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Author Zoran Trifunovic
Zoran Trifunovic
Updated on Apr 5th, 2024
Fact checked by Emma Vince

Best Large Dog Breed Food in 2024: An Updated List

Many pet food delivery services sell food for large dogs with big appetites. But, most of them fail to balance cost and nutrition effectively. For that reason, I created the Best Large Dog Breed Food review to guide you to the best choices.

Just like humans, canines need diverse and nutritious meals for a long and healthy life. Fine pet food subscription services prepare meals using human-grade ingredients, meeting, even exceeding, various standards along the way. And the best ones tailor the meals specifically for every dog's individual needs and tastes.

I find The Farmer's Dog the very best among canine food delivery services. It produces high-quality food that helps dogs of all ages maintain and improve health, as reported by their owners. It has expert pet food nutritionists on board crafting its meals. But other competitors may be just a little behind, depending on your pup's dietary needs, so read on to learn more. 

Short on Time? Here Are the Best Large Dog Breed Food Delivery Services

  1. The Farmer’s Dog – Best overall large dog breed food delivery service

  2. Ollie – Best baked food for large canines

  3. We Feed Raw – Best raw meals for large pups

  4. Nom Nom – Best fresh recipes for large dogs

  5. Spot & Tango – Best gently dried fresh food for pooches

See 5 more large dog breed food delivery services

The Best Large Dog Breed Food Delivery Services Reviewed

1. The Farmer’s Dog – Best Overall Large Dog Breed Food Delivery Service

The Farmer's Dog's Turkey Recipe
The Farmer's Dog has 4 fresh recipes that promote a long life, and the turkey recipe is 1 of them.

Key Features

  • The company tests food on humans first

  • Expert vets and Certified Board Veterinary Nutritionists craft meals

  • Tailor dishes to your pup's needs by taking a comprehensive quiz

  • Current deal: Get 60% off on your first order!

The Farmer's Dog provides fresh, balanced dog food. It produces some of the highest quality meals on the market by drawing from scientific knowledge and guidance from licensed veterinarians. These meals, crafted in USDA-approved kitchens, include human-grade meats and veggies. What's more, each formula exceeds the criteria established by the AAFCO.

Transparency in labeling is what makes this company stand out. Its research suggests that many pet food providers aren't entirely honest about ingredients. Many brands out there include questionable content, to put it gently. And dogs consuming such meals can face various health issues over the years. Check our complete review to learn what else distinguishes this service.

The Farmer's Dog assembled a team of various experts to produce its dog food. Board-certified Ph.D. animal nutritionists design its meals, which include only high-quality ingredients and no fillers, additives, preservatives, and other nonsense. This results in the production of pup food that exceeds the AAFCO standards.

The Farmer's Dog offers 4 fresh food recipes, each highlighting a unique protein. These are beef, pork, chicken, and turkey. The business cooks food at low temperatures to remove harmful microorganisms without compromising nutrition. Then, it freezes it to ensure safety until food reaches your refrigerator. 

The business conveniently provides hassle-free, ready-to-eat meals for pet parents. Simply give your pup the pre-portioned food as no extra prep is needed. If your dog likes their meal warm, just mix in some hot water, and you're set.

Keep in mind that these recipes don't last on the shelf forever since they're free from processed ingredients. They remain fresh in the fridge for 4 days. To keep them safe for the following weeks or months, freeze them.

The Farmer's Dog boasts one of the best dog food personalization quizzes I've completed. Take it to tailor meals for your pup by responding to a set of questions. The questionnaire delves into details such as age, breed, activity level, and whether your dog is finicky with food. It also touches on potential health issues like vomiting, diarrhea, and food allergies.

Another highlight for me is the company's environmental consciousness. It sends out orders in eco-friendly packaging. If you're not home for the delivery, don't fret. As long as you return by 11 pm, the food remains intact, be it on your doorstep, porch, or in the garden. You can order The Farmer's Dog's fresh food if you live in the mainland US. 

How much you'll pay for the service's meals depends on various factors. The cost starts at $2/day. But expect to pay more for your large pup. Shipping's free. 

2. Ollie – Best Baked Food for Large Canines

Ollie's baked Beef Recipe
Ollie has 2 baked dog food recipes, and beef is 1 of them.

Key Features

If your pooch craves crunchy food, Ollie should make a great choice. It has 2 baked recipes, 1 of which features beef and sweet potatoes as key ingredients. The other contains chicken and carrots. Both meals comprise grains, eggs, superfoods, and veggies, some of which are oats, chickpeas, and lentils.

The company prepares baked food by firstly baking the blended ingredients at a low temperature. After that, it forms and bakes them again. This way, it preserves nutrients while eliminating any undesirable elements. That way, your dog gets highly nutritious and safe food.

Besides baked meals, Ollie has fresh meals on offer. This particular variety is more extensive, boasting 5 dishes featuring different proteins – turkey, chicken, beef, pork, and lamb. Depending on the recipe, you may get sweet potatoes, carrots, blueberries, cranberries, or apples as other key ingredients. Remember that baked meals last longer than fresh ones.

Also note that this dog food delivery service has 3 meal plans, which are: 

  • Full Fresh Plan, which boasts the highest quality and, thus, is the priciest

  • Half Fresh Plan, which provides you with half fresh food portion for a lower price

  • Mixed, which offers benefits of fresh and baked meals by mixing and matching them

Ollie emphasizes wholesome, human-grade canine food, regardless of the meal plan you choose. Veterinarians design meals ensuring they meet the AAFCO guidelines. If you check our in-depth review, you'll learn that the dog food subscription service crafts meals with health issues in mind, besides other info. 

In light of that, the business doesn't add dubious foods to its meals. So, your 4-legged companion won't eat fillers providing little-to-no nutritional value, preservatives, or any other additives. Regarding the key ingredient origins, poultry and beef hail from the USA, while lamb comes from the USA, Australia, and New Zealand. 

Ensure your big pup consumes the fresh meals within 4 days if kept in the fridge. If you plan to use them later, pop them in the freezer to make them last up to 6 months. For baked options, your dog should polish them off within 6 weeks after breaking the seal.

Fill out Ollie's quick quiz for personalized dog food recommendations. It covers aspects like age, breed, weight, whether it's neutered or not, and dietary habits. You'll get a customized plan suited to your pup's nutritional preferences after completing the quiz. In my opinion, The Farmer's Dog goes a step further in addressing specific health issues. 

The cost varies based on your dog's dietary requirements and the chosen plan. Starting prices are at $4-$8 per day for a week's supply of food, but you'll likely spend more for a large dog. Ollie delivers across the contiguous US with no shipping charges involved.

3. We Feed Raw – Best Raw Meals for Large Pups

We Feed Raw's Chicken Patty Recipe
We Feed Raw's Chicken Patty Recipe contains ground meat and no carbs or sugar.

Key Features

We Feed Raw is about raw meals featuring human-grade meats from American suppliers. Ph.D. nutritionists design its meals and veterinarian nutritionists approve them. As a result, your dog receives food that boosts immunity, digestion, and other health facets. The company reports that pets eating its recipes have more energy and better weight control, among other benefits.

The service's meals consist of ingredients of animal origins, for the most part. These may blend various proteins, depending on the recipe. For instance, the Duck Patty Recipe has duck meat and turkey gizzards, tails, and liver. But the chicken recipe in the image above features only chicken meat and organs. Moreover, essential vitamins and minerals enrich each recipe.

Besides chicken and duck, We Feed Raw has 4 more raw recipes for pets. These are venison, turkey, beef, and lamb. The company doesn't prepare fresh or dry food. If your canine eats fresh meals, I think you should subscribe to The Farmer's Dog.

The company's meals contain human-grade, USDA-approved meats. They align with the standards set by the AAFCO. Moreover, food from this service is free of preservatives, fillers, and other ingredients no one would eat willingly. And the business sources only top-quality proteins from the USA and New Zealand. Check out the Ingredients section in our in-depth review to learn more. 

I wish to point out that each We Feed Raw meal boasts around 80% of meat. As stated by the company on its website, its meals also comprise 10% of organ meat and 10% of edible bone. So, if you have a feline friend besides a canine companion, feel free to offer them this service's meals.

Avoid heating these meals to keep their nutritional integrity intact. You can only sear We Feed Raw food slightly if your large dog prefers it. But, if they're particular about it, consider Ollie, which has highly nutritious fresh and gently baked recipes on offer.

Store the service's meals in the fridge or the freezer once you get them. Pop them up in the refrigerator if you intend to serve them to your fellow companion in the next 4 days. Otherwise, store them in the freezer to make them last up to 6 months. 

Complete a quick questionnaire to customize a meal plan for your 4-legged friend. Once you do, the company recommends dishes that fit your dog's dietary needs best. The survey covers details such as your dog's age, breed, weight, and any known allergies.

Consider buying the Big Box for your large furry pal. It packs 27 patties, with each tipping the scales at 16 oz. Inside, you'll find 9 beef, 9 lamb, and 9 turkey recipes. While a standard freezer can hold it, a larger one would be ideal.

The price of the company's dishes depends on various criteria. But it stars at $6.59/lb. We Feed Raw delivers meals anywhere in the continental US free of charge.

4. Nom Nom – Best Fresh Recipes for Large Dogs

Nom Nom's Pork Potluck
Nom Nom's Pork Potluck is 1 of 4 fresh dog food recipes featuring real foods.

Key Features

  • The company has 2 Board Certified Veterinary Nutritionists on board

  • Take an on-site pet food customization quiz

  • Go for a Sampler Pack if unsure whether meals will suit your dog

Nom Nom is known for its fresh dog food designed by vet nutritionists. What further sets this pet food delivery service apart is having Board Certified Veterinary Nutritionists on board. Nom Nom snatched 2 of the roughly 100 of these experts in the entire US. 

The company produces food that prevents chronic diseases via balanced nutrition. Every recipe meets the criteria established by the AAFCO Food Nutrient Profiles. Besides Board Certified Veterinary Nutritionists, the company secured support from several Ph.D. nutritionists.

Nom Nom has 4 high-quality fresh meals in its assortment. If your pup craves raw food, consider subscribing to We Feed Raw. Fresh recipes catering to large dogs of different ages and breeds are: 

  • Beef Mash, which contains eggs, potatoes, peas, and carrots

  • Chicken Cuisine, which contains spinach, squash, and sweet potatoes

  • Pork Potluck, which contains squash, green beans, kale, potatoes, and mushrooms

  • Turkey Fare, which contains eggs, carrots, brown rice, and spinach

Each meal features easily identifiable ingredients, ensuring the high nutritional value of its dishes. The team cooks these ingredients at low temperatures to preserve nutrients and eliminate harmful microbes. What's more, meals are free of fillers and undesirable additives. Check out our complete Nom Nom review to learn more.

You can see if the service's food sits well with your doggo before subscribing. To do that, order the Variety Pack which contains 200 g of each fresh recipe. 

Nom Nom lightly cooks its fresh meals before freezing them for delivery. As a result, you don't have to prepare them any further, just defrost and serve. You should find this kind of food gentle on your dog's stomach, making it easy to digest. Beyond aiding digestion, these dishes can also boost your furry friend's immunity and overall health.

This company offers 2 dog supplements. The Full Spectrum Probiotics for Dogs extras enhance immunity and digestion. The GI Targeted Probiotics for Dogs supplement promotes digestive equilibrium. Additionally, the service provides Full Spectrum Probiotics for Cats. Check out Ollie for various treats for your dog.

Nom Nom's fresh meals are safe for 7 days if stored in the fridge. Freezing makes them last for 6 months. 

Take a quick quiz to tailor meals for your dog. It'll ask you about your pup's breed, age, and desired weight, among other things. The questionnaire should take 2 or so minutes of your time.

The meal pricing depends on various aspects. The starting price for Nom Nom's dishes is $2.40. But note that you're likely to pay more for a large canine. This pet food subscription delivers across the mainland US free of charge. 

5. Spot & Tango – Best Gently Dried Fresh Food for Pooches

Spot & Tango's UnKibble recipes
Spot & Tango has 4 UnKibble recipes mixing and matching different proteins and other ingredients.

Key Features

  • You can buy up to 4 gently-dried meals

  • The service has 3 fresh recipes, too

  • Food comes to you frozen to preserve nutrients

Spot & Tango offers gently dried and fresh food for dogs. But its standout is the UnKibble meals, a kind of unique Fresh Dry™ dog food. These dishes don't contain extruded ingredients and they last longer than the company's fresh options. And according to the information on the website, UnKibble recipes are 40% cheaper than fresh meals. 

The company has 4 dry foods, and these are:

  • Turkey + Sweet Potato

  • Chicken + Brown Rice

  • Cod + Salmon

  • Beef + Barley

Besides these, UnKibble meals contain health-boosting ingredients. Depending on the mix, you might find carrots, kale, apples, or pumpkin in them. These extras add flavor and provide benefits like weight management and enhancing your pup's skin and coat.

If your dog prefers fresh meals, there are 3 alternatives for you to choose from:

  • Turkey + Red Quinoa

  • Lamb + Brown Rice

  • Beef + Millet

The Farmer's Dog would be a better choice if your pup yearns for fresh chicken and pork meals. Besides, this company provides more variety since it has 4 fresh recipes. 

Spot & Tango sources top-notch meats, fruits, and veggies from trusted farmers and other partners. Its meals feature USDA-certified muscle and organ meats. Generally, the breakdown is 50% meat, 30% nutrient-packed starch, and 20% fruits and vegetables. Every service's recipe is non-GMO, as stressed in our detailed review.

The company keeps its pet food free of artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. Instead, it includes mixed tocopherols in dried meals and a touch of apple cider vinegar in fresh recipes. What's more, each of its dishes caters to puppies and adults, matching the AAFCO standards.

Give the company's food a shot with a 2-week trial. This ensures your pup receives vital nutrients for the duration. Fresh meals come pre-portioned, and dry options include a scoop. If your dog doesn't take to the meals, you'll receive a full refund for the trial order.

Keep the UnKibble meals in a cool, dry place, and they'll last up to 12 months. Use them within 8 weeks once opened. Fresh food remains good for 4 days in the fridge. It can last up to 6 months in the freezer. Check out Nom Nom for fresh dishes that last longer.

Consider taking an in-depth Spot & Tango meal customization quiz. It looks into factors such as your dog's age, gender, body type, and activity level. Additionally, the quiz addresses more than 20 prevalent health issues.

The cost per meal depends on your dog's size, age, and other factors. But it should be higher than $7 per week, which is how much owners of small dogs can expect to pay. Spot & Tango ships canine food to pet parents in the contiguous US free of charge. 

6. The Honest Kitchen – Best Dehydrated Meals for Big Hounds

The Honest Kitchen's Whole Grain Veggie & Fruit Dehydrated Base Mix
The Honest Kitchen has meals with and without proteins, and Whole Grain Veggie & Fruit Dehydrated Base Mix is meat-free.

Key Features

  • The service has dehydrated meat-free and meat-inclusive recipes

  • The company also has wet and dry dog food on offer

  • You can buy food for dogs and cats on the website

The Honest Kitchen specializes in dehydrated meals for all breeds. The company had around 20 recipes when I conducted my research. Many of them have proteins included, while a few others are base mixes featuring fruits, vegetables, and seeds. Most dehydrated recipes have a 5-star rating from customers. 

The business cooks food at low temperatures to remove moisture, ensuring the nutrients and flavor stay intact. This method also extends dehydrated meals' shelf life since you can usually store them for up to 12 months. Once you add water and rehydrate them, you can keep them in the fridge for another 2 or 3 days. 

The Honest Kitchen's dehydrated meals strike a balance. They contain a range of proteins like poultry, duck, beef, and salmon. Alongside meats, they feature sweet potatoes, cranberries, pumpkin, and parsley, among other ingredients. Learn more about these recipes by reading our comprehensive review, including available packages of dehydrated meals.

This pet food subscription service also offers dry and wet food options, but this range is more limited compared to the dehydrated selection. While dry food primarily features poultry recipes, wet food offers a broader variety. For this reason, The Honest Kitchen made it to our list of the best wet dog food deliveries.

The Honest Kitchen sources high-quality, non-GMO ingredients for its pet foods. Its suppliers adhere to strict standards, and every ingredient must include a Statement of Country of Origin. According to the website, 80% of customers noticed better digestion in their pets, 77% observed a boost in energy, and 71% highlighted enhanced skin and coat health after introducing the company's meals.

Besides meals, the company has toppers, treats, supplements, and broths on offer. You'll find dozens of treats and toppers in the assortment. Toppers in particular can boost your pup’s health. Supplements & Broths are fewer, featuring ingredients such as beef and turkey bone and goat's milk. 

Complete an online quiz to personalize meals for your pup. You'll need to provide details like your dog's age, breed size, and activity level. Also, choose grain preferences and exclude any ingredients your pooch isn't fond of. If you feed your furball fresh food, consider opting for The Farmer's Dog, as its quiz dives deep into prevalent health concerns.

The cost per meal depends on your dog's size and the food type, among other factors. The starting price for some recipes is $5.99 for dry food. The company ships canine food throughout the mainland US, Hawaii, and Alaska. The service waives the shipping fee for pet parents in the contiguous US whose orders exceed $49; otherwise, the cost of delivery is $5.

7. Open Farm – Top Eco-Conscious Canine Food Delivery Service

Open Farm's Wild-Caught Salmon & Ancient Grains Dry Dog Food
Open Farm's Wild-Caught Salmon & Ancient Grains Dry Dog Food is rich in omega-3 fatty acids.

Key Features

  • The service has meals with ancient grains

  • Besides for dogs, the company has food for cats

  • Open Farm has dishes designed for puppies, adult, and senior dogs

Open Farm commits to reducing its environmental footprint in food production. Many of its products have low greenhouse gas emissions, clocking in at 1kg CO2e or less per pound. If you consider yourself an environmentally aware dog owner, check out meals featuring the Lower Carbon Options label. On top of that, Open Farm strives to lower its carbon emissions by 42% by 2030.

The service focuses on ethical ingredient sourcing besides sustainability. It partners with suppliers that allow animals to live freely, resulting in premium proteins. Additionally, these animals enjoy natural diets without any antibiotics or hormones. Given these practices, Open Farm stands out as one of the best healthy dog food delivery services available.

Open Farm has 5 types of dog food. These are Dry Food, Wet Food, RawMix, Gently Cooked, and Freeze Dried Food. If you click on the Shop Dog section in the header, you'll also come across the Ancient Grains and Grain-Free choices. 

Primary proteins are poultry, beef, and lamb among other meats, based on your selection. Meals may also contain oats, brown rice, sweet potatoes, and other ingredients. If you lean towards vegan options for your large furry pal, check out the plant-based Kind Earth range. Read our insightful review to learn more about available recipes.

Open Farm's food comprises only natural ingredients. The company avoids adding additives and synthetic stuff. So, you won't feed your companion preservatives, fillers, and other unwanted ingredients. As for preservation, meals contain only natural antioxidants.

You can buy various treats and supplements for your big pups from this service. Treats fall into Jerky Strips, Be Good Bites, and Dehydrated Treats categories. Supplements address several health issues, like skin, coat, hips, and joints, besides boasting immunity and digestion. 

Open Farm doesn't have a meal customization quiz, unlike many pet food delivery services on our list. So, you'll need to decide what's more crucial for you – a broad variety or tailored food. If personalization is your jam, We Feed Raw has one of the most detailed quizzes for our dear family members on a raw diet.

But you can contact customer support if unsure of what's right for your pet. I recommend getting in touch with an agent via live chat or phone. 

The company delivers pet food throughout the continental U.S. Any orders above $50 come with free shipping. Yet, if your order's under $50, you’ll pay a $9 shipping charge. Check The Honest Kitchen if you live in Alaska or Hawaii. 

The cost of Open Farm's meals varies depending on the type of food and its weight. Usually, dry and raw mixes are more budget-friendly than wet meals, while fresh foods are the most expensive. Prices kick off at $7/lb without auto-shipment.

8. JustFoodForDogs – Vet Prescribed Food for Pooches

JustFoodForDogs' DIY Nutrient Kit - Beef
JustFoodForDogs has various DIY homemade meals for pups with various proteins, including beef.

Key Features

  • You can schedule a session with a pet nutritionist

  • The service has do-it-yourself homemade meals

  • The company has an on-site feeding calculator

JustFoodForDogs offers meals backed by vet recommendations. So, consider this service if your large dog needs a diet addressing a particular health issue. Its fresh meals aim to help your 4-legged mate lead the healthiest life possible. For this reason, the company is rightfully among the best fresh dog food delivery services ranked by our experts. 

The business produces high-quality meals for doggos. From my research, I discovered that the quality of its meals is on par with dishes made for humans. The business invests heavily in research to ensure its recipes bolster a dog's immune system. On top of that, its meals are easy on the stomach and delicious.

If you're indecisive about choices, the Variety Packs let you try a mix of flavors. And you have a Large Breed Variety Pack there. It’s perfect for big canines weighing over 50 lbs. But note that it doesn't cater to puppies going to become large dogs. If you have 1, go for the Puppy Variety Pack that suits any breed. Take a look at our review to learn more about the company’s meals. 

Check out the Vet Prescribed Food options if you're after targeted health support for your pup. There, you'll find offerings such as Renal, Metabolic, Hepatic, and Critical Care. Beyond that, the company provides plant-based or protein-rich treats. Supplements cater to joint health, skin vitality, and digestive wellness, among other things.

I also found checking out the Bundles selection worthwhile. There, I stumbled upon various bundles combining meals, treats, and supplements. Some that caught my eye were the Pantry Fresh Chicken Bundle, the DIY Lamb + Omega Plus Bundle, and the Beef Treats Bundle.

You can also browse products by the life stage of your furry friend. You'll find meals, treats, and supplements for puppies, adult canines, and senior dogs. 

Book a chat with the service's nutritionist to tailor your pet's meals. After the talk, a group of vets will provide specialized recommendations. But note that you’ll have to pay a formulation charge if you decide to personalize your furry friend's mealtime this way. Or opt for Spot & Tango, which has a great meal personalization quiz and fresh and dry recipes in the assortment. 

JustFoodForDogs doesn't charge a delivery fee for frozen or non-frozen orders over $99. If the value of your order doesn't match this amount, you pay a flat-rate shipping fee of $19.99. 

The cost of your dog's meals hinges on various factors. It can depend on meal type, your pup's health, and goals, among other things. The starting price is $6.45. For a more tailored approach, give the on-site Feeding Calculator a peek.

9. PetPlate – Gently Cooked and Baked Dog Food

PetPlate's Lip Lickin' Lamb recipe
PetPlate's Lip Lickin' Lamb is a belly-friendly recipe featuring quinoa and broccoli.

Key Features

  • The service has a quick on-site meal and topper plan calculator

  • Vet nutritionists craft pup recipes

  • The company sells organic treats

PetPlate has fresh and baked pup meals. It has 6 FreshCooked Entrées and 2 FreshBaked Entrées. Fresh and baked lines have beef and chicken. You can tell the difference between those by their fun names. The fresh variants are Barkin' Beef and Chompin' Chicken. Their baked counterparts are Trail Blazin' Beef and Roost Rulin' Chicken. Other fresh dishes feature turkey, lamb, venison, and pork. 

PetPlate has veterinarians on board to craft its meals. Moreover, it sources human-grade ingredients and prepares recipes in USDA kitchens. Fresh entrées meet the standards set by the AAFCO and the WSAVA Global Nutrition Committee. Consult our comprehensive review to learn more about ingredients and nutrition. 

The company cooks and bakes ingredients in small batches at low temperatures to make its food tasty and free of any nasties. Essentially, your furry buddy gets to munch on food that's as high-quality as what you eat. For these reasons, the business ranks among the top human-grade dog food delivery services.

PetPlate offers organic dog treats called Chicken Apple Sausage Bites. Unlike its meals, the business wood-smokes them. If you're on the hunt for more treat variety, take a look at Open Farm. PetPlate has 4 supplements for your pup's wellness, including the catchy-named Soothe Operator and Chill Out Soft Chews. 

Store meals in your fridge or freezer until feeding time. Remember to thaw frozen items in the fridge, not on the countertop, before serving. The company's food is safe for up to a year when kept in the freezer. If your barking pal doesn't eat everything at once, no worries. Thawed food is safe for consumption for the next 5 days. Keep treats and supplements in a cool, dry place. 

You won't find a sampler or trial pack on PetPlate's website. Still, the business covers you with its money-back guarantee. So, if your pooch isn't thrilled with its meals, reach out to customer support after giving it a week's try to get a refund. 

Take a quick quiz to customize your dog's meals. Share details like their age, weight, and activity level. After finishing the quiz, you'll get meal suggestions suited for your doggo's needs. If your large dog deals with some health condition and eats fresh food, I recommend trying out The Farmer's Dog's quiz

Order PetPlate's food if you live in the mainland US. You can expect a speedy delivery, usually within 2 days.

How much you'll pay for food depends on several things. The pricing starts at $2.85/day. But as an owner of a large dog, you're likely to pay more. 

10. A Pup Above – Best Dry and Fresh Meals Combo

A Pup Above's Porky's Luau
Porky's Luau is 1 of A Pup Above's 4 fresh single protein recipes.

Key Features

  • The company has A Sensitive Stomach Bundle

  • You can buy grain-free and cereal-inclusive meals

  • The service's food is human-grade

A Pup Above has fresh and dry recipes. It has 4 of each kind featuring pork, turkey, chicken, or beef. Look at the names to distinguish between fresh and dry variants. Fresh options are Beef Stew, Porky's Luau, Turkey Pawella, and Chicka Chicka Bow Wow. The dry counterparts are Beef Pot Roast, Porky's Porchetta, Turkey Pilaf, and Chicka Papatouille.

Stick to fresh or dry A Pup Above recipes or mix things up. If indecisive, the company marks Chicka Chicka Bow Wow and Turkey Pilaf as the most sought-after meals. Just note that these particular dishes contain grains, such as barley, oats, and rice. If you're after grain-free food, go for beef and pork meals or consult our best grain-free dog food delivery services guide. 

The service's dishes align with the AAFCO standards. This guarantees a nutritious and balanced diet to your large pup. The business hires vets and food experts to craft and approve these meals, ensuring your big buddy gets essential nutrients. 

But here lies a catch because the company's meals suit adult doggies only. If you're on the hunt for food fit for puppies or all life stages, The Farmer's Dog may be what you're looking for.

A Pup Above applies a sous-vide cooking method. After that, it tests each batch to confirm it's pathogen-free. What’s more, the company’s meals brim with proteins. Take a look at our expert review if you wish to learn more about this. 

Buy a sampler pack of either fresh or dry food to test the waters before committing. Sampler packs contain all 4 recipes. If you prefer taking it step by step, select Single Flavor instead of Multipack option. 

A Pup Above also has 2 bundles for each type of food. Both fresh and dry recipes feature a Sensitive Stomach Bundle. But where dry meals add Grain Free Bundle, fresh food includes Poultry Free Bundle.

Once defrosted and opened, A Pup Above's food is safe for up to 7 days if refrigerated. Every bag contains 1-pound patties sealed individually. Unopened patties stay good for 14 days in the fridge.

The company proves efficient regarding delivery. It ships dog meals anywhere within the mainland US, and you can expect to get your order in 3 days tops. 

The cost per serving varies based on various factors. Whether you have a subscription, the chosen type of food (dry or fresh), and your dog's appetite are some. Prices kick off at $7.50/lb. Keep in mind that dry recipes usually come with a heftier price tag than the fresh ones.

Quick Comparison Table

Starting Price

Minimum Order

Meal Type


Active Deals

🥇The Farmer’s Dog


2-week starter box



Get 60% off on your first order! from The Farmers Dog


$4-$8 per day

1 week’s worth of food

Fresh, Baked, Mixed


Get 60% off your first box + a free bowl from Ollie

🥉We Feed Raw


30 lbs per order



Get 30% off your trial box + Free Shipping from We Feed Raw

Nom Nom


1 week’s worth of food



Get 40% off your first box from Nom Nom

Spot & Tango

$7 per week

1 week’s worth of food

Fresh, Dry


50% off your first box + free shipping from Spot & Tango

The Honest Kitchen

$5.99 for dry food

1 item for one-time purchase

Dry, Wet, Dehydrated

Free or $9

Get 30% off $30+ orders with code DELIVERYRANK30 from The Honest Kitchen

Open Farm

$7/lb without auto-shipment

1 week’s worth of food for subscriptions or 1 item for one-time purchase

Fresh, Dry, RawMix, Wet

Free or $5.99

Save 15% Off Your First Order With Code: HELLO15 from Open Farm



1 item for one-time purchase


$19.99 or free on dry or frozen orders over $99

Save 20% off your first order and 40% off your first autoship! from JustFoodForDogs



1 item for one-time purchase



Get 61% off your first box and a FREE bag of treats or supplements from PetPlate

A Pup Above


1 item for one-time purchase

Fresh, Dry

Free for 3+ bags

$50 Off your 1st Order with code TRYNOW from A Pup Above

Tips for Choosing the Best Large Dog Breed Food Delivery

Now you're close to singling out the best food subscription service for your pet. Think about the following to determine which 1 is the finest: 

  • Figure out what food your dog enjoys the most. Some pups lean towards fresh meals, while others go wild for raw or baked options. If you could use convenience, dehydrated meals could be what you're after. If it turns out that your furry friend is a fan of fresh cuisine, definitely consider The Farmer's Dog.

  • Determine the right diet. Come up with a meal plan based on your pet's needs. If your dog deals with health challenges, think about subscribing to a meal delivery service with an on-site customization quiz. Ollie has fresh and baked recipes and 3 meal plans that cater to different dietary requirements, which makes it one of my top choices. 

  • Check the ingredient sourcing. The best providers are transparent about their ingredients. They work with pet nutritionists and vets to develop and approve their recipes. Also, they don't add by-products like fillers, preservatives, and artificial flavors and colors. With these criteria in mind, you can't go wrong with We Feed Raw.

  • Come up with the budget. There's no denying that budget will play a significant part since your big buddy surely eats a lot. Thus, it would be wise to cross-examine at least a few competitors before committing. Thankfully, most services on my list don't charge for delivery. Besides the big 3 I mentioned in the previous points, I think that Nom Nom provides the best value for money


What is the most affordable dog food delivery service?

The Farmer's Dog is one of the most affordable dog food delivery services selling highly nutritious meals. Of course, there are many businesses whose foods are cheaper. But they may add dubious ingredients to their meals that provide little-to-no nutritional value, even some that may be downright harmful.

What is the best large dog breed food with grain?

Spot & Tango is among the top options if you're after cereal-inclusive pet food. It has several grain-friendly recipes among its fresh and dry meals. 3 of the dry and 1 of the fresh meals have added grains, such as barley and rice.

What is the best large dog breed food for sensitive stomach?

We Feed Raw ranks high among the top services for dogs with tummy issues. It has chicken and turkey meals that are among the most stomach-friendly proteins. The company stresses that its meals are great for digestion improvement.  

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