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Author Mirela Niculae
Mirela Niculae
Updated on Apr 5th, 2024
Fact checked by Deborah Leigh

10 Best Meal Delivery Services in Oklahoma City 2024

Oklahoma City is a mecca for food lovers, with a diverse culinary scene that pleases even the pickiest of eaters. But with so many restaurants and options for eating out, your wallet will get thinner by the day.

Luckily, I found another option that’s equally as good but less expensive. Oklahoma City has a wide range of meal delivery services that allow you to enjoy nourishing homemade meals at a fraction of the cost of eating out. Plus, there are lots of choices out there, no matter what your dietary needs are or whether you enjoy cooking from a meal kit or prefer to heat something prepared in the microwave.

Out of all the options, I found Factor to be the best choice, thanks to its nutritionally balanced and chef-prepared heat-and-eat meals. But every service on this list has something to offer, so you’re sure to find a meal plan that suits you.

I’ve compiled a list of Oklahoma City’s 10 best meal delivery services, comparing their menus, prices, and shipping. So, if you want to know more, keep reading!

Short on Time? Here Are the Best Meal Delivery Services in Oklahoma City

  1. Factor – Best microwave-ready meals for busy Oklahomans

  2. Green Chef – Best for Oklahomans with specific dietary needs

  3. Blue Apron – Best for healthy, gourmet meals in Oklahoma City

  4. HelloFresh – Best family-friendly meal kits for Oklahomans

  5. Home Chef – Best for its impressive customization options

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The Best Meal Delivery Services in Oklahoma City Reviewed

1. Factor – Best Microwave-Ready Meals for Busy Oklahomans

Factor's Shredded Chicken Taco Bowl

Key Features

Factor is a meal delivery service that offers a wide variety of dishes that can accommodate different dietary needs. The meals come ready-made, so you don’t need more than 5 minutes to prepare your lunch or dinner. On a side note, you can also use an oven instead of a microwave, as long as you remove the food from its plastic container.

What’s on the Menu?

The menu is varied and offers a well-designed culinary experience with influences from world-famous cuisines, such as Mediterranean, Asian, Middle-Eastern, and Mexican. Several recipes fit the hearty and filling style that’s so common in Southern cuisine. 

I need to highlight that Factor’s recipes are nothing like standard microwave meals. Each dish is carefully prepared by professional chefs and then packed to seal in nutrients, texture, and flavor. Dishes like White Cheddar Chicken or Jalapeno Beef Mac and Cheese are all-time favorites, and even the fussiest of eaters will enjoy them.

Moreover, the add-ons menu is very well-stocked, with options for breakfast (egg bites, pancakes, smoothies, and fresh juice), healthy desserts, cooked proteins (chicken breasts, mahi mahi, salmon, and so on), and sides.

What Makes It Special?

I like that most meals range from 350-900 calories per serving and that there are several vegetarian and vegan options each week. Overall, as my colleague put it in their Factor review, this is a great option if healthy, prepared dinners are your goal.

Each new subscription comes with an included 20-minute virtual nutrition coaching session with 1 of Factor’s nutrition coaches and dietitians.

To avoid any texture or taste changes, the food is never frozen (only chilled for transport). As a result, if you follow the heating instructions provided by the producer, you’ll be able to enjoy the full freshness of every meal.

Is It Good Value?

In my opinion, Factor provides the best value for money among meal delivery services. Besides enjoying restaurant-quality recipes, you benefit from nutrition coaching sessions, the first of which is free. The provider’s plans cover dieters with different needs and goals, and you can mix and match meals from different plans.

Prices start at $10.49  per serving for the maximum order, so Factor is a bit pricier than other meal delivery services. However, considering its convenience and culinary diversity, I think it’s worth it. Currently, you can order 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, or 18 single-serving meals each week (10 meals per week is the most popular plan).

2. Green Chef – Best for Oklahomans with Specific Dietary Needs

Green Chef's Baja Cauliflower Bowls

Key Features

Green Chef tailors its menu toward people with specialized dietary needs and those looking for meal kits that include organic ingredients. It’s the first organic, certified meal kit delivery service. The company sources ingredients from suppliers practicing sustainable food-growing techniques. 

What’s on the Menu?

The menu is large (45+ recipes) and changes each week, so it’s difficult to get bored, even as a couple or a larger family. Plus, there’s a wide selection of add-ons, which include healthy desserts, breakfasts, 10-minute lunches, and cooked protein.

The menu is divided into categories that fit several dietary needs. These are Keto, Gluten Free, Protein Packed, Plant Based, Quick & Easy, Calorie Smart, Gut & Brain Health, and Mediterranean. Most recipes are easy to cook if you follow the instructions on the recipe cards.

With these meal kits and basic cooking skills, you can prepare a medium-complexity meal like Buttery Lemon-Garlic Shrimp in 25 minutes. The more complex meals will take around 30 to 35 minutes to complete.

What Makes It Special?

The company commits to offering as many organic and ethically sourced ingredients as possible. However, according to my colleague’s in-depth Green Chef review, the only organic ingredients are eggs and fresh produce, while the proteins are raised with high animal welfare standards.

I like that Green Chef also focuses on eco-friendly packaging materials (whenever possible). But I’m a bit taken aback by the fact that each ingredient is individually wrapped in plastic.

While I understand the company wants to make sure all the ingredients arrive in pristine condition, some veggies don’t need extra protection. Other than this, I appreciate that the other materials used are recyclable or reusable.

Is It Good Value?

Green Chef is a great option for larger households since you can order for 2, 4, or 6 people each week. Also, you can order 3 or 4 meals per person per week (with the 4-person plan, there’s also the option to order 2 meals per person). 

Green Chef offers 8 meal plans, each catering to a specific diet. It has the most vegan and vegetarian dishes on the menu for a not entirely plant-based service.

The prices start at $9.99 per serving for the largest order. The fewer meals you buy, the higher the price per individual serving.

3. Blue Apron – Best for Healthy, Gourmet Meals in Oklahoma City

Blue Apron's Pan-Seared Steaks & Hot Honey Biscuits

Key Features

  • Gourmet meal options each week
  • 80+ unique recipes per week, plus add-ons
  • Dietary options include low-calorie, vegetarian, and health conscious
  • Current deal: Enjoy meals starting as low as $5.59!

Blue Apron’s menu features healthy gourmet meals that resemble Southern comfort food without worrying about extra carbs and calories. There are several Family-Friendly recipes each week that even the fussiest of eaters will enjoy. You can choose between meal kits and Prepared & Ready fresh prepared meals.

What’s on the Menu?

Blue Apron has Meal Kits and Prepared & Ready meals. The menu is diverse enough to keep things interesting, and the recipes change weekly. Also, the ingredients are carefully sourced from Blue Apron’s network of farmers, fisheries, and ranchers that only use sustainable farming practices.

Each week, there’s at least 1 Premium dish on Blue Apron’s menu. These meals are a bit more complex and include refined ingredients like scallops, shrimp, gnocchi, or rib-eye steak, which usually require advanced cooking skills. However, with Blue Apron’s recipe cards, it’s easy to understand and follow the instructions, even for beginners.

The service provides a preview of its recipes 4 weeks ahead. It lets you shortlist your favorite meals via labels and tags. Some helpful labels are 600 Calories or Less, Carb Conscious, Nutritionist's Pick, and Ready to Cook. For your convenience, tags indicate approximate serving times.

What Makes It Special?

All the ingredients that make it into your meal kits are premium quality and packed with nutrients and flavor. According to my colleague’s in-depth Blue Apron review,  some of the ingredients are even USDA-certified organic, but this isn’t the norm.

For more flexibility, Blue Apron offers customization options that allow customers to choose the type of protein they like in their meals. Plus, with some meals, you can eliminate the animal protein altogether and turn the meal vegetarian (follow the Make It Vegetarian label).

If you need extra meals or wish to try the service without a subscription, you can order recipes at the Blue Apron Market.

Is It Good Value?

Blue Apron’s offerings come at a surprisingly reasonable cost. The price tag for its meals starts at just $5.74 per serving. Shipping is a $10.99 flat fee for each order.

You can order for 2 or 4 people, between 2 and 5 meal kits per week. Prepared & Ready meals are available in batches of 4, 6, 8, and 10. Note that you can add more meals if you wish. Also, place separate orders to have both meal kits and heat-and-eat dishes delivered to you.

4. HelloFresh – Best Family-Friendly Meal Kits for Oklahomans

HelloFresh's Down Home Steak ’n’ Potatoes

Key Features

  • America’s most popular meal kit service

  • Over 100 unique recipes and market items per week

  • Dietary options include vegetarian, pescatarian, and calorie smart

HelloFresh is a meal kit delivery service that can accommodate different tastes and dietary needs. The menu includes a wide range of recipes each week, with dishes that are easy to prepare and can appeal to both adults and children.

What’s on the Menu?

The service offers a range of cuisines – there’s a good variety of family-friendly options, such as classic meat and vegetable dishes, kid-friendly meals, and vegetarian and low-calorie options. You can also find many quick and easy-to-prepare recipes (between 15 and 25 minutes) and 10-minute lunches that can be helpful for busy families.

To help you navigate this massive menu, HelloFresh uses a system of clever tags, like Fast & Fresh, 10-Min Lunch, or 15-Min Kids Lunch for recipes that are quick to make. You’ll also find Premium Picks recipes, which include gourmet ingredients like shrimp, scallops, or high-quality steak. Lastly, there’s the Hall of Fame tag for the most appreciated dishes on the menu.

The focus of HelloFresh is to provide customers with premium ingredients (sometimes organic) and help them cook well-balanced meals at home. Plus, the company makes an effort to work with suppliers who use sustainable farming practices and prioritize high-quality produce.

What Makes It Special?

HelloFresh provides clear, step-by-step instructions with each recipe, making it easier for families to prepare meals together. While testing out HelloFresh, our reviewer found the recipe cards easy to follow and loved that each meal kit includes pre-measured ingredients, which helps to simplify the cooking process and reduce waste.

Moreover, HelloFresh has the HelloCustom feature, which allows you to change, swap, or upgrade 12+ sides and proteins each week. This way, you can decide if your Golden Chicken Schnitzel comes with a side of potatoes or broccoli. As a result, the menu becomes even more varied, which is fantastic news for picky eaters.

Is It Good Value?

HelloFresh offers a diverse menu at competitive prices, ensuring good value for the cost. It caters to various dietary preferences with 6 different plans. These are Quick & Easy, Family Friendly, Fit & Wholesome, Pescatarian, Meat & Veggies, and Veggie.

The cost per serving usually varies depending on the specific meal plan and options selected, but HelloFresh is generally competitive with other meal kit delivery services on the market. The prices start at $3.32 per serving, and you can order for 2 or 4 people, between 2 and 6 meals per person per week. The most popular plan is 3 meals for 2 people per week.

5. Home Chef – Best for Its Impressive Customization Options

Home Chef's Fried Sesame Shrimp

Key Features

  • Meal kits and oven-ready recipes

  • 30+ unique recipes per week plus extras

  • Dietary options include carb-conscious and calorie-conscious

Home Chef is all about taste and convenience when it comes to its meals. It categorizes recipes according to their standout features. Some of its self-explanatory meal categories are Express, Oven-Ready, and Lunch. Plus, it provides allergen and ingredient swap customization options.

What’s on the Menu?

Most recipes on the menu are “Americanized,” as my colleague called it in their in-depth Home Chef review. You may find BBQ, Tex-Mex, or Fried Chicken on the menu. However, this doesn’t mean you won’t find any international influences. Recipes like Shrimp Bruschetta Risotto or Huli Huli Tofu Rice Bowl are available on every weekly menu rotation. 

Moreover, each week, you’ll find a few meals from the Culinary Collection category. These are designed for an adult palate. But be advised, these meals are a bit more complex and require more time and effort than other meal kits.

Home Chef also has a solid selection of vegetarian meals. You can swap vegan Impossible Burger for meat on many meals. You’ll find even more veggie-forward options in the Extras section, which includes everything from breakfast items and desserts to a variety of cooked meats, soups, and seafood. There are also snacks, bread, and beverages.

What Makes It Special?

Home Chef’s Customize It feature is a unique feature of this service and 1 of the main reasons why so many people want to try it out. This feature allows you to either swap or upgrade the protein in most meals on the menu. For instance, in a meal like Picadillo-Style Pork Stuffed Peppers, you can choose between ground beef, pork, or turkey.

The well-designed recipe cards include helpful instructions and cooking tips, so even beginners will feel confident about trying new things. Plus, with each recipe, you get a list of the extra things you’ll need while cooking.

Is It Good Value?

I think Home Chef’s menu is a great fit for families with children since there are lots of crowd-pleasing options that are quite popular with fussy eaters. 

Home Chef is quite affordable, but the cost per meal doesn’t depend on the number of portions. In general, the per-serving cost ($7.99) is less expensive than dining out at a restaurant or ordering takeout.

You can order for large and small families and couples. The maximum order is 6 meals per week for 6 people, while the minimum is 2 meals for 2 people.

6. Fresh and Easy – Best for Speedy Home-Cooked Meals

Fresh and Easy's Southwest-Style Chicken and Corn Soup

Key Features

  • Weekly rotating menu

  • Quick-prep meal kits

  • Gluten-Smart, Keto-Friendly, and Vegetarian options

Fresh and Easy meal kits are ideal for those with packed schedules. They make a great alternative to entirely pre-made meals. These kits combine the swift preparation times desired by active individuals with the joy of cooking, plus the flexibility to play with ingredients.

What’s on the Menu?

Fresh and Easy specializes in easy-to-cook meal kits that only take 10 to 30 minutes to put together. The brand is a subsidiary of Home Chef and offers salads besides meals. Most of the recipes fit an American palate.

The secret stands in clever cooking tips and well-designed meal kits that turn cooking into a fun and speedy experience. For instance, a recipe like Honey BBQ Chicken isn’t that easy to pull off. But with Fresh and Easy’s oven-ready method, there’s little prep to be done, and then you just have to put it in the oven for 30 to 40 minutes.

Fresh and Easy doesn’t have many options for vegans or people with specific dietary needs. There are some meals that are now tagged Gluten-Smart and Keto-Friendly. However, you can remove recipes that include ingredients you don’t like from the menu during the ordering process. This is a way to make it easy for you to find the meals that work best for your preferences.

What Makes It Special?

I like that I have access to all Home Chef features including the Customize It tool. The recipes and ingredients follow the same standard of quality.

There’s a Bundle section where you can pair salads with chicken (or other protein), breakfast with smoothies or lattes, bread with soups, and so on. This way, you can design a complete breakfast or lunch from the start.

If you find the Fresh and Easy menu lacking, you can always supplement it with cooked proteins, soups, or breakfast options from the Extras section (the same one available on Home Chef).

Is It Good Value?

In a nutshell, Fresh and Easy provides healthy and delicious recipes for people who don’t want to spend more than 20 minutes in the kitchen. And, according to my colleague’s tried-and-tested Fresh and Easy review, it does a stellar job.

Fresh and Easy prices are the same as Home Chef’s (starting at $7.99 per serving). You can order for 2, 4, or 6 people, between 2 and 6 meals per person. The shipping is a $7.99 flat fee per order.

7. BistroMD – Best for Oklahomans on a Weight-Loss Diet

BistroMD's Pork Tenderloin with Mushroom Marsala

Key Features

  • Different meal plans for men and women

  • 150 meals per week, plus snacks

  • 7 dietary options, including heart-healthy, vegan, and diabetes-friendly

BistroMD is a meal delivery service focused on weight loss through healthy eating. The meal plans are designed by a weight loss physician with years of experience. The subscription service helps patients achieve healthy weight loss without starving themselves or having to give up on meals they love.

What’s on the Menu?

The meals are designed to fit your caloric needs for weight loss. Most recipes are between 300 and 500 calories per serving. However, this doesn’t mean the food is tasteless! The BistroMD menu is quite varied and features portion-controlled ready-made meals from several world-famous cuisines.

This way, even if you’re trying to lose weight, you can still enjoy luxurious recipes, such as Meatloaf with Honey Bourbon Glaze or Grilled Salmon with Champagne Sauce. Check out my colleague’s BistroMD review for a more in-depth description of the menu.

The dishes are cooked with fresh ingredients and then frozen to preserve the texture and taste. This makes it safer for transport and prolongs the shelf life, but it can be a problem for some people. So if you’re looking for ready-made meals that are delivered fresh, Factor may be a better option.

What Makes It Special?

Most of the BistroMD meals are American. But there’s plenty of inspiration from international cuisines, such as Mexican, Asian, and Mediterranean.

BistroMD boasts a gluten-free program that follows the FDA gluten-free standard and includes meals that don’t contain wheat, rye, or barley. So anyone who has gluten sensitivities or Celiac disease can enjoy the meals formulated for this meal plan.

There are 2 programs dedicated to women – the standard program and the Menopause Program. The latter includes chef-prepared meals that include 25 g or fewer carbs and lean protein to support hormone regulation and help with long-term weight loss.

Is It Good Value?

BistroMD features 7 programs, each designed to help people with specific dietary needs. For instance, men and women have separate programs because each gender has different caloric needs. 

Overall, BistroMD’s plans are designed for individuals (no family-friendly meals). Each plan can include breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and snacks (to keep your cravings in check).

You can order the Full Program for 7 or 5 days or the Lunches and Dinners program for 7 or 5 days. Prices start at $8.24 per serving but can vary greatly depending on your options.

8. Purple Carrot – Oklahoma City’s Best Plant-Based Meal Delivery Service

Purple Carrot's Crispy Tofu Burritos

Key Features

  • Mostly organic non-produce items

  • Over 20 meal kits and 16 prepared meals per week, plus add-ons

  • Several dietary preferences, including gluten-free, vegan, and dairy-free

Oklahoma City isn’t known as a vegan hub, but things are changing as more people are interested in healthy foods. This is why Purple Carrot fits really well with the local culinary scene – while the service is 100% plant-based, its meals can be enjoyed by everyone.

What’s on the Menu?

Purple Carrot has meal kits and prepared meals on offer. If you’re into meal kits, try exotic recipes like Spicy Szechuan Style Glass Noodles or Pulled BBQ Jackfruit Sandwiches. They are low in calories (maximum 520 calories per serving) and easy to cook (only 25 minutes).

If you’re in a hurry, Purple Carrot’s prepared meals section offers single-serving meals that need a couple of minutes in the microwave. However, there are 16 recipes per week, which can seem rather limiting, especially when compared to a service like Factor.

Purple Carrot has breakfasts and lunches among Meal Kits, but not many. It also has add-ons for your pantry in this section. However, as our detailed Purple Carrot review states, you can’t mix and match between the plans during the sign-up process, only once you've signed up.

What Makes It Special?

The recipes are clever and combine taste and texture into delicious meals that impress both vegetarians and meat eaters. If you’ve got the time to cook, you should try the meal kits section.

Purple Carrot uses a variety of packaging materials to ensure the freshness and safety of ingredients during shipping. The company aims to minimize waste and use recyclable and compostable materials whenever possible.

But I think there’s more work to be done on reducing the use of plastic wrap in meal kits. The prepared meals arrive in microwave-safe containers that can be reused and recycled, so it’s less worrisome.

Is It Good Value?

Purple Carrot stands out for its delicious and economical meals tailored to plant-based diets. But the company's offerings keep earning praise from vegetarians and meat-eaters alike. Beyond its meal kits and ready-made meals, it provides a selection of extras and a range of frozen meals. Purple Carrot works on a 6 weeks rotation system, so you’ll get to enjoy more new and exciting items.

Prices vary depending on whether you order meal kits or prepared meals. Meal kits start at $8.50 per serving for the biggest box size (3 meals per week, 4 servings). However, even if you order the minimum amount (3 meals per week, 2 servings), your price per serving will be higher, but still reasonable, considering that Purple Carrot is a plant-based meal delivery. 

The prepared meals will cost you $8.50 per serving. You can order 6, 8, or 10 single-serving dishes each week.

9. Dinnerly – Great for Oklahomans on a Budget

Dinnerly's Protein-Packed Veggie Fried Rice

Key Features

  • Recipes with 6 ingredients per dish

  • 100+ meal kits and prepared meals per week + extras

  • Dietary options include low-calorie, vegetarian, and low-carb

Dinnerly specializes in fuss-free meal kits that provide balanced nutrition for omnivores. Its massive menu is similar to Marley Spoon’s, and it features a good selection of recipes from American and international cuisines.

What’s on the Menu?

Dinnerly has about 100 weekly rotating recipes on its menu, surpassing many costlier meal delivery services operating in Oklahoma City in this regard. While its meal selection is outstanding, note that the company doesn't categorize them by dietary or any other preference. So, you'll have to browse informative tags and scan each dish's ingredients to figure out if it suits you.

Most of the recipes are kid-friendly. And you can customize the ones that don’t fit your taste by upgrading the protein or side dish. While Home Chef has a more advanced customization feature, it’s good to have the option with this low-cost meal delivery service nonetheless.

The menu uses easy-to-follow tags to help you find the meals you want. For instance, if you’re looking for easy-to-prepare meals, you have the One Pot Meal and Under 30 Minutes tags. There are also tags to indicate dietary-specific meals, like Dairy Free, No Added Gluten, Low-Calorie, Low Carb, Vegan, or Vegetarian.

What Makes It Special?

Dinnerly has an extensive network of trustworthy suppliers, so you’ll always have access to the freshest produce and the best quality meat. The chicken meat is in the NAE (No Antibiotics Ever) tier, and all the meats are locally sourced. The only exception is for high-quality, grass-fed beef from Australia. Moreover, you also have access to some organic ingredients.

Dinnerly uses minimal packaging materials (also for cost reasons), which is why it’s 1 of the most eco-friendly companies on my list. For instance, while trying it out for their tested Dinnerly review, my colleague discovered that although the service now offers paper recipe cards, you can choose to access them digitally instead. It’s another step forward toward reducing the company’s carbon footprint.

Is It Good Value?

To keep the prices low, most of the meals are simple and contain fewer ingredients. Still, this doesn’t mean you’ll be missing out on nutrition or taste (there’s a lot you can do with 6 or 7 ingredients). The company also has around a dozen PremiYum recipes each week for when you’re craving more complex flavors.

Dinnerly is great for couples and families since you can order for 2 or 4 people, between 2 and 6 meals per person per week. The cost per serving starts at $2.12 for the maximum order (24 portions per week), and it stays affordable even for the minimum order (4 portions per week).

10. Marley Spoon – Best for Culinary Diversity

Marley Spoon's Crispy Sour Cream & Onion Chicken

Key Features

  • Spice up your meals with the spice blends and sauces provided

  • Over 100 entrees each week, plus desserts

  • Various dietary preferences, including low-calorie, vegetarian, and pescatarian

Marley Spoon has a large menu, introducing new recipes weekly and providing previews of dishes 4 weeks in advance. Most recipes feature tags detailing their main attributes. However, the lack of any sorting system that can aid in meal selection is a drawback in my book. The only exception here is vegetarians, as you can request a box to be vegetarian while setting up a meal plan. 

What’s on the Menu?

Marley Spoon’s impressive menu (100+ recipes per week) is a perfect fit for Oklahomans, who enjoy culinary diversity and know how to appreciate a good selection of tastes and textures. Mar Marley Spoon menu includes a range of cuisines (Asian, Mediterranean, American, Mexican, and more) and offers options that fit some of the most common dietary restrictions. Each week, you find at least 10+ vegetarian recipes, 5+ vegan recipes, and over 15 dairy-free recipes.

There are also many one-pot meals that fit a beginner cook’s skills and don’t take too long to prepare. Based on my colleague’s tried-and-tested review of Marley Spoon, all the recipes can be prepared and cooked in 6 steps or less. So you can also use the recipe cards and tips to improve your cooking skills.

What Makes It Special?

Marley Spoon lets you customize some of the meals by upgrading the protein (from sirloin steak to organic sirloin steak, for instance) or swapping the protein altogether (chicken instead of shrimp). However, organic ingredients come with an upcharge and are only available for upgrades. If you want more organic ingredients in your meals, have a look at Green Chef’s menu.

I like that the company sources its ingredients from trustworthy suppliers, such as local farmers, fishermen, and specialty producers. For example, the beef comes from grass-fed, free-range cattle from Australia and New Zealand, and the seafood is sourced from sustainable fisheries. As a result, the meal kits only include high-quality ingredients that are fresh, seasonal, and sustainably grown or raised.

Is It Good Value?

Marley Spoon is a great fit for families and couples since you can order for 2 or 4 people per week, and between 2 and 6 meals per person. 

Prices start at $2.99 per serving for 24 portions (the maximum order), which is quite convenient. But you won’t go broke even if you order the minimum amount, which is 4 portions per week.

Bonus. Eat Clean – Healthy Fast Food For Fitness-Conscious Oklahomans

Eat Clean to Go's Chicken Tikki Masala

Key Features

  • Healthy meals ready in 2-3 minutes

  • Weekly rotating menus of 40+ entrees

  • Paleo, Plant Based, and Keto options available

Eat Clean offers prepared meals with balanced macronutrient distribution. Fitness-conscious Oklahomans who value convenience can eat quick, easy meals without compromising on their dietary goals. And you can choose 1 of 2 meal sizes, which is a rare offering among meal subscription services. 

What’s on the Menu?

All Eat Clean meals are made with premium proteins and organic fruits and vegetables. There are no artificial flavors or preservatives, just high-quality ingredients, and clean, nutrient-dense foods. When you choose Eat Clean, you can trust that you're fueling your body with wholesome, natural ingredients.

The Plant-Based menu is particularly good for vegan athletes, as it helps you meet macros on a vegan diet. If you're a vegan athlete, finding meals that provide the right balance of protein and nutrients can be challenging. Eat Clean’s Plant-Based menu takes the guesswork out of your nutrition, letting you focus on your athletic performance while staying true to your dietary choices.

But the selection of snacks and desserts is next to non-existent at best. If you're after a prepared meal delivery service that provides options to satisfy your cravings between meals, Factor would be an excellent alternative.

What Makes It Special?

You can order regular or large portions from Eat Clean. Regular portions are good if you’re looking to get cut, while large portions are better suited to athletes who are trying to gain muscle mass. You can learn more about meals and portions in our detailed Eat Clean review.

All meals arrive fresh and fully cooked, so you just need to heat them in the microwave. Whether you're looking to lose weight, gain muscle, or simply maintain a healthy lifestyle, Eat Clean can help you meet your goals.

Is It Good Value?

You get 4 menus to choose from: Traditional, Keto, Paleo, or Plant Based. Whether you follow a low-carb, high-fat Keto diet, prefer a more traditional approach, or opt for plant-based meals, Eat Clean has you covered. The macros for each meal are clearly listed on the website and on each meal's packaging, making it easy to track your daily intake.

Eat Clean prices start at $8.89  per serving. You can order between 6 and 20 meals each week if you opt for regular portions. If you prefer large portions, you can choose between 4 and 20 dishes a week.

Quick Comparison Table

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Top Plans
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$7.99 Per Serving

$8.24 Per Serving

$8.50 Per Serving

$2.12 Per Serving

$2.99 Per Serving

$8.89 Per Serving

Minimum Order
Minimum Order

6 prepared meals

3 meals for 2 people

2 meals for 2 people

2 meals for 2 people

2 meals for 2 people

2 meals for 2 people

10 prepared meals

3 meal kits for 2 people/6 prepared meals

3 meals for 2 people

2 meals for 2 people

4 meals

Meal Types
Meal Types

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10-45 minute meal kits

5 - 60 min meal kits and prepared meals

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Prep Time

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5-50 min

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2-3 min

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20-40 min

3 minutes

Active Deals
Active Deals

Tips for Choosing the Best Meal Delivery Services in Oklahoma City

To help you find the best meal delivery services in Oklahoma City, I rounded up the criteria I used for this list:

  • Think about dietary needs and likes: Make sure the service fits your diet and what you like to eat. For example, if you like more complicated meals and don't mind cooking, a service that offers meal kits with instructions might be a good choice. Otherwise, you might prefer a service like Factor that delivers prepared meals you simply heat and eat. 
  • High-quality ingredients: It's important to ensure that all ingredients are fresh and sustainably sourced. If you have specific preferences, like preferring organic food, consider a USDA-certified organic company, such as Green Chef.
  • Menu variety: Before you sign up for a subscription, check out some upcoming menus to be sure the service has a variety of meals you find interesting. Most services will publish their weekly menus in advance, so you can check out dishes 4-6 weeks ahead. Meal delivery services are a great way to try new cuisines without much effort, so look for a company with an extensive menu like HelloFresh.
  • Bear in mind your budget: Costs can quickly escalate if you're catering to a large family and everyone has unique preferences. To ensure that the service you select aligns with your budget, review the price per serving for the minimum and maximum orders. It can often be cheaper per serving to order for more people. Larger orders can also help save on shipping fees. 


What is the highest-rated home delivery meal service?

Factor is the highest-rated meal delivery service on my list thanks to its great selection of prepared meals you just heat and serve. If you’re pressed for time but want to eat healthy and delicious dinners, you’ll love Factor.

Which is the best meal delivery service for families?

HelloFresh has the most family-friendly menu due to a variety of cuisines and options for customization. Also, most meal kits are easy to prepare, and the recipe cards include instructions and useful tips and tricks that help beginner cooks improve at a faster rate.

What meal delivery service is the healthiest?

If you’re looking to switch to a plant-based diet, then Purple Carrot is a great option. The menu is 100% plant-based and vegan and features delicious recipes that even meat-eaters enjoy.

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