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Redbarn Dog Food: Reviews of Meals & Treats 2024

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Author Zoran Trifunovic
Zoran Trifunovic Writer
Updated on Apr 5th, 2024
Fact checked by Emma Vince


Redbarn is a pet food brand that offers products for dogs and cats. The company was founded in 1996 and today it has around 150 pet products in its range, mostly for dogs. It's a family business that was co-founded by 2 friends, counting more than 500 team members these days.

The company offers meals and treats for dogs. Redbarn dog food reviews and sources ingredients internationally, preparing recipes in the USA, for the most part. And you can choose from a variety of proteins, so you're bound to find options for even the most finicky pooches on its website. The brand is thorough in describing its meals, catering to pets with different health and other concerns. 

But the business is about more than just roses. It has drawbacks that may or may not be deal-breakers, depending on your priorities and point of view. So read my review to learn more about the company and find alternatives if you decide it's not the best fit for you or your pet.



Efficient customer supportThe FAQ section is quite limited
Free shipping for orders over $49Only a handful of filters to narrow down meals
Long shelf lifeThe pet quiz is quite basic

Redbarn Dog Food Meals

Redbarn has 4 meal types for hounds. These are dry, air-dried, rolled, and canned meals. Besides, you can find several types of pup treats on its menu. If you have cats, the company only had a few treats for felines at the time of my research. Check out our best cat food delivery services if you're looking for dishes for cats.

Redbarn's homepage

Now, let's dive into the Redbarn dog food assortment. 

Plans and Recipes

Redbarn has dozens of recipes and a few hundred treats for dogs on offer. When I scanned the website, I discovered 30+ pup meals and over 100 canine treats. These contain different proteins and other ingredients. And most of the customer-rated products have 5 stars.

There are 6 air-dried meals on offer. But I found 12 air-dried products on offer, with the remaining 6 being variety packs. Besides these items, some packs included other product types, such as rolled meals and treats. This diversity in offerings mirrors other product types as well.

Part of Redbarn's air-dried meal selection

Dry line of meals had 10 products at the time of my research for the Redbarn dog food review. These contained all the principal ingredients the air-dried recipes offered, including grain-free and grain-inclusive recipes. 

Redbarn offers 5 rolled recipes for your pets. These are Beef, Chicken, Lamb, Grain-Free Beef, and Grain-Free Chicken meals. Further, there are 5 variety packs available in the Rolled Recipes menu. Most of these packs include a selection of different rolled products. You'll also find 1 unique pack that combines rolled and air-dried meals with treats.

Rolled Redbarn meals

The canned meal selection features 3 recipes: Chicken & Pumpkin, Turkey & Carrot, and Whitefish & Sweet Potato Hearty Stews. These dishes suit canines over 1 year of age. If your dog is younger than a year, check out our best food delivery services for puppies.

The selection of treats is pretty vast. You can choose between various sticks (bully, collagen, etc.), meaty bones, choppers, training treats, and other products. 

I like that the product descriptions indicate who they're good for. When I checked the Air Dried Chicken Recipe, I learned that the dish is good for joint health and muscle development, among other things. I also discovered that it's recommended for light and medium chewers.

Description of Redbarn's Air Dried Chicken Recipe

But what I don't like is the lack of plans that could help you search for a specific diet. In other words, you have to check each product individually to see if it's good for your pooch. If your barking buddy has digestive problems, for example, I recommend checking out our selection of the best food services for pets with sensitive stomachs

But you can shortlist recipes using a side filter that has a few categories. These are Age, Chews, Flavor, and Preferences. The Treats menu also adds Assortment, with the Bones and Bully Sticks choices, to the filtering system.

A couple of Redbarn's treats

The Age filter has the Puppy/Kitten, Adolescent (1-2 years), Adult (3-8 years), and Senior (8+ years) sub-filters. The only Chews option for meals is Specialty, while Treat Chews alternatives are Antlers, Esophagus, Hooves, and Specialty. Some Flavor options are Beef, Chicken, and Salmon. Preference sub-filters are Grain-Free, Chicken-Free, and No Rawhide. 

You can take an on-site Product Picker to tailor meals and treats for your furry friend. You'll have to answer a series of questions during the survey to help the company personalize your pet's mealtime best. You can include either food, treats, or both in tailoring your woofer's diet.

Redbarn's meal customization quiz

Start by stating the age of your pet (Puppy, Adolescent, etc.), their size, chewing habits, and favorite foods. You can also specify if they eat grain-free, chicken-free, or no rawhide meals. When I completed the survey, I got over a dozen recommendations. If you don't quite agree with the suggestions or wish to change inputs, you can start the questionnaire over. 

While I find the quiz helpful, I don't think it's especially detailed. I reviewed various dog food delivery services, and most of them have questionnaires that consider many other factors. 

One of them is The Farmer's Dog, which lists dozens of health concerns your pup may have. It also lets you state your pup’s prescription diet, if any, and the exact age of your buddy in weeks and months, besides years. 

Redbarn tests its meals in state-of-the-art facilities, performing thousands of checks monthly. The company also conducts internal and external audits and has passed the SQF (Safe Quality Food) Program. And the company conducts surprise audits of its suppliers to ensure the utmost quality.


Redbarn sources most of its ingredients from the USA. For certain quality foods not available domestically, Redbarn collaborates with international farmers and purveyors. And these overseas partners must adhere to stringent American standards to become Redbarn's suppliers.

Redbarn meals meet the AAFCO (American Association of Feed Control Officials) standards for natural pet food, treats, and chews. While not certified organic or human grade for various reasons, including that they're not intended for human consumption, Redbarn ensures its products are healthy and safe for your pets.

Redbarn meals and treats contain various ingredients, depending on the recipe. Key proteins among them are beef, chicken, turkey, lamb, tuna, and salmon. Besides these, cheese and bacon are some other animal-derived ingredients. From fruits and vegetables, the company incorporates pumpkin, sweet potatoes, and carrots, to mention a few. Selected meals also contain grains, such as oats, barley, and rice.

Redbarn's Grain-Free Ocean Recipe

Let's take the Grain-Free Ocean Recipe for an ingredient breakdown. It's a dry meal whose principal ingredients are salmon, trout, sweet potatoes, dried pumpkin, flaxseed, peas, and lentils. The recipe comprises many other additions, some of which are tocopherols, vitamins, minerals, and taurine. But, I’ll focus on proteins, fruits, and veggies. 

Salmon brims with omega-3 acids beneficial for immunity. Trout is easily digestible, catering to pets with sensitive tummies, as well as fiber-rich pumpkins. Sweet potato is a great source of essential vitamins, while flaxseed contains nutrients beneficial for the dog's skin and coat. Peas provide minerals and vitamins, and lentils are a source of fiber, iron, and protein. 


I referred to the guaranteed analysis of the Air Dried Chicken Recipe to assess its nutritional value. I found that this meal contains at least 45% crude protein and no less than 23% crude fat. It also has no more than 2% crude fiber. Note that nutritional values may vary between recipes of the same or different product types. 

I believe the preparation methods for Redbarn's air-dried, dry, and rolled products are similar. I found the information that the service slow-cooks its air-dried and rolled dishes. While it seems likely that the dry recipes are prepared in a similar way, there's no explicit confirmation on the website. Also, the company doesn't specify the preparation process for its canned recipes.


Redbarn ships its products fresh. The preparation process ensures freshness maintenance throughout transport. Each meal or treat arrives in its original packaging, so it's easy to tell them apart from another. Kibbles are the size of most other manufacturers’ kibbles. 

Redbarn recipes have a long shelf life when stored properly. Dry and rolled foods typically last 18 months from their manufacturing date. Canned items have a longer shelf life of 36 months from the date of manufacture. 

You can store unopened rolled food in your pantry. Once opened, keep any unused portions in air-tight containers in the fridge for up to 2 weeks, or in the freezer for 6 months. Remember to thaw rolled food to room temperature before serving it to your pet.

About eco-friendliness, note that Air Dried Dog Food and Whole Grain & Grain-Free kibble bags aren't recyclable. On the bright side, the business's shipping boxes are recyclable. 


Redbarn has products for most budgets. Check the specific price range for each of its offerings in the following table:

Product Type


Shipping Fee

Dry Dog Food

$19.99 to $23.99

Free or $7

Air Dried Dog Food


Rolled Dog Food

$2.49 to $21.19

Canned Dog Food


Food Variety Packs

$19.99 to $234.97


$2.09 to $13.09

Bully Sticks

$2.59 to $27.99


$1.89 to $169.99

Collagen Chews

$2.79 to $33.59


$12.99 to $53.99

Rewards & Treats

$1.89 to $53.99

When researching the Redbarn assortment, I found products in the middle and upper price range on sale. For instance, I discovered during my Redbarn Dog Food review that I could buy the Air Dried Food Variety 3-Pack, originally priced at $234.97, as listed in the table, for $211.48. I found that the company has various meals and treats on sale. 

Also, note that the prices in the table are for individual items. Recipes and treats I checked were also available in larger packages and bundles. If you buy big, the cost per individual product tends to drop considerably. In the case of Grain-Free Sky Recipe, the price of a 4-lb package was $21.99, while buying five 4-lb packages would set you back $78.09. 

As a subscriber, you enjoy a 10% discount. This subscription discount applied to every meal, treat, and bundle I reviewed in my research.

Redbarn subscription discount of 10%

The cost of shipping is $7 unless your order is worth at least $49. In that case, the company waives the delivery fee. 

Redbarn offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you or your dog aren’t satisfied with any of the company's products, you are eligible for a replacement or a refund. Reach out to customer service for reimbursement within 30 days. 

Shipping & Delivery

The company delivers its products throughout the contiguous US. You can also order from this provider if you live in Hawaii or Alaska. It ships packages from its Kansas City warehouse that typically arrive in 2 to 7 days, depending on your location. You'll get a tracking number once the shipment hits the road.

Set your delivery schedule if you register an account with Redbarn. This can be weekly, yearly, or any other interval that suits your needs. You can easily reschedule deliveries as needed. You can also put your account on hold if necessary.

How Redbarn Works

Redbarn lets you buy its items as a guest if you prefer. But you enjoy attractive discounts and can set a delivery schedule among other benefits if you register an account. The procedure is straightforward and requires a few minutes of your time. 

How to Sign Up

You start the registration process by selecting Log In in the top-right corner of the screen. Then, you do the following:

1. Register an account by stating your name and email address. Create a strong password including uppercase and uppercase letters, numbers, and symbols ($, @, &, or so). The Signup page on the Redbarn site

2. Select the Hi (your name) icon to manage your account. Redbarn's homepage with an arrow pointing to the button to click

    3. Click on the blank red button that will turn into the View Addresses button once you hover your cursor over it. After that, you can state 1 or more delivery addresses. A Redbarn account page

      4. Select the blank white button, which becomes Edit when you hover your cursor over it. Then, type your address. Redbarn's customer account page for address management

        5. Type 1 or more of your delivery addresses. Also state your phone number and select the Set as default address? box once done. Redbarn's delivery address page

        Once you complete these steps, you’re ready to order Redbarn’s products and enjoy membership benefits.

        Managing Your Subscription

        Subscription management from your account page is a piece of cake. When you land there after clicking on the Hi (your name) tab in the header, you'll arrive at a page that provides a detailed overview of different aspects of your account. 

        My Account page on the Readbarn website

        From your account page, you can manage your email and physical addresses and check your subscription status. What's more, you can review your order history. You can also reset your password from there. 

        Customer Service

        I had questions about food safety measures during transport and the recyclability of shipping boxes. Answers to these questions weren't available in the FAQ, so I reached out through a contact form. I also wondered whether Redbarn transports some of its products fresh or frozen.

        Redbarn's contact form and a message

        I communicated with a customer support representative who identified himself as Stan. He addressed my query within a day, which I consider an OK response time. And he answered each question to the point.

        Redbarn customer support representative's answer

        You can reach out to the company's customer support via contact form, email, and phone. The email address you can send a message to is [email protected]. If you prefer speaking with an agent, call (562) 495-7315 or toll-free (800) 775-3849. Agents are available Monday through Thursday from 8 am to 5 pm PST and Friday from 7 AM to 4 pm PST. 

        You can cancel your subscription at any time. Just do it before the next order deadline to avoid another delivery you'll be charged for. If you have further questions or need help, contact customer service.

        Redbarn has an FAQ section, but I've seen much more comprehensive FAQs since I started reviewing pet food delivery services. It has sections like General Information, Dry Dog Food, and How to Purchase, among others. But I find the selection of answers quite sparse. 

        To illustrate, I was only able to find info about cancelation in an answer to a customer's question. Most other pet food delivery services include such info in their FAQs, even steps on how to cancel. Also, recyclability info was hard to come by at the time of my Redbarn dog food review. 

        You should contact customer support for a refund. 

        Redbarn Recalls

        At the time of my review, Redbarn had recalls due to potential salmonella contamination. That happened in 2018 when bully sticks were recalled. If you're looking for a pet food delivery service with no recall history, I recommend checking out our Best Dog Food With No Recalls review.

        How Redbarn Compares to Other Meal Delivery Services

        Redbarn vs. The Farmer’s Dog: Choose Redbarn if you're looking for dry, rolled, or canned meals. But, if you seek fresh meals, The Farmer's Dog, 1 of the top pet food delivery services, is a solid choice. Its meal customization quiz, among the best I've reviewed, considers various factors including health issues. Many dog owners have reported improved well-being in their pets after switching to The Farmer's Dog's food.

        Redbarn vs. Ollie: Ollie is a great choice if you mix and match fresh and dry meals for your doggo. It offers a Half Fresh Plan if you want to effectively combine its fresh food with meals from another producer. And unlike Redbarn, Ollie offers health screenings for pet parents who want to assess the health of their hounds. Equally important, Ollie doesn’t have a recall history.

        Redbarn vs. We Feed Raw: We Feed Raw specializes in raw meals for both dogs and cats. Its meals are composed of almost 100% animal proteins, which are generally easier for dogs to digest compared to plant proteins. This makes it a particularly suitable choice for pets with allergies. The service also provides a meal customization questionnaire to cater to your pet's specific needs.

        The Bottom Line: Is Redbarn Dog Food Worth It?

        Redbarn is a good option if you prefer dry or rolled meals for your canines. It also offers canned recipes, but the selection of these meals is pretty limited. The company caters to a range of budgets, providing meals and treats for both budget-conscious and discerning pet owners. Its products are available for order in the continental US, Hawaii, and Alaska, among other locations.

        This pet food delivery service won't make the cut if you feed your pup fresh or raw meals. While it has a Product Picker, I find it rather basic, especially compared to some of the healthiest dog food delivery services offering meal personalization among our top picks. Also, you’ll likely have to contact customer support if you have queries since Redbarn has some of the least comprehensive FAQs among the services I reviewed so far.


        Is Redbarn dog food good for dogs?

        Yes, Redbarn dog food is generally good for dogs. It aligns with the AAFCO standards for pet nutrition, ensuring that its products are healthy and safe for canine and feline consumption. The company had recalled some of its products, though, back in 2018.

        Who makes Redbarn dog food?

        The clarity regarding this question is somewhat ambiguous. Many pet food delivery services openly state the involvement of pet nutritionists and veterinarians on their teams. But unlike them, Redbarn doesn't make any specific mention of such professionals on its website. Still, the company operates 2 modern facilities and asserts that it employs dedicated and professional QA members.

        Is Redbarn made in the USA?

        Redbarn has facilities in Long Beach, California, Great Bend, Kansas, and Paraguay. But most of its production, around 80%, comes from its Kansas facility.

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