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Updated on Apr 5th, 2024
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10 Best Pet Food Delivery Raleigh NC 2024: Ranked

With all its green space and walkable areas, Raleigh is a great place for pet owners. But if you’re a pet parent who wants the best for your animal companion, it can be hard to find premium pet food. This is why I’ve compiled a list of the best pet food delivery Raleigh, NC has to offer. 

I’ve sorted through many pet food delivery services, large and small. I’ve examined ingredients, pored over preparation methods, compiled prices and delivery fees, and consulted my colleagues for their thoughts. And after all that, I feel comfortable saying that these are the best pet food delivery services you’ll find in the Research Triangle.

The Farmer’s Dog gets my top spot. Its slow-cooked food is sure to be a big hit with your pooch. But every pet food delivery service I’ve chosen will provide Raleigh furbabies with high-quality pet food delivered to your door. Read on and you’re sure to find a service that you and your pet will love.

Short on Time? Here is the Best Pet Food Delivery Raleigh

  1. The Farmer’s Dog – Best pet food delivery Raleigh2024

  2. Ollie – Best pet meals with superfoods in Raleigh

  3. We Feed Raw – Best Raleigh raw pet food delivery

  4. Nom Nom – Best nutritionist-designed dog food in Raleigh

  5. Spot & Tango – Best kibble alternative for Raleigh dogs

See 5 more pet food delivery Raleigh

The Best Pet Food Delivery Raleigh NC Reviewed

1. The Farmer’s Dog – Best Pet Food Delivery Raleigh 2024

A bowl of The Farmer's Dog Turkey recipe with a personalized package for Buddy beside it.

Key Features

  • Meals personalized for your pooch’s needs

  • Beef, chicken, pork, and turkey recipes

  • Slow cooked to preserve nutrients

  • Current deal: Get 60% off your first box!

The Farmer's Dog is the best premium pet food delivery service in Raleigh, NC, thanks to its high-quality, human-grade ingredients and personalized meal plans. Recognized for its exceptional nutrient-rich recipes, The Farmer's Dog offers a variety of fresh, grain-free meals tailored to meet the specific nutritional needs of dogs.

What’s on Offer?

The Farmer's Dog offers 4 recipes: 

  • Chicken 

  • Beef 

  • Turkey  

  • Pork. 

Each recipe includes high-quality USDA meats, along with vegetables like sweet potatoes, carrots, and leafy greens. These meals are packed with essential nutrients and are free from artificial preservatives and fillers, making them a healthy option for dogs of all sizes and breeds​​​​.

Your subscription starts with a quiz, so The Farmer’s Dog can understand your dog’s specific needs. Each meal plan is tailored for age, weight, and activity level and provides optimal nutrition for your dog’s needs. You can find out more in our detailed The Farmer’s Dog review.

All meals are prepared in small batches using human-grade ingredients. The kitchens are USDA-inspected and the preparation process adheres to high standards to make sure your dog gets the best meals The Farmer’s Dog can send.

After preparation, meals are frozen to lock in freshness. You keep your The Farmer’s Dog packets in the freezer, then defrost them when it’s doggy dinner time. There are no artificial preservatives, additives, or fillers.

What Makes It Special?

The Farmer's Dog prepares its meals using a gentle cooking process. This method ensures that pathogens are eliminated while preserving the essential nutrients. This results in meals that are safe and also highly nutritious, which keeps your pooch healthy and happy.

Many of the ingredients used in The Farmer’s Dog meals come from local farmers and suppliers. This ensures that the ingredients are prepared at peak freshness and supports local businesses that practice responsible and sustainable agriculture.

Each meal pack arrives marked with your dog’s name and the daily feeding portion. This helps avoid confusion if you’re feeding more than one canine. Just look at the label, and you’ll know exactly which dog the meal is for and how much you need to portion out.

Is it Good Value?

Prices start at $2/day. Your price will vary depending on how much food your dog needs.

For those who can’t afford a full subscription, The Farmer’s Dog also offers a DIY Nutrient mix. You buy the ingredients yourself and add the Nutrient mix to make sure your dog gets a balanced diet. It’s a great way to feed your dog a healthy, fresh diet while saving some money.

2. Ollie – Best Pet Meals with Superfoods in Raleigh

A package of Ollie's Turkey Dish with Blueberries surrounded by some of its ingredients like carrots and corn

Key Features

  • Every meal and treat supplemented with superfoods

  • Gently Baked and Fresh recipes

  • Also offers treats and supplements

  • Current deal: Get 60% Off Your Starter Box

Ollie brings freshly cooked, preservative-free meals right to your doorstep. It uses human-grade ingredients and cooking in small batches at a USDA-regulated facility in Pennsylvania, ensuring the highest standards​​​​. All meals, treats, and supplements feature healthy superfoods that add further nutritional value.

What’s on Offer?

Ollie gives you a choice between Fresh and Gently Baked recipes. No matter which plan you choose, or if you choose a mix of both, you’ll find that all meals are grain-free and formulated to meet the nutritional guidelines set by AAFCO. 

All Fresh meals are cooked with human-grade ingredients and feature healthy fruits and vegetables that add nutrition and fiber to your canine companion’s diet. You can choose between 5 Fresh recipes: 

  • Pork with Apples

  • Turkey with Blueberries

  • Chicken with Carrots

  • Lamb with Cranberries

  • Beef with Sweet Potatoes

Ollie’s Gently Baked recipes are oven-baked at a lower temperature that gives them a crunchy texture but preserves the nutrients. Like the Fresh recipes, Gently Baked meals use whole ingredients. Your Gently Baked options are: 

  • Beef with Sweet Potatoes

  • Chicken with Carrots

In addition to its meal offerings, Ollie also provides a range of treats and supplements. These products complement their meal plans and cater to additional health needs of your pet, such as dental health or specific dietary requirements​​. All treats and supplements are made to the same exacting standards as meals and use the same fresh whole meats and vegetables. 

What Makes It Special?

Ollie uses only healthy, human-grade ingredients in its meals. You’ll never find any by-products, bone meal, fillers, or artificial preservatives. Ollie meals, treats, and supplements contain no corn, wheat, or soy. 

The superfoods Ollie includes in all its meals and treats enhance the nutritional value and contribute to overall health benefits like better digestion, shinier coats, and more energy. Check out our expert review for more information about Ollie’s superfoods.

You can always adjust the amount of food in each delivery to make sure you have enough meals on hand for your dog. And Ollie always includes some extra food in its box in case your next delivery is delayed by weather or other issues. 

Is It Good Value?

Ollie meals start at $4-$8 per day. Your price will vary based on your dog’s dietary needs. The price is competitive with other high-quality dog foods and offers a good price-to-value ratio given the nutritional benefits.

If you’re on a tight budget, Ollie’s Half Fresh plan provides 50% of your dog’s diet and can be used to supplement their current meals.

3. We Feed Raw Best Raleigh Raw Pet Food Delivery

A bowl of We Feed Raw Beef Recipe with a photo of an Irish Setter

Key Features

We Feed Raw is Raleigh’s best raw pet food delivery service. Its raw, grain-free pet meals use high-pressure processing (HPP) to kill harmful bacteria without compromising nutritional integrity. Its patties are a convenient and safe way to provide your animal companion with a healthy raw diet.

What’s on Offer?

We Feed Raw's meals combine human-grade meat with organ meats like liver, sweetbreads, and ground bone. This offers a nutrient-rich diet that closely mirrors the natural diet dogs eat in the wild. And Raleigh cat owners will be happy to hear that We Feed Raw meals are a great choice for your cuddly, obligate carnivore.

You can choose between 6 different recipes. Meals come in patties that weigh 6 ounces, 1 pound or 5 pounds. The options available are: 

  • Chicken

  • Turkey

  • Duck

  • Beef

  • Lamb

  • Venison

Every We Feed Raw meal also incorporates oils rich in omega-3 acids. These acids promote joint and heart health and are especially important for older animals. Check out our We Feed Raw review to learn more about its menu options.

We Feed Raw offers menu recommendations based on your dog’s age, activity level, and breed. This can help you prepare a plan that ensures your pup gets all the nutrients they need without overfeeding.

What Makes It Special?

Before packaging its meal, We Feed Raw employs cold-pressing at high pressure but low temperatures. This preserves the texture and nutrition of raw food while eliminating pathogenic bacteria like listeria or E. coli that could make you or your pet ill.

The diet offered by We Feed Raw closely mirrors a dog's ancestral diet. This approach to feeding is based on the belief that dogs thrive best on a diet similar to what they would’ve naturally consumed in the wild​​. There are no grains or fillers, just raw proteins that are easy for your pet to digest.

We Feed Raw is developed in consultation with a PhD animal nutritionist. This ensures that the meals are formulated to meet rigorous nutritional and safety standards.

Is It Good Value?

Prices start at $6.59/lb. We Feed Raw can also be used as a supplement to a regular diet, and you can save more money by purchasing in bulk.

Raw food is more nutritionally dense, which means dogs eat less while still receiving all the necessary nutrients. This can be more cost-effective in the long run, as smaller portions are needed. It’s also good for pudgy pooches, as there are no empty calories that can contribute to canine obesity. 

4. Nom Nom – Best Nutritionist-Designed Dog Food in Raleigh

A yellow lab waits patiently for his bowl of Nom Nom Beef Mash

Key Features

  • Nutritionist-designed for canine health and proper probiotic balance

  • Recipes include Beef, Chicken, Pork and Turkey

  • Probiotic supplements are also available

Nom Nom collaborates with board-certified veterinary nutritionists to create its recipes, ensuring each meal isn’t only tasty but also nutritionally balanced. This approach caters to the needs of dogs with various dietary requirements and reflects Nom Nom’s commitment to canine health and well-being.

What’s on Offer?

Nom Nom has 4 recipes: 

  • Beef Mash

  • Chicken Cuisine

  • Pork Potluck

  • Turkey Fare

Each meal is carefully formulated to provide a balance of nutrients. These recipes are slow-cooked at low temperatures, which preserves the nutritional integrity and flavor of the ingredients.

Each ingredient is cooked separately to ensure maximal nutrient value. Then all ingredients are combined, packaged, and fortified with vitamin supplements. Finally, meals are frozen to keep them fresh until they are ready to serve.

All meals use human-grade animal proteins as well as vegetables for fiber and additional nutrients. For more information about Nom Nom’s recipes, check out our detailed review. 

In addition to these recipes, Nom Nom offers Probiotic supplements. These supplements help build up the healthy bacteria that are an important part of your dog’s gut flora. This not only helps your dog with digestion and absorption of nutrients, but can lead to overall better canine health, well-being, and quality of life.

What Makes it Special?

Each meal is supplemented with Nom Nom Nutrient Mix, which includes vitamins (D, E, B1, B2, B12), minerals (iron, iodine, zinc, selenium, copper, manganese), and other vital elements like choline and taurine. Because fresh meals like Nom Nom are easier for dogs to digest, these nutrients are more thoroughly absorbed and contribute more to your pup’s health.

The individual cooking of each ingredient not only preserves nutrients but also enhances the taste. Nom Nom’s board-certified veterinary nutritionists make sure that its meals are both nutritionally balanced and appealing to your pet’s palate.

Nom Nom is especially good for dogs with sensitive stomachs. It’s easy to digest, and you can find a complete ingredient list both on the website and on the package. This lets you check to see if any recipe has ingredients that don’t agree with your dog.

Is It Good Value?

Nom Nom’s prices start at $2.40. You can get deliveries every 1, 2, or 4 weeks.

There are options for full or half plans, which provide flexibility for pet owners who wish to supplement their dog's diet while managing costs.

5. Spot & Tango – Best Kibble Alternative for Raleigh Dogs

A bag of Spot & Tango Cod + Salmon UnKibble

Key Features

  • 4 dry “UnKibble” and 3 fresh recipes

  • Beef, chicken, lamb, and other meals

  • Gluten, grain, and soy-free meals

Spot & Tango has a great selection of fresh and healthy meals for Raleigh dogs. It offers 2 types of food, UnKibble and Fresh. UnKibble is a unique "fresh dry" option, while their Fresh range is, as the name suggests, freshly cooked meals.

What’s on Offer?

Spot & Tango's UnKibble is made from 100% whole food ingredients and combines high-quality protein sources with nutritious fruits and vegetables like sweet potatoes, carrots, and cranberries​​.

You can get UnKibble in 4 flavors:

  • Chicken + Brown Rice

  • Cod + Salmon

  • Beef + Barley

  • Turkey + Sweet Potato

In addition to UnKibble, Spot & Tango provides 3 fresh food recipes. These recipes are cooked weekly in small batches, ensuring the freshness and taste that dogs love​​​​. The fresh recipes are

  • Turkey & Red Quinoa 

  • Beef & Millet

  • Lamb & Brown Rice

All produce used in Spot & Tango recipes is certified non-GMO and sourced from the US, ensuring high standards of quality and safety​​. The meats are USDA-approved human-grade and are free from hormones and antibiotics.

All Spot & Tango recipes are suitable for dogs at all life stages, so you can feel safe feeding its meals to your puppy or your elderly dog. For more information on Spot & Tango meals, check out our expert Spot & Tango review.

What Makes It Special?

Spot & Tango is distinguished by its focus on nutritional integrity and the use of high-quality ingredients. All recipes from Spot & Tango are high in protein, meeting or exceeding AAFCO guidelines and providing the necessary nutrition for dogs of all sizes and life stages​​​​.

Each Spot & Tango meal is enriched with superfoods like red quinoa, sweet potatoes, spinach, and apple cider vinegar. These ingredients add vital nutrients that contribute to additional health benefits and support your dog’s overall well-being​​.

An unopened UnKibble bag can be stored for up to 12 months. An opened bag is good for up to 8 weeks. Both can be kept at room temperature in your pantry, which is great for Raleigh residents who have limited freezer space.

Is It Good Value?

Prices start at $7 per week. UnKibble is approximately 40% cheaper than the Fresh meals, making it an affordable option for Raleigh dog owners on a budget. You also get free 2-day shipping on all orders.

Spot & Tango offers a 2-week starter box for new customers. If your dog doesn't care for Spot & Tango, you get a full refund​​​​.

6. The Pets Table – Healthy Pet Food Delivery to Raleigh

A delivery box from The Pets Table surrounded by its Fresh and Air-Dried recipes

Key Features

  • Hello Fresh’s premium dog food delivery line

  • Reasonably priced human-grade dog foods

  • 2 air-dried and 3 fresh recipes

The Pets Table offers a range of human-grade meals for dogs. The Pets Table's meals are developed with vets and adhere to the AAFCO's Dog Food Nutrient Profile, ensuring a balanced diet for pets at every life stage​​​​.

What's on Offer?  

You’ll find 5 different The Pets Table meals, with 3 fresh and 2 air-dried options. Check out our expert review to learn more about The Pets Table menu.

Air-dried meals are a more affordable option, retaining nutrients through a gentle cooking process. This method also extends the shelf life, making these meals a practical choice for pet owners​​. Your Air-Dried choices are: 

  • Chicken & Sweet Potato

  • Beef & Berries

Fresh options are made with high-quality, human-grade ingredients. After cooking, these meals are frozen to keep them at peak freshness until you feed your dog. The Pets Table’s Fresh options are: 

  • Chicken Casserole with Green Beans

  • Beef Stew with Carrots

  • Turkey Casserole with Broccoli

All meals from The Pets Table are created using human-grade ingredients in an FDA-approved facility. This commitment to quality ensures that your pet is consuming meals that are not only tasty but also meet high safety and nutritional standards​​.

What Makes It Special?

HelloFresh's extensive delivery experience ensures quality ingredients and distribution. This expertise contributes to The Pets Table’s ability to offer competitively priced, high-quality pet meal delivery​.

A unique aspect of The Pets Table is its 3 dog food testers, a Cavapoo, a Shihchon, and a Bernedoodle. Approval from all 3 dogs is required before any meal is introduced to the market.

Every package from The Pets Table features measurement lines, simplifying the portioning process for dog owners. This added convenience makes it easier to ensure your pet is getting the right amount of food​​.

Is It Good Value?

The Pets Table meals start at around $1.59 per meal. This makes The Pets Table one of the more economical Raleigh pet food delivery services.

The Pets Table offers 4 meal plans to cater to different needs and budgets: Air-Dried, Fresh, Mixed, and Half of Fresh.

The Half of Fresh plan is particularly versatile, allowing pet owners to combine The Pets Table's food with another provider's, offering flexibility in pet diet management​​​​.

7. PawFoods – Organic Pet Food in  Raleigh 

A bowl and a meal container of PawFoods Under the Sea fresh fish dog food

Key Features

  • Organic produce and proteins in all meals

  • Subscription and 1-time orders

  • 3 fresh recipes with extras

PawFoods offers an organic and nutritious option for dog owners in Raleigh, NC. It provides fresh, high-quality meals using human-grade ingredients, all sourced and manufactured in the USA.

What’s on Offer?

PawFoods uses fresh, organic, human-grade ingredients in its meals, ensuring top-notch quality. Eating organic is important to your dog's health as it means the food is free from harmful chemicals and pesticides commonly found in non-organic food.

The meals are steam-cooked to preserve maximum nutrients. This cooking process helps retain the natural goodness of ingredients, ensuring your dog gets the most out of every meal. Our expert review will give you more information about the PawFoods menu.

PawFoods offers 3 different meal options:

  • Chicken Feast

  • Steak Sensation

  • Under the Sea

Each recipe is tailored to cater to specific health needs, like joint support, immune boost, or allergy care, making it easier to choose the right meal for your dog's needs.

Each meal comes with a bonus. This includes a small pocket of extra fruits, a pouch of superfoods, a nutritional booster, and a dental treat. These additions enhance the nutritional value of the meals and contribute to overall pet health, including dental hygiene.

What Makes It Special?

PawFoods’ use of USDA-certified organic ingredients underscores its commitment to quality and traceability. Such high standards ensure that the food is safe and nutritious for your pet.

In addition to its meals, PawFoods also offers organic, gluten-free treats to reward your pet. Treats come in 3 flavors:

  • Fruity Paws

  • Minty Paws

  • Salmon Paws

All PawFoods meals and treats are gluten-free and contain no preservatives or artificial additives. They are a great choice for pet parents whose dogs have sensitive digestive systems and allergies.

Is It Good Value?

PawFoods meals start at $2.86 per meal. The cost of your package will depend on the size of your dog.

Despite being in the premium price range, PawFoods’ commitment to high-quality, organic ingredients and the overall health benefits it offers make it a worthwhile investment for your dog’s nutrition.

You can choose between 1-time orders and subscriptions. Subscribers save 15% on every order, so you should definitely think about signing up if your dog is crazy for PawFoods. 

8. Maev – Ready-to-Eat Raw Pet Food in Raleigh

A Bernese Mountain Dog enjoying a bowl of Maev Chicken recipe

Key Features

  • Frozen raw meals

  • Beef and Chicken options

  • You can also buy Bone broth toppers and supplement bars

Maev offers ready-to-eat frozen raw meals for Raleigh dogs. Its flash-frozen meals are crafted with simplicity and health in mind. If you want to give your dog the benefit of raw meals but don’t like dealing with thawed raw meat, you should check out Maev.

What’s on Offer?

Maev uses USDA-certified human-grade ingredients for its meals. To ensure freshness, Maev sources locally whenever possible. This means your dog gets a great diet, and small farmers benefit from your purchase. Check out our extended review to find out more about the different Maev options.

You only get 2 choices with Maev: Beef or Chicken. If your dog likes a varied diet, Maev may not offer a large enough selection for their liking. And if you have a very young dog, only the Chicken recipe is suitable for puppies.

Each recipe adds nutritious fruits and vegetables like green beans and blueberries, as well as organ meats like liver and sweetbreads. Maev also adds fish oils and coconut oil to provide heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids.

For a holistic approach to common canine issues, Maev offers bundles. Bundles combine meat, treats, and supplements to target issues like joint health, gas, or anxiety. You can also create your own bundles to address your pet’s individual concerns.

What Makes It Special?

Maev’s flash-frozen recipes deliver convenience to dog owners. Maev provides a balanced and wholesome diet for your pets without the hassle that often comes with a raw diet. A Maev diet is less messy than ground raw meat, and you don’t have to defrost it before serving.

Frozen food slows down the dog’s eating pace because it provides more resistance than soft, raw foods. This aids in dental hygiene by helping clean the teeth. But it also ensures that your dog feels fuller faster, aiding in proper digestion and weight management.

Is It Good Value?

Maev meals start at $143 per bag. The supplements and bundles are also pricey. But the quality is excellent and feeding a balanced raw diet doesn’t get any easier than this.

You can save money with Maev subscriptions or bulk purchases. Maev also welcomes 1-time orders, so you can try it out and see for yourself if it works for you and your dog.

9. Raised Right – Family-Owned Pet Food Delivery Raleigh

Pouches of Raised Right's Beef Recipe and Chicken Recipe for dogs

Key Features

  • Raised Right website lets you track ingredient origins

  • Meals available for dogs and cats

  • Only human-grade ingredients used

Raised Right stands out for its focus on simplicity and quality. Since 2016, the Ruud family has prioritized transparency and nutrition in its pet food offerings, crafting meals that are both wholesome and appealing to pets.

What’s on Offer?

Raised Right's meals use a limited ingredient list of whole foods. Each recipe prominently features a single type of animal meat and organs, such as beef, chicken, or pork, alongside other wholesome ingredients like carrots, blueberries, and organic spearmint. This makes the meals nutritious.

Dr. Karen Becker, a well-known veterinarian, helps develop Raised Right’s recipes. Her expertise ensures that every meal contains all the nutrients needed to keep pets healthy. Raised Right’s meals use only whole foods with no synthetic vitamins or minerals, yet they still meet or exceed AAFCO standards.

Raised Right has healthy options for both cats and dogs. You’ll find recipes for all sizes and breeds. Older pets with missing teeth or animals who prefer soft food will love Raised Right’s selection of patés. Our detailed review provides more information about Raised Right’s wide menu.

Along with their main meals, Raised Right offers 2 single-ingredient treats: Shake a Flakes and Meat Bites. These treats complement the main meals, providing a nutritious snack or a supplement to sprinkle over your pet's food.

What Makes It Special?

Every batch of Raised Right food undergoes rigorous pathogen testing before shipping. This strict quality assurance policy ensures that the food reaching your pet is safe and contamination-free.

Raised Right meats aren’t just human-grade, they’re humanely raised and ethically harvested. From their website, you can learn about the sources of every agreement and how Raised Right sends you safer and healthier meals. 

Every Raised Right batch gets checked for pathogens before shipping. This stringent standard has paid off since Raised Right has never had a recall.

Is It Good Value?

Meals start at $9.99/bag. While the price point might be higher than some other options, the quality and nutritional value of the meals justify the cost.

Shipping costs $19.99 per box, and Raised Right offers 4-pouch and 16-pouch shipments. With the 16-pouch subscription, you get free shipping.

10. Open Farm – Humane Pet Food Delivery Raleigh

A bowl and a bag of Open Farm's Grain Free Grass-Fed Beef Recipe

Key Features

  • Sustainably grown, humanely-raised ingredients

  • Options for both dogs and cats

  • Dry, stews, RawMix, gently cooked meals

Open Farm is committed to sustainable, ethical sourcing of ingredients. It not only offers a wide variety of pet foods but also ensures that every ingredient can be traced back to its source. Renowned for its concern for animal welfare, Open Farm is a top choice for Raleigh pet owners who are environmentally conscious and prioritize their pets' health.

What’s on Offer?

Open Farm offers a variety of dry, gently cooked, freeze-dried raw, and wet options. You can get dry food in grain-inclusive or grain-free options. This wide variety of meals ensures you’ll find a meal your furry friend will love and that is suited to their health requirements. Learn more about Open Farm’s menu in our detailed review.

Beef, turkey, chicken, whitefish, and lamb are some of the protein sources available in Open Farm meals. Open Farm works with agencies, including Certified Humane to ensure that all ingredients used are cruelty-free and sustainably harvested.

Beyond regular meals, Open Farm also provides treats and supplements. These include dehydrated treats made from pure meat like beef, chicken, and turkey. Supplements are designed to enhance the nutritional value of the meals, catering to the specific health needs of pets. All treats and supplements are glycerine, grain, and gluten-free. 

What Makes It Special?

All Open Farm products are made with sustainably sourced, ethical ingredients so that pet owners can feel good about their purchases. The tracking system on its website lets you see where each ingredient originated and what your pets are consuming.

Open Farm sources its high-quality ingredients from small family farms. This not only supports local agriculture but also ensures that the ingredients are ethically sourced and of premium quality.

Is It Good Value?

Meals start at $7/lb without auto-shipment. If you're not 100% satisfied, Open Farm will give you a 100% refund if you contact customer support within 15 days of purchase.

You can place 1-time orders or schedule an auto-shipment for every 1 to 16 weeks. With autoshipping, you save 5% on each order.

Quick Comparison Table

Starting Price

Minimum Order

Best For

Meal Type


Active Deals

🥇 The Farmer’s Dog


2-week starter pack

Quality meals at a great price point

Wet, DIY Nutrient Mix


Get 60% off your first box! from The Farmer’s Dog

🥈 Ollie

$4-$8 per day

2-week starter pack

High-protein fresh and dry food



Get 60% Off Your Starter Box from Ollie

🥉 We Feed Raw


30 lb bag

Raw diets



Get 40% off your first box + Free Shipping! from We Feed Raw

Nom Nom


2-week starter pack

Dogs with stomach issues



Get 50% off your first box from Nom Nom

Spot & Tango

$7 per week

2-week starter pack

Mix of fresh and dry meals

Wet, Dry


Get 50% off your first box + free shipping from Spot & Tango

The Pets Table

$1.59 per meal

2 weeks worth of food

Dogs of all ages and breeds

Air-dried and Fresh recipes

$10.99 per order

Get 50% off your 1st box + 20% off your 2nd from The Pets Table


$2.86 per meal

4 weeks of meals (2 meals per day)

Dogs of all ages and breeds

Fresh recipes and Organic treats

Free on orders over $25

$50 off first order. Valid for any order over $120. Code: DR50 from PawFoods


$143 per bag

1 5lb bag per week

Dogs of all ages and breeds

Raw Food, Puppy formula, Bone Broth Topper, and Supplement Bars 

Free for orders $250+ or $9.98 per order

20% Off Sitewide + FREE Gift from Maev

Raised Right


4 bags of 1 lb

Ingredient information and accountability


$9.99 for Sample Box, or Free for Full Box

20% Off Your First Box (16 Bags) from Raised Right

Open Farm

$7/lb without auto-shipment

No minimum

Sustainably sourced, humanely raised ingredients

Dry, fresh, broths

Free to $5.99

Save 15% Off Your First Order With Code: HELLO15 from Open Farm

Tips for Choosing the Best Pet Food Delivery Raleigh

There are a lot of Raleigh pet food delivery services, so it can be hard to find the one best suited to your needs. Here are some pointers that can help you narrow down your choices.

  • Look for high-quality ingredients: The Farmer’s Dog’s uses human-grade meats and vegetables and cooks them gently to preserve nutrient value. This ensures that your pet gets fresh, nutritious meals without the empty calories and fillers you find in most commercial dog food.

  • Consider convenience: Feeding your pet a raw diet can be a messy procedure. With We Feed Raw, you get convenient frozen patties that you simply defrost and serve when your pet is ready to eat. And the patties come in different sizes, which means you can thaw out proper portions for the largest or the smallest pets.

  • Check the food is prepared: Commercial pet meals are prepared at high temperatures that destroy much of the food’s nutritional value. Ollie uses a slow cooking process that kills pathogenic bacteria while preserving important vitamins and nutrients.

  • Know your budget: Pet food delivery can be expensive. But with a little research, you can find premium pet meals for less than you might expect. For excellent dog food delivery at very reasonable prices, I recommend checking out The Pets Table.


What’s the best Raleigh dog food delivery?

The Farmer’s Dog is my top choice because of its personalized portions of gently-cooked and nutritious human-grade dog food. But all 10 of the services on our list will provide you with premium meal deliveries that your pooch will love.

What’s the best Raleigh cat food delivery?

I highly recommend that Raleigh cat owners check out We Feed Raw. A raw diet is better for your feline friend than commercial cat food that contains preservatives and fillers. We Feed Raw is easier for your cat to digest and has all the nutrients necessary for their good health.

What’s the best Raleigh dry food delivery?

For Raleigh dogs that insist on kibble, Spot & Tango’s UnKibble is a healthy alternative. All Spot & Tango UnKibble meals are made with whole ingredients. There’s no bone meal, soy, or other harmful fillers – just nutritious crunchy food your pet will love.

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We bring you the facts about the top meal delivery services today based on your diet, city, and lifestyle. From ordering meals, to canceling subscriptions, we’ve got you covered.
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