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PupBox Review 2024: Is It Really Worth It for Your New Pup?

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Author Mike Pawlik
Mike Pawlik Writer
Updated on Apr 5th, 2024
Fact checked by Deborah Leigh


If you're seeking an all-inclusive shopping experience for your pup, you're in the right place. This PupBox review will give you a comprehensive look into the company. You'll discover the ins and outs of what it offers, which will ultimately ensure you make an informed decision.

I've poured hours into understanding PupBox inside and out. I've explored everything from its pricing to its varied selections. I've assessed the nutrition of the products, gauged the user experience, and examined how puppies can benefit from its various offerings. My evaluation is based on a thorough examination of all these aspects. Learn more in this article.

I believe PupBox is a good fit for certain puppy parents. It delivers customized boxes packed with treats, toys, accessories, and more, designed especially for puppies aged 1 to 19+ months. Additionally, the option to receive recurring shipments every 1, 3, 6, or 12 months is a feature I find invaluable for continuous puppy care.



Customization based on puppy's age/sizeCan be more expensive than stores
Convenient monthly delivery to your doorSome low-quality products reported
Lots of items to keep puppy happyYou may receive unwanted items in box

PupBox Meals

PupBox prioritizes a puppy’s developmental needs. Every month, a box full of essentials arrives at your door. Inside, you'll find an assortment of toys, treats, and accessories. 

From chews that assist in teething to jerky treats for a quick reward, and even drinking bowls for those little hydration breaks. Plus, each box also carries invaluable training info to help you navigate the challenges of puppyhood. This is not just any box – it's like a monthly care package tailored specifically for your puppy. a screenshot of many different products available from PupBox

I like that real dogs test every item, ensuring age-appropriate content. What makes PupBox stand out is the thoughtfulness behind each selection. Everything is not only tested by real dogs for quality and enjoyment but also curated to grow with your pup. This means as your puppy transitions between ages, the items in the box evolve too.

PupBox caters to a broad age range, from newborns to 19+ months. It understands that a puppy's needs are not uniform. A 3-month-old has different requirements from a 12-month-old. Each box is customized to align with your dog’s current age, making it a suitable choice for all stages of puppyhood. a screenshot of available tug toys and chew toys from pupbox

However, PupBox doesn’t offer everyday meals. While it excels at providing developmental tools, toys, and treats, it doesn't supply daily meals for your pup. It's essential to recognize this distinction when subscribing. You'll still need to source regular dog food separately, ensuring a balanced diet for your puppy alongside the treats and chews from PupBox.

Plans and Recipes

PupBox offers a unique service compared to typical dog food delivery options. It doesn’t simply send you generic packages – instead, after a personalization questionnaire, it tailors boxes with items that cater specifically to your puppy's needs and age. This model ensures that as your puppy grows, the products you receive evolve to match.

This service primarily focuses on treats and chews, not regular dog food. In the boxes you receive, you won’t find the usual kibble. What you will discover is a variety of snacks designed to delight and entertain your pup, providing both nutrition and enjoyment. a screenshot of pupbox's training treats selection

I found the selection of items to be pretty impressive. From sausage links to broths, jerky, and crunchy treats, your puppy will probably be happy. Other favorites like peanut butter, bones, lungs, and dental chews also find their way into the packages. It’s a smorgasbord of items intended to satisfy even the pickiest of pups.

While PupBox primarily targets puppies, I like that adult dogs aren’t left out. For mature canines, the boxes include 5 to 7 premium products that the PupBox team carefully chooses. Although these aren’t age-specific, the company ensures the rest of the box is customized to your dog's liking. a screenshot of some of the bones and chews available from PupBox

Along with these items, you'll also receive advanced training tricks and useful tips to enhance the bond between you and your furry friend.

You have flexibility in choosing a plan that suits your needs. PupBox offers 4 distinct subscription options: a 1-month, 3-month, 6-month, and 12-month plan. Depending on your commitment level and budget, you can opt for a shorter or longer duration. Find out more about how much these plans cost in my Prices section.

Allergies are taken seriously during the customization process. When filling out the personalization questionnaire, you have the option to flag up to 3 allergies for your pup: chicken, beef, or pork. This ensures that PupBox sends only what’s safe and suitable for your pet.


PupBox offers a variety of items from multiple manufacturers. Many of these products boast high-quality ingredients. Yet, each treat or chewable available at PupBox has its unique ingredient list.

For example, Barkworthies Beef Esophagus Jerky Bites stand out with their simplicity. Made from a single ingredient, these bites ensure your pet gets a treat free from any fillers or preservatives, emphasizing the importance of natural nutrition.

The Jones Windees Natural Beef Trachea 3" is a product of the USA. Oven-baked to perfection, it doesn't contain any artificial ingredients, giving you peace of mind about the origins and quality of what you're feeding your pet.

Good Lovin' No Rawhide Teething Rings Sweet Potato is crafted without rawhide. This treat prioritizes your pet's health, steering clear of artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives, and is grain-free.

PupBox Star Snacks have earned their popularity among users. With a comprehensive ingredient list including chicken, potato starch, vegetable glycerin, rice flour, chickpea flour, sweet potato, gelatin, chicken fat, citric acid, dried cultured skim milk, and natural smoke flavor, it's clear why this item resonates with many.

For those keen on nutritional values, the guaranteed analysis is as follows: Protein stands at a minimum of 13%, fat at a minimum of 8%, moisture at a maximum of 20%, and fiber at a maximum of 1%.

The main ingredients in the PupBox Star Snacks are chicken and sweet potato. Their flavorful combination is not just tasty but also beneficial for training, especially if you have a food-oriented puppy. By integrating these treats into your training routine, you can ensure a rewarding experience for your pup.


a screenshot of pupbox's Barkworthies Beef Esophagus Jerky Bites

Nutritional values in PupBox treats vary widely. Just like the ingredients, nutrition varies depending on which chews or treats you buy. Since there are no regular “meals” here, the nutritional values are different for each item.

For instance, I noticed a broad range in crude protein levels. Specifically, I found the minimum crude protein levels to range anywhere from 3% to 22% (and sometimes more).

Some treats have notably high protein content. For example, the Charlee Bear Chicken, Pumpkin, and Apple Crunch offered by PupBox boasts a very high minimum crude protein level of around 22%. High-protein treats can be great for energetic pups or those needing a protein boost in their diet.

Not all treats focus on high protein content, though. Items like The Lazy Dog Cookie Co. Mutt Mallows Banana Buddies, for example, contain much lower levels of minimum crude protein. This particular treat contains 7.61% since it doesn’t contain any meat.


Each PupBox offers a diverse selection of items tailored for your furry friend. You can expect a diverse range of toys, treats, and accessories specifically curated for your puppy’s breed, size, and age. Beyond the basics, it provides some unexpected extras like unscented wipes, bandanas, pet tags, travel bowls, shampoo, and much more.

The contents inside are always dry and at room temperature. This ensures everything remains fresh and free from potential spoilage during transit. It's clear that PupBox has taken into account the need to maintain product quality from dispatch to delivery. a screenshot of what you can expect in one your pupbox deliveries

Unpacking and serving is straightforward. There's zero preparation or portioning needed. You simply open the bag of treats or goodies and let your puppy relish the moment. It's convenient, especially if you're always on the go or pressed for time.

Recycling the packaging may vary. I appreciate the company's environmental consciousness by providing a recyclable box. However, do note that while some items come in recyclable packaging, others might not. It really depends on the specific items you get in your order. It’s always good to check each product's packaging to determine its recyclability.


Starting from

Minimum Order

Shipping Fee

$39 per box

1-month plan

$3.99 – or free with the addition of a $6.99 treat bag

$34 per box

3-month plan

$3.99 – or free with the addition of a $6.99 treat ba

$32 per box

6-month plan

$3.99 – or free with the addition of a $6.99 treat ba

$20 per box

12-month plan

$3.99 – or free with the addition of a $6.99 treat ba

Prices are very straightforward with PupBox. Since you can’t buy individual products here, it all boils down to 4 main plans:

  • 1-month plan: This will set you back $39 per box.

  • 3-month plan: This costs $34 per box.

  • 6-month plan: Here, you’ll spend $32 per box.

  • 12-month plan: This gives you the best bang for your buck at only $20 per box.

Each plan includes a shipping charge of $3.99 unless you add 1 of the treat bags every month worth $6.99. I find that interesting since you don’t technically save any money on shipping. At any rate, the choice is yours.

For all plans other than the 1-month plan, you get recurring deliveries once a month. If you sign up for the 3-month plan, for instance, expect a new delivery once a month for 3 months – and so on and so forth.

Shipping & Delivery

Your boxes get delivered once a month, with the exception of the 1-month plan. That means you get a new delivery once a month on the 3-, 6-, and 12-month plans. 

I’m also really shocked to see that shipping is available to the entire US. This includes all 48 contiguous states and territories including Alaska, Hawaii, and even Puerto Rico.

The company is even aiming to add international shipping soon – though, I’m not quite sure yet when it will announce those options. Your PupBox will ship out within 1 week of your payment processing. Shipping times vary, but you can expect your box to arrive between 5-10 business days after you receive a tracking notification.

If you need to make changes to your delivery, it’s best to contact the customer service team. Though, for basic changes to your shipping address, you can do that on your own. Find out how to do this in the How to Manage Your Subscription section.

How PupBox Works

Signing up for PupBox is simple and involves answering a few questions. Here’s a detailed guide on how to get that done.

How to Sign Up

1. Provide the name of your puppy before clicking Get Started.

a screenshot of's home page

2. For some reason, it asks you to enter your puppy’s name again. Do that, then click Next. a screenshot of pupbox's first questionnaire question

3. There are several more questions to answer. These include your pup’s birthday, size, gender, and coat type. Answer these questions, and continue to this screen: a screenshot of pup box's questionnaire answer overview

4. Pick the length of your plan. Options include 1, 3, 6, or 12 months. Discounts are available if you choose 3, 6, or 12 months.

a screenshot of pupbox's plan options, which include 1, 3, 6, or 12 months

5. Review the information and complete the checkout process.

a screenshot of pupbox's final checkout screen

Managing Your Subscription

It seems complicated to make any changes to your account. However, if you simply need to change your delivery address, you can do that easily. Simply visit your Account Page, and select Add New Address. Any address updates will take effect on your next billing cycle.

Side note: To cancel your subscription, go to your account page. If you cancel before the end of your plan, you'll be charged for and receive the remaining boxes. However, it won't automatically renew it after the end of your term.

Customer Service

Contacting the customer service team can be accomplished via email only. If you want to contact someone via email, you can do so at [email protected]. Shockingly, phone support is also not available. The site just says something along the lines of “phone support currently isn’t available.” 

Though there appears to be a live chat feature on the site, it’s really just email support. Don’t expect to connect to a real agent – especially not in real time. For me, this seems strange in this day and age. a screenshot of pupbox's email support response

At any rate, I took it upon myself to test out the email support feature. I was promised a response within “a few hours,” yet didn’t hear anything within this timeframe. It took a whopping several days to get a response. Again, PupBox isn’t winning any brownie points for that, but at least the agent answered my questions professionally.

There’s also a fairly comprehensive FAQ section for any pre-sales questions you may have. I found there to be answers to a couple of dozen common questions, which is respectable. If you’re interested, you can find most answers to your questions before you buy. 

PupBox Recalls

To date, there haven’t been any PupBox recalls.

How PupBox Compares to Other Pet Food Services

PupBox vs. BarkBox

PupBox and BarkBox are both monthly subscription services. Both provide dog owners with a variety of toys, treats, and other products. However, there are some key differences between these services that may make 1 a better fit for your dog than the other.

PupBox is tailored specifically for puppies, while BarkBox caters to dogs of all ages and sizes. PupBox provides customized products and training information based on your puppy's age and size. This can be helpful for new puppy owners who may not know what products or training techniques are best for their specific pup. 

On the other hand, BarkBox offers fun themes and a wider variety of products. This can be appealing to dog owners who want to keep their dogs entertained with new toys and treats each month. PupBox also tends to be pricier than BarkBox, which may be a consideration for budget-conscious dog owners. 

What I don’t like, though, is that PupBox does not offer refunds, returns, or a satisfaction guarantee. BarkBox does, on the other hand, which may be a factor for those who want the option to return items they or their dog don't like. Learn more about BarkBox in our review.

PupBox vs. PetPlate

PupBox is primarily designed for puppies, aiming to guide pet owners through the various stages of puppyhood. Every month, PupBox subscribers receive a curated box containing toys, treats, and training materials tailored to the specific age and developmental stage of their puppy.

On the other hand, PetPlate focuses exclusively on nutrition. It offers premium, chef-cooked meals for dogs, formulated by veterinary nutritionists. These meals are made with high-quality ingredients and are customized based on a dog’s specific needs, such as age, breed, size, and any health concerns. Find out more in our Pet Plate review.

Essentially, PupBox provides a comprehensive approach to puppy growth and training, and PetPlate specializes in delivering nutritious meals for dogs of all ages. Both companies prioritize the well-being of pets, but each addresses different aspects of pet care.

The Bottom Line: Is PupBox Worth It?

Overall, PupBox caters well to brand-new puppy parents. It provides treats, accessories, training materials, and more for puppies matched to his or her age, breed, and weight. Each month, you get a curated box of these items specifically designed for your unique little doggo.

However, some people have said the service can be expensive. You may want to consider going out to buy each thing you need for your new puppy individually. However, that said, you may also appreciate the convenience that PupBox offers.

Personally, I do not like going out to shop for single items at a time. It wastes a lot of my time, and time is money. I’m a huge proponent of buying curated boxes of anything I need, which most certainly includes boxes full of items my puppy might need. But the choice is ultimately yours.


Is PupBox real?

Yes, this is a real company that specializes in helping you raise your tiny little puppy. Actually, it helps new puppy parents raise puppies anywhere from 1 to 19+ months of age. It sends out boxes of accessories, treats, chews, and more every month, depending on your chosen subscription length. Options include 1, 3, 6, and 12 months.

Can you cancel PupBox anytime?

Technically, yes, but I don’t recommend doing so. If you choose to cancel your chosen plan before it’s up, you’ll still be billed for (and sent) any remaining boxes. That’s why it’s critical to decide on exactly the term length you want from the start. The good news is that, luckily, your subscription won’t renew automatically at the end of the term. Here’s how to cancel your plan.

Does PupBox automatically renew?

Yes. If you don’t want it to renew, contact customer support so the team can help you. Alternatively, some folks may prefer to simply cancel your auto-renewal from within your account dashboard.

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