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Written by: Mirela Niculae on Nov 22nd, 2022

5 Best EveryPlate Vegetarian Meals 2022: Cheap Veggie Dishes

EveryPlate is one of the most affordable meal kit delivery services out there right now. The company works hard to show that low prices don’t necessarily mean low quality, but that also means it doesn’t cater to specific dietary needs and that could put vegetarians and vegans at a disadvantage.

Still, EveryPlate does offer a dedicated VeggiePlate meal plan, most of which will suit those on a lacto-vegetarian diet.

So, whether you’re a lifelong vegetarian looking to up your mid-week meal game, or you’re simply trying to incorporate more vegetarian meals into your diet, these five meat-free options from EveryPlate are a great way to do so without giving it too much thought. 

Short on Time? Here Are the Best EveryPlate Vegetarian Meals

  1. White Bean Tomato Stew – The best veggie recipe for cold days

  2. Greek Chickpea & Feta Bowls – The best nourishing summer salad 

  3. Sweet Soy Ramen Stir-Fry – Best for exotic tastes and textures

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Quick Comparison Table


The Best EveryPlate Vegetarian Meals Reviewed

1. White Bean Tomato Stew – The Best Veggie Recipe for Cold Days

Key Features

This recipe is packed with nutrients and flavor. The beans combine nicely with the tomato-laced veggie stock, complete with garlic, onions, and seasoning, for a hearty dish that’s perfect to hunker down with in the cold weather.

Plus, the toppings (salty feta and fresh scallions) bring an extra pinch of flavor and texture.

According to EveryPlate’s recommendations, this stew is best served hot, with a slice of warm, toasted garlic ciabatta on the side. Inside your box you’ll find all the ingredients you’ll need – the only items required from your store cupboard are salt, pepper, butter and cooking oil.

Overall, the White Bean Tomato Stew is a nutritious, balanced meal that takes just 30 minutes or less to get on the table. Perfect for a mid-week meal fix, whether it’s lunch or dinner! 

2. Greek Chickpea & Feta Bowls – The Best Nourishing Summer Salad

Key Features

Placed on a bed of garlicky rice, the layered Greek Chickpea & Feta Bowl combines a mix of tastes and textures – and the result is a super filling and tasty dish. I particularly love the crispy spiced chickpeas. All the ingredients are brought together by the creamy yet tangy lemon sauce.

There are a lot of healthy ingredients in this dish – including tomatoes, red onion, and Persian cucumber – but the rice, feta, and sour cream really rack up the fat and carbs, so if you’re looking for a low-calorie meal, this might not be the best choice for you. 

If you’re a beginner, you may also feel a bit uneasy about the complexity of the recipe – be aware that might take more than 35 minutes if you’re something of a novice. But follow the simple steps, and you’ll be just fine! 

3. Sweet Soy Ramen Stir-Fry – Best For Exotic Tastes & Textures

Key Features

Before discovering this dish, I thought ramen only came in the classic broth-and-noodles setup. This is one of the reasons why I love EveryPlate’s meal kits – you can always make new discoveries and enrich your culinary repertoire.

The bouncy ramen noodles and crunchy veggies coated in a sweet, homemade soy sauce make this dish rich and super satisfying. EveryPlate suggests serving topped with a crispy fried egg (though you’ll have to supply that yourself) and it’s definitely worth that finishing touch. 

I love that you get everything you need within your delivery, including the sweet Thai chili sauce and rice wine vinegar which can be difficult to find in some western grocery stores.

Overall, I found this recipe easy and fun to cook – and you might even find that it’s ready on the table in less than 30 minutes! 

4. Farmers Market Penne – Simple Yet Tasty Veggie-Loaded Pasta 

Key Features

If you like cheesy pasta then you’ll love this dish! The basic ingredients and simple steps make this incredibly easy to throw together – but the result is a true masterpiece. 

At its core are plenty of healthy vegetables, including mushrooms, zucchini, and juicy tomatoes, but everything is brought to life by the hearty penne pasta, the cream cheese and parmesan, and the zingy lemon zest.

While the recipe does require a bit more time and effort to make compared to some VeggiePlate meals, it’s definitely worth it. Plus, it’s versatile enough to work for both lunch and dinner. 

5. Moroccan Chickpea & Apricot Tagine – An Explosion of Flavor & Color

Key Features

A tagine is a slow-simmered North African stew that’s often served over a bed of couscous. This quick-cook version from EveryPlate is just as aromatic and exciting though – and has all the flavors and textures of the traditional dish, including spicy chickpeas and sweet dried apricots.

I’m crazy about new flavors and ingredient combinations, so I jumped at the opportunity to try this dish and it didn’t disappoint.

Even better, it wasn’t at all complicated to make and everything arrived perfectly portioned, making it perfect for beginner culinary explorers.

Quick Comparison Table

Calories per serving


Prep/Cook Time

Number of cooking steps

? White Bean Tomato Stew


Milk, Wheat, Soy

Less than 30 mins


? Greek Chickpea & Feta Bowls


Milk, Eggs

35 mins


? Sweet Soy Ramen Stir-Fry


Soy, Wheat,  Eggs

35 mins


Farmers Market Penne


Wheat, Milk

40 mins


Moroccan Chickpea & Apricot Tagine


Wheat, Milk

35 mins


Tips for Choosing the Best EveryPlate Vegetarian Meals

With around five to six options each week, EveryPlate may not have such a wide offering for vegetarians, but the recipes it does offer are diverse, nutritious, and allow you to discover new cuisines.

Whether you decide to go full VeggiePlate or you just want a few meatless meals each week, here are a few tips on how to make your choice:

  • Focus on high-protein meals: Vegetarians often have a tough time getting the right amount of protein (around 55g per day for men and 45g per day for women on average), but EveryPlate makes it easy by incorporating plenty of ingredients such as grains and pulses, and dairy products, which are naturally high in protein. 

  • Choose simple recipes: It’s easier to eat vegetarian meals when the recipes are easy to follow. Plus, quick-cook meals ensure the veggies will retain their nutrients. 

  • Pay attention to the calorie count: Some vegetarian meals that include pasta, rice, sweet sauces, cream, and other delicious ingredients can really rack up the calories.

  • Don’t be afraid to explore: There are so many cuisines out there that feature veggies as the main ingredient – thankfully EveryPlate’s global-inspired weekly menu includes plenty of these, so have fun adding new dishes to your repertoire! 

Bottom Line: Is EveryPlate a Good Option For Vegetarians?

Yes. If you enjoy cooking your own meals and you don’t even mind modifying a recipe or two,

EveryPlate can be a good option for vegetarians. It’s particularly great for flexitarians, however, who want to enjoy meat dishes occasionally too.

You’ll find a range of vegetarian-friendly meals on the menu each week, including dishes from Asian, Mediterranean, American, and European cuisines. This keeps things interesting, even if the number of dishes is limited.

Overall, I think EveryPlate is a good option for anyone trying to accommodate a veggie-forward lifestyle. But if you don’t think it works for you, have a look at our best vegan meal delivery services as well!


How long do EveryPlate meals last in the fridge?

EveryPlate sends meal kits, which means you’ll receive all the ingredients and the recipe to cook the meal yourself. The ingredients can last for up to 48 hours in the delivery box, thanks to the insulation, but anything after that needs to be refrigerated for freshness.

It’s also recommended that you cook the meals within a week of receiving your delivery. The meals are designed to be eaten freshly cooked, but if you have leftovers, they will be fine in the fridge for a couple of days.

Is EveryPlate good for weight loss?

Not especially. However, some recipes like the White Bean Tomato Stew are filling and low in calories and fat, so could just be wise about the meals you choose each week. EveryPlate is mostly focused on hearty, crowd-pleasing dishes, so there are few diet-friendly meals on the menu.

How much does EveryPlate cost per week?

EveryPlate prices start at $1.49 per serving, and this doesn’t change regardless of how many meals you order each week. It’s one of the lowest-priced meal delivery services out there right now, but keep in mind that you do have to pay for shipping.

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