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Author Zoran Trifunovic
Zoran Trifunovic Writer
Updated on May 30th, 2024
Fact checked by Emma Vince

9 Best Factor Vegan Meals: Top Meat-Free Dishes in 2024

Factor delivers dietitian-designed and chef-prepared vegan meals to your door. It's among the top ready-made meal providers in the USA, providing its customers with high-quality recipes at reasonable prices. For this reason, Factor tops our list of the best meal delivery services in 2024.

If you want to get vegan recipes each week automatically, select the Vegan & Veggie option in Our Plans. The service will then only recommend plant-focused recipes each week. You can still access the entire menu, however, if you ever want to explore Factor’s other diet offerings.

Factor has a few rotating vegan recipes on its menu every week as well as some offerings in its Add-ons section. Strict plant-based dieters may find the selection a bit limited, but there’s still a diverse array of vegan meals and treats for everyone to enjoy. Here are some of my favorites.

Short on Time? Here Are the Best Factor Vegan Meals

  1. Thai Roasted Vegetable Green Curry – Best Asian-style vegan recipe

  2. Smoked Tofu Almond Stir-Fry – Best meatless high-protein dish

  3. Vegan Mushroom Marsala – Best low-calorie plant-based meal

  4. Caribbean Spiced Tofu – Best option for fans of spicy food

  5. Blueberry Maple Overnight Oats – Best vegan breakfast

See 4 more Factor vegan meals

The Best Factor Vegan Meals Reviewed

1. Thai Roasted Vegetable Green Curry – Best Asian-Style Vegan Recipe

Factor's Thai Roasted Vegetable Green Curry

Key Features

  • The dish features dozens of ingredients

  • The recipe is calorie-smart

  • Heat the meal in the microwave or conventional oven

Thai Roasted Vegetable Green Curry is among Factor's most popular vegan meals. As the name implies, fans of Asian specialties will particularly enjoy this dish. Also, if you like different flavors combined in 1 meal, I have no doubt this dish will be a hit for you.

The Thai Roasted Vegetable Green Curry is no different. The recipe is a mixture of various bold flavors. So the creamy coconut lime brown rice is a welcome side dish for plant eaters who prefer something between savory and mild. 

When I looked at the ingredient list, I liked that I could easily read everything without getting tongue-tied. This also tells me that Factor uses wholesome ingredients with high nutritional values. Also, the dish consists of dozens of ingredients, making it well-balanced. 

Some of the main ingredients include chickpeas, sweet potato, coconut milk, green beans, and long-grain brown rice. Note that Thai Roasted Vegetable Green Curry also contains tree nuts. If you’re intolerant to them, you’ll need to give this dish a miss. 

It seems to me that this dish is particularly popular among Factor subscribers. When I browsed the menu for this Factor Vegan Meals review, I noticed that it reappears every few weeks. And I doubt the reason is that the meal delivery service's expert chefs run out of ideas. 

Factor marks this dish as calorie smart, favoring people who are being mindful of their caloric intake. One serving features 550 calories, while the carb content is 72 g. The meal features 9 g of protein. So, if you're on a mission to build muscles, I recommend ordering Smoked Tofu Almond Stir-Fry

This meal brims with nutritious ingredients, even superfoods. You should have a great dining experience if you appreciate flavorsome dishes with creamy textures. But check the ingredient list carefully before ordering if you have any intolerances or specific dislikes, as the meal arrives fully prepared so you can’t remove anything during cooking.

You can heat Thai Roasted Vegetable Green Curry in the microwave or a conventional oven. You can serve the recipe in less than 10 minutes if you opt for the oven plus the preheating time.

2. Smoked Tofu Almond Stir-Fry – Best Meatless High-Protein Dish

Factor's Smoked Tofu Almond Stir-Fry

Key Features

  • The recipe has over 30 g of protein

  • It is a low-carbon-footprint meal

  • The dish originated in Asia

This dish is another example of how Asian cuisine inspires Factor's chefs and nutritionists. It also proves that Asian specialties are rich in minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, and other beneficial ingredients. And when you combine taste with healthy ingredients, you get Smoked Tofu Almond Stir-Fry.

You can't go wrong with this Factor entree if you like crunchy, fluffy, and smoked food. The dish is full of nutritious ingredients including tofu, green beans, brown basmati rice, almonds, and various peppers. 

The recipe contains various spices that have impressed me. Some of them are black peppercorn, anise and cumin seeds, clove, and cinnamon sticks. But that's far from everything since Smoked Tofu Almond Stir-Fry also contains soy vinaigrette, granulated garlic, and cilantro, among other welcoming ingredients.

The final result is a meal featuring fluffy brown basmati rice, smoked tofu, crunchy toasted almonds, and a host of other nutritious and flavorsome ingredients. In other words, you'll enjoy an explosion of tastes with every bite of the Smoked Tofu Almond Stir-Fry. 

If mindful of your calorie intake, definitely include this dish, which contains 570 calories per serving, in your weekly menu. If you are physically active and require an increased protein intake, this meal is also ideal for you since it contains 32 g of protein.

Your carbohydrate intake would be 52 g with this dish. If you consider ordering this meal for your hyperactive kid, Thai Roasted Vegetable Green Curry may be a better choice since it boasts 72 g of carbs. 

The meal contains over 30 ingredients that are easy to pronounce, making it balanced and highly nutritious. But be sure to check the ingredient list if you have any food intolerances.

Also, keep in mind that Smoked Tofu Almond Stir-Fry contains sesame, soy, and tree nuts among common allergens. If you're not sensitive to any of them, you'll definitely want Factor to reintroduce this dish to its menu soon.

You can heat Smoked Almond Tofu Stir-Fry in a few minutes in the microwave. If you heat it in the oven, preheat it and bake the meal on the baking paper for several minutes, optionally more.

3. Vegan Mushroom Marsala – Best Low-Calorie Plant-Based Dish

Factor's Vegan Mushroom Marsala

Key Features

  • The meal features a few types of mushrooms

  • The entree requires less than average carbon emissions

  • The dietary fiber intake is 5 g

If you're as mindful of sustainability as you are about calories, this recipe is right for you. Vegan Mushroom Marsala contains fewer ingredients than the above meals but is hardly less nutritious. And wine is among its ingredients, which, in my opinion, always yields great results. 

Vegan Mushroom Marsala is a tender and creamy dish rich in flavors. Its key ingredients are arborio rice, green beans, and portobello and cremini mushrooms. What you get on the plate is rice sautéed with garlic and onion and then draped in flavor-rich vegan Marsala sauce. I find roasted green beans the perfect side to the main course. 

White Chardonnay wine is a unique ingredient that deglazes sautéed Arborio rice. If you, like me, appreciate wine in and with your meals, I recommend exploring the best wine delivery services recommended by our experts. Their selection includes wines explicitly recommended for vegans and vegetarians.

Alongside many other ingredients, the meal incorporates olive pomace oil, garlic, onion, black pepper, and shallots. Thyme, parsley, and sea salt are a few taste enhancers. The recipe also contains porcini mushroom powder, toasted onion powder, and granulated garlic, among other ingredients.

This dish falls into Factor's line of meals with a minimal carbon footprint. When browsing the menu, pay attention to products labeled Earth Month Eats, which share this feature. This line of meals uses seasonal ingredients sourced from local producers, which reduces carbon emissions, among other strategies.

Vegan Mushroom Marsala contains 390 calories per serving, which is low even for vegan standards. So, if you want to reduce your calorie intake for whatever reason, make sure to add this particular meal to your order. Its protein and carbohydrate content is 10 g and 48 g, respectively. Check out Smoked Tofu Almond Stir-Fry if you aim to increase your protein intake.

You're sure to enjoy this plant-based meal if you like rice, mushrooms, and green beans. What's more, mushrooms are the only common allergen in this entree, so it should be safe for you even if you have food intolerances. Nonetheless, check the ingredient list before purchasing. 

You'll need a few minutes to heat Vegan Mushroom Marsala in the microwave and several minutes in the oven. Don’t forget to factor in the time it takes to preheat your oven to 375 F. 

4. Caribbean Spiced Tofu – Best Option for Fans of Spicy Food

Factor's Caribbean Spiced Tofu

Key Features

  • The meal belongs to the Earth Month Eats line

  • The dish features dozens of wholesome ingredients

  • The recipe provides 10 g of dietary fiber

Don't miss this dish if you're a fan of traditionally spiced Caribbean food. Also, you’ll enjoy this meal if you're a fan of spicy and sweet food. Further, this dish is part of Factor's strategy that contributes to reducing carbon emissions into the atmosphere.

The entree's main ingredients are roasted smoked tofu flavored with 5-spice powder, which contains soy sauce, soybeans, and black peppercorn seeds, among other spices. Tangy-sweet mango salsa adds a touch of sweetness to the heat. 

Creamy spiced sauce, wild rice, green beans, and jerk spices are some other Caribbean Spiced Tofu's key ingredients. Ancho-chile toasted pepitas make for a crunchy finish. But there are a lot more ingredients the meal contains. Some of them are red bell peppers, onions, olive pomace oil, and lime juice. 

Various spices make the meal what it is. Cumin, dried parsley, Jalapeño powder, white and cayenne pepper, ground ginger, and sea salt are some of the additions. The dish also contains granulated garlic and chili powder.

This dish is part of a set of Factor's meals designed to have a low carbon footprint. While browsing the menu, look for items tagged as Earth Month Eats, indicating their eco-conscious nature. 

In other words, this meal features seasonal ingredients from local suppliers, which leads to lower carbon emissions. The company also uses minimal packaging to further lessen environmental impact.

The dish contains 640 calories per serving. If you're looking for something less caloric, I recommend Thai Roasted Vegetable Green Curry, tagged as a Calorie Smart dish. But if you're physically active or an athlete, this meal would serve you better as it contains 24 g of protein.

You can't go wrong with this recipe if you like spicy food with a touch of sweetness. What I also like about it is its eco-friendly nature since providing local ingredients and the minimalistic package release less carbon into the atmosphere. Just note that the dish contains tree nuts besides soy, if you’re intolerant to any of these. 

Heating Caribbean Spiced Tofu takes just a few minutes in the microwave. It takes longer in the oven. 

5. Blueberry Maple Overnight Oats – Best Vegan Breakfast

Factor's Blueberry Maple Overnight Oats

Key Features

  • The meal requires no heating

  • The breakfast features about a dozen ingredients

  • The dish is rich in carbohydrates

Blueberry Maple Overnight Oats is a hearty breakfast with a lot of calories, just perfect for the beginning of the day. It provides you with enough carbs, too. And you won't have to do any prep, just in case you like to sleep as long as possible before going to work. 

Factor's overnight oats are a godsend for hectic mornings, and the Blueberry Maple Overnight Oats breakfast is no different. Offering a satisfying beginning to the day, these oats combine select fruits and nuts with oats and other inviting ingredients for a wholesome meal.

Enjoy toasted oats soaked in almond milk and vanilla extract. Blended dates and coconut sugar add sweetness. Toasted maple cinnamon walnuts add crunch to this breakfast. Freeze-dried blueberries and blueberry sauce with agave are other chief ingredients. 

Some complementary ingredients are sea salt, olive pomace oil, maple flavoring, and vanilla extract. The breakfast is fortified with Vitamin D2, Vitamin A Palmitate, and D-Alpha-Tocopherol.

Blueberry Maple Overnight Oats contains everything most people need to start the day. It provides 450 calories, 61 g of carbohydrates, 18 g of fat, and 12 g of protein. If mindful of your sodium intake, this breakfast contains 135 mg of sodium, which is well below the upper limit of what a meal should contain. 

You may wish to proceed with caution with this dish if you need to lower your sugar intake. The recipe contains 20 g of sugar, which is near the high end of the recommended daily allowance for most people according to some accounts.

This breakfast will do you good as it contains nutrients for a good start to the day. It's also very convenient since it requires no preparation or heating. Tree nuts are the only common allergens found in this meal. 

The only thing you need to be mindful of is not consuming large amounts of sugar during the day and not exceeding the recommended limit. That's because the Blueberry Maple Overnight Oats breakfast contains sufficient amounts of sugar.

6. Tangy Citrus Tofu Bowl – A Low-Carbon Footprint Recipe

Factor's Tangy Citrus Tofu Bowl

Key Features

  • The meal is calorie-smart

  • The dish is among the lowest carbon-footprint meals

  • The entree contains superfoods among various veggies

The Tangy Citrus Tofu Bowl combines low calories with tons of protein. It contains fewer ingredients than most other dishes I introduce in my Factor Vegan Meals overview. But there are still more than enough of them to make the entree tasty and highly nutritious.

I believe that everyone should enjoy this flavor- and texture-rich meal, not just plant eaters. Even though I'm an omnivore, I find this meal to be a great addition to anyone's diet, but especially for vegans. While it contains fewer spices than some of the other dishes on my list, especially Caribbean Spiced Tofu, I don't find the lack of these a downside. 

The recipe features a blend of cilantro cauliflower and a zesty garlic citrus vinaigrette. Red onions and sweet potatoes are topped with edamame, chickpeas, and smoked tofu flavored with 5-spice powder. The dish also comes with a vinaigrette on the side that makes a great drizzle.

Some bonus ingredients are sea salt, cilantro, orange juice, and black pepper. Some spices are cumin, coriander and anise seeds, cloves, and cinnamon sticks. 

This meal belongs to Factor's Earth Month Eats series, spotlighting dishes designed to minimize carbon emissions. While it contains plants whose cultivation and sourcing release less carbon into the atmosphere, the company employs other sustainability strategies. And minimal packaging is among them.

This meal contains 480 calories, while the fat content is 26 g per serving. Given that it also provides 24 g of protein, the Tangy Citrus Tofu Bowl is an excellent choice for people looking to shed extra pounds through reduced calorie intake and physical activity. 

If you need a higher carbohydrate intake than 40 g per meal and are a fan of Asian cuisine, the Smoked Tofu Almond Stir-Fry would be a good choice.

Tangy Citrus Tofu Bowl is an ideal meal for fans of simple plant-based meals who are conscious about their calorie intake. The meal also appeals to eco-conscious dieters since its prep requires less carbon emissions compared to many other Factor offerings. The entree, however, may not be suitable for you if you're intolerant to soy. 

You can heat this recipe in a few minutes in the microwave or in several minutes in a conventional oven. Of course, you'll need to preheat the oven before you put the dish in it.

7. Peanut Buddha Bowl – High-Calorie Asian Dish

Factor's Peanut Buddha Bowl

Key Features

  • The meal is rich in carbs

  • The dish is 1 of the Earth Month Eats 

  • It includes superfoods

The Peanut Buddha Bowl is a great choice if you need to increase your caloric intake. Alongside Caribbean Spiced Tofu, it’s among plant-based entrees with the highest number of calories in my review of Factor's meals for herbivores. It's also environmentally friendly. 

This colorful dish contains over 2 dozen ingredients. If you're a fan of broccoli, which is among the healthiest vegetables, quinoa, which contains antioxidants, and peanuts (do they need any introduction?), this meal is the right choice for you. What’s more, the dish contains many other ingredients that I personally like to see on my plate.

Broccoli roasted with sesame and toasted peanuts coated with Korean chili flakes called gochugaru top quinoa. The side of garlic, cilantro, and red and green bell peppers accompanies the main course. If you crave peanuts and all things peanut, drizzle the dish with a satay-style peanut sauce. 

Blue agave nectar, sweet potatoes, olive pomace oil, peanut butter, granulated garlic, and lime juice are some other ingredients. Note that lime juice is actually a mix of water and concentrate. 

The meal contains 630 calories and over 70 grams of carbohydrates. It also adds 19 g of sugar, so don't combine this meal with Blueberry Maple Overnight Oats on the same day. The dose of protein you get with the Peanut Buddha Bowl is 16 g.

This entree is 1 of Factor's Earth Month Eats dishes, emphasizing meals whose production comes with reduced carbon emissions. Containing plant-based ingredients, the recipe inherently produces fewer carbon emissions, but Factor doesn't stop there. It also implements other sustainability practices, including the use of minimal packaging.

This meal is a great choice for eco-conscious dieters who don't have to worry about weight loss. It's also good for athletes who train for hours due to its particularly high carbohydrate intake. But note that the recipe contains sesame, tree nuts, and, guess what? Peanuts. So, avoid this dish if you're sensitive to any of those. 

Microwave the food for a few minutes prior to serving. Alternatively, if using an oven, the heating duration extends to several minutes after preheating.

8. Garlic & Herb Roasted Mushrooms – Top Factor’s Low-Protein Vegan Meal

Factor's Garlic & Herb Roasted Mushrooms

Key Features

  • The meal belongs to the Earth Month Eats line

  • The recipe is low in calories

  • Green beans and tomatoes are among the principal ingredients

I'd recommend Garlic & Herb Roasted Mushrooms to anyone looking to reduce calorie intake. This dish also qualifies if your nutritionist or physician has recommended a reduced protein intake. In addition, the meal contains a variety of ingredients that promise a rewarding dining experience.

If you're a fan of mushrooms, extra virgin olive oil, potatoes, and green beans, you're sure to enjoy this Factor meal. But there's a lot more to enjoy about this lunch or dinner because it also includes a wine that gives it a great flavor. By the way, if you want to pair Factor's plant-based food with unique vegan wines, check out Naked Wines. 

The meal includes button and cremini mushrooms. Factor's chefs roast them with roasted garlic, thyme, and olive oil before spooning them over smashed potatoes. Herbed porcini mushroom jus drizzled over provides a nice final touch to the main course. The complementary side dish features garlicky roasted green beans with the addition of herb-roasted grape tomatoes and smoked black pepper. 

Some extra ingredients are green onions, Chardonnay wine, olive pomace oil, and dried chives. Sea salt and basil are a few extra spices. 

You'll like Garlic & Herb Roasted Mushrooms if you're an eco-conscious dieter. The meal falls into Factor's line of low-carbon dishes labeled as Earth Month Eats. Locally sourced ingredients and minimal packaging are a few characteristics of this line of meals. 

This entree is ideal if you’re looking to manage your calorie consumption, containing only 360 calories. It provides 9 grams of protein and 40 grams of carbohydrates. But, make sure you're comfortable with the higher sodium level, as the dish contains 840 mg of sodium.

Garlic & Herb Roasted Mushrooms is a great choice for everyone concerned about sustainability. It also fits people who want to lose pounds. But if you need a higher protein intake, the Tangy Citrus Tofu Bowl would be a better choice. Aside from mushrooms, the entree doesn't contain other common allergens. 

You can serve this meal in minutes or tens of minutes, depending on whether you use a microwave or a traditional oven. 

9. Three Bean Vegan Chili – Spicy Eco-Friendly Meal for Herbivores

Factor's Three Bean Vegan Chili

Key Features

  • The meal is calorie-smart

  • The recipe is an Earth Month Eats dish

  • Tofu and crushed tomatillos are some ingredients

Factor’s Three Bean Vegan Chili is a meal brimming with spices. While the dish is low in calories, it is high in carbohydrates. But, if you don't like spicy food, I think that Vegan Mushroom Marsala would be a better fit for you.

You'll happily order this dish if you're a fan of beans. But that's just 1 reason to enjoy this meal designed by Factor's nutritionists and prepared by expert chefs. In short, the dish combines various flavors into an explosion of taste.

Chefs highlight aromatic spices by toasting cumin, coriander, oregano, and several types of chili powder to enhance their flavors. Next, they incorporate 3 varieties of beans, corn, tomatoes, bell peppers, and onion, allowing the mixture to simmer. They top veggie-studded quinoa with this blend. A final addition of fluffy cornbread introduces a sweet nuance to the dish.

The entree has many other ingredients besides these. Some of them are sea salt, lime juice, and soft tofu.

This recipe features in Factor's Earth Month Eats collection, which focuses on meals associated with lower carbon emissions during production. The use of seasonal and other plant-based ingredients significantly reduces the carbon footprint of the recipe. 

Beyond this, Factor adopts additional sustainability measures, such as minimal packaging, to further decrease its environmental impact.

The meal has 450 calories, which earned it the Calorie Smart tag. The carb amount is 67 g, give or take depending on the region and participating suppliers. It features 12 g of sugar and 14 g of protein. 

This meal is beneficial for individuals aiming to limit their calorie intake. It's also suitable for those advised by nutritionists to increase their carbohydrate intake. The only consideration is its sodium content of 860 mg. 

If you choose Three Bean Vegan Chili, opt for lower-sodium meals for the rest of your meals to maintain a balanced intake. Starting your day with Blueberry Maple Overnight Oats leaves ample room for another meal while staying under the recommended daily sodium maximum.

Quick Comparison Table

Prep/Cook time


Suitable For

Difficulty Level

🥇Thai Roasted Vegetable Green Curry

From 2 (microwave) to 20 minutes (traditional oven)

550 kcal



🥈 Smoked Tofu Almond Stir-Fry

From 2 (microwave) to 20 minutes (traditional oven)

570 kcal



🥉Vegan Mushroom Marsala

From 2 (microwave) to 20 minutes (traditional oven)

390 kcal



Caribbean Spiced Tofu

From 2 (microwave) to 20 minutes (traditional oven)

640 kcal



Blueberry Maple Overnight Oats

No prep

450 kcal



Tangy Citrus Tofu Bowl

From 2 (microwave) to 20 minutes (traditional oven)

480 kcal



Peanut Buddha Bowl

From 2 (microwave) to 20 minutes (traditional oven)

630 kcal

Weight maintenance


Garlic & Herb Roasted Mushrooms

From 2 (microwave) to 20 minutes (traditional oven)

360 kcal



Three Bean Vegan Chili

From 2 (microwave) to 20 minutes (traditional oven)

450 kcal




Does Factor offer vegan options?

Yes, Factor provides a few options for strict vegans on its weekly menu. Also, customers can choose from various vegan add-ons, such as breakfasts, smoothies, and bites, to complement their meals.

Is Factor owned by HelloFresh?

Yes, HelloFresh acquired Factor in 2020. That way, it expanded its offerings to include ready-to-eat meals alongside its traditional meal kits.

Have people lost weight with Factor meals?

Yes, many people have reported losing weight with Factor meals. The service's focus on healthy, portion-controlled meals that are high in protein and low in calories and carbohydrates has helped people achieve their weight loss goals. Factor’s Vegan Mushroom Marsala has only 390 calories so is ideal if you’re trying to lose weight.

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