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Author Sarah Kirton
Sarah Kirton
Updated on Oct 26th, 2023
Fact checked by Deborah Leigh

Chef Digitales 2023: Cooking Becomes a Walk in the Park

Chef Digitales, driven by founder Richard Barbera's personal frustration with daily meal planning, is an AI-powered platform simplifying the question, "What do I cook today?" It offers personalized recipe recommendations, creates shopping lists, and facilitates online grocery shopping, serving over 300,000 users across several countries. DeliveryRank finds out more.

Can you tell us more about Chef Digitales and how it helps users answer the age-old question, "What do I cook today?" What inspired you to create this app?

Chef Digitales is a platform that uses artificial intelligence to simplify the daily question of "What do I cook today?" The app learns from the user's tastes, diets, and preferences and offers personalized recommendations with 10,000 recipes. It then creates a shopping list, compares prices at nearby supermarkets, and allows for online shopping, simplifying meal planning. 

The idea of Chef Digitales came from the personal frustration of the founder and his wife, who faced the same culinary question for 17 years. After doing the MVP and gaining traction, they saw that this was a common issue. The app now has more than 300,000 users in Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, and Mexico, with plans to expand to Colombia.

Chef Digitales offers a wide range of recipes catering to different dietary preferences, including vegan, vegetarian, celiac, and healthy options. How do you source and curate these recipes to ensure they meet the needs and tastes of your diverse user base?

To offer different dietary preferences to users, Chef Digitales collaborates with a community of chefs, nutritionists, and cooking enthusiasts who share their recipes. Those recipes are validated by a nutritional team and an algorithm to show the appropriate options for each user. 

The app allows users to organize their menus for the day, week, or even the month. Could you walk us through how this feature works and how it simplifies meal planning for your users? 

Certainly! The Chef Digitales meal planning feature is designed to make the complete process of planning meals incredibly convenient for users. Here's how it works:

1. Personalized Meal Suggestions: when the app has learned about the user's culinary preferences, dietary restrictions, and family composition, the user can simply select how many meals they want to plan for - whether it's for the day, week, or even the month. 

2. Customized Recommendations: The app generates a list of meal suggestions customized specifically to that user and their family. Those suggestions are based on the user's tastes, dietary needs, and any other preferences, ensuring that the proposed dishes are not only delicious but also suitable for their lifestyle. 

3. Easy Shopping: when the user approves the suggested meals, the app goes one more step. It compiles a comprehensive shopping list that includes all the ingredients needed for the selected recipes. This is a huge time saver, this eliminates the need for users to manually create shopping lists or remember what they need to buy for each recipe. 

4. Cost Comparison: But it doesn't stop there. Chef Digitales goes the extra effort by comparing prices at nearby supermarkets. This ensures that users get the best offers on their ingredients, helping them save money and the same time still enjoying great meals. 

5. Optimized Purchases: By consolidating all the necessary ingredients and comparing prices, the app helps users make more efficient shopping decisions. This means less food waste, reduced overspending, and generates a more fluid shopping experience. 

In summary, the meal planning feature simplifies meal preparation by providing personalized meal suggestions, creating a shopping list, comparing prices, and optimizing ingredient purchases. It takes the hassle out of meal planning, allowing users to enjoy cooking without the stress of figuring out what to prepare or what to buy.

In the world of cooking apps, what sets Chef Digitales apart from others? Are there any unique features or capabilities that users should know about?

What distinguishes Chef Digitales from other cooking apps is the ability to personalize recipes based on the user's preferences, integration with supermarkets for ingredient shopping, and cost optimization. Currently, the app is integrated with 15 supermarkets in Latin America. 

How important is the quality of the ingredients used in your recipes, and is this something you promote (organic, seasonal etc..)?

The app also promotes the use of seasonal ingredients to reduce costs and offer savings to families.

If you would like to find out more about Chef Digitales, visit https://chefdigitales.com/

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