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Written by: Jessica Bain on Nov 22nd, 2022

5 Reasons Why Singles, Couples, and Families Love Home Chef

You might have friends or even family members who’ve tried Home Chef, the country’s top meal delivery service. Or maybe you’re just on the lookout for a meal plan that’ll work for your lifestyle, food preferences, and budget. Whatever the case, Home Chef has become the go-to service for fresh, delicious meal kits and precooked meals.

Here’s why:

1. “Home Cooking Made Simple”

As it states simply on its website, Home Chef gives you all the benefits of a home-cooked meal, without any of the hassles. That’s right, no more forgetting things at the grocery store or pouring over recipe blogs for new ideas.

You get all of the ingredients neatly portioned and packaged according to the recipes of your choice, delivered directly to your door. Each meal kit comes with recipe cards that feature clear and carefully crafted cooking directions to engage anyone from kids, to kitchen masters, with meal prep.

2. Edit or Pause Meals on The Fly

Want to edit your next order to add in a recipe you really enjoyed? Planning a quick getaway and need to skip your next order? Home Chef works around your schedule and your needs – no questions asked. It makes the editing and pausing process especially quick and easy because it understands that life changes, and it can change along with you.

3. Home Chef Provides “More Than a Meal Kit”

Home Chef is more than a meal kit (though the meal kits, themselves, offer so much, with 30- and even 15-minute meals!). It’s a meal delivery service that also provides oven-ready and grill-ready meals, along with fresh, delicious salads.

But even more than that, Home Chef is a great tool for helping you maintain good eating habits, no matter how hectic life may be. It’s also a springboard for bonding as a family in the kitchen, or simply finding your inner chef.

4. Customizable Recipes

Whether you’re a picky eater, have food allergies or intolerances, or simply come across meals you enjoy less from time to time, Home Chef lets you customize recipes to suit your needs. You can switch one protein for another – like fish for chicken – or leave out the ingredients you don’t like (like onions). 

This is especially key when you’re ordering for more than one person. The more people eating the meals, the more you’re likely to have foods you’ll need to avoid. Home Chef gets that.

5. Huge Menu Selection for Every Palate and Diet

With over a hundred recipes to choose from, varying in style and cook times, Home Chef truly has something for everyone.

Think that might be a little overwhelming? No worries, Home Chef organizes its recipes according to categories so that you can easily zero in on the recipes that’ll work best for your dietary needs. Categories include Vegetarian, Without Milk, Carb Conscious, and Calorie Conscious.

Home Chef – Making Homecooked Meals Fun Again

And there you have it.

Whether you’re ordering for 1, as a couple, or for the whole family, Home Chef is an affordable meal delivery service that gets you the best value. Whether that’s flexibility in its plans, customizability in its recipes, or its way of making home cooking enjoyable and easy, Home Chef just might be the meal delivery service for you.

About The Author

Jessica Bain
Staff Writer & Meal Kit Expert, Delivery Rank
Jessica is an avid foodie and literature junkie. Having written hundreds - if not thousands - of blog posts, she’s been focusing on writing in the food industry for years now. It’s thanks to her work that Jessica has sampled the top meal and food delivery services in the country. In her spare time, Jessica can be found doing yoga or cozying up to her pug, Timmy. Check out Delivery Rank’s other blogs and reviews to see more of Jessica’s work!
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