved them some work for a couple of their meals. It was a home run and they really appreciated it! – Linda Y.

This is the second order of the corn chowder. The flavor is wonderful and the chowder is loaded with corn. The flavor of the bacon and the sauteed red bell peppers takes the chowder over the top. The rolls and cookies are also very good. Everything tastes like a very good homemade meal. – Bonnie S.

Best Cookies: Confetti and Chocolate Chip

Pictures of Spoonful of Comfort's Confetti and Chocolate Chip cookies
Who doesn't love cookies?

If you ask me to name my favorite cookie, I’m likely to say “all of them.” After careful deliberation, I found myself torn between Spoonful of Comfort’s Confetti and Chocolate Chip cookies and so I decided to declare this round a tie. 

The Chocolate Chip cookies are a perfect blend of soft dough and creamy milk chocolate and are Spoonful of Comfort’s most popular cookie. Confetti cookies use the same soft dough, but add white chocolate chips and rainbow sprinkles for a festive celebration of cookie tastes. 

Spoonful of Comfort customers say:

Comfort your loved ones with remembrances associated with homemade cookies. Each time I have sent these packages, I have received the warmest thanks and appreciation for understanding. – Janice D.

We bought the Get Well Cookie Package (6 chocolate chip and 6 confetti) for a friend who was recovering from an illness. She said the cookies were delicious. We will definitely use Spoonful of Comfort again! Renee W.

Best Pie: Mixed Berry Streusel

Picture of Spoonful of Comfort's Mixed Berry Streusel pie
You can choose between Apple Streusel or Mixed Berry Streusel

This was another close round. I gave the Mixed Berry Streusel Pie the nod, but I certainly wouldn’t complain if somebody sent me an Apple Streusel Pie care package. When you are feeling down, nothing cheers you up like pie. And when you’re feeling good, why not feel better?

Spoonful of Comfort’s Mixed Berry Streusel Pie begins with sweet-tart berries in a ruby-red glaze. You sprinkle the streusel over the pie and bake it yourself for a hot, delicious dessert with an irresistible crunch. And your pie also comes with a shiny pie server to make dishing out slices a breeze. 

Spoonful of Comfort reviewers say:

I sent this to my brother along with soup and cookies. This was the first time I have included a pie. His feedback was that it was easy and delicious. Glenda P.

Excellent presentation and the best pie. Margaret W.

Best Care Package: Berry Blooms Thinking of You

Picture of Spoonful of Comfort's Berry Blossoms Thinking of You Care Package
You get tea, cookies, tea towels, a pen, and a journal

Tea and journaling go together like tea and cookies. With a Spoonful of Comfort Berry Blossoms Thinking of You package, your friend won’t have to decide between them. Each Berry Blossoms Thinking of You package includes 6 cookies and 2 sachets of healthy, fruity Rooibos tea to dunk them in too. 

The package includes a Helmsie Berry Blossoms journal, mug, and tea towel. Your friend can write down their thoughts in the journal with the included gold pen while drinking tea from the beautifully patterned mug, then use the tea towel for any spills. 

Spoonful of Comfort reviewers say:

I sent the Berry Blooms Thinking of You Package to my sister for her birthday, and she absolutely loved it. She said that even the boxes were just as well made as the gifts. The communication between the company and myself keeping me informed of the shipping timing was wonderful. Marian D.

This Berry Blooms kit is truly a wonderful gift, everything in it is outstanding, delicious, beautiful gifts and just a complete box of joy!!!Maylyn F.


Starting From

Order Size and Price (Before Shipping)

Shipping Fee


Cookie Packages



Self Care Packages



Comfort by the Slice Pie Packages



Non-Perishable Gifts



Soup Care Packages


You can definitely get soup and cookies for less than you will pay at Spoonful of Comfort. But if you need to send a gift your recipient will love, Spoonful of Comfort is a worthwhile expense. When an emergency happens, you want to send your regards quickly and do something to help. 

Screenshot of Spoonful of Comfort's checkout page with shipping options
Spoonful of Comfort offers free shipping with optional upgrades

Spoonful of Comfort offers free 2 to 3-day shipping on soups, with 2-day shipping available for $9.99 and express overnight for $19.99. Express overnight shipping comes free with pie orders. 

Your Spoonful of Comfort gift comes with a “100% Guaranteed To Be 100% Right” pledge. Spoonful of Comfort promises to make everything go smoothly for you and for your recipient. If there is any problem or any sort of delay, contact the Customer Case Team, and they will work with you to fix your problem. 

Shipping & Delivery

Spoonful Of Comfort ships to all 50 states, but it does not ship internationally or to PO boxes. Orders placed before 1 pm Mountain Time from Monday to Friday will be shipped on the same day via FedEx or USPS Priority Mail.

Standard shipping typically takes 2 days for the Western US and 2-3 days for the Eastern US. During the summer, Standard Shipping orders are dispatched from Monday to Wednesday only. If you choose Standard Shipping on Thursday or Friday, your package will be shipped on the following Monday. 

Express and Overnight Shipping options are available from Monday to Friday. Orders placed before 6 pm MT from Monday to Thursday and before 4 pm MT on Friday are processed and shipped on the same day. Orders placed on weekends, holidays, or after the daily shipping cut-off will be shipped on the next outgoing shipping day.

How Spoonful of Comfort Works

Spoonful of Comfort is a gift delivery company rather than a subscription service. Spoonful of Comfort offers a Care Club that provides points with each purchase that you can redeem for discounts. But you cannot order recurring deliveries. 

How to Send a Gift

1. Choose your gift

Screenshot of the Spoonful of Comfort shopping cart
You can choose the gifts that best suit the occasion

When you have found the right gift for your friend, put it in your cart. You can add multiple items.

2. Click the Checkout Button

Screenshot of the Spoonful of Comfort shopping cart and Check out button
Look for the green button at the bottom

The Check out button is easy to spot and is located at the bottom right of the shopping cart.

3. Add a personal note

Screenshot of the Spoonful of Comfort Personalized Note window
Send a message of concern along with your gift

You can send a message of up to 150 characters expressing your congratulations or condolences.

4. Provide recipient and payment info

Screenshot of Spoonful of Comfort's Billing Info page
Spoonful of Comfort accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover credit and debit cards, and it also offers gift cards.

After you enter your recipient’s address, you provide your billing information. In addition to credit cards, you can also pay with a Spoonful of Comfort gift card. 

Managing Your Gift

When your gift is shipped you will receive a tracking number. If you are sending perishable items, you should let the recipient know ahead of time that a package is coming. Surprises are nice, but you’d hate to see a nice gift left outside on a hot day. 

Customer Service

Spoonful of Comfort’s Customer Support is available at (877) 404-7678 weekdays 9 am to 5 pm Mountain Time. You can also send a message via its online webform.

Screenshot from Spoonful of Comfort's Contact page
Spoonful of Comfort gets good reviews for customer service

Many meal delivery services have longer customer hours and live chat options. But while Spoonful of Comfort’s customer service team is smaller, most Spoonful of Comfort customers report that it does an excellent job of responding should any issues arise.

Sample comments and responses from the website include: 

There was no card in the box😭. I wrote a very special note for my dad. Made me sad he did not get it. – Gary F.

Hi Gary! Oh no, this definitely won’t work! Rest assured, we will be in touch shortly to make sure that you and your recipient are taken care of!

The soup was no better than my corner diner, the rolls and cookies were below average. Definitely not worth the priceSusan E.

My goodness, I’m so sorry to hear that this was your experience! We will be reaching out to you directly to ensure that we get you taken care of!

How Spoonful of Comfort Compares to Other Meal Delivery Services

The Bottom Line: Is Spoonful of Comfort Worth It?

Spoonful of Comfort is a great choice if you need to send a delicious gift. Its care boxes are designed to cheer up people in difficult moments and are great for almost any occasion. But a Spoonful of Comfort box is a temporary thing. When it is done, the daily grind of cooking dinner returns. 

If you really want to help out somebody in need, a gift certificate for a meal delivery service can help them save time on grocery shopping and meal planning. Our list of the best meal delivery services will give you some great gift ideas. 

Fresh and Easy has super fast meal kits that are perfect for friends who have just added a new baby to the household. Meanwhile, singles and couples can enjoy healthy prepared meals from Factor. Introducing your friends to meal delivery services could lead them to years of eating better.


What is the story behind Spoonful of Comfort?

After Marti Wymer lost her mother in 2008, she was inspired to comfort others with homemade soup. Since then, Spoonful of Comfort has delivered millions of care packages to those in need. Originally focused on sympathy packages, the company has expanded its offerings to include packages designed for joyous occasions as well.

Can I freeze Spoonful of Comfort soups?

When your Spoonful of Comfort soups arrive, you can put them in the freezer immediately and eat them later. Your soups are shipped frozen from Spoonful of Comfort’s Salt Lake City headquarters and will be thawed but still cold when they arrive. 

Where does Spoonful of Comfort ship from?

Spoonful of Comfort ships out of Salt Lake City, Utah. Spoonful of Comfort ships via UPS and USPS Priority Mail and delivers to all 50 states. 

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