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Frozen Garden Review 2023

Written by: Kenaz Filan on Jan 30th, 2023

Frozen Garden in a Nutshell

Frozen Garden sends fresh, delicious, frozen smoothies, and more that you just toss in your blender whenever you need a tasty, nutritious burst of organic fruits and vegetables.

What I liked

  • Fresh – Frozen Garden’s fruits are fresher than the produce at my local grocery store

  • Fast – 60 seconds of blending and your meal is ready

  • Kid-Friendly – Children will love their Delites and many of their smoothies

  • Delivery Rank special: stay tuned

What I didn’t like

  • Shipping frozen single-serving items is resource-intensive

  • Not as much flexibility in delivery dates as some meal delivery services

Frozen Garden Is Best For

  • Parents who want to encourage their children to eat healthy snacks

  • People who want to add more fresh fruits and vegetables to their diet

  • People having temporary difficulty eating solid foods

Frozen Garden Overview

In 2016 Allyson Straka began selling smoothies out of a small Indiana office. While business has grown considerably since then, Frozen Garden remains a small-town, woman-operated business. Learn more in our interview with Frozen Garden founder Allyson Straka.

Amidst corporate giants, Frozen Garden is the scrappy little meal delivery service that could. I’m always inclined to root for local businesses, so I had high hopes when we arranged the order. And I’m happy to say I wasn’t left disappointed!

How Frozen Garden Works

Most meal delivery services require a regular subscription. While Frozen Garden has an Autoship & Save program that allows you to schedule deliveries anywhere from weekly to every 12 weeks, you’re welcome to place orders a la carte-style.

If you select Autoship & Save, you can set up a subscription. Log into your Frozen Garden account and go to the Manage Subscription tab to cancel or pause your subscription, add and remove products, or add new flavors.

Frozen Garden delivers pre-chopped packages which you make in your blender. The directions are clear and the packages are marked with a line so you can use them to measure the right amount of water or the liquid of your choice to add before blending.

Frozen Garden Delivery

Frozen Garden ships on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays. Because of the ongoing COVID crisis, your order may on occasion be shipped a day or two late. While more flexibility in delivery times would be nice, the nature of Frozen Garden’s products adds many logistical complications.

Packaging is a special challenge when shipping frozen foods. Most meal delivery services send their boxes chilled. Keeping products cool with ice packs for a 2-3 day trip is much easier than keeping them frozen for that same length of time.

Frozen Garden Unboxing

My Frozen Garden package arrived intact despite some obvious rough handling along the way. The box was properly insulated and the dry ice kept things suitably cold. When I opened it and removed the smoldering ice, I was surprised by how little space the single-serving packages took up within the box.

Frozen Garden uses corn starch liners and old-fashioned dirt. The liners can be composted and the cardboard box is 100% recyclable. The packaging is as environmentally friendly as Frozen Garden can make it. That being said, shipping frozen single-serving packets is going to involve an awful lot of packaging, insulation, and resources by its very nature. 

Frozen Garden Meals

Frozen Garden Smoothies

The Just Peachy smoothie lives up to its name. The hint of ginger plays off the peaches marvelously and the strawberries and bananas make this as sweet as a glass of peach pie but better for you.

Rollin’ Oats mixes up to a lovely purple-blue color. The oats and bananas give it heft, and the apples and blueberries (boosted with a hint of date sugar and cinnamon) make it a smoothie experience to be remembered. I made Rollin’ Oats with water, but if I had it to do over again I’d mix it up with milk or drinkable yogurt.

The Chocolate Dream sounded intriguing, but I had to pass because I’m allergic to cashews. This information was clearly displayed on the package and on the website. If you have any allergies, be sure to check the ingredients list which Frozen Garden helpfully provides.

By the time I got to the remaining smoothies, I was dealing with a nasty ear infection. And on a morning when chewing gives you that unwelcome red-hot-poker-in-ear feeling, I was happy to have them. The Detox smoothie had a nice lime and ginger kick, and the Jungle Breeze was a lovely mix of banana, pineapple, and (yes) spinach.

These smoothies are remarkably filling, and all those fresh fruits and vegetables keep you going longer than the calorie counts would lead you to expect. I’m feeling much better now thanks to rest and antibiotics but can testify that Frozen Garden made a couple of the mornings much less miserable.

Frozen Garden Overnight Oats

Overnight Oats also arrive frozen, and you keep them in the freezer until you’re ready to use them. When you’re ready, you simply open the pack and pour in milk or a milk substitute of your choice. (Almond milk would work fabulously!)

Fill the pack to the line on the back, seal the pack, give it a squeeze to mix up the items, then put it in the refrigerator for at least six hours. I did this before bedtime and awoke to two very tasty breakfasts.

I have to admit that when I first saw the Overnight Oats, I was skeptical. $5.99 seems a steep price to pay for what looks like a bowl of granola. But one bite of the Strawberry Fig Overnight Oats turned this skeptic into a believer.

The fresh chunks of cold strawberry and the complex sweetness of chopped figs made this breakfast the Granola of the Gods. Unlike most store brand granolas, this breakfast came with no preservatives, artificial ingredients, or added sugar.

The Blueberry Hemp Overnight Oats had a tough act to follow. But those sweet bursting whole blueberries floating in cold milk gave me fruity bombs of goodness with every bite. Here’s a tip of the hat to Blueberry Ranch of Mishawaka, Indiana. (Frozen Garden sources most of its ingredients from local farmers and producers, which ensures maximum freshness).

Blueberry Hemp Overnight Oats Ingredients:
Gluten-Free Oats, Blueberry (Organic), Banana, Chia Seed (Organic), Hemp Seed (Organic), Lemon Zest, Vanilla Bean.

Strawberry Fig Overnight Oats Ingredients:
Strawberry (Organic), Gluten-Free Oats, Fig, Hemp Seed (Organic).

Frozen Garden Desserts

Frozen Garden makes a line of prepared frozen snacks called Delites. I received a sample of their latest offering, Banana Bread Delite. Other offerings within the line include Banana Split, Blueberry Muffin, and Chocolate Peanut Butter.

Ordering healthy snacks for your family is one thing. Getting your family to eat healthy snacks is another. So how did my sample Delite fare?

The Banana Bread Delite lived up to its name. It tasted like drinkable banana bread, and since I love banana bread that made me happy. The gluten-free oats gave it some body, and the ground dates provided a sweetness that didn’t lead to blood sugar spiking.

Banana Bread Delite also cleared two high hurdles. My wife found it very tasty and was surprised to discover that it had no added sugar. Most impressive of all, my 9-year-old daughter gave it a big thumbs up, declaring “It tastes just like a banana, and I like bananas.”

If you want an alternative to junk food for you or your family, Frozen Garden Delites may be just what you need.


The pack of Raspberry Mango Mint Fusions which came with this order was a welcome surprise. Toss one of these frozen cubes into a glass of sparkling water and you’ve got a tasty beverage with the sophistication and complexity of a cocktail minus the alcohol.

The other Fusions flavors currently available are Blueberry Lemon Lavender and Orange Pineapple Rosemary. For $4.99, you can give a whole dinner party a pitcher of tasty non-alcoholic adult beverages, or hydrate yourself in style after your run.

Raspberry Mango Mint Fusion Ingredients:
Raspberry, Mango, Mint.

Frozen Garden Customer Service

Frozen Garden doesn’t have an app just yet, so you’ll have to take care of customer service through email, phone, or your browser. Luckily, those channels are open and Frozen Garden’s customer service is fast and friendly.

Because Frozen Garden isn’t built around a subscription plan, it’s easy to buy orders when you want and re-order when you need more fresh fruit blender nirvana.

Frozen Garden Prices

Frozen Garden’s packets cost between $5.99 and $6.99 each, with their Fusions coming in at $4.99 a bag.

Frozen Garden ships throughout the continental U.S. Frozen Garden has a minimum $35 order and shipping is free on all orders over $150. Depending on your location, shipping on orders less than $150 ranges from$9.99 to $18.99. There’s a very helpful map with the shipping costs on Frozen Garden’s FAQ page on the website.

Here’s a quick summary of Frozen Garden’s pricings and menu offerings:


$4.99 - $6.99 per portion

On the Menu

Smoothies, Delites, Overnight Oats, Fusions

Shipping costs

Free on orders over $150.
$9.99-18.99 shipping on orders $35-150.

Special deals

Stay Tuned

Alternatives to Frozen Garden

Frozen Garden’s smoothies make great breakfasts and supplements, and their delites make delightful desserts. But if you’re looking for fully prepared plant-based meals, you may want to try Purple Carrot or Veestro.

Splendid Spoon has some smoothie offerings, though their smoothies are around twice the price of Frozen Garden and don’t come flash-frozen.

Alternatives to Vendor

Frozen Garden

Purple Carrot


Splendid Spoon

Starting Price





Servings  Available 

Single serving

2-person, 4-person

Single serving

Single serving

Meal Types 

Smoothies, Delites, Fusions, Overnight Oats

Meal Kits and prepared meals

Prepared Meals


Soup & Grain Bowls,

Noodle Bowls,

Light Soups,









Special Discount

Stay tuned

Get $20 off and free shipping

Get 30% Off Your First Order with Code: GET30

Get $60 off your first 3 boxes

The Bottom Line

Frozen Garden prepares delicious flash-frozen blender-ready kits and delivers them to your door. You store them in your freezer until you’re craving a snack or a dessert, then you mix and enjoy. It’s that simple.

If you want your kids to eat healthier, Frozen Garden’s Delites are desserts you can feed them without guilt and without fear they’ll turn up their noses. If you’re looking for a quick breakfast or meal replacement, Frozen Garden’s smoothies and Overnight Oats will keep you satisfied for hours.


What is Frozen Garden?

Frozen Garden is an Indiana food service that specializes in flash-frozen smoothies and other healthy, tasty frozen fruit and vegetable treats. Since 2016 Frozen Garden has been a woman-owned small business that relies on local farmers for much of their produce.

Is Frozen Garden organic?

Spinach, kale, apples, grapes, strawberries, pears, and peaches are either sourced from commercially certified organic farms or purchased locally from small farmers who don’t use synthetic pesticides or fertilizers.

Frozen Garden works as much as possible with natural and organic producers but some items like bananas and avocados are sourced conventionally.

Is Frozen Garden gluten-free?

Frozen Garden uses gluten-free rolled oats in some of its products. While these rolled oats don’t contain gluten, they may have been subject to cross-contamination in packing or transport. Those products may not be suitable for those with serious gluten sensitivity or celiac disease.

How much is Frozen Garden?

Frozen Garden’s smoothies, overnight oats, and delites range between $5.99 and $6.99 each. Fusions are $4.99 a packet. The minimum order is $35. Orders over $150 get free shipping, while orders between $35 and $150 pay a shipping charge ranging from $9.99 to$18.99 depending on your location.

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