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Updated on Apr 10th, 2024
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10 Best Dog Food for Pitbulls 2024: Expert Picks

Navigating the maze of dog food options for your Pitbull might seem daunting. If you're on the hunt for nutrient-rich meals that boost muscle health and energy, your search doesn't have to be tough. Dive into my top picks for the best dog food for Pitbulls available this year. Discover the secret to ensuring your 4-legged friend thrives with vigor and vitality for the long haul.

Having sifted through numerous options, I've handpicked the top picks for this year. It's essential to understand that not every dog food out there offers the same high standards as those I've highlighted. Each entry today offers top-tier, human-grade ingredients, all of which comply with AAFCO guidelines. And yes, they're all protein-packed.

Overall, The Farmer's Dog tops my list this year. Its turkey recipe boasts an impressive minimum crude protein of 8%. Beyond that, it's enriched with powerhouse ingredients like chickpeas, carrots, broccoli, and spinach. Though The Farmer’s Dog is the best, every choice mentioned here will cater to your unique Pitbull.

Short on Time? Here Are the Best Dog Food for Pitbulls

  1. The Farmer’s Dog – Best overall Pitbull meals

  2. Ollie – Best fresh food for Pitbulls

  3. We Feed Raw – Best raw food for Pitbulls

  4. Nom Nom – Best superfood ingredients

  5. Spot & Tango – Best high-protein food

See 5 more of the best dog food for Pitbulls

The Best Dog Food for Pitbulls Reviewed

1. The Farmer’s Dog – Best Overall Pitbull Food

The Farmer's Dog Chicken Recipe with some of the whole natural ingredients used.

Key Features

  • A minimum of 8% crude protein is found in the turkey recipe

  • 3 other recipes available: beef, chicken, and pork

  • Grain-free food options also available

  • Current deal: Get 60% off on your first order!

The Farmer's Dog offers meals containing 8 to 11% minimum crude protein. This level of protein is beneficial for Pitbulls. These dogs have a natural muscular physique, and adequate protein intake ensures they maintain, or even gain, muscle throughout their lives, be it as puppies or adults.

What’s on Offer?

Turkey, Chicken, Beef, and Pork are among the meal options available. These recipes, apart from being favorites among many dogs, come with well-balanced macronutrient profiles. So, whether your Pitbull has a preference for beef or turkey, you're ensured a nutritious meal each time.

Personalized meal plans are a specialty of the company. Recognizing that every dog, especially breeds like Pitbulls, can have varying dietary needs, it provides a tailored meal plan that emphasizes macronutrient balance for optimal health.

Upon signing up, a detailed questionnaire awaits you. It dives into specifics like your dog's age, weight, activity level, and overall health. The intent is to ensure the meal plan crafted is just right for your Pitbull.

Superior-quality ingredients, such as chickpeas and lentils, are prominent in the meals. Ingredients like carrots, sweet potatoes, and green beans ensure that your Pitbull gets a balanced diet with each meal. It’s nice to know that your dog is getting not only protein but also essential vitamins and minerals.

What Makes It Special?

Its pet food stands out for being GMO- and gluten-free. The emphasis is on the quality of the ingredients used. I like that all the meals are of human-grade quality. This assures you that when you're feeding your Pitbull The Farmer’s Dog's food, you're offering top-tier nutrition. Learn more about it in our full The Farmer’s Dog review.

The Farmer’s Dog prioritizes sourcing ingredients sustainably and ethically. Local farmers and suppliers are the mainstay, emphasizing both quality and environmental responsibility. So, while your Pitbull enjoys a hearty meal, you can be at peace knowing you’re also helping the planet.

Is It Good Value?

Food delivery occurs every 3 weeks. It's not just the ingredients that are environmentally friendly. The packaging reflects a commitment to sustainability too. And if, for any reason, the food doesn't sit well with your Pitbull or you, there's a 2-week trial with a full refund option. The only condition is that the remaining food gets donated to a local animal shelter.

Pricing for The Farmer’s Dog starts at $2/day. Offering such quality at competitive prices ensures that your Pitbull receives the best, and it doesn't strain your wallet.

2. Ollie – Best Fresh Food for Pitbulls

A pit bull looking longingly at three packs of Ollie Lamb Dish With Cranberries

Key Features

  • The fresh lamb recipe contains a minimum of 10% crude protein

  • Fresh and dry recipes with a range of proteins

  • Grain- and gluten-free options also available

  • Current deal: Get 60% Off Your Starter Box!

I find that Ollie offers up an impressively wide array of meal choices for your Pitbull. With options ranging from fresh meals like beef, chicken, turkey, lamb, and pork to baked kibble meals such as beef and chicken, your pup is getting a varied diet. The fresh food has an average minimum crude protein content of around 8 to 10%, while the kibble offers 22 to 23%.

What’s on Offer?

It also uses the sous vide cooking method. Renowned for its ability to retain flavors, juices, and crucial nutrients, sous vide is usually reserved for gourmet dishes in high-end restaurants. With Ollie, your Pitbull gets this premium culinary treatment right in their bowl.

You won't find any artificial nasties in Ollie's meals. It commits to quality, ensuring that all meals and treats are devoid of artificial preservatives, fillers, and by-products. When you choose Ollie, you're selecting top-tier ingredients for your Pitbull.

Superfood ingredients are a staple in Ollie's meals. Your dog deserves the best, and with ingredients such as sweet potatoes, peas, carrots, rice, blueberries, and squash, as well as a wide selection of vegetables, they'll get a meal rich in antioxidants and vital micronutrients.

Flexibility is key with Ollie's meal plan options. Understandably, every dog owner has their own preferences and budget constraints. It offers Full Fresh, Half Fresh, and Mixed Bowl plans, allowing you to find the ideal fit for your Pitbull and wallet.

What Makes It Special?

Ollie also offers meal plans tailored to your dog. These ensure you receive the right food for your pup. It personalizes meals so that your canine companion receives optimum nutrition tailored just for them. Learn more in our detailed Ollie review.

The sign-up process is designed with your pet's health in mind. When you decide to embark on this culinary journey with Ollie, you'll be prompted to answer questions about your Pitbull. This includes breed, age, size, weight, activity level, and any potential food intolerances.

Is It Good Value?

Ollie collaborates with veterinary nutrition experts. Ensuring that meals are not just delicious but also nutritious, it crafts its meal plans under the watchful eye of experts. 

To help you gauge the best fit for your Pitbull, Ollie offers a 2-week starter box priced according to dog size, giving you a taste of its commitment to excellence. Pricing starts at $4-$8 per day  for small breeds and increases for larger breeds like Pitbulls.

3. We Feed Raw – Best Raw Food for Pitbulls

A bowl of We Feed Raw Beef recipe with a picture of an Irish Setter

Key Features

We Feed Raw’s lamb patty recipe is a great option for Pitbulls. It boasts a minimum of 13.9% crude protein. This range, between 12 to 14% minimum crude protein, is precisely what your Pitbull requires for a strong and healthy physique.

What’s on Offer?

Other meal options feature a variety of proteins. These include chicken, beef, duck, venison, and lamb. It also tends to add ingredients to boost the nutritional value of each meal. Examples include flaxseed and organ meats, which ensure your Pitbull receives a balanced and healthy meal.

Its meals are crafted with human-grade ingredients. You'll be pleased to know that these meals are free from fillers, preservatives, and synthetic flavors. This means your Pitbull gets the purest and most natural diet possible. Check out our We Feed Raw review for more information.

Personalized meal plans are a hallmark of We Feed Raw’s offerings. It creates a meal plan just for them. Meal plans are based on a questionnaire about your dog’s specifics, such as age, weight, activity level, and health concerns.

What Makes It Special?

All its offerings align with AAFCO guidelines. This ensures that the meals not only satisfy but also excel in meeting the nutritional requirements of pets like Pitbulls. And it serves meat-only meals. For those seeking the inclusion of veggies in their Pitbull’s diet, you may need to explore other options.

Nutritionists and veterinarians stand by these meat-only formulas. Even without vegetables, you can trust that the meals are balanced, ensuring your Pitbull receives everything it needs for a wholesome diet.

Is It Good Value?

Your first order is set as a 2-week trial. After that, expect deliveries every 2-8 weeks, depending on the size of your dog. 

Prices begin at $6.59/lb for smaller breeds. However, as you might expect, the cost for a large dog, especially active ones like Pitbulls, will be higher.

4. Nom Nom – Best Superfood Ingredients 

A Yellow Lab puppy waiting for a Nom Nom Beef Mash meal

Key Features

  • Tukey Fare contains a min. crude protein content of 10%

  • 3 other recipes available, including beef, chicken, and pork

  • Gluten- and grain-free recipes available

Nom Nom offers 4 diverse fresh food recipes. For Pitbulls demanding high protein, Turkey Fare leads the pack with 10%, while the other 3 recipes, Pork Potluck, Chicken Cuisine, and Beef Mash, provide an average of 9% minimum crude protein.

What’s on Offer? 

Every meal boasts fresh, wholesome ingredients. You won't find artificial additives, preservatives, or fillers in them. Such high-quality ingredients make for a healthier diet than many store-bought foods. Find out more about its ingredients in our Nom Nom review.

Nom Nom boasts in-house veterinary nutrition expertise. Meals aren't just thrown together; they're crafted by its board-certified veterinary nutritionists. This designation, though rare, ensures that the food meets the highest nutritional standards.

Pre-portioned meals eliminate guesswork. Nom Nom provides both full meal plans and half portions. If you're uncertain, the half-portion option lets your Pitbull sample the food, which can help him or her decide if he or she likes it before committing to a larger order.

What Makes It Special?

The service features 2 probiotic options. You can select from full-spectrum and GI-targeted probiotics, making sure the meals benefit overall health.

A personalized approach is at the heart of Nom Nom. Once you register, a detailed questionnaire about your dog’s age, weight, and activity level awaits you. Based on this information, it creates a meal plan addressing your Pitbull's exact nutritional requirements.

Is It Good Value?

You can start with a 2-week trial. Determining the right food for your Pitbull might feel daunting, but this trial, priced based on your dog's size, allows for an easy introduction. Moreover, attractive discount options are available for those who decide to continue.

Prices start at $2.40 for small breeds, making it a competitive option in the market of premium dog foods. For larger breeds like Pitbulls, pricing will be slightly higher, depending on your dog’s exact stats.

5. Spot & Tango – Best High-Protein Food

A bowl of Spot & Tango's fresh meal option with Beef and Millet

Key Features

  • The Beef + Millet recipe is high in crude protein (min. 11.9%)

  • 6 total recipes available including fresh and UnKibble

  • Gluten-, grain-, and soy-free meals available

Spot & Tango offers Fresh and UnKibble dog foods. The fresh type is pre-portioned, ensuring your Pitbull gets the right amount every meal. Meanwhile, the UnKibble variant includes a personalized food scoop, guaranteeing you serve your Pitbull pal the exact quantity required.

What’s on Offer?

Spot & Tango provides an array of meal choices. With proteins such as turkey, beef, and lamb combined with fresh fruits and vegetables, it offers meals like Turkey + Red Quinoa, Beef + Millet, and Lamb + Brown Rice. These combinations cater to the diverse palates of Pitbulls, allowing them to enjoy both nutrition and taste.

UnKibble is a nutrient-rich dried food alternative. This product is the result of transforming fresh food into dried form, retaining vital nutrients without resorting to fillers or preservatives. It's a powerhouse blend of protein, fat, and carbohydrates, perfect for the active nature of Pitbulls.

The Turkey recipe boasts a high crude protein content of 13.69%. It's an excellent option for Pitbulls with a preference for turkey. Additionally, there are 2 other fresh food recipes, Lamb + Brown Rice and Beef + Millet, both of which contain a minimum of 11.9% crude protein. Find out more about its recipes in our Spot & Tango review.

Beyond main meals, Spot & Tango has a range of treats. High-quality snacks such as Sweet Potato Bites, Chicken Bites, and Bison Bites are available. 

What Makes It Special?

Every dog receives a specialized meal plan from Spot & Tango. Tailoring is achieved by assessing your dog's specific needs through a questionnaire, which considers factors like age, activity level, and body composition. This customization ensures your Pitbull is getting a diet that aligns with its unique requirements.

Quality is at the forefront of Spot & Tango's offerings. Its food is devoid of preservatives, additives, and fillers. It's also been carefully crafted by veterinarians and adheres to the AAFCO feeding guidelines. 

Is It Good Value?

Spot & Tango guarantees satisfaction with its ordering and refund policy. You can start with options like a 2-week UnKibble trial, a full fresh plan, or a fresh topper plan. If, for any reason, your Pitbull doesn't relish the food, the company offers a full refund for the trial order.

The price point for Spot & Tango starts at $7 per week per week for small dogs. This pricing ensures even small Pitbull breeds can enjoy the premium quality and nutritional benefits that Spot & Tango offers without stretching your budget.

6. The Pets Table – Best Affordable Fresh Meals for Pitbulls

The Pet's Table air-dried and fresh meals side by side with air-dried on the right.

Key Features

  • Owned by meal delivery giant HelloFresh
  • Meals made with Beef, Chicken, and Turkey
  • All recipes formulated by veterinary nutritionists

The Pets Table specializes in delivering human-grade, minimally-processed dog food right to your door. It's a brand within the HelloFresh group that was launched in 2023 and quickly gained a reputation for its quality service and products. 

What’s on Offer

You can choose between 3 Fresh and 2 Air Dried recipes. Whatever plan you pick, your Pitbull gets meals featuring healthy human-grade proteins and an array of vegetables and fruits. Check out our detailed The Pets Table review for more information on the menu. 

Fresh meals are cooked at lower temperatures to preserve nutrients. You can choose between Beef Stew with Carrots, Chicken Casserole with Green Beans, and Turkey Casserole with Broccoli. 

Air-dried meals are shelf-stable like kibble but are made with natural ingredients and contain important amino acids, fiber, and vitamins you won’t find in commercial kibble. Air-dried meals are gently ground, and then baked at low temperatures on a baking sheet.  Choose between Chicken & Sweet Potato or Beef & Broccoli. 

What Makes It Special?

The single protein recipes at The Pets Table are a great choice for Pitbulls with sensitive stomachs. Avoiding fillers and preservatives ensures that your Pitbull gets all the nutrients it needs and none of the allergens that can upset their tummy.

These meals include superfoods like sweet potato, fish oil, and flaxseed. Each recipe also includes vitamin A for canine well-being. Veterinary nutritionists design these meals to have a high protein count (12% vs. the industry average of 9%). 

Is It Good Value?

Considering the value proposition, The Pets Table definitely deserves a look. With prices starting at $1.59 per meal, it is one of the most reasonably priced services on our list. Your Pitbull can eat like a king for less than you might have expected.

Air-Dried meals are considerably less expensive per serving than Fresh meals. The most popular subscription at The Pets Table, the Mixed, gives you 50% off both Fresh and Air Dried meals for the best of both worlds.

7. Just Food For Dogs – Best DIY Pitbull Meals

Venison & Squash Recipe by JustFoodForDogs

Key Features

  • The Venison & Squash contains min. 9% crude protein

  • 20+ other options including fresh frozen and DIY homemade

  • Grain- and gluten-free options available

JustFoodForDogs provides a variety of meal options. From its Fresh Frozen menu, the Chicken & White Rice stands out. The Pantry Fresh menu offers Turkey & Whole Wheat Macaroni. It also has treats, supplements, and bundles tailored for Pitbulls.

What’s on Offer?

The brand emphasizes human-grade ingredients. No preservatives, fillers, or by-products here. It uses quality proteins, fresh veggies, and brown rice, which are perfect for the robust health needs of a Pitbull.

Tailored meal plans are its specialty. Taking into account factors like age and activity level, it crafts plans suited for your Pitbull. An in-depth questionnaire considers your dog's unique health status.

Specialized diets cater to specific health issues. If your Pitbull has conditions like kidney or liver disease, it provides prescription diets. It even has meals for diabetes, keeping your canine companion healthy.

What Makes It Special?

DIY Meal Kits are available for hands-on owners. If you enjoy making your dog's food, these kits enhance the nutritional value of homemade dog food with vital macronutrients. This is 1 of the features I like most about JustFoodForDogs. Check out our full review if you want to learn more.

There's also expert guidance for Pitbull owners. On-staff vets and nutritionists are ready to assist. They offer advice specifically for Pitbull breeds, ensuring your dog gets the best.

Is It Good Value?

Flexible shipping and refund policies stand out. Set up autoshipments from 1 to 8 weeks, or opt for in-store pickups. Not happy with the first order? Receive a full refund, minus shipping and delivery fees.

Pricing starts at $6.45 for small dogs. For Pitbulls, depending on their size, prices may vary. The autoship program might save you some cash on regular orders as well.

8. PawFoods – Best Organic Dog Food for Pitbulls

Steak Sensation by PawFoods

Key Features

  • All meals use organic produce
  • Subscriptions and 1-time orders available Offers 1-time orders
  • Beef, Chicken, and Fish recipes available

PawFoods offers a good selection of organic and gluten-free meal options. If eating organic is important to you, PawFoods lets you feed your dog clean, organic, human-grade food like you eat at your kitchen table. 

What’s on Offer?

There are 3 recipes on offer at PawFoods: Steak Sensation (Beef), Chicken Feast (Chicken), and Under The Sea (Fish). Each is crafted to ensure a balanced diet rich in essential nutrients like proteins, fibers, healthy fats, antioxidants, and various vitamins and minerals. 

Meals are prepared by gentle steaming, then cooled and frozen to preserve the nutritional integrity of the meals. Every meal comes with dental treats and nutritional boosters. PawFoods knows your Pitbull has been a good doggo. So it gives you treats to end the meal with a reward. 

In addition to meal packs, PawFoods also offers a selection of organic, gluten-free, non-GMO treats. You can choose between Fruity Paws, Minty Paws, and Salmon Paws. Our expert reviewer was very impressed with the quality of PawFoods’ organic meals and treats. 

What Makes It Special?

PawFoods uses only organic produce and proteins in its meals. Meals are also free of gluten, which makes them a great choice for Pitbulls with sensitive stomachs or skin conditions. If you’ve been feeding your pup commercial dog food, you’ll be amazed at how much happier and healthier they look on a clean, high-quality dog food diet. 

Gluten and grains are common triggers for Pitbull food sensitivities and allergies. With PawFoods, you never have to worry about what’s in your dog’s bowl. It also scores high points for its focus on sustainability, ethical sourcing, and packaging practices. 

Is It Good Value?

Prices start at $2.86 per meal. Depending on your Pitbull’s appetite, you can schedule orders for every 1 to 8 weeks. You can always place one-time orders, but you will save 15% with an auto-renew subscription. 

Pawfoods also offers a topper plan that provides 50% of your pet’s daily calories. This lets you supplement your Pitbull’s regular meal with healthy organic food.

9. Maev – Most Convenient Raw Dog Food for Pitbulls

A bowl of Maev Beef Recipe

Key Features

  • Raw food served frozen
  • Choose from beef or chicken 
  • Veterinary nutritionists formulated meals

Maev’s flash-frozen raw, human grade meals are a great choice for all dogs, but especially for robust and energetic Pitbulls. Its meals combine the convenience of kibble with all the health benefits of a nutritionally balanced raw diet. 

What’s on Offer?

There are 11 core ingredients in Maev’s frozen raw dog food. Beef or Chicken is combined with vital organs like liver and sweetbreads. Then Maev adds fresh vegetables, fruits, and nutritional supplements to ensure all your pet’s nutritional needs are met. 

Maev meals are high in protein and low in carbohydrates, to match the diet that dogs in the wild would naturally consume. All meals are designed without fillers, preservatives, synthetics, or by-products. 

You’ll also find superfoods like kale, peas, blueberries, and peanut butter. These nutritious ingredients provide essential fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals that contribute to your Pitbull’s overall health and vitality. 

In addition to its raw meals, Maev also offers Supplement Bars and a Bone Broth Topper. These supplement dogs' daily diets with vital vitamins and minerals supporting their joints. Learn more about everything Maev has to offer your Pitbull in our expert Maev review. 

What Makes It Special?

Maev’s frozen meals aren’t just more convenient than measuring out raw meat. They’re also good for your dog’s teeth. When your dog chews on frozen Maev chunks, the crunching rubs tartar and plaque off their teeth and gums.

Maev meals and supplements are crafted with assistance from veterinary nutritionists. They include probiotics and enzymes that help your Pitbull’s gut health and lead to better nutrient intake. 

Is It Good Value?

With prices starting at $143 per bag, Maev definitely has a higher price tag compared to conventional kibble. But the nutritional quality and the convenience of a subscription service definitely make it worthy of consideration. 

Maev frequently offers promotions for new subscribers (and we have Maev coupons below), so you can try it out on your own and see how your Pitbull likes it.

10. Raised Right – Best Adult + Puppy Food

A pit bull mix looking up at a bag of Raised Right Turkey & Pumpkin Paté

Key Features

  • The beef recipe contains a min. of 19% crude protein (fed)

  • 11 total recipes available including pork, chicken, and more

  • Free from potato, rice, oats, yam, squash, pasta, parsnips, and barley

Raised Right offers menus for different life stages, including puppies and adult dogs. This flexibility lets you pick according to your Pitbull's unique needs and appetite. I find that you can trust the quality, as all ingredients are human-grade. Learn more about ingredient quality in our Raised Right review.

What’s on Offer?

The puppy menu features 3 options, while the adult dog menu presents 8. For older dogs that prefer softer meals, there are 4 pates available. The flavors available are turkey, beef, pork, and chicken. These options typically contain a minimum of 18 to 20% crude protein.

The company also offers a decent range of treats and extras. Among the offerings are Meat Bites and Shake A Flakes, which use beef liver as a primary ingredient. However, I did find the treat selection to be somewhat limited.

Nutritional balance is a priority for Raised Right. It collaborates with veterinarians and nutrition experts. As a result, all recipes and treats have low carbohydrate content and are devoid of fillers.

Pitbulls also tend to benefit from a high protein, low carb diet. Raised Right understands this and formulates its recipes to cater to these needs, promoting overall health for your pet. Most of its meals are higher in protein and lower in carbs overall.

What Makes It Special?

Transparency is a core value of the company. Ingredients are sourced from US farms. Additionally, it manufactures food in a human-grade facility and undertakes rigorous pathogen testing for every batch.

However, there are considerations to bear in mind. Even though Raised Right avoids synthetic additives, its recipes might not suit dogs with conditions like liver disease or pancreatitis because of the same high protein and low carb content. Sometimes, it’s best to evaluate your specific pup’s needs and circumstances.

Is It Good Value?

If your Pitbull has a sensitive stomach or allergies, consider Raised Right. It commits to using whole foods and sticks to a single animal protein source in its meals. This approach minimizes potential allergens.

As for costs, pricing starts at $9.99/bag for small dogs. Prices will naturally fluctuate for larger breeds. If you're interested in making a purchase, you can choose between a one-time buy or the autoship program, which could be more economical in the long run.

Quick Comparison Table

Starting Price

Minimum Order

Best For

Meal Type


Active Deals

🥇 The Farmer’s Dog


2 weeks worth of meals

Dogs that prefer raw meals



Get 60% off on your first order! from The Farmer’s Dog


$4-$8 per day

2 weeks worth of meals

Dogs that like fresh or baked recipes



Get 60% Off Your Starter Box! from Ollie

🥉We Feed Raw


3 weeks worth of meals

Dogs that prefer raw food

Raw (frozen)


Get 40% off your first box + Free Shipping! from We Feed Raw

Nom Nom


2 weeks worth of meals

Dogs that like fresh food



Get 40% off your first box from Nom Nom

Spot & Tango

$7 per week 

2 weeks worth of meals

Dogs that like high-quality kibble or fresh food

Fresh, UnKibble 


Get 50% off your first box + free shipping from Spot & Tango

The Pets Table

$1.59 per meal

2 weeks worth of food

Dogs of all ages and breeds

Air-dried and Fresh recipes

$10.99 per order

Get 40% off your first box from The Pets Table



7.8lb bag

Dogs that like fresh frozen, pantry fresh (dry), or DIY homemade food

Fresh Frozen, Pantry Fresh (shelf-stable), DIY Nutrient Blend

$10, or free for autoship deliveries

Get 50% off 1st autoship & 5% off recurring orders from JustFoodForDogs


$2.86 per meal

4 weeks of meals (2 meals per day)

Dogs of all ages and breeds

Fresh recipes and Organic treats

Free on orders over $25

$50 off first order. Valid for any order over $120. Code: DR50 from PawFoods


$143 per bag

1 5lb bag per week

Dogs of all ages and breeds

Raw Food, Puppy formula, Bone Broth Topper, and Supplement Bars 

Free for orders $250+ or $9.98 per order

20% Off Sitewide with code DR20. from Maev

Raised Right


No minimum

Dogs that like whole foods-based fresh food

Fresh, treats

$9.99 for a 4-bag sample box, free for 16-bag boxes

20% Off Your First Box (16 Bags) from Raised Right

Tips for Choosing the Best Dog Food for Pitbulls

While looking for the best Pitbull food, here’s what I considered. I recommend considering the following points when making your selection:

    • High-protein food: Pitbulls, being muscular and active, require diets rich in protein. It's essential to select food with high-quality animal protein sources like chicken, beef, or fish. A protein content of 25 to 30% is ideal for dry food, or around 8 to 12%+ for fresh or wet food. Ensure the protein is real meat, not meat by-products, to provide your pet with the necessary nutrients. All the services on my list offer high protein food.
    • The type of food (dry, wet, fresh, raw): Dry kibble is popular due to its convenience and dental benefits. Wet food can be more palatable and hydrating. Fresh and raw diets are increasingly sought for their natural and unprocessed ingredients. Each type has pros and cons; choose based on your dog's preferences and health needs.
    • Pricing and affordability: While premium brands might offer higher-quality ingredients, they can be pricey. Shop around and compare products. Look for brands that provide a good balance between cost and quality. Remember, the cheapest option isn’t always the best in terms of nutrition.
    • Convenience of delivery: Many brands now offer direct-to-door delivery. Subscription-based services can be handy, ensuring you never run out of food. The Farmer’s Dog lets you adjust delivery frequency based on your needs. Some services are less flexible, and the deliveries arrive at set intervals that can’t be changed.


      What is the best dog food for a Pitbull?

      Pitbulls need a diet rich in protein because of their muscularity and athleticism. High-quality commercial dog foods that list meat (like chicken, beef, or fish) as the primary ingredient are most recommended.

      Additionally, whole grains, vegetables, and omega fatty acids can benefit their skin, coat, and overall health. When choosing a brand, consider their activity level and consult with your veterinarian to ensure the nutritional content matches their needs. The Farmer’s Dog is my overall top recommendation for Pitbulls.

      What real foods can Pitbulls eat?

      Pitbulls can eat a variety of real foods such as lean meats, vegetables, and certain fruits. Some safe options include cooked chicken, beef, turkey, carrots, green beans, and blueberries. Always ensure that any food given is free of seasonings and additives.

      Introduce new foods gradually and in moderation to observe for any adverse reactions. It's vital to avoid harmful foods like chocolate, grapes, raisins, onions, and garlic. If you’re looking for one of the highest-quality dog food delivery services, I highly recommend Ollie.

      Should Pitbulls have grain-free food?

      Some Pitbulls require grain-free food if they're sensitive, and others don't. Always confer with your veterinarian first before making a dietary change. Grain-free diets have gained popularity in recent years due to concerns about allergies or intolerances.

      However, it's essential to differentiate between a genuine grain allergy and other sensitivities. In some cases, a grain-free diet might not be necessary and could even deprive them of beneficial nutrients. If you’re looking for 100% grain-free food, I recommend checking out We Feed Raw, which is 100% based on raw food.

      Should Pitbulls eat chicken?

      Yes and no, some Pitbulls love chicken while others don't. While many dogs enjoy and benefit from chicken as a protein source, some might be allergic or intolerant to it. Always monitor your dog for any signs of allergies, such as itching, digestive issues, or ear infections, and consult your veterinarian if you're unsure.

      If you're going to order dog food online, make sure your chosen service has a refund policy in case your pup doesn't like chicken. For instance, Nom Nom offers refunds within 30 days of receiving your first order.

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