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Author Jessica White
Jessica White
Updated on Nov 24th, 2023
Fact checked by Deborah Leigh

5 Best Keto-Friendly EveryPlate Meals 2023

Picking a meal delivery service while sticking to a keto diet can feel tricky. If you're wondering whether EveryPlate, the go-to for budget-friendly and delicious family meals, can also cater to your keto needs, you're not alone.

I've meticulously explored the meal options offered by EveryPlate. I've looked at the ingredients, analyzed the nutrition facts, and even sought the insights of fellow keto followers. Now I can show you which of EveryPlate's dishes can be keto-compatible with a few clever tweaks.

Its menu is made for a broader audience, but a few swaps can unlock a range of keto-friendly options. So, if you're seeking to keep your carb intake in check without breaking the bank, here's a roundup of some of my top EveryPlate recipes that could be your new favorites.

Short on Time? Here Are the Best Keto-Friendly EveryPlate Meals

  1. Honey Dijon Pork Chops – Best keto-friendly EveryPlate meal

  2. Honey Sriracha Fried Chicken – Best spicy chicken dish

  3. Crispy Tilapia Taco Bar – Great recipe for taco night

  4. Crispy Chicken Milanese – Best Italian-inspired keto dish

  5. Zesty Herb-Rubbed Salmon – Best gourmet keto-friendly meal

The Best Keto-Friendly EveryPlate Meals Reviewed

1. Honey Dijon Pork Chops – Best Keto-Friendly EveryPlate Meal

Honey Dijon Pork Chops from EveryPlate
You can eat this keto-friendly meal without any swaps

Key Features

  • 27 g carbs, 41 g fat

  • 35 minutes to prepare

  • Allergens: Eggs, milk

This dish takes the top spot as it suits a keto diet without any changes needed. As it stands, this meal provides a generous serving of healthy fats and protein, which are essential in a keto-friendly diet. The Honey Dijon Pork Chops with Zucchini Fries and Roasted Carrots can also be slightly adapted to reduce the amount of carbs even further.

Pork chops are rich in protein and contain some fat, making them suitable for a keto diet. The honey dijon sauce provides a tangy and sweet flavor, though you'll want to be mindful of the carb content in the honey and consider reducing the amount used or substituting it with a low-carb sweetener if necessary.

I love that zucchini replaces regular potato fries, as zucchini is naturally low-carb. Plus, if you did want to experiment with adding a crispy exterior, you could add a light coating of almond flour or a blend of Parmesan and coconut flour. This can add a different texture while still keeping the carb content low. Check out the EveryPlate menu for more zucchini dishes.

Carrots can be eaten in moderation on a keto diet. Just keep in mind that they’re higher in carbs compared to other vegetables. You might decide to substitute or reduce the carrots with a lower-carb vegetable, such as bell peppers or more zucchini, to bring down the carb count.

By making these simple swaps, the carb content in this dish can be reduced further. The fat and protein levels easily fit the keto diet. If you swap the honey for a low-carb sweetener and replace the carrots with a lower-carb veggie, you could potentially reduce the carb content of this meal to around 15 to 20 g.

2. Honey Sriracha Fried Chicken – Best Spicy Chicken Dish

Honey Sriracha Fried Chicken from EveryPlate
It's easy to reduce the carbs in this tasty chicken dish packed with spice

Key Features

  • 77 g carbs, 45 g fat

  • 40 minutes to prepare

  • Allergens: milk, eggs, wheat

This dish is a viable base for a keto-friendly dish, with some modifications. The Honey Sriracha Fried Chicken with Mashed Sweet Potatoes and Zucchini from EveryPlate is a tempting blend of sweet, spicy, and savory flavors. If you read the nutritional information on EveryPlate, you can see it provides a good balance of protein and fat.

Chicken is a fantastic source of protein, and the honey sriracha coating adds a spicy kick. Keep in mind that honey could contribute to a higher carb content. To maintain the heat while cutting back on carbs, you could use a low-carb sweetener, such as erythritol, to replace the honey and pair it with the sriracha sauce.

The side of mashed sweet potatoes is relatively high in carbohydrates. A straightforward switch would be to substitute the sweet potatoes with a more keto-friendly option like mashed cauliflower or mashed turnips, which mimic the creamy texture of mashed potatoes but have significantly fewer carbs.

Zucchini is a great low-carb vegetable choice, so that can remain a part of the dish. You could also consider adding a sprinkle of parmesan cheese or drizzling a high-fat dressing over the zucchini to increase the fat content, which would make this dish even more suitable for a keto diet.

These modifications can reduce the carb content of this meal from 77 g to around 20 g. This would allow the dish to maintain its spicy appeal, suitably fit with the ketogenic diet, and increase its nutritional value.

3. Crispy Tilapia Taco Bar – Great Recipe for Taco Night

Crispy Tilapia Taco Bar from EveryPlate
You can even enjoy tacos as part of a keto diet, provided you make a few swaps to bring the carb content down

Key Features

  • 97 g carbs, 69 g fat 

  • 30 minutes to prepare

  • Allergens: Milk, fish, soy, wheat, eggs

With a few tweaks, this recipe can be an excellent fit for a keto diet. Crispy Tilapia Taco Bar with Orange Salsa, Lime Slaw, Baja Sauce, and Creamy Guac is an explosion of flavor. The dish is high in healthy fats and a good source of protein, but it's the carbohydrate content that needs adjustment to make it more keto-friendly.

The tilapia in this dish provides a healthy serving of protein and is a lean choice. However, to keep the carb count low, you could swap the breading for a low-carb version using almond flour or coconut flour, which would deliver the same crispiness without the extra carbs.

The accompaniments are full of nutritious ingredients that are low in carbs and high in fats. The orange salsa, lime slaw, baja sauce, and creamy guac are perfect for a keto diet, providing flavor and a variety of textures. You can see more taco recipes on EveryPlate that can be adapted to fit your keto goals.

The primary source of carbohydrates in this dish is the flour tortillas. In a traditional keto diet, you would replace these with a low-carb alternative. Lettuce wraps are a popular choice, offering a fresh, crunchy contrast to the flavorsome fillings. You might also choose low-carb tortillas, which are widely available and typically contain around 5 grams of net carbs each.

Making these changes can reduce the carb content from 97 g to roughly 25 g. Although this depends on the replacements made. A modified version would keep the blend of flavors and textures but would fit better with the macronutrient distribution of a ketogenic diet.

4. Crispy Chicken Milanese – Best Italian-Inspired Keto Dish

Crispy Chicken Milanese from EveryPlate
Look at all that super healthy broccoli in this recipe!

Key Features

  • 42 g carbs, 31 g fat

  • 30 minutes to prepare

  • Allergens: Wheat, eggs

This Italian-inspired dish can easily be tailored to fit a keto-friendly lifestyle. The Crispy Chicken Milanese with Roasted Broccoli and Honey Dijon Drizzle from EveryPlate offers a delicious blend of protein, fats, and nutritious veggies.

Chicken, the star ingredient in this dish, is an excellent source of protein. This makes it a good choice for a keto diet. The recipe involves coating the chicken in panko breadcrumbs, which are high in carbs and so not ideal for a keto diet.

A simple modification would be to limit the amount of breadcrumbs used. Better yet, replace them with a lower-carb alternative such as almond meal or crushed pork rinds. This would help maintain the crispiness associated with Milanese dishes without adding unnecessary carbs.

The accompanying roasted broccoli is a great choice for a keto diet. It's low in carbs but high in fiber, helping you feel full without consuming many carbs. The Honey Dijon Drizzle, while adding a tangy-sweet flavor, does contain carbs due to the honey. You might consider reducing the amount used or replacing it with a low-carb sweetener like stevia.

You could reduce the carb content of the meal from 42 g to around 15 to 20 g. Making these modifications, such as swapping the panko breadcrumbs for a lower-carb alternative and adjusting the honey in the drizzle, makes it much more suitable for a keto diet. The dish would then maintain a good balance of fat and protein with a reduced carbohydrate content.

5. Zesty Herb-Rubbed Salmon – Best Gourmet Keto-Friendly Meal

Zesy Herb-Rubbed Salmon from EveryPlate
This salmon dish can be easily adapted to fit the keto diet

Key Features

  • 43 g carbs, 37 g fat

  • 30 minutes to prepare

  • Allergens: Milk, fish

This premium recipe is an excellent base for following a keto diet. The Zesty Herb-Rubbed Salmon with Green Beans, Potatoes, and Lemon Garlic Sauce only needs a slight modification. The ingredients in this dish contribute significant amounts of healthy fats and proteins, the macronutrients that are staples in a keto lifestyle.

The salmon in this recipe is a great source of Omega-3 fatty acids. It’s packed with healthy fats that can support your heart. These fats, along with the protein in the salmon, help to keep you feeling full. You can see more salmon-based meals on the EveryPlate menu.

The potatoes, while nutritious, do contain a significant number of carbs. To make this recipe more keto-friendly, you can replace the potatoes with a lower-carb alternative like cauliflower.

Cauliflower has a similar texture to potatoes when cooked and is significantly lower in carbs. The green beans provide a low-carb source of fiber and a variety of important vitamins and minerals, so they make a tasty side for the dish.

100 grams of potatoes contain about 17 grams of carbs. The same amount of cauliflower has just 5 grams. After swapping out the potatoes for cauliflower, the modified dish might have roughly the following macros: 37 g of fat, 34 g of protein, and roughly 20 g of carbs, making it a much more keto-friendly choice and the perfect meal for a special occasion.

Quick Comparison Table

Prep/Cook time


Suitable For

Difficulty Level

🥇Honey Dijon Pork Chops

35 minutes

610 calories

Nut-free, keto


🥈Honey Sriracha Fried Chicken

40 minutes

880 calories

Nut-free, keto (by substituting sweet potatoes)


🥉Crispy Tilapia Taco Bar

30 minutes

1180 calories

Nut-free, keto (by substituting tortillas)


Crispy Chicken Milanese

30 minutes

620 calories

Nut-free, keto (by reducing breadcrumbs)


Zesty Herb-Rubbed Salmon

30 minutes

640 calories

Soy-free, nut-free, gluten-free, keto (by substituting potatoes)



Is EveryPlate keto-friendly?

To keep costs low, EveryPlate doesn’t offer meals or plans for specific dietary needs or allergies. However, you can make many of EveryPlate’s meals keto-friendly with a few substitutions. Simply replace any carb-heavy ingredients, like potatoes, with a low-carb alternative.

How much does EveryPlate cost?

EveryPlate is one of the nation’s most affordable meal delivery services. Dishes start at just $1.49 per serving. EveryPlate’s Premium recipes let you enjoy restaurant-quality dishes for very reasonable prices, too.

Is EveryPlate healthy?

EveryPlate’s menu leans toward filling comfort foods and crowd-pleasing recipes. These are easier on your palate and wallet – more so than your waistline! But if you check the ingredients lists, you’ll find many balanced recipes on EveryPlate and many more that can be made healthier with a few simple substitutions.

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