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Author Jessica White
Jessica White
Updated on Apr 17th, 2024
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7 Best Raw Cat Food Delivery 2024: Plus Coupons!

If you're looking to provide a raw food diet for your feline friend, you're in the right place. Raw cat food has gained popularity due to its potential benefits in supporting a cat's natural dietary needs and overall well-being. I understand the importance of finding the best raw cat food delivery services that offer convenience, quality, and variety. 

My colleagues and I have conducted extensive research on dozens of services. I have delved into the realm of raw cat food delivery to provide you with the most comprehensive insights. This will help you make an informed decision for your beloved feline companion based on you and your cat’s needs.

Smalls stands out as my recommended choice for raw cat food. It offers a convenient and personalized approach to raw food, tailored to your cat's specific needs. This makes it easier than ever to provide your cat with a raw food diet. Don’t forget to explore the other options on my list as well, as each service has unique features and offerings.

Short on Time? Here Are the Best Raw Cat Food Delivery Services

  1. Smalls – Best overall raw cat food delivery service

  2. Open Farm – Best sustainable raw cat food delivery

  3. Chewy – Best range of raw cat food options

  4. PetFlow – Best for raw cat food toppers and mixers

  5. Darwin’s – Best personalized raw cat food delivery

See 2 more Raw Cat Food Delivery Services

The Best Raw Cat Food Delivery Reviewed

1. Smalls – Best Overall Raw Cat Food Delivery Service

Freeze-Dried Raw: Water Bird recipe from Smalls
The Freeze-Dried Raw Water Bird recipe is so convenient to feed your cat

Key Features

Smalls is my top choice for getting all the benefits of a raw food diet without the hassle of preparation and storage. Smalls cat food delivery service and its raw food options stand out as an exceptional choice. 

It is focused on providing high-quality, freshly prepared meals. Smalls has gained a reputation as a convenient and reliable service for feline nutrition. There are 5 fresh recipes: Bird (chicken), Other Bird (turkey), Pig (pork), Bird & Fish (chicken and salmon), and Fish (white fish). Each recipe is available in smooth texture, while Bird and Other Bird recipes add ground texture.

No longer do you have to spend time sourcing and preparing raw ingredients. Smalls takes care of everything, delivering freshly made, human-grade raw cat food directly to your door. This eliminates the time-consuming and often messy aspects of raw food preparation.

The freeze-drying preservation method retains the nutritional value of the ingredients. Plus, it also extends the shelf life of the food. This means you can stock up on Smalls' freeze-dried meals without worrying about spoilage. 

The ability to store the food easily and conveniently makes it simple to use, as you no longer have to worry about thawing or refrigeration. It's ready to serve, ensuring your cat receives the benefits of a raw diet with minimal effort on your part.

Smalls understands that every cat is unique, with specific dietary needs and preferences. By taking into account factors like age, activity level, and any dietary restrictions, Smalls creates personalized meal plans that cater to your cat's individual requirements. 

The signing up process is straightforward, and you can choose to repeat your deliveries to suit your schedule. Your first delivery is a sample pack, so you can check your cat is happy with their new diet. Then your following orders can be delivered every 2 to 8 weeks.

As our expert reviewer discovered, the customer support team is friendly and readily available to address any concerns or queries (or meows) you might have. In fact, they are referred to as the Cat Concierge team, and they’ll respond within 1 business day.

Smalls is a practical and convenient solution for cat parents looking for a raw food diet. Prices start at $5 per meal but vary depending on whether you choose a mix or raw and fresh food or just stick with raw.

2. Open Farm – Best Sustainable Raw Cat Food Delivery

Bowl of freeze-dried raw cat food from Open Farm
You can choose from 4 different proteins with the freeze-dried raw recipes

Key Features

Open Farm is great for cat owners who want sustainable and high-quality raw cat food. With its commitment to transparency, responsibly sourced ingredients, and innovative recipes, Open Farm offers a range of products that prioritize both feline health and environmental well-being.

One of the standout features of Open Farm is its dedication to sustainability. It goes to great lengths to ensure that the ingredients used in its foods are ethically sourced and environmentally friendly. Read our full review for more details on this. 

Open Farm provides detailed information about its ingredient origins, including the farming and fishing practices employed. This transparency allows you to make informed choices and know that you are supporting sustainable and ethical food production. 

It currently offers 2 types of raw cat food options: RawMix and Freeze Dried Raw. The RawMix line combines the convenience of kibble with the benefits of raw food. It features kibble coated in a freeze-dried raw and bone broth blend, complemented by chunks of freeze-dried raw meat. This combination creates a palatable and nutritious meal for your furry friend. 

The RawMix is available in 2 grain-free options: Open Prairie and Wild Ocean, which offer different protein sources to cater to individual cat preferences or dietary needs. It’s great that even the pickiest of cats will have plenty of options.

Open Farm's Freeze Dried Raw line is a minimally processed and nutrient-rich option. This freeze-dried format preserves the nutritional integrity of the ingredients while ensuring a longer shelf life. The Freeze Dried Raw line includes 4 flavor options, providing variety and catering to different protein preferences or dietary requirements.

The company focuses on using humanely raised and ethically sourced animal proteins, ensuring that cats receive optimal nutrition. Its recipes may also incorporate organic fruits, vegetables, and superfoods to enhance the nutritional profile and support feline health. For example, the Surf & Turf recipe includes dandelion greens and organic cranberries.

It provides convenience without compromising on environmental consciousness. Open Farm's commitment to sustainable packaging further enhances its eco-friendly approach. You can recycle your used bags through the Terracycle program.

Its recipes are formulated to meet the nutritional requirements set by the AAFCO. All contain the recommended amount of taurine, which is essential for the health of cats, so they receive a complete and balanced diet.

You can either place a 1-time order or opt for auto-delivery. Prices for Open Farm’s pet food start at $7/lb without auto-shipment, and the minimum order is 1 bag of cat food.

3. Chewy – Best Range of Raw Cat Food Options

Stella & Chewy's Chick Chick Chicken Dinner Morsels Freeze-Dried Raw Cat Food from Chewy
Your cat will love the Stella & Chewy's Chick Chick Chicken Dinner Morsels

Key Features

  • Filtering system to easily find products 

  • Range of various raw food brands 

  • Pharmacy has NABP accreditation

  • Current deal: Save 35% On Your First Order

Chewy has established itself as a trusted and comprehensive online retailer, offering a wide range of pet products, including an extensive selection of raw cat food options. With its diverse array of brands and convenient shopping experience, Chewy is a go-to destination if you want a variety of high-quality raw food for your feline companion.

Chewy has a vast assortment of raw cat food options. It offers a variety of formats to cater to different preferences and dietary needs. You can find dry food, freeze-dried food, mixers and toppers, or even treats made with raw ingredients. Brands on Chewy include Orijen, Stella & Chewy’s, and Instinct. 

Having a range of brands and protein choices allows you to explore different recipes and find those that best suit your cat's taste and nutritional requirements. Whether your feline friend prefers poultry, fish, or other protein sources, its wide selection helps you find a product that satisfies their taste preferences.

Chewy understands that each cat is unique and that their dietary needs may vary. There are grain-free options for cats with specific dietary sensitivities. It also provides recipes for indoor cats that are tailored to their needs, ensuring they receive the appropriate balance of nutrients while supporting their overall health.

Chewy acts as a 1-stop shop for all your cat supply needs. From litter boxes to toys, grooming tools to health supplements, Chewy offers a comprehensive range of cat supplies, making it convenient to fulfill all your pet's requirements in a single place.

The ordering process on Chewy is straightforward and flexible. Our review notes that you have the option to place a 1-time order or take advantage of its autoship program. Autoship allows you to schedule regular deliveries of your preferred raw cat food and supplies, making sure you never run out. 

Its website is user-friendly, making it easy to browse and find the products you need. If you have any questions or concerns, Chewy's knowledgeable customer support team is readily available to assist you, providing guidance and resolving any issues you need help with.

Chewy works in a similar way to other online retailers like Amazon. There’s no minimum order, and shipping is either $4.95 or free on orders over $49. 

4. Petflow – Best for Raw Cat Food Toppers and Mixers

Purebites Ocean Medley Freeze Dried Cat Treats from PetFlow
The Purebites Ocean Medley Freeze Dried Cat Treats are great for cats with allergies

Key Features

  • Food, supplements, treats, and more 

  • Variety of brands available 

  • Grain-free options and allergy-friendly

PetFlow is best for cat owners looking for raw cat food toppers and mixers. There are a range of brands available that can add some raw nutrition to your cat’s regular brand of cat food. This is useful if you are on a budget but still want your cat to benefit from the raw diet. 

PetFlow is an online retailer specializing in pet food and supplies, offering a convenient shopping experience for pet owners. While its raw cat food options for full meals may have fewer choices compared to Chewy, PetFlow still provides a range of options from various brands. 

At the time of writing, I found over 20 items available from 6 different brands, offering some diversity for cats with specific dietary needs or preferences. Plus, you can expect to find additional treats from brands such as Orijen, Purebites, and McLovin’s. 

Since PetFlow sells different brands than its own, the packaging materials can vary. Depending on the brand you choose, you may find different packaging materials being used. If you have specific preferences or concerns regarding packaging materials, it's recommended to check the individual brand's information.

Ingredient sourcing standards can vary between brands available on PetFlow. While some brands may prioritize transparency and provide detailed information about the sourcing of its ingredients, others may have varying levels of transparency. If knowledge about ingredient sourcing is a priority for you, it’s worth exploring Open Farm.

As noted in our PetFlow review, you also have the ability to sort products by allergy. This makes it really easy to see which products are suitable for your cat. When I searched this way, I found a few freeze-dried raw brands that are grain-free. 

With every purchase, PetFlow donates a bowl of dog food to an animal in a shelter. This initiative reflects its dedication to supporting animal welfare and ensuring that shelter animals receive the nourishment they require. I really like that pet owners can provide for their own furry companions but also contribute to a meaningful cause.

PetFlow is a convenient platform for pet owners to find and purchase raw cat food. The auto-delivery service provided by PetFlow means you can set up recurring orders for your pet's food and supplies, saving you the hassle of manual reordering and ensuring that you never run out of essential items.

Prices start at $2.49/pack, but there’s no minimum order. Shipping costs $5.95 per order, but is free on orders over $49. 

5. Darwin's – Best Personalized Raw Cat Food Delivery

Bowl of the pure meat used in Darwin’s recipes
Simply serve the raw meat as it is or mix with your regular cat kibble

Key Features

  • Formulated by vets

  • Recipes suitable for all life stages

  • Choose from chicken, turkey, or beef

Darwin's is a raw cat food delivery service that is committed to personalized nutrition. By answering a series of questions, you can ensure that your cat receives the right portion sizes and meal frequencies for their specific needs, promoting optimal health and well-being.

It offers 2 types of raw cat food: Natural Selections and Intelligent Design. Natural Selections includes 3 different recipes formulated to support optimal feline health, while Intelligent Design recipes are available by prescription for cats with kidney issues, ensuring specialized care for specific health conditions.

Darwin's raw cat food is crafted with a minimal processing approach, preserving the essential nutrients found in its human-grade ingredients. These ingredients are sourced from cage-free, free-range, or pasture-raised sources, prioritizing the quality and origin of the food. 

I like that you can choose from 3 different proteins to suit your cat’s tastes. Plus, the health benefits of each recipe differ. Chicken is best for a high-protein diet, turkey can help support cats that are healing or have weak immune systems, and beef contains all the essential amino acids. Every recipe has fish oil for those beneficial omegas too.

Food is served raw, unless you have kittens or cats with compromised immune systems. In this case, Darwin's recommends lightly sautéing the food before serving to minimize any potential risks associated with raw meat. This extra step helps provide an additional layer of safety without compromising the nutritional integrity of the food.

Meals should be stored in the freezer and thawed overnight in the refrigerator before serving, ensuring a fresh and safe mealtime experience for your feline companion. Our reviewer liked the tub included in their first delivery, which is used to store the meals in the fridge. 

I understand that not everyone feels confident about handling raw meat. If you prefer a more convenient alternative, I recommend a diet offered by Smalls, which provides the benefits of raw nutrition in an easy-to-serve format.

The chicken recipe is the most affordable option for feeding your cat. Prices start from $10.84 per pack, and shipping is free on all orders.

6. We Feed Raw – Best Bulk Buy Raw Cat Food Delivery

We Feed Raw's Chicken Patty recipe
The Chicken Patty recipe is a popular choice for cats

Key Features

  • Exceeds AAFCO requirements 

  • 6 recipes available 

  • Proteins include chicken, duck, and beef

We Feed Raw offers frozen raw food that is suitable for cats and dogs. Although it is marketed primarily towards dogs, as cats are obligate carnivores, it is a recommended diet for your cat, too. 

We Feed Raw does not currently offer a specific meal plan for cats. However, it recommends purchasing the 5 lb bulk patties, which allows cat owners to portion the food according to their cat's unique requirements. 

We Feed Raw offers a diverse selection of 6 recipes, including venison, duck, and beef, providing cats with a variety of protein options to suit their taste preferences and dietary needs. Each recipe is carefully formulated with an added vitamin and mineral mix, fish oil, and naturally occurring taurine to support overall feline health and well-being.

The recipes are created with high-quality human-grade protein. There are no added fillers or preservatives, making them as close to a natural diet as possible. This means it isn’t necessary to add anything to your cat’s meals. Our reviewer was impressed that meals were created by a Ph.D. animal nutritionist.

We Feed Raw offers helpful strategies for introducing raw food to cats. It understands that cats can be more selective eaters than dogs. For cats who are new to raw feeding, adding toppers such as fish or cheese can help entice them to try the new food. You can also try serving the food at room temperature for cats who prefer it warmer rather than chilled.

We Feed Raw recommends defrosting the food for 12 hours in the refrigerator before serving. Once thawed, the food stays fresh for up to 4 days, allowing for convenient meal planning and storage. 

To order We Feed Raw for cats, a minimum order is a total of 30 lb. This means you will need to purchase 6 patties in a single order. This can be a 1-time purchase, or you can choose auto-shipment from every 2 weeks up to every 6 weeks. Prices start at $6.59/lb, and shipping is free.

7. PetCareRx – Best Raw Cat Food for Specialized Diets

Water being poured onto the Primal Freeze Dried Turkey Cat Food from PetCareRx
You can mix the Primal Freeze Dried Turkey Cat Food with water or broth to help keep your cat hydrated

Key Features

  • Pharmacy items available 

  • Selected raw food brands

  • Organic options

With a focus on high-quality, tailored nutrition, PetCareRx offers raw cat food products that cater to cats with specific dietary requirements. The available brands are Dr Marty, Instinct, and Stella & Chewy. 

PetCareRx emphasizes the use of high-quality ingredients in its raw cat food offerings. The raw cat food products it offers are made with premium ingredients, ensuring that cats receive a nutritious and wholesome diet. 

The benefit of freeze-dried raw food options is that they are shelf-stable, which makes storage much more convenient than frozen raw food. However, they are slightly more processed than frozen raw food, like the recipes created by Darwin’s or We Feed Raw.

PetCareRx provides comprehensive product descriptions and detailed information about each raw cat food option, including ingredient lists and nutritional profiles. This transparency allows cat owners to make informed decisions about the best raw cat food for their furry friends, ensuring that their dietary needs are met.

It's important to note that it also offers a range of other pet care supplies, including medications, supplements, and grooming products. This comprehensive approach makes PetCareRx a convenient one-stop shop for all your pet's needs, particularly if they require medications for any additional health needs.

You can find a range of vitamins and supplements, flea and tick products, and more. This makes PetCareRx a good choice for cat owners who need additional items including toys, grooming equipment and there’s even a special Kitten Shop with all the things you’ll need to support your little bundle of fluff.

Our reviewer liked the option of becoming a PetPlus member. This means you can make savings on regular orders of medication, food, and toys. Plus, you will find out about all the special discounts.

There’s no minimum order for PetCareRx, you can order as much or little as you require. Shipping costs $5.99 but is free for PetPlus members or on orders over $48. 

Quick Comparison Table

Starting Price

Minimum Order

Meal Type


Active Deals

🥇 Smalls

$5 per meal  

6 packets

Fresh raw

Free for sample pack, $10 for larger orders

32% off your first order + free treats for life. Code: DELIVERY5 from Smalls

🥈 Open Farm

$7/lb without auto-shipment 

No minimum

Dry, wet, freeze-dried raw, toppers, treats, supplements

$5.99 or free on orders over $50

Save 15% Off Your First Order With Code: HELLO15

 from Open Farm


<$2 per meal

No minimum

Dry, wet, freeze-dried raw, toppers, treats, supplements, pet supplies

$4.95 or free on orders over $49

Save 35% On Your First Order from Chewy


$2.49/pack per 1 lb bag

No minimum

Dry, wet, freeze-dried raw, supplements, pet supplies

$5.95 or free on orders over $49

10% Off Your First Order from PetFlow


$10.84 per pack 

20 lbs of food

Raw, fresh

Included in order

Get 10 Pounds For $14.95! from Darwin’s

We Feed Raw

$6.59/lb per portion

30 lbs of food



Get 30% off your trial box + Free Shipping from We Feed Raw



No minimum

Freeze-dried raw, specialist diets, medications

$5.99 or free for PetPlus members and orders over $48

25% Off + Free Shipping, Code CARE25 from PetCareRx

Tips for Choosing the Best Raw Cat Food Delivery

Here are some helpful tips to help you narrow down your choices:

  • Quality ingredients: Look for a raw cat food delivery service that prioritizes high-quality ingredients. Opt for brands that use human-grade, natural, and responsibly sourced ingredients, like Smalls. Avoid artificial additives, fillers, or by-products that may compromise your cat's health.

  • Variety of recipes: Cats thrive on a diverse diet. Choose a delivery service that offers a wide range of recipes and protein sources, such as Chewy. This variety helps prevent food sensitivities and ensures a balanced nutritional profile.

  • Transparency and information: Transparency is key when it comes to selecting a raw cat food delivery service. Look for brands that provide detailed information about their sourcing practices, manufacturing processes, and nutritional analysis. Open Farm ingredients can be traced through the unique code on each pack.

  • Delivery convenience: Check that the deliveries are reliable, timely, and convenient for your location. Consider whether it offers recurring deliveries or 1-time orders like We Feed Raw to suit your preferences and the frequency of your cat's needs. 


Why should I consider a raw cat food delivery service?

Raw cat food delivery services like Smalls offer convenience, high-quality ingredients, and tailored nutrition for your cat. They save you time and effort by delivering freshly prepared raw meals directly to your doorstep, ensuring your cat's dietary needs are met without compromising on quality.

How do I transition my cat to a raw food diet?

Transitioning to a raw food diet should be done gradually. Start by mixing small portions of raw food with your cat's current diet, gradually increasing the ratio of raw food over several weeks. Monitor your cat's appetite, digestion, and overall well-being during the transition process. Most services, including Darwin’s offer helpful advice about changing your cat’s diet.

Can I combine raw food delivery with other cat supplies?

Some raw cat food delivery services offer the convenience of including other cat supplies, such as treats or toys, in your orders. Check if the service provides a broader range of products to cater to your cat's overall needs, allowing you to conveniently shop for multiple items on the same site. Chewy is a large online retailer that offers a range of cat related items.

Best Raw Cat Food Delivery in 2024 — Final Score

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Active Deal
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Our Top Pick for 2024
32% off your first order + free treats for life. Code: DELIVERY5
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