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Updated on Apr 15th, 2024
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10 Best Puppy Food for Large Breeds 2024: Top Picks

Puppy-specific food for large breeds offers high levels of protein and the right nutrients. But picking the best puppy food for large breeds can be tough with so many options. I’ve done the research to make it easier for you.

All my recommendations meet the high standards set by the AAFCO. Some brands even make the food in USDA-certified kitchens using human-grade ingredients. These brands use processes that keep the food’s integrity intact. Fortunately, all of my picks this year fit the bill.

Overall, The Farmer's Dog stands out for its top preparation standards. It makes food in a food-grade kitchen and offers nutritious fresh food for puppies. Further, it provides a detailed questionnaire that helps you get a personalized meal plan just for your specific pup.

Short on Time? Here Are the Best Puppy Food for Large Breeds

  1. The Farmer’s Dog – Best overall meals for puppies

  2. Ollie – Best fresh food for large-breed puppies

  3. We Feed Raw – Best raw puppy food

  4. Nom Nom – Best puppy food with superfood ingredients

  5. Spot & Tango – Best fresh food + kibble for pups

See 5 more of the best puppy food for large breeds

The Best Puppy Food for Large Breeds Reviewed

1. The Farmer’s Dog – Best Overall Meals for Puppies

The Farmer's Dog's turkey recipe

Key Features

  • The turkey recipe is perfect for large-breed puppies

  • Beef, chicken, and pork are the other 3 options

  • Grain-free food options also available

  • Current deal: Get 60% off your first box!

The Farmer’s Dog offers an impressive 9 to 11% minimum crude protein in its meals. This protein range is perfect for large-breed puppies that experience rapid growth. Protein is essential for these puppies, as it aids in muscle maintenance and growth. However, keep in mind that to place an order from The Farmer’s Dog, your puppy should be at least 8 weeks old.

What's on Offer?

There are 4 main meal options available: Turkey, Beef, Chicken, and Pork. Each of these recipes offers a balanced macronutrient profile, providing your large-breed puppy with the right nutrition for optimal growth.

Superfood ingredients are a hallmark of The Farmer’s Dog’s meals. You'll find wholesome items such as chickpeas, carrots, sweet potatoes, lentils, and green beans in them. These ingredients not only provide essential nutrients but also make the meals delicious for your pup.

Sourcing ingredients sustainably and ethically is a priority for The Farmer's Dog. By partnering with local farmers and suppliers, it demonstrates a commitment to environmental responsibility. This way, you can be confident that the food you're giving your puppy is both nutritionally sound and ethically sourced.

What Makes It Special?

Personalized meal plans are a specialty of The Farmer’s Dog. Recognizing that every dog is unique, it crafts meal plans to suit the specific needs of each dog. For instance, if you have a large German Shepherd puppy, it tailors the macronutrient balance just right for that breed's distinct dietary needs.

The sign-up process involves a comprehensive questionnaire. This questionnaire is designed to capture essential details like your dog's age, weight, activity level, and overall health. With this information, it creates a meal plan that's just right for your puppy.

Is It Good Value?

The service’s meals are GMO- and gluten-free, with human-grade quality. This speaks volumes about the quality of the ingredients it uses. For your peace of mind, this means you're giving your puppy a meal that meets high nutritional standards. Learn more about The Farmer’s Dog ingredient quality in my colleague’s tested review.

Every 3 weeks, you'll receive a fresh delivery of food. If you're trying out its meals for the first time, there's a 2-week trial. If you or your pup aren't pleased with the meals, you can get a full refund. Keep in mind that you’ll need to donate the remaining food to a local animal shelter to qualify for a refund.

Pricing for these premium meals starts at $2/day. Given the numerous benefits and top-notch quality of ingredients, many find it to be a valuable investment in their large-breed puppy's health and well-being.

2. Ollie – Best Fresh Food for Large-Breed Puppies

Ollie's fresh chicken recipe

Key Features

Ollie recipes are rich in superfoods. Ingredients such as sweet potatoes, carrots, rice, blueberries, kale, eggs, and various other vegetables are incorporated. These are not just tasty but are also laden with antioxidants and vital micronutrients beneficial for your growing puppy.

What's on Offer?

Ollie offers a range of fresh and kibble meal options for your puppy. If your pup is 3 months or older, you're in luck. It provides fresh meals in flavors like beef, chicken, turkey, lamb, and pork. These meals have a crude protein content ranging between 8 to 10%. For those preferring kibble, it offers options in beef and chicken with a protein content of about 22 to 23%.

Ollie uses the sous vide method of cooking. Because it preserves flavors, juices, and vital nutrients in the food, this technique is commonly associated with upscale dining establishments. Your puppy can savor delicious and nutritionally rich meals every time.

Several meal plan options cater to different needs and budgets. It provides choices like Full Fresh, Half Fresh, and Mixed Bowl. Whether you're looking for an all-fresh meal or a mix, there's a plan to match your preference and pocket.

What Makes It Special?

Personalized meal plans are Ollie's forte. It creates meals taking into account the needs and preferences of large breeds, acknowledging that they have specific dietary requirements. This attention to detail can be a game-changer for your large-breed puppy's overall health. Find out more about this personalized approach in my colleague’s Ollie review.

Starting with Ollie is straightforward. During sign-up, you'll be prompted to answer questions about your dog. This includes their breed, age, size, weight, activity level, and any food intolerances they might have. This information helps in tailoring the best meal for your large-breed puppy.

Veterinary nutrition experts oversee Ollie's meal plans. Your puppy's nutritional needs are paramount, and it recognizes that.

Is It Good Value?

Every meal and treat from Ollie is free from unwanted additives. It’s committed to quality, meaning no artificial preservatives, fillers, or by-products make their way into your dog's bowl. Your large-breed puppy gets only the best.

New customers can opt for a 2-week starter box, with pricing varying based on dog size. For instance, pricing starts at $4-$8 per day for small breeds, but it offers competitive prices for large breeds as well.

3. We Feed Raw – Best Raw Puppy Food

We Feed Raw's Lamb Patty Recipe

Key Features

  • We Feed Raw’s recipes contain around 12.2% to 13.9% min. crude protein

  • Several recipes perfect for large-breed puppies

  • Recipes are gluten-, carb-, and grain-free

  • Current deal: Get 40% off your first box + Free Shipping!

We Feed Raw specializes in raw food, which also works for large-breed puppies. For example, its turkey patty recipe is a standout. This recipe contains a minimum of 12.6% crude protein. In general, its food consistently ranges from 12.2% to 13.9% crude protein. Higher-protein diets are particularly beneficial for puppies that will grow into very large breeds.

What's on Offer?

We Feed Raw offers a variety of raw-based meals. These meals include chicken, beef, duck, turkey, venison, and lamb. Flaxseed and organ meats serve as nutritious additions to these protein sources. Such diversity helps cater to a puppy's growing needs.

However, since its offerings are strictly meat-only, you may be looking for something else. If you're looking for a vegetable-inclusive diet for your puppy, you'd have to consider other options. In that case, I’d recommend The Farmer’s Dog instead. Not every puppy parent wants to feed their dog raw food only.

We Feed Raw meals adhere to AAFCO guidelines. Meeting these standards means that its meals satisfy the nutritional requirements of your pet. It’s crucial for the overall health and growth of large-breed puppies.

What Makes It Special?

Meals can be customized for individual puppy needs. Based on a detailed questionnaire, it crafts meal plans tailored to your dog’s age, weight, activity level, and health concerns. So, even if your puppy is just a month old, there’s a meal for them. I always appreciate a personalization questionnaire. Find out more about it in our We Feed Raw review.

Nutritionists and veterinarians approve of its formulas. Even without vegetables, you can trust that its meals provide a balanced diet. They've been crafted with expertise and care. A 2-week trial is available for first-time orders.

Is It Good Value?

All ingredients are of human-grade quality. You won’t find any fillers, preservatives, or synthetic flavors in the provider’s meals. This commitment means you're feeding your puppy with the purest ingredients available.

After the trial, deliveries are scheduled every 3 weeks, and prices start at $6.59/lb for small breeds. The price depends on the size and activity level of your dog. For instance, meals for larger breeds like German Shepherds might cost more. 

4. Nom Nom – Best Puppy Food with Superfood Ingredients 

Nom Nom's Chicken Cuisine

Key Features

  • Tukey Fare, at 10% min. crude protein is good for puppies

  • 3 other recipes: beef, chicken, and pork

  • Gluten- and grain-free recipes also available

Nom Nom offers 4 unique fresh food recipes. Think of your growing large-breed pup, perhaps a German Shepherd, and how essential protein is for them. Learn more about these options in my colleague’s Nom Nom review.

What's on Offer?

Recipe options include Turkey Fare, Pork Potluck, Chicken Cuisine, and Beef Mash. These recipes feature at least 7% crude protein. The standout is the Turkey Fare, hitting a solid 10%. You can introduce your puppy to these meals as early as 1 month.

There's a 2-week trial to get you started. Dipping your toes before diving in is always wise. Nom Nom provides an initial 2-week food trial.

Gut health is a top priority for Nom Nom. You probably know that a healthy gut can make a world of difference for your dog's overall well-being. It provides 2 specific probiotic options for hounds: full-spectrum and GI-targeted. If you have a cat, you can buy Full Spectrum Probiotics for Cats, too.

What Makes It Special?

Meals here are expertly prepared. The team at Nom Nom isn't messing around. Every meal is curated by its in-house board-certified veterinary nutritionists. It's a title not many can claim, emphasizing its commitment to top-tier nutrition.

Pre-portioned meals make feeding a breeze. If you're new to this, you might worry about serving sizes. Nom Nom takes the guesswork out, offering both full meal plans and half portions. The latter is especially handy if you're looking to let your dog sample before going all in.

Personalized meal plans are the business’s specialty, and the process is straightforward. Upon signing up, you'll fill out a brief questionnaire about your dog – age, weight, activity level, etc. Using this data, Nom Nom crafts a meal plan that aligns seamlessly with your dog's nutritional needs.

Is It Good Value?

High-quality ingredients are a given. You don't want to compromise on the quality of ingredients, especially for your growing puppy. Rest assured, Nom Nom crafts its meals from fresh and wholesome ingredients, steering clear of any artificial additives or fillers.

Prices are competitive, starting at $2.40 for smaller breeds. Expect pricing for large-breed puppies to be slightly higher since they consume more calories.

5. Spot & Tango – Best Fresh Food + Kibble for Pups

Spot & Tango's fresh Lamb + Brown Rice dish

Key Features

  • The Turkey + Red Quinoa is high in protein, perfect for pups

  • The company has 3 fresh + 4 UnKibble recipes

  • Gluten-, grain-, and soy-free meals available

The brand provides diverse meal options. Each recipe combines quality proteins with fresh fruits and vegetables, ensuring a balanced diet for your pup. Learn more about these meals in my colleague’s Spot & Tango review.

What's on Offer?

Spot & Tango offers Fresh and UnKibble dog food. If you have a puppy that’ll grow into a large breed, both options are suitable. The fresh type comes pre-portioned, making it straightforward to serve. The UnKibble variety includes a personalized food scoop for accurate servings.

The fresh Turkey recipe contains a minimum of 10% crude protein. High protein is essential for growing pups, and these recipes meet that need. Additionally, there are fresh Lamb + Brown Rice and Beef + Millet recipes. The former offers 10% while the latter contains 11% crude protein content.

UnKibble is dried food without fillers or preservatives. The business takes fresh food and dries it, preserving the original nutrient density. This process retains the protein, fat, and carbohydrates essential for your puppy's growth. Besides dry Turkey + Sweet Potato, which has 25% crude protein or more, other variants are Chicken + Brown Rice, Beef + Barley, and Cod + Salmon, with a similar crude protein minimum. 

What Makes It Special?

Each dog gets a personalized meal plan from Spot & Tango. This plan is based on a detailed questionnaire. It factors in the dog's age, activity, and body structure to determine the best food quantity and variety.

Store dry dog food in a cool and dry environment for up to a year. After opening, serve it to your junior pooch within 2 months. They should consume fresh dog meals within 4 days when kept in the fridge. But if you freeze fresh dishes, they're safe for consumption for as long as 6 months.

Is It Good Value?

Spot & Tango’s food has no preservatives, additives, or fillers. Veterinarians design these meals, and they comply with AAFCO feeding guidelines. This means you’re giving your large-breed puppy the highest quality food possible.

Spot & Tango has a flexible ordering and refund policy. Options include a 2-week UnKibble trial, a full fresh plan, or a fresh topper plan. If your puppy doesn’t take to the food, the company offers a full refund for the trial order.

Prices start at $7 per week for small dogs. Although pricing might vary, this gives you a starting point as you explore the best options for your puppy.

6. Just Food For Dogs – Best DIY Puppy Meals

JustFoodForDogs' Fish & Sweet Potato meal

Key Features

  • Lots of options for any puppy, including large breeds

  • More than a dozen options for puppies, including treats, supplements, and meals

  • Grain- and gluten-free options are also available

Just Food For Dogs provides a wide variety of meals. Additionally, the company offers treats, supplements, and bundle packages to ensure your puppy has everything they need. It even has options if you prefer preparing your doggy’s food at home. 

What's on Offer?

The service has the Fresh Frozen and Pantry Fresh meal categories on offer. A favorite of mine is the Fish & Sweet Potato, which is specifically formulated for puppies or adults. It’s also gluten- and grain-free. 

I also like the DIY meals. If you're someone who takes pride in crafting meals for your pet, these kits are for you. These kits allow you to enhance the nutritional value of the meals you prepare at home with essential macronutrients. It's an excellent way for you to be directly involved in your puppy's nutrition.

I found the quality of the ingredients to be impeccable. The service uses only human-grade ingredients. No preservatives, fillers, or by-products find their way into these meals. 

What Makes It Special?

Tailored meal plans set the brand apart. JustFoodForDogs crafts meal plans based on your puppy’s specific needs. It considers age, activity level, and health status through a comprehensive questionnaire. It's a personalized approach to feeding, perfect for ensuring your large-breed puppy's nutritional requirements are met.

You also get expert guidance. Navigating the world of puppy nutrition can be daunting. Thankfully, the company has veterinarians and nutritionists on hand. They’ll help you craft the most fitting meal plans, which is especially beneficial if you're new to caring for larger breeds.

Is It Good Value?

Every meal features top-notch proteins, fresh vegetables, and wholesome brown rice. I recommend reading our JustFoodForDogs review for more information.

The company offers flexible shipping and a fair refund policy. You can set up auto shipments ranging from every 1 to 12 weeks. If in-person shopping is more your style, there's an in-store pickup option available. And if, for any reason, you're not pleased with your first order, a refund awaits, minus the shipping and delivery charges.

Pricing starts at $6.45 for smaller breed dogs. You have the choice to make a one-time purchase or go with the autoship program, which could offer savings. While considering your budget, it's good to know payment options are flexible.

7. Raised Right – Best High-Protein Fresh Puppy Food

Raised Right's Turkey Puppy Growth Recipe

Key Features

  • 3 options for puppies: beef, chicken, or turkey growth recipes

  • All recipes contain between 19 and 23% min. crude protein

  • Free from potato, rice, oats, yam, squash, pasta, parsnips, and barley

Raised Right delivers high-protein recipes for puppies with 100% human-grade ingredients. This ensures your puppy is eating the same quality food you would. It’s peace of mind for you and a healthy start for your puppy. I like this company quite a bit for various reasons – so I highly recommend checking out our Raised Right review for more info.

What's on Offer?

There are 3 high-protein options on the company’s menu for puppies: turkey, beef, and chicken. These choices provide an average of 19% to 23% minimum crude protein. This offers flexibility for your puppy's preferences while maintaining protein levels ideal for their growth.

For very large breeds – say, for example, the German Shepherd – this food is perfect. These dogs require a diet high in protein and low in carbs. Raised Right's recipes address these nutritional needs effectively.

I also appreciate that treats are included. Raised Right offers flavors like Meat Bites and Shake A Flakes, all made from nutritious beef and a few other animals’ livers. These treats are great for training or simply rewarding your large-breed puppy.

What Makes It Special?

Single animal protein sources are another of the business’s hallmarks. The use of whole foods and the avoidance of mixed protein sources make the food ideal for puppies with food allergies or sensitive stomachs.

Raised Right also takes transparency seriously. Ingredients are sourced from US farms, and the food is produced in a human-grade facility. Each batch undergoes pathogen testing. This gives you confidence in the safety and quality of what your puppy consumes.

Is It Good Value?

Nutritional balance is a top priority. The company collaborates with veterinarians and nutrition experts. Their combined knowledge results in recipes and treats that are low in carbohydrates and lack any fillers.

However, I found there to be a limitation. While Raised Right focuses on whole foods and shuns synthetic additives, its recipes might not suit dogs with specific health conditions like liver disease or pancreatitis.

Pricing starts at $9.99/bag for small dogs. Dogs of larger breeds could see slightly higher prices. However, the autoship program is an option that could offer potential savings.

8. Open Farm – Best Traceable Ingredients

Open Farm's meal for canines

Key Features

  • High-protein options for large puppy breeds

  • Freeze-dried raw, wet food, and more available

  • Grain-, soy-, wheat-, corn-, and potato-free options available

Open Farm offers versatile dog food options suitable for large-breed puppies. It provides a range of human-grade selections, including dry and wet food, freeze-dried raw, and RawMix. The dry food typically contains between 25 and 30% minimum crude protein, while the wet variant has around 7 to 9%.

What's on Offer?

Nutrient-packed meals are Open Farm's hallmark. Its offerings are rich in essential nutrients and provide ample protein. For instance, the Gently-Cooked Recipe for Puppies stands out as a protein-dense choice teeming with vitamins and minerals.

Beyond main meals, Open Farm has an impressive product lineup. You can find an array of snacks, supplements, and bone broths. Its range includes dehydrated treats, probiotics, and several bone broth varieties that could supplement your puppy's meals.

Ethical sourcing is at the heart of Open Farm's philosophy. It uses ethically raised meats, wild-caught fish, and organic fruits and vegetables in its formulations. If your puppy has particular dietary needs, you'll appreciate the brand's specialized diets, including limited-ingredient and grain-free options.

What Makes It Special?

Every ingredient in Open Farm's food is fully traceable. This transparency allows you to verify the source of each component by checking the lot code on the packaging. It's a reassurance you won't find with many other brands. Learn more about ingredient traceability in my colleague’s Open Farm review.

Open Farm is committed to environmental responsibility. It procures grass-fed beef from family-run farms in North America and sustainably caught salmon from the Pacific Northwest, minimizing the environmental footprint.

Is It Good Value?

Open Farm offers a wide range of products that cater to various tastes and budgets. What’s more, the company is extremely environmentally conscious. The only downside, in my opinion, is the lack of a quiz for meal personalization. If you're looking for a company providing fresh, high-quality meals for your puppy and a meal personalization quiz, I recommend The Farmer's Dog.

Open Farm offers flexible purchasing options without minimum order constraints. Whether you're interested in one-time purchases or autoship options that range from 1 to 16 weeks, you’re covered. Pricing will depend on the size of your dog.

Pricing begins at $7/lb without auto-shipment for small pups. Though this is the starting price for smaller dogs – so keep in mind that pricing for larger breeds may be slightly higher.

9. The Honest Kitchen – Best Variety of Puppy Food

The Honest Kitchen's Grain-Free Chicken Clusters for Puppies

Key Features

  • Grain-Free Chicken Clusters contain 27% min. crude protein

  • Dozens of options for puppies including dry, dehydrated, and wet food

  • Gluten-free options available

Whole-food, human-grade ingredients are at the heart of The Honest Kitchen products. This commitment means you're getting food free of unnecessary additives and preservatives. When feeding your growing large-breed puppy, quality ingredients matter. It ensures they receive the nutrients essential for healthy development.

What's on Offer?

The provider offers grain-free chicken clusters specifically for puppies. For those puppies that may be sensitive to grains or simply prefer grain-free options, this is an excellent choice. Find out more about options for puppies in my colleague’s The Honest Kitchen review.

If you'd rather have grains in the mix, it also provides a grain-inclusive variant. Turkey-based recipes stand out as they have high amounts of crude protein. This is especially beneficial for puppies destined to be large breeds, as they experience rapid growth phases.

Overall, the company offers over 20 varieties of food suitable for puppies. This goes beyond just kibble or dry food. The range includes dehydrated food, wet food, treats, toppers, supplements, and broths. Such diversity means you can find something that suits your puppy's taste and nutritional needs.

What Makes It Special?

The company has mastered the art of dehydrated food. This unique approach combines the best of fresh food with the advantages of cost-effectiveness and storage convenience. Most importantly, this process ensures that the food retains a majority of its nutrients.

Menu diversity is a standout feature. Choices include Parmesan Pecks: Beef & Blueberry (treats), Blueberry & Vanilla Goat’s Milk n’ Cookies (treats), and even Instant Beef Broth with Turmeric. These options make mealtime exciting for your puppy.

Customization options are available on the menu. If you're looking to filter based on specific ingredients, it has you covered. Filters are available for protein types such as Fish, Chicken, Beef, Turkey, and Duck. Dietary options like Low Carb and Low Sodium are also available.

Is It Good Value?

High-quality sourcing is a priority for The Honest Kitchen. Premium ingredients, like free-range chicken, wild-caught fish, and organic fruits and vegetables, are used. Its food is also free from GMOs, corn, wheat, and soy. This commitment to quality is especially crucial for large-breed puppies.

Flexibility is key when it comes to purchasing. There's no need to commit to a large order straight away. Additionally, subscription options are present for those interested in recurring shipments. These can range from every 2 to 12 weeks, catering to various needs.

Pricing starts at $5.99 for dry food for small dogs. Larger breed puppies tend to eat more, so keep in mind that you’ll likely have to spend more on puppies of very large breeds.

10. Jinx – Best Dry Puppy Recipe

Jinx's Organic Chicken & Sweet Potato Kibble

Key Features

  • The Puppy Organic Chicken & Sweet Potato Kibble is high in protein

  • Dozens of additional items like chews, treats, and toppers

  • Grain- and gluten-free options also available

Jinx is a pet food delivery service specializing in dog food. Besides products for adult dogs, it also offers products for puppies. In addition to animal meat, Jinx's products also contain probiotics, fruits, and vegetables.

What's on Offer?

The Jinx menu is diverse, offering various products for puppies. The range includes dry food, wet food, meal enhancers, dental chews, and snacks. As you navigate through the available choices, it’s essential to find options that cater to the unique nutritional needs of large-breed puppies.

High protein and nutritional content set Jinx apart. While its menu for puppies might not be the most expansive, its quality is undeniable. Consider the Puppy Organic Chicken & Sweet Potato Kibble: it packs a punch with 30% minimum crude protein.

The kibble also brings superfood ingredients to the table, such as peas, flaxseed, and brown rice. Remember, some of its non-puppy-specific recipes can also be a fit for your growing pup. Learn more about its menu variety in my colleague’s Jinx review.

What Makes It Special?

Artificial additives don't find their way into Jinx products. It takes pride in maintaining the purity of its meals and treats. For instance, the treats are crafted with top-tier ingredients like chicken and beef, steering clear of preservatives, fillers, and by-products. If you prioritize natural ingredients for your large-breed puppies, this is a win.

Unsatisfied customers have recourse with Jinx’s return policy. If a product doesn't sit well with your pup, or you find any issues, its customer support team is ready to assist. The company stands behind its promise of quality, allowing for refunds on any order.

Is It Good Value?

Jinx's products are of high quality, and I find the provider's selection to be quite good. But, it may not be unsuitable for you if you want to personalize meals based on your puppy's profile. In that case, I recommend considering Ollie, which offers both fresh and dry products.

Jinx offers great flexibility in terms of ordering. You’re not cornered into purchasing a large quantity if you don’t want to. Plus, there are subscription options available, with delivery frequencies ranging from 3 to 8 weeks. Adopting a subscription can also translate to some nifty savings for you.

Pricing starts at $30/bag for small dogs. For larger breed puppies, this number could increase slightly.

Quick Comparison Table

Starting Price

Minimum Order

Best For

Meal Type


Active Deals

🥇 The Farmer’s Dog


2 weeks worth of meals

Puppies at least 8 weeks old



Get 60% off your first box! from The Farmer’s Dog


$4-$8 per day

2 weeks worth of meals

Puppies at least 3 months old



Get 60% off your first box + a FREE bowl! from Ollie

🥉We Feed Raw


3 weeks worth of meals

Puppies 4 to 6+ weeks old

Raw (frozen)


Get 40% off your first box + Free Shipping! from We Feed Raw

Nom Nom


2 weeks worth of meals

Puppies 4 to 6+ weeks old



Get 50% off your first box from Nom Nom

Spot & Tango

$7 per week 

2 weeks worth of meals

Puppies 4 to 6+ weeks old

Fresh, UnKibble 


Get 50% off your first box + free shipping from Spot & Tango

7.8 lb bag
Puppies 4 to 6+ weeks old
Fresh Frozen, Pantry Fresh (shelf-stable), DIY Nutrient Blend
$19.99 or free on dry or frozen orders over $99
Get 50% off 1st autoship & 5% off recurring orders from JustFoodForDogs
Raised Right
No minimum
Puppies 4 to 6+ weeks old
Fresh, treats
$9.99 for a 4-bag sample box, free for 16-bag boxes
20% Off Your First Box (16 Bags) from Raised Right
Open Farm
$7/lb without auto-shipment
1 item
Puppies 4 to 6+ weeks old
Fresh, dry, freeze-dried raw, raw mix, gently cooked
$5.99 or free for orders over $50
Save 15% Off Your First Order With Code: HELLO15 from Open Farm

The Honest Kitchen

$5.99 for dry food 

No minimum

Puppies 4 to 6+ weeks old

Dehydrated, wet, treats, toppers

$9.00, free on orders over $49.00

Get 15% off your first purchase. Code 15DELIVERYRANK from The Honest Kitchen



No minimum

Puppies 4 to 6+ weeks old

Dry, wet, toppers, treats, dental chews

$5 for orders less than $35; free shipping over $35

Subscribe and save 15% from Jinx

Tips for Choosing the Best Puppy Food for Large Breeds

Now you know what the best pet food delivery services for your large-breed puppy are. But there are still a few things to consider when deciding which 1 is the best. My line of thoughts when I completed the 10 Best Puppy Food for Large Breeds was the following: 

    • Life stage appropriateness: Always choose a food specifically designed for large-breed puppies. Their nutritional needs differ from those of adult dogs and smaller breeds, so it's crucial to provide them with a formula that caters to their unique growth patterns. I think that The Farmer’s Dog is a great choice. It produces some of my favorite puppy food and has a comprehensive meal personalization quiz.
    • Avoid fillers and artificial additives: Large-breed puppies benefit from nutrient-dense foods. Look for options without unnecessary fillers like corn or soy, and avoid products with artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. All of my recommendations on this list fit the bill.
    • High-quality protein source: Puppies, especially those of large breeds, need protein for proper muscle and tissue growth. Look for foods that list real meat, such as chicken, beef, or lamb, as the primary ingredient. This ensures that the protein source is digestible and nutritious. For high-protein puppy meals, I recommend Ollie.
    • Calcium-to-phosphorus ratio: For large breeds, it's critical to support healthy bone development. Find foods with a balanced ratio of calcium to phosphorus. An imbalance can lead to skeletal issues in rapidly growing large-breed puppies.


    What is best to feed large-breed puppies?

    Large-breed puppies require special nutrition due to their rapid growth and distinct bone structure. The Farmer's Dog provides nutritionally balanced, high-protein meals tailored to these needs. Its fresh, whole-food recipes ensure that these puppies receive the optimal blend of essential nutrients, promoting skeletal health and sustained energy.

    What puppy food do vets recommend?

    Ollie is a top choice among veterinarians for puppy food. It offers high-quality, balanced nutrition using real, whole ingredients. This ensures puppies receive a diet that supports growth, immune function, and gut health, laying a foundation for lifelong well-being.

    Does a large-breed puppy need large-breed puppy food?

    Large-breed puppies do benefit from specific nutrition. We Feed Raw advocates for raw food diets as an effective method for transitioning puppies from their mother's milk. Raw diets mimic natural feeding patterns, providing bioavailable nutrients, essential for growth and development.

    When should I switch my puppy to large-breed food?

    Switch your puppy to large-breed food once he or she reaches around 6 to 8 weeks. For example, Nom Nom provides recipes high in protein, which is particularly beneficial for large-breed puppies. A protein-rich diet supports muscle growth and bone density, ensuring a solid foundation for their adult size.

    Best Puppy Food for Large Breeds 2024 — Final Score

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    We rank vendors based on rigorous testing and research, but also take into account your feedback and our commercial agreements with providers. This page contains affiliate links.Advertising DisclosureThis is a user-oriented comparison website, and we need to cover hosting and content costs, as well as make a profit. The costs are covered from referral fees from the vendors we feature. Affiliate link compensation does not affect reviews but might affect listicle pages. On these pages, vendors are ranked based on the reviewer’s examination of the service but also taking into account feedback from users and our commercial agreements with service providers. This website tries to cover important meal, coffee and pet food delivery services but we can’t cover all of the solutions that are out there. Information is believed to be accurate as of the date of each article.
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