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Author Sarah Kirton
Sarah Kirton
Updated on Nov 22nd, 2022
Fact checked by Deborah Leigh

Bogdana Liquid Vitamins 2023: 100+ Nutrients Made Easy

Bogda Gruber, owner of Bogdana Liquid Vitamins, reveals why she believes liquid vitamins are far superior to tablets or capsules, and how her formulas can help the body heal itself.

Tell us more about liquid vitamins – do they allow for more synergistic formulas?

Absolutely. We can pack more potent nutrients – that work together in harmony – into a liquid formula than we can into a pill. The Bogdana Rejuvenating Nutritional Formula, for example, contains 150 nutrients and it would be impossible to put all those into a single tablet or capsule. Taken together, they work much better than individual vitamins and minerals. Balance is also very important. 

It’s also impossible to overestimate the importance of minerals and trace minerals for the human body. They’re the catalysts for all the vitamins and other nutrients the body uses for developing and maintaining good health. Minerals are electrolytes that are important for the proper function of the heartbeat, contraction of muscles, and production of energy. 

According to biochemist Linus Pauling, every disease can be traced to a mineral deficiency. As important as vitamins are, they will not work without trace minerals present. Our Bogdana RNF also contains 76 trace minerals. 

Complete nutrition and a proper balance of nutrients working together in biological synergy also eliminates the need for high doses of individual supplements.

What are the benefits of the liquid format? 

The main benefit of taking vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients in liquid form is that they’re more absorbable. The benefits of liquid vitamins kick into action as soon as they’re consumed as the nutrients are predigested. They enter the bloodstream much faster compared to the solid form.

With dry preparations, the body must first break down the pill or capsule. They usually contain binders, cheap fillers, and preservatives, and it’s not uncommon to have hard capsules or tablets pass right through our bodies without being absorbed at all. 

According to the National Advisory Board, 100mg consumed in tablet form translates to a minimum stabilized 8.3mg or 8.3% accumulated in the blood. This means we absorb only 20 to 25% of the nutrients from capsules or tablets, while liquid supplements are absorbed almost entirely (up to 98%). When we consume even micro-doses of vitamins and minerals in liquid form, we absorb more nutrients than what we might be getting from mega doses of pills and capsules.

When and why did you launch Bogdana Liquid Vitamins?

Our bestselling Bogdana RNF products came into existence after 16 years of study and personal research by my husband, Joseph Gruber, the founder of the Bogdana Corporation. His goal was to provide complete nutrition at cellular level, by considering the assimilation of nutrients, nutritional wholeness, and electromagnetic resonance of body cells and organs. 

Based on his research, he created the Bogdana RNF liquid vitamins – a rich, sweet-tasting liquid, packed with more than 100 nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, trace minerals, proteins, enzymes, and more. In the beginning, he tried the formula on family and friends, with amazing results. We decided to take it to market in 1987. 

What makes Bogdana different from other brands?

The formulation of our Bogdana RNF is what makes it unique. It’s a blend of 150 essential nutrients and micronutrients; nutrients that the body itself cannot produce but which are required by humans and other living things throughout life, in small quantities, to orchestrate a whole range of physiological functions.

All the ingredients are blended into a base of honey and molasses which are amazing nutrients in their own rights. Honey is a natural product comprising a highly concentrated, complex mixture of carbohydrates and minute quantities of minerals, proteins, vitamins, organic acids, flavonoids, phenolic acids, enzymes, and other compounds. We use honey for its natural preservative qualities which eliminates the need for artificial preservatives. 

Our body also needs carbohydrates for chemical processes, so honey is a healthy way to get them. Our formula contains less than 2% of RDV of sugar in a teaspoon, which makes it safe for diabetics.

Bogdana RNF has withstood the test of time. After 34 years, our formula is still a one-of-a-kind liquid supplement. 

How do supplements help with the detoxification process?

Our body is under constant assault from pollution, pesticides, and all kinds of side effects from our modern lifestyles. The body’s natural function is to get rid of the toxins that are not beneficial to its wellbeing. 

Detoxification is a natural process of the body. However, because of the nature of today’s toxins, the body is slow in doing so. Too often, its inability to eliminate these toxins leads to a build-up inside the body. The result is a steady loss of energy and good health. 

Weight gain, lethargy, continual minor illness and pain, allergies, and major diseases can be the direct consequence of the inability to get rid of these built-up toxins. The body is a wonderful machine and its ability to heal itself is a marvel. But the failure to eliminate toxins can cause permanent damage to our wellness – when our cells are filled with toxins, there is little space left for nutrients to enter. 

Bogdana RNF works on a cellular level. It helps improve the natural ability of the body to continually detoxify itself. 

Can your formulas be taken by adults and children? 

The Bogdana RNF liquid vitamins are made with natural and organic ingredients. There’s nothing in our product that could be harmful. In fact, there is much in it that we all need. It can be taken by everyone, including children over two years of age. Our customers have even given the formula to their pets, with great results!

Does Bogdana collaborate with medical practitioners?

Yes, we have worked with doctors and healthcare professionals, and many of them have become distributors of our product.

What noticeable changes does one see when taking Bogdana Liquid Vitamins?

On a personal level, before I started to take Bogdana RNF, I had a lot of food cravings. After starting on the formula every day, my cravings disappeared. Obviously, my body must have been lacking in some of the nutrients the formula provided. Today, I am still healthy, have plenty of energy, and I feel great. I never get sick with a cold or flu and haven’t needed to see a doctor for years. 

Our customers experience great benefits such as increased energy and stamina, and a feeling of wellbeing. Some even see an end to their health problems. Our slogan is For Inner Health & Outer Beauty, and many people have observed an improved appearance, particularly in their skin. 

Many of our customers ordered their first bottle 20 or more years ago and they still order the product today. We keep their testimonials on file, and we share them on our website and Instagram. 

We believe in the body’s ability to heal itself. We have an immune system that protects us from harmful substances, germs, viruses, and cell changes that could make us ill. When we give our body the nutrients it needs it can perform marvels.

I do believe that the time will come, in the not-so-distant future, when people will start to depend less on drugs and more on natural foods and remedies. 

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