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Feast & Fettle Review 2024: Does It Deliver to You?

Our Top Choice For 2024
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Author Roxana David
Roxana David Writer
Updated on Jul 8th, 2024
Fact checked by Emma Vince


Feast & Fettle offers a great meal delivery experience with prepared dishes and fresh ingredients, focusing on quality and quick delivery within select areas in Rhode Island and nearby states. If you're located in these regions and value high-quality dining, it might be the right fit for you.

If you’re outside Feast & Fettle’s delivery area or are exploring more widely available options, I recommend Factor. Crucially, Factor serves all 48 contiguous states, making it a more accessible option if you're looking for a prepared meal delivery service similar to Feast & Fettle.

With Factor, you enjoy tasty, nutritious meals tailored to various dietary needs, such as keto and plant-based. Plus, you can explore a range of extras and desserts.



Delivery is fastOnly delivers to a limited area
The menu is diverseIs on the expensive side
The meals are family-friendlyDoesn’t cater to special diets like keto

Feast & Fettle’s Menu: A Decent Range of Prepared Meals

Meal Options: Family-Friendly Entrees, Plus a Good Selection of Side Dishes

Feast & Fettle provides a diverse range of meal options and cuisines. Each week, you’re presented with a curated menu comprising at least 8 entrees, 3 of which are specifically designed to be vegetarian and vegan-friendly. This guarantees a commendable variety of proteins, vegetables, and cuisines, keeping your palate entertained.

To complement your entrees, Feast & Fettle offers a selection of 10 side dishes, allowing you to mix and match to create well-rounded meals. Usually, an entree needs 1 or 2 side dishes, but that’s your call.

You can order meals for 1, 2, or 4 people. Portion sizes in the photos represent Couples portions, with Singles being half and Family portions being double this size.

The entree section boasts a variety of dishes, from the flavorful Lemon Crusted Salmon and Sauteed Pesto Shrimp to the exotic Grilled Satay Chicken Breast with Peanut Sauce and Banh Mi Burger with Spicy Thai Basil Aioli.

Vegetarian options include the Zucchini Lasagna and Chili-Citrus Grilled Tofu, along with the intriguing Char Siu Mushrooms with Steamed Buns. Simpler dishes like Simply Grilled Chicken Breast and Simply Seared Salmon are also available, offering versatility for every preference. Feast and Fettle's entree menu

The side dishes complement the entrees and feature a selection of salads, such as Crisp Green Salad with Honey-Miso Dressing and Garden Salad with White Zinfandel Vinaigrette. If you’re looking for more hearty accompaniments, options like Garlic & Herb Roasted Red Potatoes, Lemon & Herb Quinoa, and Fettuccine with Housemade Alfredo Sauce are available.

The menu also offers an array of vegetable sides, including Broccoli Rabe with Red Pepper Flakes and Garlic, Snow Peas with Bell Pepper and Onion, Bok Choy with Sesame Soy Sauce, and Tomato Braised Artichokes, among others.

Adding to the variety are the baked goods and desserts offered as side dishes, including the Seven Stars® Durum Roll and Navad Bakers® Garlic & Thyme Challah Roll, and the Chocolate Chip Blondie and Vegan Chocolate Chip Blondie.

Feast & Fettle features sections such as Entrees, Sides, Kids, On-the-Go, Soups + Salads, Baked Goods, Seasonal Favorites, BCA (baked goods), and Pantry. This categorization makes it easier for you to navigate the options and ensures that the offerings are well-rounded for both singles and families.

Customization: Feast & Fettle Makes It Easy to Personalize Your Meals

Feast & Fettle’s culinary team places high importance on addressing food allergies. While ensuring cross-contamination is never fully guaranteed, the service caters to a number of members with severe allergies on a weekly basis.

Every item on the menu is distinctly labeled for prevalent allergens, such as milk/dairy, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, soy, wheat, shellfish, and sesame. Plus, Feast & Fettle provides a comprehensive list of ingredients for each dish, allowing you to scrutinize them before you make selections.

Customization options on Feast & Fettle's menu

Feast & Fettle doesn’t specifically cater to vegan, keto, Whole30, or paleo-friendly diets, but the extensive ingredient list for each menu item enables you to adapt selections to fit their dietary restrictions and needs.

What’s more, the customization features available for select menu items further enhance adaptability. These adjustments can include omitting specific toppings, garnishes, or ingredients, depending on the dish. Detailed customization options are accessible by clicking the magnifying glass icon in the lower right corner of the item photo, revealing all available adjustments for that particular dish.

Feast and Fettle’s Menu at a Glance 


Is Feast & Fettle Good For This Diet?


No, there are no dedicated keto meals


Yes, there are several options


No, there are rarely vegan meals

High Protein

Yes, there are several options

Low Carb

Yes, there are several options


No, the meals aren’t certified organic


Yes, there are some options

Unboxing: You Get Freshly Prepared Meals in Eco-Friendly Packaging

Meals are delivered fresh, never frozen, in an insulated bag with commercial-grade ice packs, ensuring they stay cold during transport. Feast & Fettle offers home or workplace delivery Sunday through Thursday, 10:30 AM to 6:30 PM. You’ll receive a text the evening before with a delivery window for the next day.

If you're not home, the insulated packaging will keep your food cold for at least 4 hours. You'll also receive a text message notification as soon as your meal has been delivered, as well as 15 minutes in advance, so you can make plans to retrieve it in time.

Select workplace delivery if you know you won’t be home when the delivery is expected to arrive. I feel like 4 hours isn’t long enough for the food to remain cold, especially if it arrives at the start of the working day, and you won’t be home until the evening.

Every entrée and side dish comes with a “Best By” date listed on the food label. This allows you to know exactly when your meal should be consumed. Alongside your order, you’ll find included reheating instructions. However, if needed, you can also find these instructions online by visiting your Order History on the website. A Feast & Fettle meal in its packaging

Most meals are freshly prepared the evening before the scheduled delivery date. They’re designed to stay fresh for up to 4 days after delivery, provided you store them properly and keep them refrigerated.

It's important to note that some items may have a shorter recommended consumption timeframe. For optimum freshness, Feast & Fettle advises that you should ideally eat the seafood dishes within 2 days of receiving the delivery. This ensures you get to enjoy these items at their peak quality.

What I find impressive is that Feast & Fettle is very environmentally friendly. All of the packaging is 100% recyclable. What’s more, the company also arranges to pick up the insulated bags and ice packs with your next delivery, reducing waste and making the service more convenient for you.

Cooking with Feast & Fettle: All You Have to Do Is Reheat the Meals

As I’ve already stated, Feast & Fettle stands by a fresh, never frozen philosophy. All meals should be stored in the refrigerator upon delivery and ideally consumed within a 4-day period.

Feast & Fettle doesn't provide specific guidance about freezing meals for later use. If you choose to freeze your meals, it’ll be based on your personal judgment. While this could potentially affect the taste and texture of the food, it could be a viable option to avoid wasting food if you find you're unable to consume all meals before the “Best By” date.

Feast & Fettle has incorporated QR codes into its labels to make accessing information about your meal even easier. By scanning the code with your phone, you can quickly pull up the ingredient list and reheating instructions for each specific dish.

When it comes to reheating, you can read the instructions for both conventional ovens and microwaves. While they might be different from meal to meal, I’ll give you an example below. These instructions are for the Brown Sugar Pork Mustard Tenderloin:

  • Oven instructions: If using an oven, you should preheat it to 350 F, transfer the food from the container onto a baking sheet, and heat for 5-7 minutes. 
  • Microwave instructions: If using a microwave, the container should be placed inside with the lid partially open and heated for 1-3 minutes.

As you can see, in both cases, the reheating process is super quick. Like with most prepared meal delivery services, the point is to have food on the table as soon as possible.

Shortlist of My Favorite Meals

On Feast & Fettle's menu, I find that the Balsamic Grilled Steak Caprese Salad stands out as an appealing option. It features a combination of flank steak and arugula, complemented by mozzarella and heirloom cherry tomatoes, with a side of maple balsamic vinaigrette.

Notably, the dish incorporates a variety of herbs and spices, including basil, rosemary, oregano, garlic, and Italian seasoning, promising a flavorful experience. I liked that you can customize the dish to have no dressing, no tomatoes, or even turn it into a gluten-free or a dairy-free version. The addition of croutons and pine nuts provides a textural contrast, enhancing the overall dining experience. Feast & Fettle's Balsamic Grilled Steak Caprese Salad

Another meal that grabbed my attention was the Banh Mi Burger with Spicy Thai Basil Aioli. This dish is a fusion promising lots of flavor with toppings like cilantro, cucumber, and pickled vegetables served on the side. You can also opt for no bun, a gluten-free version, or exclude specific ingredients like sauce or cilantro. The ingredient list, featuring ground pork, Thai basil, Sriracha, and a host of fresh vegetables, hints at a well-balanced and aromatic flavor profile, making it a standout option if you’re eager to explore culinary diversity. Feast & Fettle's Banh Mi Burger with Spicy Thai Basil Aioli

Exploring Feast & Fettle's kid's menu, I appreciate the diversity of offerings, notably the Dumpling Daughter® Pork & Chive Dumplings with Sweet Soy Sauce. It's refreshing to see options beyond the typical pizza rolls and mac and cheese, providing a balanced and flavorful meal for children. Feast & Fettle's Dumpling Daughter® Pork & Chive Dumplings with Sweet Soy Sauce

The dish’s combination of tamari, rice wine vinegar, garlic, and fresh ginger introduces kids to diverse flavors while still allowing for customization by serving the sauce on the side.

Prices: Feast & Fettle Is Very Expensive

Starting From

Order Size and Price (Before Shipping)

Shipping Fee

$32.50 per portion

2 entrees, 4 sides for 1 person/week: $65 + tax


$28.33 per portion

3 entrees, 5 sides for 1 person/week: $85 + tax 


$23.75 per portion

4 entrees, 6 sides for 1 person/week: $95 + tax


$23.75 per portion

2 entrees, 4 sides for 2 people/week: $95 + tax


$22.50 per portion

3 entrees, 5 sides for 2 people/week: $135 + tax


$19.37 per portion

4 entrees, 6 sides for 2 people/week: $155 + tax


$19.37 per portion

2 entrees, 4 sides for 4 people/week: $155 + tax 


$17 per portion

3 entrees, 5 sides for 4 people/week: $205 + tax


$14.68 per portion

4 entrees, 6 sides for 4 people/week: $235 + tax


The lowest price per meal from Feast & Fettle is $14.68 per serving, and this is for the largest order of 4 entrees and 6 sides for 4 people per week. If you opt for a smaller order, you’ll pay a higher price per serving.

I think this can be a lot to pay, especially when compared to Factor’s more affordable prices. Factor allows you to order as many as 18 meals per week, starting at just $10.49 . Shipping fees are consistently set at $5 per delivery, no matter where you’re ordering from, so that’s 1 more thing added to your Feast & Fettle total. The menu for selecting your plan

Feast & Fettle offers Á La Carte ordering for Select Members, allowing the addition of entrees and sides outside the standard plan at $12 and $8 per portion, respectively. Partner products and additional options are priced separately, providing a variety of choices to suit individual preferences.

Shipping & Delivery: It’s Only Available in Rhode Island & Nearby States

Feast & Fettle offers a meticulous delivery service, ensuring each order is handled with care and attention to detail by its in-house delivery team.

The service covers all of Rhode Island and specific counties in Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire, and Maine, providing a broad reach for potential customers in these regions.

However, if you don’t live in this area, you should try Factor, my personal recommendation for prepared meals. It delivers to all contiguous US states (plus Canada) and offers great quality at a lower price than Feast & Fettle. A delivery vehicle with the Feast & Fettle logo

You can expect deliveries from Feast & Fettle from Monday through Thursday, between the hours of 9 am and 7 pm. You can choose which day works best for you. Plus, you’ll receive an automatic SMS the evening before your delivery, informing you of the expected delivery window.

As for additional features, Feast & Fettle provides a membership option, F&F Select, offering various benefits such as unlimited free deliveries, access to Sunday delivery, and the ability to unlock À La Carte features, contributing to a smoother and more personalized delivery experience.

The cutoff for making any changes to your order is 12 noon on Thursdays, with delivery scheduled for the following week.

How Feast & Fettle Works (Step by Step Guide)

Feast & Fettle operates as a regular meal delivery service. You order your preferred meals online and, through subscription, receive your box each week.

How to Sign Up (Just 5 Simple Steps)

  1. Visit the Website: Start by visiting the official Feast & Fettle website using your web browser.

  2. Choose a Plan: Browse through the available meal plans and select the 1 that best suits your needs and preferences.

Options for the number of servings needed

  1. Create an Account: Fill out the required information to create your account, including your email, password, and delivery zip code.

  2. Set Preferences and Dietary Restrictions: Customize your meal preferences and indicate any dietary restrictions or allergies.

There are 9 allergens that can be excluded

  1. Payment Details: Enter your payment information to complete the sign-up process and wait for confirmation of your subscription.

Billing information screen

Managing Your Subscription

Signing up for Feast & Fettle is a straightforward process. Once you’re subscribed, managing your account is equally simple. The platform offers clear options for pausing, canceling, or modifying your subscription.

Adjusting delivery dates, changing meal preferences, or updating account information can be done with ease through your online account. Every plan offered is flexible, giving you the freedom to modify your plan, skip weeks, pause, or cancel at any time as needed.

Customer Service: Feast & Fettle’s Support Is Excellent

Feast & Fettle ensures accessible and hassle-free customer service through a variety of channels. A dedicated team of Member Services Specialists is available to address inquiries regarding accounts, billing, deliveries, ordering, and menu items.

You can reach the team by phone at 401-753-2572, Monday to Friday from 9 am to 8 pm, and Saturday to Sunday from 9 am to 6 pm, or via email and the website's Live Chat feature.

In addition, Feast & Fettle features an extensive knowledge base on its website, providing a valuable resource for quick answers to common queries and detailed information about the service.

Your queries will be addressed promptly and thoroughly. Whether you have a pre-purchase inquiry or need information on refund and cancelation policies, the multitude of contact options and the comprehensive knowledge base ensure you’ll get the results you need.

Canceling your Feast & Fettle membership is easy and hassle-free, with no need for phone calls or direct interactions, and can be done at any time and for any reason. However, it's important to note that canceling an active account will result in the forfeiture of all credits and rewards designated for future use.

For added convenience, Feast & Fettle provides a helpful How-To Video on its website, illustrating the cancelation process on both desktop and mobile.

How Feast & Fettle Compares to Other Meal Delivery Services

Feast & Fettle vs. Factor

Factor holds an edge in terms of accessibility and affordability, delivering to all 48 contiguous states with meals starting at $10.49 per serving. Both services offer prepared meals, but Factor’s extensive reach and lower price point make it better than Feast & Fettle.

Feast & Fettle vs. Home Chef

Home Chef brings versatility to the table by offering prepared meals, meal kits, and oven-ready options. This service also boasts a broader delivery range and great family-friendly options at a lower price than Feast & Fettle. Home Chef also delivers to the contiguous US.

Feast & Fettle vs. Green Chef

If you prioritize organic, non-GMO ingredients, Green Chef is a go-to option with its organic meal kits. Although it doesn’t offer prepared meals like Feast & Fettle, its commitment to high-quality, organic ingredients caters to a health-conscious demographic.

The Bottom Line: Is Feast & Fettle Worth It?

Feast & Fettle offers you a unique, gourmet meal delivery experience, specializing in quick delivery and fresh ingredients. Its focus on quality and the dining experience makes it a noteworthy option if you live within its delivery zone.

However, if you live outside of its delivery area, services like Factor are available with diverse options. They offer you benefits such as wider accessibility, varied meal types, and more competitive prices.

If you're still not totally convinced about Feast & Fettle, we have tested other top prepared meal services and shortlisted the best meal kits and prepared meals providers for you. They all deliver to most, if not all, US states and offer better pricing.


What areas does Feast & Fettle deliver to?

Feast & Fettle covers all of Rhode Island and specific counties in Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire, and Maine, catering to a wide range of customers in these regions.

How does Feast & Fettle compare to Factor in terms of delivery areas?

While Feast & Fettle serves specific regions in the Northeast, Factor offers delivery to all 48 contiguous states, providing wider accessibility for customers across the U.S.

Are there more affordable alternatives to Feast & Fettle?

Yes, services like Factor and Home Chef offer competitive pricing and a variety of meal types, making them more budget-friendly alternatives.

How can I cancel my Feast & Fettle subscription?

You can cancel your Feast & Fettle membership easily online at any time. However, be aware that canceling an active account will remove all credits and rewards earmarked for future use.

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