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Veestro Expert Review 2023: Price, Menu Options + More

Written by: Felicity Kay on Jan 30th, 2023

Veestro In a Nutshell

All-vegan, fully-prepared, healthy meals, with very flexible delivery options and a weight loss plan available.


  • No cooking required

  • Dietary options (like kosher) available 

  • Very flexible delivery options 

  • Special deal: Save 35% Off! Code: EAT35


  • Confusing shipping information  

  • Bulk ordering meals may not be for everyone

Veestro Overview

Even with the awards Veestro has won, I was skeptical about just how tasty its frozen, pre-cooked vegan meals could be. True, I was excited about the fact that it used all organic, preservative-free ingredients, but my standards were high. I was looking for a meal delivery service that provided the option for a weight loss program, with tasty meals that I could actually enjoy. In the course of trying out Veestro’s meal delivery service, I was surprised at what I found. 

How Veestro Works 

Diving right in, Veestro worked a little differently from other meal delivery services. Firstly, it offered you a choice of either 10, 20, or 30 meals for your order. Far beyond the standard two or three a week offered by other providers.

Next, you chose your meals. You could also narrow these down using the dietary preferences box: 

In fact, the dietary preferences on offer might just surprise you. This was the first time I’d ever seen kosher as an option!

You then chose how often you wanted your delivery, and the price you paid changed according to your selection (more on that in a moment). 

You would then fill in personal details and pay. Veestro only let pay by credit card. I’d have liked to have seen a PayPal option (like Purple Carrot), or even a GPay option (like Factor 75).

Veestro Prices

Veestro was one of the more affordable meal delivery services on the market, especially for one offering specialty plans like gluten-free, vegan, and weight-loss plans. 

While it depended on the plan you chose, prices could be $7.16 per serving (on the A La Carte plan), and as high as $11.70 per portion (on the five-day weight loss plan). That's a pretty good value for pre-cooked meals.

When comparing Veestro to providers like Purple Carrot, you had much more choice for less money. For example, Purple Carrot meals start at $8.50 per portion, but you only have the choice of two or four-person plans, and two or three meals a week. Even then, you have to cook them yourself.

When I compared Veestro to another diet-friendly meal kit, Freshology, it’s a different story. For three meals five days a week at Freshology, I'd be paying $9.57 a meal, totaling $143.59 per week, plus $9.99 shipping. At Veestro, that same set up (even with free shipping) would’ve cost me $175.50, which is considerably more expensive.

But that's not all. Veestro had different pricing options based on the frequency of your meal delivery and the level of commitment you were comfortable with. You could choose a one-time, all-in-one-go delivery (for a slightly higher price per portion) or a recurring delivery: 

If you clicked on the delivers every 2 weeks dropdown, you would see even more options. 

This was one of the most flexible set delivery options I had seen – and I’ve reviewed dozens of meal kit delivery services.

Veestro Menu

I found many aspects of Veestro unconventional. It had around 50 meals a week to choose from, which could be filtered to your requirements. These were divided into entrees and breakfast – there were seven breakfast options alone to choose from. 

It’s important to note, however, that these options never changed. You had the same 50-odd meals to choose from each week. Even so, I was impressed at the range

Veestro had all sorts of cuisine, even though it was all vegan. I saw Asian recipes, American fare, Chinese, Italian, Middle Eastern, and even Kosher! As I mentioned earlier, this was the first time I’d seen a kosher filter on a meal delivery service, and I was impressed. Sure, it might be easier to make plant-based food kosher, but other vegan providers, like Sunbasket or Purple Carrot, don’t have the label. 

Some users have grumbled online that there was nothing making each dish authentic, the Morrocan-inspired dish isn't all that Morrocan, for example. But I think that’s a bit unfair. Without using any meat or fish, it's pretty hard to make certain cuisines completely authentic. 

Having said that, I was surprised at how non-veggie-centered each meal was. Veestro relied heavily on meat substitutes, which I’m personally okay with, but not everyone might be. It also boasts 96% organic ingredients, which I appreciated. 

I chose a 20-meal box and went for a taste of everything, including:

  • Poached Mushroom Wrap 

  • Turkish Meatballs

  • Portobello Steak Dinner

...among others. 

Here’s a quick summary of Veestro’s pricing and specialized meal plan options:


From $7.16 per portion 

Dietary Needs

Vegan, gluten-free, weight loss, carb-conscious

Shipping costs


Special deals

Save 35% Off! Code: EAT35

Veestro Delivery 

With all the flexibility of how frequently you wanted your Veestros meals delivered, you couldn’t choose a delivery date. In fact, you weren’t even be told directly when it would arrive. For that information, you had to visit the Shipping and Delivery times page and find out for yourself. 

You’ll find this color-coded map. Note the key explaining the color code. 

You then had to work out the time and day your order was likely to arrive, based on your state’s color. It's not the most straightforward system.

So for me, based in California (which is in a 1-day zone), placing an order on Sunday meant my order would arrive on Wednesday or Thursday the following week. That’s not how I’m used to doing things when ordering from a meal kit service. Plus, surely a 1-day delivery should mean I get it Monday (or maybe even Tuesday). Confusing on many levels. 

Next up, I had the option to either receive my entire order as a one-off delivery for a slightly higher price per portion, or as a subscription with auto-delivery every week, two weeks, or every month.

I really liked the flexibility of the delivery options, but was super confused trying to work out when the order would arrive. Wouldn't it have been easier to give me an auto-generated tracking code or something, Veestro?

Well, I did eventually receive a tracking code. But only after I'd completed my order. I could have saved myself a lot of time and hassle trying to work out delivery times if I knew that upfront.

Veestro Unboxing

As a pre-cooked meal kit delivery service, every part of Veestro’s delivery was recyclable, from the big cardboard box to the cardboard sleeve and plastic packaging. Believe it or not, this is pretty unusual in the meal delivery world, and I was impressed.

With your fully recyclable packaging, you would find your meals and that’s about it! Your meals were packed in dry ice to keep them fresh and all the heating instructions were listed on the cardboard sleeve of each meal so no need for extra info.

Favorite Veestro Meals

While I’m not a vegan, I appreciate vegan food, and I wasn't disappointed here. I have a soft spot for meal delivery services that don't require me to cook at all. All I needed to do is heat up each meal in the microwave, and there were instructions for heating up in the oven or on the stove, too. 

Having said that, I did expect more healthy, vegan food. What was on offer here was more like the vegan version of standard comfort food

Other vegan meal kit services, like Sunbasket and Green Chef, really go to town to provide plant-centric vegan meals. Veestro’s approach was more to add the vegetables as a secondary feature. This was clear from the relatively small portion of vegetables in each meal.

Each of the meals had a label wrapped around the plastic box they came in, telling you what was in the meal, and how to heat it up.

I was a bit worried that the combination of plant-based ingredients and microwaving would cause the food to lose its taste, but I found each meal to be flavorful and interesting enough to eat.

As with any microwaveable meal kit, there’s a little bit of a sacrifice when it comes to flavor and texture – after all, you're not cooking from scratch. But I’m happy to say, this wasn't very noticeable with Veestro.

Veestro Customer Service

Veestro had an email, online form, and phone number, all available Monday-Friday, 8 am-5 pm PT. When I called on a Monday morning, I was put through to a customer support representative within 30 seconds and found her to be efficient, friendly, and helpful. 

There was also an FAQ section on the Veestro site. It looked a little overwhelming, but it was actually pretty detailed.

There was no easy search function, so you needed to either scan through the whole thing or search for your query using the CTRL+F button (or Command+F on macs) to find what you wanted. I couldn’t find what I was looking for, which is why I called the customer support phone line instead. 

With Veestro, there was also the option to pause your deliveries if you wanted and it was easy to cancel your subscription altogether. I tested out that process for you, as well, and I wrote about it in this blog post.

Alternatives to Veestro

Have you gotten through this review wondering, if Veestro offered this much, what other options are out there that might suit my needs even better? Well, if it’s more of a vegetarian or vegan-friendly meal kit that you need, HelloFresh’s meal plans provide you with fresh ingredients and fun recipes to put together delicious meals. While they have a big selection to suit other diets, you can filter through their options to find vegan dishes.

Purple Carrot’s service is an exclusively vegan meal kit service that is extremely popular for their fun recipes and quality ingredients. With meals in under 30 minutes, you really learn what it’s like to cook healthy vegan food, without all the guesswork.

The Bottom Line

Veestro’s no-cook, vegan meals were an interesting concept that delivered exactly what it promised. The flexibility of the meal plans went above and beyond compared to other vegan meal delivery services, and the unique selection of dietary preferences you could choose from were definitely beneficial.

Unlike other vegan providers, Veestro focused more on meat substitutes than highlighting vegetables and alternative ingredients. Veestro tried hard to emphasize the meat substitutes vegans might miss, and that's fine, but I know it wasn’t ideal for all vegans and vegetarians.

At the end of the day, with good pre cooked vegan food, at a relatively cheap price and quick delivery, you couldn’t really go wrong!


How much did Veestro cost?

Veestro was definitely one of the more affordable options for prepared meals. The price you paid depended on how many portions you ordered. That could be anywhere from 10-30. As usual, the more you ordered, the cheaper the cost of each meal. So, if you ordered 10 meals, you would pay from $11.70 a portion, but if you stocked up and maxed out the 30 meal option, the price dropped to $7.16

per portion.

One bonus of Veestro is that shipping was always free with auto deliveries, which isn’t a perk you get with all meal delivery services.

Was Veestro vegan?

Yes, Veestro was a completely plant-powered meal delivery service that provided pre-cooked meals made from over 96 percent organic ingredients.

As well as being vegan, Veestro also offered nut-free, gluten-free soy-free, high-protein and low-calorie meals. If you keep kosher and always wanted to try out a meal delivery service but never found one to meet your needs, Veestro also offered some kosher vegan meal options.

Were Veestro meals frozen?

Veestro’s pre cooked meals arrived directly to your door frozen (packed in dry ice). You could keep them for up to 8 weeks in the freezer or defrosted for 3-5 days in the fridge. When you were ready to cook them, they could be heated up in the microwave, on the stove or in the oven.

How could you cancel your Veestro subscription?

Veestro made it beyond simple to cancel your plan and it could all be done directly from your account. All you needed to do was click Manage my subscription, then hit Cancel my subscription and you were all done. Like every meal delivery service, you needed to be aware of the fine print.

Learn about that in this short How to Cancel Veestro blog post. If you’re on the hunt for a vegan alternative and you want fresh, quick and easy, take a look at our Splendid Spoon review. You’ll see that this company offers a wide variety of smoothies, soups and salad bowls.

If you want to be more involved in cooking the food you eat, Purple Carrot has a nourishing, all-vegan meal kit with easy-to-cook dishes that celebrate plant-based eating.

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