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Serenity Kids Review 2024: Healthy Baby Food

Our Top Choice For 2024
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Author Mirela Niculae
Mirela Niculae
Updated on Apr 3rd, 2024
Fact checked by Deborah Leigh


Serenity Kids delivers wholesome, organic, non-GMO baby food right to your door. This family-owned company uses only ethically sourced ingredients to create a variety of tasty, nutrient-dense blends without any added sugars. 

As a parent, I know how difficult it can be to find the time to make healthy baby food from scratch. Plus, finding the right ingredients at your local grocery store can be a herculean task. So, a service like Serenity Kids can be a godsend!

Still, you can’t buy baby food just from any company that makes big promises. Therefore, I decided to take a closer look at Serenity Kids’ products and services to check if their claims are true. 

After thorough research, I declare myself satisfied. Serenity Kids’ baby food pouches, puffs, smoothies, and formula manage to deliver the convenience busy parents need alongside the nutrition growing babies deserve. If you’re curious and want to know more, make sure to read my entire Serenity Kids review!



Rigorous testing standards

High price point

Reliable suppliers

Recycling requires extra steps

Free from common allergens

The menu doesn’t change

What’s on the Serenity Kids Menu

Serenity Kids provides a variety of sugar-free baby food options tailored for little ones 6 months and up. The recipes contain the perfect balance of fats, proteins, and carbs to mimic the nutritional makeup of breast milk.

Screen shot of Serenity Kids menu

Due to their texture and taste, Serenity Kids meals make the transition from breast milk to veggies and meats a lot easier. Plus, each recipe includes only the best quality ingredients, like grass-fed meats and organic vegetables, packed with nutrients.

All Serenity Kids meals are minimally processed with no additives or preservatives. Also, there are no low-nutrition fillers like grains, legumes, and corn, as well as no allergens like gluten, eggs, nuts, or dairy. So, you can feel good knowing your little one is getting quality nutrition in every bite.

Meal Options

Serenity Kids offers dairy-free smoothies, vegetable pouches, meat pouches, grain-free puffs, and toddler formula for babies aged 6 months and up. All Serenity Kids options are nutrient-dense, have low sugar, and have a healthy balance of fat, protein, and carbohydrates. 

The menu features around 30 different products, available as individual items, bundles, and variety packs.

Meat and Veggie Pouches

Screenshot of one Veggie and one Meat Pouch from Serenity Kids

One thing that makes Serenity Kids stand out in front of other baby food delivery services, like Once Upon a Farm, is the Meat Pouches. These are nutrient-dense, low-sugar meat purees for babies and toddlers made with ethically sourced meats and organic vegetables. Each recipe is packed with protein, vitamins, and minerals.

The current offer includes several flavors, such as Beef Pot Roast Baby Food Pouch with Bone Broth, Turmeric Chicken Baby Food Pouch with Bone Broth, or Wild Caught Salmon Baby Food Pouch with Organic Butternut Squash and Beet.

For babies who prefer veggies, Serenity Kids has a selection of nutritious veggie purees that include organic vegetables grown on nutrient-rich soil. All the veggie recipes are packed with vitamins and minerals. Great for any dietary lifestyle, these pouches contain no grains, eggs, nuts, dairy, or artificial ingredients.

Dairy-Free Smoothies

Screenshot of Serenity Kids' 4 smoothie flavors

Everyone likes smoothies, so your baby will most likely be on board with trying this new food. Plus, the ones from Serenity Kids are dairy-free and include proteins. Each recipe includes organic fruits and vegetables and is designed to support growth and development. 

With flavors like Beet & Carrot, Pumpkin Spice, and Sweet Potato Spice, the smoothies contain no artificial ingredients – just wholesome purees appealing to little taste buds. These smoothies aren’t just delicious, they’re also a great way to introduce essential vitamins and minerals into your child's balanced diet.

Grain-Free Puffs

Serenity Kids' selection of grain-free puffs

When it comes to snacks, it’s not always easy to find something healthy that your baby will like. Luckily, Serenity Kids found quite an interesting solution – allergy-friendly, grab-and-go, grain-free baby puffs. 

Made with organic vegetables and cassava root, the puffs contain no grains, gluten, soy, nuts, or artificial ingredients. At the time of my review, there were only 5 puff options: Pumpkin & Cinnamon, Carrot & Beet, Broccoli & Spinach, Tomato & Mushroom, and White Cheddar with Cauliflower & Spinach. 

A2 Formula

Screenshot of the 2 available sizes for A2 formula

Serenity Kids offers a clean, EU-standards formula for sensitive tummies that's easy to digest. Made with A2 milk from regenerative farms, organic lactose, and non-hexane extracted DHA/ARA, it contains no soy, corn, rice, gluten, or GMOs. 

Awarded the Clean Label Project Purity Award, the Formula was third-party tested free of over 200 contaminants for safety and quality. 


Is Serenity Kids Good For This Diet?


Yes, all the baby food products are gluten-free


Yes, starting with the puffs and ending with the smoothies, all baby food options are grain-free


Yes, there are a few veggie-based options


Yes, most of the ingredients used are organic


Yes, no nuts are included in these recipes


Yes, all the recipes are soy-free


Yes, there are dairy-free options


Each Serenity Kids recipe was carefully crafted by a team of baby food and nutrition experts. Plus, to keep any pathogens away from your baby’s food, each pouch is put through a high-heat, high-pressure process after they are sealed. So, there is no room for customization when it comes to ingredients or how the meal is packed. 

You do have the option to filter the menu by product category and sort by several criteria, such as price, product name, and more. However, to check the ingredients, allergens, and other details, you have to click on each product.  Screenshot of Serenity Kids' menu filtering systems

The only time when you can customize the food is after delivery and before feeding it to your bundle of joy. For instance, you can combine a smoothie with cut-up pieces of fruit or veggies (for children who can already eat solid foods). The same is true about the baby food pouches.

However, before making any customizations, make sure to check the label. These recipes are designed to offer babies the exact amount of nutrients they need, so additional fruits and veggies may imbalance the food.


All of Serenity Kids’ meals are packaged in convenient, shelf-stable, non-microwaveable squeeze pouches. The packaging is very simple – all the pouches you’ve ordered arrive arranged vertically in a cardboard box. This way, Serenity Kids makes sure the pouches at the bottom don’t get squished too hard.

I like that if you order from different categories (let’s say smoothies and meat pouches), you’ll get a big cardboard box with 2 smaller cardboard boxes inside. One of the smaller boxes will have the smoothies, and the other the meat pouches. 

Each item is clearly labeled with all the important information, such as ingredients, nutrition facts, and enjoy by date. Unopened pouches are shelf-stable (don’t need refrigeration) and can be consumed up to 18 months from the date of manufacture. Once you’ve opened a pouch, you must refrigerate it and consume or freeze it within 24 hours of opening.

Screenshot of 2 Serenity Kids pouches' labeling

The pouches are single-use plastic and are made of 100% post-consumer recycled material. You can recycle the cap with your regular plastics, but the pouches need special care because they are a mixture of different plastics. 

To keep the pouches out of landfills, Serenity Kids partnered up with TerraCycle. So, collect the empty pouches as advised, and once you’ve gathered enough, put them in a box, download, and print a prepaid shipping label from your TerraCycle account. Seal your box, add the printed shipping label, and send it via UPS to be recycled.

I have to say that while you do need to make a few extra steps (which is not easy with a baby to care for), I appreciate the company’s effort and openness toward recycling.

Cooking with Serenity Kids

The best part of having access to a service like Serenity Kids is that you don’t have to do any cooking. There’s also no prepping and no cleaning afterward. It’s just feeding your baby delicious meals!

Additionally, the pouches are easy to handle even by a 6-month-old baby, and there’s no mess to clean up afterward. No more flying food and no more trying to convince your little one to take another spoonful.

Shortlist of My Favorite Meals

Since I don’t have a baby’s taste buds, I will trust the Serenity Kids website and share with you the top 3 best-selling baby food pouches and smoothies. When it comes to snacks and formula, every baby’s got their own preferences.

Wild Caught Salmon (Meat Pouches)

Serenity Kids' Wild Caught Salmon pouch

Made with wild-caught salmon and organic vegetables, this pouch is rich in omega-3s (60 mg per serving), proteins (5 g per serving), and healthy fats (5 g per serving). The omega-3-rich salmon, sourced sustainably in Alaska, supports brain development, while the organic butternut squash and beets add vitamins and nutrients into the mix. 

Organic Roots (Veggie Pouches)

Serenity Kids' Organic Roots pouch

Packed with 5 g of healthy fat for essential fatty acids & development, this veggie pouch features simple ingredients for easy-to-stomach flavors. The recipe combines carrot, beet, and sweet potato (all organic) into a delicious root vegetable puree.

The added organic olive oil brings essential fatty acids that encourage nutrient absorption and help in brain development. All the ingredients that went into making this recipe are USDA-certified organic and grown on US farms.

Sweet Potato Spice (Smoothies)

Serenity Kids' Sweet Potato Spice smoothie

This sweet potato spice-flavored smoothie features a combo of nutrient-dense ingredients, such as organic veggies, herbs, and spices. The smoothie is dairy-free and contains organic coconut cream and grass-fed collagen that provide high-quality protein and fat. 

Additionally, the Sweet Potato Spice Dairy-Free Smoothie is jam-packed with carotenoids, which support eye health, folate – great for brain health, and ginger for digestion.


Starting From

Order Size and Price (Before Shipping)

Shipping Fee

$3.65 per Veggie Pouch

without subscription

6 pouches per order: $21.95 

$8 or Free shipping on orders >$35

$2.29 per Veggie Pouch

with subscription

6 pouches per order: $17.56 

$3.99 per Meat Pouch

without subscription

6 pouches per order: $23.95 

$3.19 per Meat Pouch

with subscription

6 pouches per order: $19.16 

$3.99 per smoothie

without subscription

6 pouches per order: $23.95 

$3.19 per smoothie

with subscription

6 pouches per order: $19.16 

$5.49 per pack of puffs

without subscription

6 packs per order: $32.95 

$4.39 per pack of puffs

with subscription

6 packs per order: $26.36 

$35.99 per pack of baby formula

1 pack of 12.07oz A2 formula (not available for subscription)

$26.66 per pack of baby formula

with subscription

6 packs x 12.07oz per order: $159.96 ($199.95 without a subscription)

If you are a subscriber, prices vary between $2.29 for a Veggie Pouch and $3.19 for a smoothie or a Meat Pouch. Snacks (aka the Puffs) are a bit pricier, at $4.39 per pack. Lastly, the A2 formula is the most expensive, starting at $26.66 for a 6-pack of 12.07 oz containers.

If you’d rather buy a la carte, the prices are 20% higher, so you may want to reconsider. If you want just to try it out, Serenity Kids products are also available at retailers like Target, Whole Foods, Kroger, and others.

There isn’t a minimum or maximum order. However, besides the A2 formula, all the products are grouped in bundles of 6 or 8 items. The formula is available in 1, 2, and 6, and there are 2 container sizes (12.07 oz and 21 oz). So, you can buy as many 6-pack or 8-pack bundles as you want, regardless of menu category.

Screenshot of one of the many bundles available on Serenity Kids

There is also the option to offer a Serenity Kids gift card, so if you have any busy parents around, this makes for a fantastic gift. The gift card is available in 4 values ($25, $50, $75, and $100) and you can buy as many as you want. And they never expire!

Screenshot of the physical gift card from Serenity Kids

Serenity Kids wants to make sure every customer is 100% satisfied. So, if you don’t think the food is good for your baby or it doesn’t suit your little one’s taste buds, you can return the unopened products and receive a full refund. For more details, check the Refunds section of the website.

Lastly, shipping is free for all orders over $35 within the US. If your order total is under $35, then you’ll pay a flat rate of $8.00 for shipping. 

Shipping & Delivery

Serenity Kids delivers anywhere within the United States, and the average shipping time is 4-6 business days. The company also delivers to PO boxes, Puerto Rico, Guam, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and to Military APO/FPO. However, these deliveries take longer, between 10 to 12 business days. 

All orders are shipped via UPS and USPS, and you can choose the delivery frequency (every 2, 4, or 8 weeks). 

While Serenity Kids allows you to make changes to your order, once you press the Purchase button and the order goes to processing, there are no guarantees for cancelations or modifications.

Otherwise, you can make changes to your subscriptions at any time by using your online account. These changes include frequency adjustments, quantity modifications, or removing/swapping products.

How Serenity Kids Works

Creating an account and placing your first order is easy with Serenity Kids. I think deciding which products to purchase will be the most difficult step of the process since there are so many delicious recipes from which to choose. 

How to Sign Up

  1. Click Shop Now: On Serenity Kids’ home page, look for the Shop Now button. You can also choose the Shop menu in the upper-left corner and select Shop All to see all the products.

 Screenshot of Serenity Kids' home page

  1. Select your products: You can add to the cart while browsing the menu, or you can click on each product that piques your interest, read the detailed description, and add to the cart from there. You can have a la carte and subscription items in the same order.

Screenshot of the cart and its products

  1. Go to Checkout: Serenity Kids offers 2 options – Express and Standard Checkout. To create an account with your first order, choose the standard version.

  2. Add your information: Email and shipping address will be requested during this step. Also, if you want to receive their newsletter, check the Join the Serenity Kids Family checkbox.

  3. Choose the preferred shipping method: For a la carte orders, you can choose between standard shipping (free) and UPS 2nd Day Air (which was over $15 for me). The subscription products all come with standard shipping.

Screenshot of the shipping method screen

  1. Place the order: To complete the order process, add your payment information and click Pay. You will receive a confirmation email that your order has entered the processing system.

If you’re not ready to place an order but still want to create your account, you can do so by clicking on the Login button in the upper-right corner of every page (right next to rewards). This will take you to the Sign In or Register page. Here, click on the Create Account button, add your name, email, and password, and click Create.

Managing Your Subscription

Serenity Kids makes it easy to manage your subscription using the customer portal (aka, your online account). Here, you can make changes to your subscriptions, like swapping or removing products, adjusting the quantity or the delivery frequency, editing your address or payment information, and more. 

To make sure you don’t forget to make changes to your subscription, Serenity Kids sends a reminder email or text 3 days prior to your next shipment. However, keep in mind that the first order goes directly to processing, so you can’t edit it from your account.

Customer Service

You can get in touch with Serenity Kids’ customer service team via email or phone. The team is available Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5 pm CST. While the email service is quick and helpful (it takes between 15 to 30 minutes to get a reply), phone lines are quite busy. 

So, if you want a speedy reply, it’s best to start with the email. The company is also active on several social media platforms and has a well-stocked FAQ section where you may find your answers.

How Serenity Kids Compares to Other Meal Delivery Services

Serenity Kids vs. Once Upon a Farm: Once Upon a Farm provides a wider variety, including fruit and veggie blended purees, milkshakes, smoothies, coconut yogurt, overnight oats, snack bars, and frozen meals for infants and toddlers. So, Once Upon a Farm promotes more wholesome, plant-based (no meat) alternatives that are better suited for expanding palates.

Serenity Kids vs. Little Spoon: Little Spoon provides a lot more options tailored to babies, toddlers, and big kids, including fruit and veggie purees, toddler meals, smoothies, finger foods to help transition to solids, lunches, and snacks. So, while Serenity Kids focuses on infants, Little Spoon grows with the kids, providing nutritious foods for every age and stage up to big kids.

Serenity Kids vs. Nurture Life: Serenity Kids offers infant-friendly purees with meat and veggies, smoothies, and puffs, while Nurture Life provides a wider variety of meals for toddlers and kids, like finger foods, smoothies, and snacks for ages 10 months and up. So, while Nurture Life has more menu options for older babies, toddlers, and big kids, Serenity Kids is tailored more specifically to infants, helping parents provide balanced nutrition for their babies.

The Bottom Line: Is Serenity Kids Worth It?

Yes, Serenity Kids is a reliable baby food delivery service that provides fresh, nutritious meals for infants. The menu is well-balanced and contains a wide variety of purees and smoothies with the ideal balance of nutrients a baby needs in their early development. 

Additionally, Serenity Kids only uses high-quality ingredients from trustworthy suppliers and runs rigorous safety testing. However, its products are a bit more expensive compared to making your own baby food. 

So, for busy parents who can afford it, the convenience and assurance that your baby gets optimal nutrition makes it worthwhile. Serenity Kids eliminates grocery shopping and preparing homemade purees while ensuring your infant develops a taste for wholesome, balanced foods.


Is Serenity Kids free from heavy metals?

The company thoroughly tests its food products in third-party laboratories to ensure the highest standards of quality. All the tests up until now confirmed that heavy metals are undetectable in any of the products. Plus, Serenity Kids adheres to the European Union standards, which are much stronger than what the FDA has proposed and among the strictest in the world.

How is Serenity Kids' shelf stable?

Serenity Kids uses a special heat and pressure process to make its purees and smoothies shelf-stable, similar to how you would can foods at home. This eliminates the need for any chemical preservatives while keeping the purees safe for your baby to enjoy.  

What age are Serenity Kids puffs for?

Serenity Kids puffs are healthy snacks designed for babies who can sit up on their own and mash food using their brand-new chompers at around 7 months. The puffs are a great option for babies who can self-feed as they motivate them to develop fine motor, oral, and coordination abilities.

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